Christian Rationalism: Part VI

CHAPTER VII (cont'd)


We call Inferior Astral the atmospheric layer that encircles Earth. In this layer are the spirits that, while incarnate, were wholly engulfed in materialistic emotions and belonged to all walks of life.

Such emotions are not lacking in the Inferior Astral, which is also an environment pervaded with religious mysticism.

Many of those who deceived their fellow men with promises of heaven and threats of hell are also present in the Inferior Astral. It is the paradise of all materialists and hedonists.

No spirit ever incarnates having in mind the Inferior Astral as a goal. It goes from the Inferior Astral to a planet that corresponds to its level of evolution and only from such a planet will it incarnate.

In the Inferior Astral the knowledge which spirits possess does not go beyond what they knew while on Earth. Those that were materialists cling still more to this idea because their environment does not favour a change of opinion.

There they realise that neither devils nor saints, neither heaven nor hell exist, and they scorn those worshippers who are still benumbed under the influence of their beliefs.

The devout who were educated under the principle of fear, are at first intimidated when they enter the Inferior Astral, because they think about hell and the purgatory.

Next, realising that they have been deceived, they become disturbed, lose notion of their condition, and enter into a state of complete perplexity. Thus bewildered, they seek the churches, as if in search of a route or a guiding light, as a last resort.

With the passage of time, they become familiar with the environment and establish relations with other disincarnate spirits in the same plight.

It is with no small disillusionment that they see the daydreams built into their minds with the plentiful, suggestive material of religious mysticism vanish into smoke.

Still, so addicted are they to saints and gods, and so deeply rooted is their fear of punishment, that not even in that state of spiritual-awareness are they able to make their atrophied reasoning work to liberate themselves and derive the consequent benefits.

The transformation that the disincarnate spirit sees when it enters the Inferior Astral is relatively small. It realises that it has an astral body similar to the physical body and it sees a picture of earthly life as it was known before.

Expressing itself, like the other disincarnate spirits, by the action of thought, as if it were talking, the spirit can even hear the tone that gives in the impression of hearing its own voice.

This phenomenon is perfectly understandable: each thought has a density of its own, and consequently a special, characteristic, individual sound.

All this leads the disincarnate spirits to adapt themselves to the Inferior Astral. They are unaware of the harm derived from their stay in an environment in which evolution is stagnant. As an aggravating circumstance, smaller or larger liabilities are accumulated for the future, depending on the activity the spirit engaged in, in this environment of low spirituality.


In the Inferior Astral, disincarnate spirits give free rein to the vices entertained by them while in a human body. Thus, if they feel the urge to smoke, they lean on an incarnate spirit who smokes and feel by induction the same pleasure he is feeling.

The same happens with regard to other urges. Hence it may be inferred that all incarnate spirits who entertain vices lend themselves, like unconscious instruments, to satiation of vices entertained by spirits of the Inferior Astral.

There is still one point to be clarified: vicious urges do not always originate with the incarnate. Many times vicious urges are aroused by the obsessors that follow the incarnate and, by intuition, prompt the incarnate to appease the desire.

The danger of keeping contact with spirits of the Inferior Astral goes beyond man's subjection to harmful intuitive influences which result in madness, obsession, family clashes, unfounded resentments, family disagreements, extra-marital relationships and infidelity.

There is also the risk of accidents and disasters caused by the disturbed state to which they may lead man. Add to these the infectious diseases which spirits of the Inferior astral usually cause or aggravate, leading to disincarnation.

Their method is relatively simple: in the sources of putrid matter they pick up contaminating miasmas and deposit these in the victim's body, taking advantage of lesions or exposed wounds, of the patients' feebleness, and of any conditions that are favourable to the diffusion or growth of the illness.


The degree of cruelty with which the spirits of the Inferior Astral may act is almost unlimited. Many misfortunes are the doing of their harmful activity.

Many more misfortunes would occur, however, if the spirits of the Superior Astral could not rely on stronger currents formed by the thought vibrations of incarnate spirits who are enlightened about their spiritual duties. These spirits are thus capable of keeping their minds clear and repel harmful influences.

The spirits of the Inferior Astral are aware that every man and woman is endowed with intuitive mediumnity and they take advantage of this to instil preposterous, absurd ideas upon their minds.

Hence the reason for some people to appear as harassment maniacs, while others always see the darker side of things, and many believe they suffer from a number of diseases.

It should be emphasised - and it is of the utmost importance - that not all of the evils that afflict mankind are caused by the activity of the Inferior Astral. Every individual has his own tendencies, temperament, and ways of feeling and looking at things, besides a free will, and personality to make his own decisions. He is, therefore, directly responsible for his success or failure in life.

It is true that forces of the Inferior Astral are attracted by affinitive thoughts. These forces intervene in man's life and cause certain harms or aggravate already existing harms. However, it is no less true that man is able to defend himself against those inferior forces with the powerful weapons of thought and will power.


On Earth there are individuals who rule and others who are ruled. If these individuals are unable to impart a spiritualistic meaning to their earthly activities, when they disincarnate they enter the Inferior Astral and there they retain the same inclinations of command and obedience. Thus, phalanxes are organised, always under the command of a leader. If the spirit in command is cruel, so are its subordinates because affinity of feelings is precisely what keeps them together. Such phalanxes co-ordinate their activities with those of the incarnate spirits who engage in black magic and its numerous branches.

The degree of cruelty of a phalanx depends on the spiritual inferiority of its members. Those willing to cooperate in the most accomplished acts of savagery assist the most violent and perverted individuals. Other phalanxes of less aggressive instincts convey intuitions to mediums of identical feelings like followers of voodoo rites, soothsayers, swindlers, business-settlers, fortune-tellers and all the impostors who exploit other people's credulity and ignorance.

Most suicides, insanities, quarrels, commotions, conflicts, aggressions, arguments, turmoils, intrigues, and political upheavals are the result of interference by forces of the Inferior Astral. The spirits of the Inferior Astral are all surrounded by dense coarse animistic matter pervaded with harmful vibratory currents like envy, jealousy, corruption, hate, falsehood, ingratitude, hypocrisy, treason, and other equivalent feelings.

These spirits are frequently guileful and bland. They outwardly express the purest and noblest feelings and the sweetest and most pleasing manifestations of love of fellow men in the places where they actuate (not to be confused with Christian Rationalist centres).


It should not be thought that only evil prevails in the Inferior Astral. In the same environment of perverted souls there are others that intended to be good while incarnated but failed in their purpose. The reason for that is that they kept their reasoning dormant because they were unaware of the important role played by feelings of justice and the effective practice of good, not limited to good thoughts.

It should be reiterated that the forces of the Inferior Astral can do nothing useful to mankind even though among them there are well-meaning spirits.

The reason is obvious: their best intentions are neutralised by the animistic action of their environment and they end up causing harm, the intensity of which varies with the degree of their spirituality.

Only after they reach the planets corresponding to their class, where they will have to go before reincarnating, will the spirits - fully lucid and trouble-free - realise the long delays in human evolution caused by premature disincarnation.

Generally speaking, and from certain viewpoints, they deem life on Earth's atmosphere better than that of the incarnate. Therefore, they sometimes wish the friends they left of Earth would disincarnate too, in order to enjoy their company. Thus, they start working astrally towards this goal although they are not driven by hostile feelings.


It is a mistake to believe that all spirits that disincarnate stay in the Inferior Astral. Many ascend immediately to the worlds of their class. They are not detained for a single moment on Earth's atmosphere.

These are the spirits of men who knew to live spiritually and materially, those who took work as one of the serious reasons for living, those whose thoughts were kept pure, clean, uncontaminated.

Those who live and think in this way frequently attract Superior Forces that assist them, especially at the moment of disincarnation, helping them to rise to the worlds where they belong.

As we have already seen, in order to carry out its task of spiritual sanitation on Earth, the Superior Astral depends on various points of support, in several places on Earth. Without this support their task would be much more difficult or even impossible.

Wherever there is a person irradiating elevated thoughts, there is a magnetic pole, an instrument of support to the action of Superior Forces. This is the sole purpose of psychical cleansing done in Christian Rationalist centres.

With the help of animistic currents formed in those centres, the spirits of the Superior Astral penetrate Earth's atmosphere and drive away all kinds of obsessors, from the most peaceful to the most aggressive.

There are countless disturbers of the peace of earthly life, some extremely dull, others on incipient intellectuality, but all of them engulfed in the deepest materialism. Among those are stubborn deceivers, venal judges, daring mystifiers, unrepentant quacks, vain ministers of state, impatriotic Presidents, megalomaniac kings, worshipper popes mentally obscured by dogmas, etc. All of them are driven away by the animistic currents organised by these Forces of Good whose bright light illuminates and awakens even the most hardened of consciences.

The first duty of the spirit after disincarnation is to rise to the world where it belongs, without lingering on Earth's atmosphere.

However, no one is able to carry out a duty without prior preparation. Therefore most spirits, when they disincarnate are enveloped in the intoxicating mist of physical emotions which is aggravated by the fantasies of religious mystiques. Thus they proceed, with the help of obsessors, to swell the hosts of those that stay behind on Earth's atmosphere.

Only those who, while incarnated, did not neglect their spiritual duties and made them the basis of their lives are prepared to rise to the worlds where they belong without skidding in the impure currents of the Inferior Astral.

If man would only understand that all events happen within natural conditions, in accordance with each individual's state of mind and spiritual development, he would neither torment himself nor feel disheartened by the despair and bitterness which frequently take hold of people. All spirits of the Superior Astral are fully aware of this. They therefore follow with an enlightened mind all the misfortunes that are deplored on Earth without any alteration whatsoever in their feelings and activities.


Life is action. Where there is action there is fulfilment of duty. Since life is a dynamic, continuous process, the spirit's duty is ever present and its fulfilment is a non-postponable imposition which is strictly observed in the Superior Astral.

There, fatigue, laziness, and idleness are unknown and what needs to be done is never postponed. Fatigue results from physical work and is not felt by the spirit.

Day and night are inexistent in Superior Space. The light that illuminates and saturates it permanently is Intelligence Force in action in the infinite ocean of the Universe.

The spirits in the Inferior Astral disregard the laws of nature and are consequently prevented from fulfilling their duties. They live in an environment derived from error, non-fulfilment of duty, vice, atrophy and brutalization of the spiritualistic sense. They give free rein to inferior inclinations which they did not care to eliminate in previous incarnations.

In such surroundings the spirits are completely misled about life and in need of being awakened. And this awakening is not easy, taking into consideration the influence of the disturbing fluids by which they are surrounded.

Lacking the mental soundness which is indispensable to awaken their weak sense of duty, they vegetate in a worse situation than they had while incarnated because in the Inferior Astral they have no possibility whatsoever of improving their spiritual condition.

Certain deceitful aspects of life on Earth may bewilder the spirit but this lasts only while it is incarnated or living on Earth's atmosphere. In the world where it belongs, free from all earthly influences, real life is seen with the clearness of truth. There, duty has but one interpretation and therefore there are no sophisms, ways of thinking, alternatives, ambiguities, hesitations, doubts or uncertainties. A duty established and a duty performed are principles which translate into ultimate fulfilment.

As explained in this book, the spirit cannot evolve in the world corresponding to its class. This impossibility stems from the fact that there, all spirits share the same intellectual level and, therefore, the same degree of growth. Thus, they have nothing to teach one another.

But the planet Earth - as already explained - is prepared to receive spirits of seventeen different classes which here mingle, associate, exchange knowledge and help each other.

We need emphasise once more the role that this disparity of values plays in mankind's evolutionary process. It is so important, so valuable and necessary that, as a rule, even members of the same family have different degrees of spirituality.


No detail, no motion, no fact connected with its past existences ever escapes the spirit's perception. The spirit's past life, since its beginnings, is recorded in animistic matter by the vibratory action of thought, and will continue being recorded eternally, with extreme accuracy.

It is difficult to picture this eternal animistic register of all the actions of each individual member of the human race. In it all actions are perfectly featured like on a motion picture that can be shown at any time.

As soon as the spirit reaches the world of its own class, it reviews all its past life. This examination is minute and detailed. The spirit compares, looks at lost incarnations, evaluates the time wasted in those incarnations it only took partial advantage of. It reasons, analyses and appraises exactly where it now stands in order to draw a new plan for its next incarnation.

If the spirit arrives at the conclusion that it wasted time in the Inferior Astral, it regrets not having made better use of its spiritual resources, by which it might have added new values to its moral assets.


We already know - because it was explained in previous chapters - that spirits grow in spirituality by reincarnating on Earth until they reach the seventeenth stage of evolution.

From then on, evolution is processed in Space which - as we have seen - is called Superior Astral.

Among their many duties, the spirits of the Superior Astral are committed to contributing to the spiritual growth of men and, as a rule, they do not interfere with man's free will. It would be impossible for the spirits of the Superior Astral to reach Earth without establishing strong magnetic poles of attraction. Therefore, in addition to enlightened men and women who serve as their instruments on Earth, they depend on the help of the spirits of opaque planets at their service.

As a rule, such spirits would have reincarnated in order to achieve spiritual growth. However, they underwent so many lost incarnations and so much useless suffering that they decided to work in Space although realising that this would slow their advancement.

Nevertheless, this option has the advantage that it does not entail loss of time, as happens on Earth, where many millions of incarnated spirits mire in low earthly passions and allow themselves to be overcome by the false pleasures of earthly life.

The spirits in opaque planets belong to class six through eleven. Their astral bodies are made of more or less dense fluidic matter, which enables them to move around easily on Earth. They are strictly disciplined by Superior Forces and their activity is extremely valuable in that they can enter any environment no matter how low or evil.

Moreover, the spirits of opaque planets co-operate closely with incarnate spirits under the disembodiment rules explained in this book. Thus they enable the Superior Astral to undertake large-scale psychic cleansing in the Inferior Astral by driving away obsessor spirits. In the Superior Astral, spirits have all necessary resources at their disposal in order to carry out their assigned tasks.


Space and time are two relativities unknown in the Superior Astral. Man's visual field is restricted to three dimensions.

When science records the speed of light, it says nothing about the speed at which the Superior Spirits - which are also light - move about in Space. In reality, such knowledge is still unnecessary in the present state of man's evolution.

Space and Time - relativities abstracted - are two expressions that mingle into one.

When the human intellect becomes able to exercise its deductive, imaginative and analytical powers within the range of this conception, then the configuration of the Universe will change completely and the problems of immeasurable values will acquire a new meaning.

It is precisely within this mode of life that the spirits of the Superior Astral move. The dimensions of their field of action are beyond the limits of comprehension of the human mind. Their duties consequently involve tasks which are unlike those of earthly life.

Particulars of life in the Superior Astral are of interest only to those that are already there. For the time being there is not much that such elaborations can offer to the incarnate spirit.



Thought is spiritual vibration, manifestation of intelligence, spiritual power.

When the spirit reaches a certain degree of evolution, it feels the need to expand its knowledge, to widen the horizons of its intelligence, to strengthen more and more the moral principles perfected from incarnation to incarnation along the route of existence.

Thinking means reasoning, creating images, conceiving ideas, building for the present and for the future. Through thought man makes decisions, creates solutions, discovers and resolves life's problems.

The spirit imparts to thought the very power with which it is endowed. Like sound and light, Thought travels all over in vibratory waves which are recorded in the infinite ocean of matter filling the Universe. All spirits can easily become aware of a thought at the very moment it is sent out. Hence the impossibility of altering truth in spiritual life.

The whole process of evolution is faithfully imprinted in the Book of Life. Good and bas deeds, vile as well as elevated thoughts, all are indelibly recorded there. Thought precedes action. Therefore, all dignified or undignified actions are the result of dignified or undignified thoughts. "Do unto others as you would like done to you" - goes spiritual law, like the saying. How true!

A thought remains connected to its source as long as the feeling that generated it persists. Thoughts set up real environmental climates which promote good health or disease, joy or sorrow, success or failure, well or ill-being.

Thoughts form currents crossing in all directions, and are sent out by the incarnate and the disincarnate themselves.

Many of these currents, besides being unwholesome, are terribly overwhelming. Due to the marked spiritual inferiority with which Earth's atmosphere is saturated, they even predominate over beneficial currents.

Through ill thoughts man not only conveys but also picks up, with the same intensity, affinitive thoughts and their effects, whether he likes it or not. Such currents produce the most serious damages consisting of physical as well as psychic disturbances.

Discipline and will-strengthening play a fundamental role in thought control. By learning how to strengthen himself with worthy feelings, man creates around himself a fluidic barrier so solid that the malignant thoughts of obsessor spirits are unable to break through.

Determination is essential for thinking and making decisions. Fear and indecision lead to failure. Reasonably optimistic thinking should always prevail. Combined with action, it is a force capable of overcoming the most serious stumbling blocks.

Thoughts of virtue, courage, and determination attract vibrations of other thoughts of identical formation, thus creating an environment of confidence capable of leading to success.


Never should the spirit give way to discouragement. A setback is but a passing incident. It should serve to call attention to something that was neglected or unknown. Sometimes it is even useful. In any way, from failure there is always experience to be gained and a lesson to be learned. Nothing in life happens by chance. Everything has an explanation, a cause, a reason to be. Nobody learns solely from success, for failure also teaches a lot. Happiness, good health and well-being would not be as desirable as they are if misfortune, disease and misery were unknown.

Therefore, nobody should lose heart. The lesson is to feel evil in order to avoid it, fight it, and destroy it; to conceive good in order to win it, attract it, integrate it to our everyday life.

This way of being reflects the supreme action of thought which is outstanding because it represents a driving power of amazing capacity to overcome obstacles.

This power of thought varies according to the training of one's will. A weak will inspires frail thinking. A strong will inspires powerful thinking.

Therefore, no one will strengthen himself and solve his problems by giving shelter to the sickly vibration of pessimism, despondency, ill will, envy, ingratitude, hate, revenge, wickedness and laziness. By entertaining such feelings one only benumb his mind and ruin himself.


Thought can be cultivated, refined and strengthened by the use of conscious will power. Strong thinking is clear, pondered and well defined.

An idea materialises more easily if one puts into action his spirited thoughts and vigorous determination.

In order to attain absolute grasp of any subject, it is of utmost importance to concentrate on it, giving free rein to imagination with the purpose in mind of scrutinising it, discovering all its nuances, multiples aspects, interpretations and even its misleading features.

In each case, however, the researcher needs to exercise strict control over himself so that his evaluation of facts is not biased by his own preferences, selfish interests or even his own pride and self-conceit, because these feelings invariably present a distorted view of the matter and may lead him to wrong conclusions.

In order to be thoroughly fulfilling, our thoughts need to be clear, transparent, free of the spiritual deformities caused by unmethodical living habits, self-worship and the so-called infallibility of opinions which lead to fanaticism and fixed ideas.

It is frequently said that unity makes strength. Nothing could be more true, both materially and spiritually. The influence of the environment is of the utmost importance for the well being of the spirit. Several individuals of evil inclination and low upbringing together produce many more harmful vibrations than only one.

This shows that everyone should know how to prepare himself mentally whenever the need arises to enter a bad environment. Such preparation consists of thinking with wisdom, self-awareness and self-confidence.

The vigour of thoughts entertained by enlightened, sound individuals grows in proportion to the needs of each particular case. It enlarges, expands and outdoes any current of inferior thoughts because it attracts its affinitive Universal Force, the power of which is infinite.


The power of thought is measured by man's degree of evolution. Its limit is man's capacity to make use of his spiritual attributes.

The power of thought should always be exercised having in mind the common good. As long as man grows up aware of himself and identifies with his powerful innermost abilities, he will find in the power of thought a safe, efficient tool to achieve all his ambitions and aspirations as well as protection of his physical and mental health.

The history of medicine records innumerable instances of serious diseases and their cures. These were considered by many as miraculous, but were due simply to the spiritual reactions of the diseased themselves and to their attraction of Superior Forces.

Purification of thought translates into a state of awareness which is sensitive to the evolution of the spirit and favourable to achievement of inner happiness and the well-being thereby provided.

With the aid of thought, the spirit first creates an image and only then materialises it for a certain purpose. Consider the wonders of universal painting. Observe the richness, the wonder of the works that have immortalised so many artists through the centuries. None of them was put on canvas until the painter had mentally conceived it in all details.

The same happens with the Engineer. Before designing a building, machine, device, instrument, or part, he studies and examines them to the smaller detail.

With the help of thought, he first visualises the outline, then corrects the possible mistakes, until the image of what he wants to express and portray on paper is more or less perfect. In all human achievements - all without exception - the spirit first creates an image with the aid of thought, and only then does it put it in tangible form. This happens on Earth and, much more so in Space, where the power of creative thought is incomparably greater.

Evolution means, above all, creative power. The more advanced the spirit, the more powerful its thinking and creative capacity.

A backward man, no matter how evil his intentions may be, cannot go beyond certain limits imposed by shortcomings of his reasoning power. On the other hand, if an advanced spirit, like for instance a scientist, uses his intelligence for evil purposes, he may cause devastating harm. Now, if this can happen on a planet like ours, of such modest, limited spiritual evolution, we can imagine the immense creative power, and extraordinary power of achievement of the highly evolved spirits living in more advanced worlds.

Vigorous thinking emanates from strong, skilled, experienced spirits. In each incarnation which is well taken advantage of, they consciously work to improve more and more their psychic personalities.

The power of thought, as well as the capacity to conceive, create, and accomplish grow in proportion to this progress, making each accomplishment better than the previous one.

The great repository of wisdom lies in Space, not on Earth. The advances of modern technology would still be unknown if many of their components had not been conveyed to man via intuition, that is, by the power of thought which overcomes all barriers.

Among the spiritual values which man must inescapably conquer on Earth, thought is outstanding, since the rational solution of all life's problems depends on the power of concentrated, encompassing thought.



Free will is a spiritual gift controlled by volition which, when well used, is guided by reason.

The greater the power of reasoning, the easier it becomes to control free will. Free will means complete freedom of action, both for good and evil purposes.

People do good when they further their evolution by working for the sake of improvement of life's habits. Those who, through action or thought, hinder evolution, do evil which will hurt them more or less harshly sooner or later.

The gift of free will begins to emerge when the intelligent particle of Force reaches the stage of evolution that permits incarnation in a human body. At this stage, as it is easy to understand, knowledge about evolution is totally lacking. Nevertheless the spirit is already aware of the distinction between good and evil.

Improper use of free will results from low reasoning capacity, the development of vices and bad habits, as well as the harbouring of inferior feelings, among which wickedness is outstanding.

Under the influence of these harmful habits which are detrimental to good health and spiritual evolution, man becomes saturated with sensual vibrations that lead him to lose his self-respect and act in a reproachable manner. Every evil grows is stature whenever its perpetrator is aware of it and those who act in this way will surely meet with a sad, painful awakening.

It is a crime worthy of the most severe condemnation to use one's free will to slander, intrigue, sneer, defame, or discredit one's fellow-man.