Christian Rationalism: Part X



It is perfectly rational and even praiseworthy for one to endeavour to improve one's style of life and spare no efforts to accomplish this objective. However, this cannot be achieved through despondency or lamentation. These states of mind can only worsen difficult situations and debilitate spiritual energies.

The boundless ambition of some individuals, associated with their inner mental conflict, causes ill-humour. The spirits of the Inferior Astral take advantage of this to actuate over these individuals, thus conveying to their minds the gloomiest thoughts, capable of leading to obsession and, by way of obsession, to other evils.

The law of attraction never fails. Everyone is under its domain. Mankind needs to understand that earthly things are ephemeral. Besides delaying spiritual evolution, enslavement to such transitory earthly values has caused a greater deal of suffering.

Moderate ambition is only natural. Unrestrained ambition however, is an obsession in which selfishness and self-worship play a decisive role. The overambitious and unrestrained believe that the end justifies the means. They cheat, appropriate, monopolise. Their minds are set on ideas of quick profit, even at the cost of extorsive, despoiling manipulations.

For them, there is neither consideration nor middle-ground. They are always determined to win. They plot their bold strategy regardless of morals and honesty.

The world is filled with such characters who are, to a large extent, responsible for its economic instability. They comprise two very large groups. One is on Earth, speculating and acting with artfulness and self-assurance. Another group, equally active and clever, is in the Inferior Astral and consists of disincarnated spirits who, while incarnated, acted just like their present incarnated counterparts.

Both groups work in close association with each other and share the same sensuousness that feeds their common obsession


A headstrong temperament reflects the self-centred personality of those who believe they are always right and want to impose their ideas on other people.

Such individuals frequently clash with others even when their conflicts are not outwardly expressed. And nothing is more entertaining to the spirits of the Inferior Astral than watching human conflicts. This stirs up obsessor spirits. As they are always on the alert for suitable occasions to actuate, headstrong individuals are their primary targets. At every step of the way they perceive an opportunity to trigger friction. Lacking another form of recreation, this becomes an absorbing occupation for them.

The headstrong become easily irritated when the view-point of others does not match theirs and thus they promote annoyance.

It is unnecessary to emphasise what this very common form of obsession means for mankind.

In a deceitful way, this obsession slowly penetrates the human subconscious until the individual is completely overwhelmed by it. The victim, unaware of his entrapment, does not react, does not oppose it, plays down the harm which is being done. By force of habit, he finally derives a sense of pleasure from it and that facilitates the control of the obsessors who become more active, more violent, more difficult to drive away.

One can never be too careful. Only knowledge about spiritual evolution and how it is processed provides mankind with the conditions and means to fight obsession.

Passionate attractions of all kinds are the most dangerous, due to the intense pleasure they cause and the alluring impulses they arise, which often have the effect of a magic spell over the victims. Even newly enlightened individuals sometimes fall under their charm.


No one should ever lose heart. There are times, in the course of life, when moral depression - sometimes very intense - shakes the human soul pitilessly. The soul, however, does not lack strength to react and overcome these situations, especially when backed by knowledge of the realities of life and truth. This knowledge constitutes the soul's strongest weapon and shield and, when well wielded, always leads to victory.

How often does the mere departure of a loved one to eternity - something rather natural - leads to unconformity, distress and despair!

Thus, the unenlightened disincarnate spirit frets, suffers, tries to convey soothing intuitions to the incarnate and, not quite succeeding, ends up becoming an obsessor, disturbing and leading the incarnate spirit itself to obsession.

The best that the incarnate can do on behalf of those who depart from Earth is to lift their thoughts up to the Superior Forces, with firmness and conviction. In this way those who disincarnated will be enveloped in the tender warmth of friendly irradiations and helped in breaking through Earth's atmosphere before leaving for the worlds where they belong.

Christian Rationalism is engaged in showing mankind a safe route to a healthy and evolutionary life. This is the purpose of this book.

A great many humans are victims of obsession, precisely because they do not know the resources, the elements, and the means at their disposal to avoid it or free themselves of it.

Some symptoms of incipient obsession may be noticed in the following instances:

(1) a tendency to laugh without cause on account of futilities; (2) tics; (3) crying without plausible reason; (4) overeating; (5) constant sleepiness; (6) delight in idleness; (7) manifestation of manias; (8) fixed ideas; (9) facetiousness; (10) persistent annoying of other people; (11) mechanical repetition of the same sayings; (12) allowing oneself to be overwhelmed by passions; (13) foolish prejudices; (14) melancholy; (15) depravity; (16) ostentation; (17) temperamental outbursts; (18) mystification; (19) lying; (20) using obscene language; (21) cowardice; (22) swearing; (23) fanaticism; (24) gesticulating and talking to oneself; (25) constant nagging; (26) hearing and seeing imaginary things; (27) living beyond one's means; (28) obsession with illness; (29) neglecting of duties at home and in the workplace; (30) abandonment of work at home and estrangement from family; (31) living in a faraway world of dreams; (32) stirring up or entertaining arguments

Any of the above manifestations predisposes one to obsession, even though it may not be an advancement form of mental abnormality.

It should be reiterated that thought is the language of disincarnated spirits. Through thought they identify the feelings of the living, their intentions and tendencies. Obsessors take advantage of this to encourage human vices and weaknesses through intuition.

As a matter of mental hygiene, one should not concentrate one's thoughts on troublemakers, slanderers, enemies and, generally speaking, people who harbour mean feelings.

To think of such people is equivalent to connecting oneself to their evil spiritual attendance, receiving malevolent influences and risking overwhelming obsession.



Disobsession is best achieved within the fluidic currents organised by the Superior Astral in Christian Rationalist centres. In the public seances for spiritual cleansing purposes which are held in the Redemptor Centre and its branch centres, two obsessed persons are seated on a suitably designed chair at the end of the seance table (one on each side and facing each other, next to the "respondent"*) and each surrounded by three "supports"**. The latter watch the obsessed persons closely and apply the "shaking" technique. From time to time he or she is offered a drink of fluidic water.

The purpose of the "shaking" technique is to facilitate the removal of the obsessor spirit from the body of the obsessed person by the spirits of the Superior Astral. The obsessed person often struggles on the chair, thereby disclosing the activity of the obsessor spirit which stubbornly tries to hold on to its victim. If necessary, the obsessed person's feet, hands and waist are tied to the chair in order to prevent him from hurting himself due to sometimes violent contortions.

Meanwhile the "supports" irradiate confidently, thus strengthening the current and facilitating the process of disobsession. In the meantime the seance follows its untroubled course and none of the participants, including the person presiding, pays the slightest attention to the complaints or protests raised by the obsessed person. As soon as the obsessor spirit is dragged away, the obsessed person quiets down and develops a feeling of exhaustion due to the loss of animistic life drawn by the obsessor spirit

However, he is not yet cured. The cellular upheaval caused by the obsessor was too great, and now his system needs to return to equilibrium. In this case, if he cannot depend on the assistance of relatives or friends who are able to apply the discipline and corrective measures recommended by Christian Rationalism, that person is bound to attract another obsessor, among the millions that roam Earth's atmosphere, thereby making his cure more difficult or even impossible. * By definition, the person seated across from the president, who closes the cycle after indoctrination. ** By definition, the person or persons who uphold the action of the Superior Forces.

Nevertheless, if people at home will help, by irradiating around the obsessed person during 5 minutes twice a day and shaking him in the process, disobsession will take place quickly provided other measures are not required due to the person's disturbed condition.

As a rule, obsessed people harbour the same desires as those of the obsessors, one of which is for strongly flavoured, spicy foods. For this reason, during treatment a bland diet should be administered, which is not favoured by obsessors.

One should not lose sight of the fact that the spirits of the lowest level of the Inferior Astral cultivate the same habits and vices that they entertained while incarnated. Thus, in order to meet the demands of their materialised "ego", they eagerly cling to their affinitive incarnate, so as to gratify them, no matter how illusively. This peculiarity should not be dismissed in the treatment of obsession.

Treatment of the obsessed should proceed until they are cured, with regular attendance at the psychical cleansing seances held in Rationalist centres where the discipline already described is administered.

There they will listen to indoctrinations and, notwithstanding their still disturbed condition, some of what they hear will remain imprinted on their astral bodies and will benefit them. Their escorts will thereby also improve their knowledge of spiritual matters, which will enable them to deal with disobsession at home.

Each one of the millions of obsessors roaming the Inferior Astral has its own likes and dislikes and they choose their incarnated victims according to the degree of affinity perceived or to their own feelings towards those victims. Affinitive thoughts are always a magnet of attraction.

There are those that enjoy alcoholic beverages, those that were and continue to be gastronomers, the smokers and the slaves of other vices, all engaged in gratifying their intemperate cravings. The harmonic vibrations of the obsessor work together, merge, adjust to those of the obsessed. They tie in so closely that it becomes difficult to separate them.

Disobsession of a hateful, vindictive person is always questionable. Sheltering hate and ill will is a sign of an inferior spirituality and the entertainment of such feelings makes that person a permanent prey of inferior spirits. In such cases the psychic condition is incurable because the obsessed person's free will is used for evil purposes.

After disobsessions, when the obsessed person is psychically cleansed, it is necessary to strengthen the patient's spirit and body, both damaged by harmful of his will and disciplining of his thinking patterns.

In this second stage of disobsession success is more difficult to attain because it depends on retraining of the will and reaction against future obsessions. The vices stirred up by the obsessors become so ingrained in the spirit that only with much effort can they be uprooted. Under the influence of Rationalist discipline, the obsessed begins to reason and to overcome his own vices plus those that were aroused by the obsessors. When he is able to control himself, the patient will no longer fall victim to obsession.

The cure of obsessed children will be achieved by disobsessing and enlightening their parents and other people they interact with about the Rationalist principles. These children should undergo treatment through faithful attendance within the fluidic currents of Rationalist centres.

Obsessed children may also be helped by a change of environment. When removed from an ambience where the spirits of the Inferior Astral act ( attracted by vices and evil thoughts of adults), they may benefit by changing to an environment that is ruled by the principles explained in this book.



The whole Universe is ruled by common, natural laws. Such laws, from which the well-known axiom "as you think, so you will be" is derived, are immutable. Among these, the law which governs the action of thought is outstanding.

First one truth must be acknowledged, i.e., the importance of thought as a powerful force of attraction of both good and evil. Once this is acknowledged, man should steer his life so as to put into practice his acquired knowledge.

For this purpose he needs to adopt, as behavioural guidelines, the Christian Rationalist principles best suited for each occasion. This will ensure success in his undertakings and good spiritual attendance.

Following are some of the most important of these principles:

(1) To strengthen the will for the practice of good.

(2) To cultivate uplifted thoughts in favour of one's fellow man.

(3) To lend a helping hand to whoever needs it, whenever the available means and the opportunity allows it.

(4) To keep emotions in balance when analysing facts so as not to disturb the necessary serenity

(5) To conduct oneself in a respectful way as regards language and attitudes.

(6) To respect other's points of view, especially when sincerely expressed.

(7) To eliminate heated arguments from everyday habits.

(8) Not to wish others what one does not wish for oneself.

(9) To fight slander

(10) Not to connect oneself through thought to mean, disturbed, or impudent people..

(11) To exert one's will power against irritability.

(12) To adopt, as a disciplinary rule, the healthy habit of only making decisions aimed at being just. For this purpose, to act with serenity and valour and only after careful consideration.

(13) To drive away evil thoughts.

(14) To exercise moderation in speech, dress, work, sleep, nourishment and recreation.

(15) To be mindful of politeness and punctuality, which are a reflex of sound upbringing.

(16) To impose mental and physical discipline on the demands of life.

(17) To forget those who have perpetrated offence, treason, and ingratitude.

(18) to refrain from social contact with people who lack moral character.

(19) To minimise the time spent with dishonest individuals whom business interests may force one to have contact with and to forget them immediately thereafter

(20) To cultivate the habit of good humour since organic cells receive healthy influences by way of good humour.

(21) To foster longevity by all means, including spiritual means. One should not forget that bodily health is dependent on a good state of mind.

(22) To devote one's full energies to the safety and stability of the household.

(23) To keep full mental and physical hygiene.

(24) To refine to the utmost the brotherly feeling of friendship towards good people, having in mind the intensification of the affinitive current in our planet, for the common good.

Inasmuch as there are two currents involving our planet - the stream of good and the stream of evil - man cannot be neutral. He will have to vibrate in unison with either one or the other. Therefore, it will be only logical and wise to become connected to the current of good.


Having finished the reading of this book, one question should be posed to the reader: how will he react to the enlightenment he has received? Will he be willing to review at least its main chapters, in order to penetrate, comprehend, feel life and its governing principles and laws still more deeply?

Will he give this book the importance, the value, the high regard it deserves? Will he keep it as his bedside for daily reference? Or will he banish it to the back of a bookshelf, like any novel he may have read previously as a pastime?

The world's greatest evil lies precisely in the indifference with which life's serious problems are seen. The mind, which develops so much through constant exercise of reason, is seldom utilised by man because he has become used to accepting without questioning, explanations that explain nothing about the whys of life. Religious obscurantism, unable to provide any sort of serious explanation, tells its followers that the divine decrees which govern life are mysterious and impenetrable.

It should be emphasised that Christian Rationalism has no material interests to protect. Its leaders and supporters live off of their honest work. They learn to discipline material and spiritual activity so that one will not conflict with the other. They feel happy because they are able to give their fellow men the same contribution they received when they had the good fortune of encountering Christian Rationalism.

Is mankind in a position to absorb the teachings of his doctrine, and put them into practice in daily life? Of course not. Most people still do not conceive life without divine protection. A Universe ruled by natural laws that make no special distinctions and grant no privileges or favours to whomsoever, is hardly conceivable to the average person. Led by their parents or tutors, these individuals have had the mental image of the gods and saints that crowded their childhood imprinted in their subconscious.

It is said that the time has come for mankind's awakening. It is noticeable, however, that material values prevail strongly over spiritual values.

Youth is beginning to repel - a rightly so - the concept of heaven and hell, in a world which scientific research strives to unveil. And looking at the age-old hoax of which they have been a victim, youth easily becomes the prey of materialism and mystical superstitions, thus risking the emergence of even greater evils.

Can the reader envision what today's world would be if the temples of all religions, instead of teaching how to plead, pray and worship, would minister the principles contained in his book, aiming at a sound, fulfilling life?

Can the reader conceive what the conversion of those temples into schools of high spiritualism would means to mankind?

The main problem of life is for man to learn to trust in himself, in the action of his will power, and in the amazing. immeasurable power of his thoughts.

How man's creative power would then develop! And what splendid material would he have available for the betterment of conscientious, unyielding, stalwart personality!

It is not easy to eradicate the wrongdoings of religious sectarianism related to spiritual life, because they are too deeply rooted.

Let us bear in mind that they have generated so much hatred among men that mankind has been led to perpetrate the most appalling acts of violence and cruelty.

Only the knowledge of spiritual life and the common origin of all beings will give man the strength to pen new horizons on Earth. These will enable mankind to find the road to a dreamed-of peace and fraternity and to the creation of one world.

Christian Rationalism operates with the highest interests of mankind in mind.

This has been the sole objective of writing this book. Let's hope that all readers will be able to absorb its effective teachings.


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