Christian Rationalism: Part XI



Psychic cleansing is a mental hygiene practice.

It consists of irradiations, i.e., spiritual vibrations, which drive the Inferior Astral out of Earth's atmosphere. This removal is carried out by the spirits of the Superior Astral which perform psychic cleansing by working in tune with the disciplined thoughts of persons of good will, either during mental exercises in Christian Rationalist centres or in co-operation with such persons.

There is no doubt that this mental preparation, or psychic cleansing, is just as important to the spirit as physical hygiene is to the physical body. Therefore, Christian Rationalism recommends it to everyone so that, by following a disciplined, methodical and conscious life pattern, they will enjoy both physical and spiritual balance.

Everyone who wishes to undergo psychic cleansing should follow the procedures described below, daily, in their homes, during five minutes, preferably at 7.00 AM and 8.00 PM.

(1) The head of the household, who will serve as president, will take his/her place at the head of the table and will not leave, nor let anyone else leave, until the psychic cleansing is over.

(2) The other will take their places around the table, either sitting or standing.

(3) In case there is any psychically disturbed person in the home, he or she should be seated at the extreme end of the table, with a healthy, strongwilled person behind to shake him or her. This should be done by holding the disturbed person's shoulders with both hands and giving him or her a strong shake every time the president says the GREAT FOCUS irradiation. There should be no gap between the persons around the table. Shaking is a useful practice, even when applied to normal people but the one assigned to shake a disturbed person should not leave his or her position until the psychic cleansing is over. In instances where the disturbance ranges on obsession or insanity, there is a special discipline prescribed in Chapters I and II of the book: "The Practice of Christian Rationalism".

(4) In the case of bedridden patients, the irradiations should be made around the bed with the presence of healthy and strong-minded persons only, who are capable of emitting powerful thoughts.

Thus, gathered as close as possible to one another, in complete silence, the president will say the following irradiations aloud:


Great Focus! Creative Power!

We realise that the Universe is ruled by natural, unchangeable laws that everything is subject to!

We also realise that it is through study, reasoning and suffering derived from the struggle against our bad habits and imperfections that the spirit reaches enlightenment and greater evolution.

Being aware of our duty to do good and using our free will for that purpose, we here irradiate to the Superior Spirits so that they will envelop us in their light and fluids, strengthening us to accomplish our duty."


Great Focus! Life of the Universe!

We here irradiate to the Superior Forces so that our spirit will be enlightened and become aware of its errors, in order to atone for them and keep away from evil."

NOTE: The former irradiation should be said only once in the beginning of the psychic cleansing but the latter irradiation should be repeated during five minutes.

After five minutes, the president will close the psychic cleansing session by saying twice the smaller irradiation (Great Focus), once addressed to the Superior Astral and again to the Astral President (Antonio Cottas). After this all should endeavour to remain calm and well humoured.

The irradiations recommended by Christian Rationalism are simply a mental preparation. They are completely useless if those saying them do not try to feel their meaning deeply.

If, during the irradiations, anyone should have a fit or try to give out communications from spirits, he or she should be strongly shaken, given fluidic water and called by his or her name until awakening. This should be done by one or more of the more calm people while the others will keep on irradiating mentally without getting up from the place where they are seated, no matter what happens.

These instructions should be followed to the letter. Whoever does anything beyond what is indicated here, especially spiritual seances, will be risking bodily or spiritual sickness.

No one should visit the homes of fortune-tellers, witches or any other environment of superstition or fanaticism because such attendance and practices are apt to produce insanity and various illnesses.


Prepare one or more containers with the desired quantity of water, next to them, one or more persons should say one irradiation to the 'Superior Astral' and six to the 'Great Focus'.

Sick persons should drink a glass of this water every hour, whereas healthy persons may also drink it whenever they feel thirsty. It may also be used externally to clean wounds, or in compresses, either cold or warmed in bain-marie.

This water, which is preventive and beneficial, should not be boiled, and may be used without restrictions.


There is no order without discipline. Christian Rationalism teaches that discipline is indispensable in human life. That means spiritual discipline, control of emotions and impulses, discipline at work and during recreation, all by the spirit itself. By disciplining all their acts and living in an orderly manner, people will have time to work, rest and learn.


Honest work is indispensable to every spirit. Idleness is the cause of great evils, including obsession.


Enlightened person fight the vices of alcoholism, smoking, gambling and anything that may degrade, sicken, debase or create complexes. Every citizen should make himself respected by his/her integrity, nobleness of character, and physical and moral deportment.


Christian Rationalism was codified and founded by' Luiz Jose de Mattos' and 'Luiz Alves Thomaz' in 1910 in the city of Santos, Brazil. For several years Luiz de Mattos was the President of C.R. on Earth and Antonio Vieira, who had disincarnated on 1697 was the Astral President.

When Luiz de Mattos disincarnated in 1926 he became the Astral President of Christian Rationalism and his successor on Earth was Antonio Cottas.

In 1983 Antonio Cottas disincarnated and once again succeeded to Luiz de Mattos, this time as Astral President.

On Earth Humberto Machado Rodrigues is currently the President of Christian Rationalism and as mentioned before Antonio Cottas is its Astral President.