Incorporeal Life, Illustrations


'Founder of Christian Rationalism'
Luiz de Mattos , was the founder of Christian Rationalism, who under the fluidic action of some spirits of the Superior Astral helped him to establish the doctrinal principles. From left to right are seen the fluidic busts of Pinheiro Chagas, Custodio Jose Duarte, Antonio Vieira, Camilo Castelo Branco, Joao de Deus and Luis de Camoes as they were observed by the visual mediums. Luiz de Mattos was born in Chaves, Portugal on January 3, 1860. Immigrated to Brazil in 1873, founded the Christian Rationalism in 1910 and disincarnated on January 15, 1926.


'Consolidator of Christian Rationalism'
Antonio Cottas was appointed by Luiz the Mattos as his successor and following the disincarnation of the founder of Christian Rationalism, Antonio Cottas accordingly took over the direction of the doctrine. He consolidated the great foundations of Christian Rationalism and under his guidance many CR Centres flourished. Antonio Cottas divulged the ideas of Christian Rationalism through letters and the teachings delivered at the public seances in the Redemptor Centre. During his lifetime, Antonio Cottas was awarded approximately fifteen honorary titles at the local, state and national levels (in Brazil). In spite of all these honours, he remained a simple, unaffected individual throughout his life.

Antonio Cottas was born in Sirvuzelo - Monte Alegre, Portugal in November 19, 1892. Immigrated to Brazil in 1905, succeeded Luiz de Mattos in 1926 as the President of Christian Rationalism and disincarnated on June 12, 1983.

Inferior and Superior Astral

The purpose of the following illustrations is to provide a concise, clear, objective idea of a subject of great magnitude and transcendency - the study of incorporeal life.

Nearly all of these illustrations are the result of obversations by enlightened visual mediums of the Redemptor Center. They show the action of disincarnated spirits and their influence over incarnated inviduals who are unware of the spiritual menaing of life.

Through thought and reflection, the reader will find the reasons for certain facets hitherto beyond his understanding.

The colour of the spirit's aura changes according to its thoughts and degree of evolution. The spirit has no human form but may take whatever form it desires because it is Force, Intelligence, Power. Also, it has no rigid form because rigid form results from organic matter associated with Force - and the spirit is only Force. the Astral forms of the Superior Spirits may take one or more colours, according to the message they want to convey. The power of the spirit enables it to keep the forms themselves, as well as their colours, distinct and perfect, as long as the message remains unchanged. Among the billions of individuals on Earth, there are not two exactly alike. The same happens in the Superior Astral, where no two spirits are exactly equal. This is one of the Superior Astral forms seen frequently by visual mediums during the public seances at the Redemptor Centre (Christian Rationalism). 

The spirits of the Superior Astral may also join together to form a stronger, more harmonious current. In these cases their images are ampler and more complex, without losing the harmonious lines of the whole. This image represents one of these combinations, encircled by a series of other spirits that take part in a certain action. 

The spirit is always Force, Intelligence, Power. These attributes may be used for good as well as for evil. In the Superior Astral they are used exclusively for good purposes. In the Inferior Astral, on the contrary, they are consciously or unconsciously used for evil purposes. The Inferior Astral is crowded with spirits of various degrees of evolution, and therefore, of diverse spiritual powers. However, they are all strong enough to do harm. When a spirit of the Inferior Astral is aware of its condition as a disincarnated spirit and is able to make use of its powers, it conceives, as it sees fir, the most hideous figures to frighten the incarnate who are endowed with visual mediumnity. They do this for their own amusement or for sheer perversity. This picture shows a ghastly form of the animistic body of a spirit of the Inferior Astral. 

The spirits of the Inferior Astral do not always appear in full corporeal form. Many times they prefer to appear in the form of hideous heads. All these disfigurements are done on purpose because what such spirits want is to terrify the fearful, unenlightened individuals who are endowed with visual mediumnity. 

Clairvoyant mediums, if sufficiently enlightened, can watch the action of the Inferior Astral surrounding an individual when he is absorbed in wicked thoughts. The black colour reveals lowly, inferior, wicked feelings. The change performed by the obsessor spirit begins with a black circle, and from that it turns into ugly faces, monsters or some other shape. 

The spirits of the Inferior Astral employ a variety of tricks to overwhelm individuals. When they succeed in drawing their attention to a subject that interests them, half of the battle is already won. This picture shows a hunting aficionado who is a visual, auditory medium. The spirits of the Inferior Astral, aware of his particular hobby, outlined the scene. One of them took the form of a wild pig and another two assumed the shape of two dogs running after the game. Others, from a distance, watch the outcome. The maniac hunter is wholly overwhelmed, and his emotion produces a vibration that favours the reception of fluidic discharges sent by spirits that are taking part in the "job". With such discharges they try to establish ways to approach and consequently overwhelm the hunter. 

Religious dogmatism, with its obstinacy in not disclosing the truth about clairvoyant mediumnity, contributes to the preservation of ignorance of many individuals who, therefore become easily obsessed. The sad condition into which this obsessed man was driven is shown in this illustration. He is encircled by spirits of the Inferior Astral transfigured into the most varied forms and shapes. Vice and vile emotions are always magnets for the attraction of obsessor spirits. To ward them off is only one way and that is to change those emotions and overcome vice. In other words, the individual will have to depend on himself, and on the help of others who are enlightened, never solely on others' efforts. 

When the body is asleep, the spirit moves away with its animistic body, to which it is connected. The latter, in turn, is connected to the physical body by means of animistic cords. These cords are disconnected only when death (disincarnation) occurs. During sleep, the spirit goes wherever its thoughts lead it, and the animistic cords are stretched, without breaking or pulling, always maintaining the connection between the fluidic body and the physical body. Not only does the spirit not sleep, but it also vibrates ceaselessly. It does not need rest because fatigue pertains to matter, not to spirit. The withdrawal of the spirit from the physical body, together with the fluidic body, is called disembodiment. 

The fluidic formation was see by people endowed with the gift of clairvoyance, above an orchestra while playing one of Gounod's musical pieces. It shows that every vibration leaves its typical imprint of form and colour. In the case of an orchestra, which produces variable sounds emitted simultaneously, these vibrations blend, thereby forming the most varied, surprising aggregates. 

This illustration shows another orchestra during its performance, this time playing one of Wagner's compositions. This demonstrates that vibratory waves vary a great deal, like the musical pieces themselves.