Max Heindel's letters to his students



  1. Friendship as an Ideal
  2. Soul Growth through Doing
  3. Unselfish Service to Others
  4. A Plea for the Church
  5. Value of Right Feeling
  6. Healing the Sick
  7. Baptism of Water and of Spirit
  8. Ruling our Stars
  9. Invisible Guardians of Humanity
  10. Flesh Food and Alcohol
  11. Preparations for Removal to Mt. Ecclesia
  12. Ground-Breaking for First Building on Mt. Ecclesia
  13. Generative Purity the Ideal for the West
  14. The Coming Age of Air
  15. The Role of Stimulants in Evolution
  16. Necessity for Devotion
  17. Stragglers in Evolution
  18. Keynote of the Rosicrucian Teachings
  19. Sacredness of Spiritual Experiences
  20. Initiative and Personal Freedom
  21. The Christ Spirit and the Spiritual Panacea
  22. The Mystic Bread and Wine
  23. Descending and Ascending Ares of Evolution
  24. The Rosicrucian Fellowship, a Spiritual Center
  25. The Mystic Message of Christmas
  26. Service to Others during the New Year
  27. Siegfried, the Truth Seeker
  28. The Incorporation and Future Plans of the Fellowship
  29. Freemasonry, Co-Masonry, and Catholicism
  30. The Role of Evil in the World
  31. Christ, and His Second Coming
  32. The Vital Body of Jesus
  33. Improving our Opportunities
  34. A Plea for Purity
  35. The Faust Myth and the Masonic Legend
  36. Eastern and Western Methods of Development
  37. The Reason for the Many Different Cults
  38. What the Pupil May Expect of the Teacher
  39. Where Shall We Seek Truth, and How Shall We Know It?
  40. Why the Truth Seeker Must Live in the World
  41. A Method of Discerning Truth from its Imitation
  42. Our Responsibility in Giving Out Truth
  43. Woman's Suffrage and Moral Equality
  44. The Vice of Selfishness and the Power of Love
  45. Initiation not to be Attained through Breathing Exercises
  46. The World War and Infant Mortality
  47. The Invisible Helpers and their Work on the Battle Field
  48. The World War and Universal Brotherhood
  49. Desire--A Two-Edged Sword
  50. Spiritual Prosperity for the New Year
  51. Love, Wisdom, and Knowledge
  52. Concentration in the Rosicrucian Work
  53. The Cosmic Meaning of Easter
  54. Waste through Scattering one's Forces
  55. Epigenesis and Future Destiny
  56. The Need of Spreading the Teachings
  57. Astrology as an Aid in Healing the Sick
  58. Unnatural Means of Attainment
  59. The Race Spirits and the New Race
  60. The War an Operation for Spiritual Cataract
  61. Cyclic Movements of the Sun
  62. The Teacher's Debt of Gratitude
  63. Spiritual Teachers--True and False
  64. The Battle that Rages Within
  65. Easter, a Promise of Newness of Life
  66. Daily Exercises in Soul Culture
  67. The Real Heroes of the World
  68. The Work of the Race Spirits
  69. Struggles of the Aspiring Soul
  70. Building for the Future Life
  71. Descent of the Christ Life in the Fall
  72. The Reason for the Trials that Beset the Occult Student
  73. Spiritual Stock-Taking during the Holy Season
  74. All Occult Development Begins with the Vital Body
  75. Serving Where Best Fitted to Serve
  76. "Lost Souls" and Stragglers
  77. The Unnecessary Fear of Death
  78. Heart Development and Initiation
  79. Sacrifice a Factor in Spiritual Progress
  80. Adjusting the Teachings to the Understanding of Others
  81. The Value of Reviewing Past Lessons
  82. Taming an Unruly Member
  83. An Inner Tribunal of Truth
  84. Epigenesis and the Law of Causation
  85. The Present Sorrow and the Coming Peace
  86. God--The Source and Goal of Existence
  87. The Necessity of Putting Talents to Use
  88. The Nobility of All Labor
  89. The Aquarian Age and the New Covenant
  90. Meat Eating and Fur Wearing
  91. Tolerance of Other's Beliefs
  92. The Purpose of War and Our Attitude toward It
  93. The Inner Power and the Responsibility that goes with It
  94. Equipoise of Great Help in Times of Stress
  95. The Optimistic Attitude and Faith in Ultimate Good
  96. Increasing the Life of the Archetype
  97. The Law of Success in Spiritual Matters


For eight years Max Heindel, the mystic and occultist sent out to the students of The Rosicrucian Fellowship a letter each month filled with much valuable information, explaining the cause of many of the difficulties occurring in daily life, not only of individuals but of nations as well, and giving a feasible solution of them. These letters, ninety-seven in number, sent out between Christmas 1910 and January 1919, constitute the subject matter of this book.

Being the authorized messenger of the Brothers of the Rosicrucian Order and consequently in close touch with them, Mr. Heindel was continuously receiving and giving out occult information to his students relative to the past, present, and future evolution of life and form, which on account of his tutelage under the Brothers of the Order he was able to verify for himself and to which he was able to add many details. The letters in this book give many side lights on the Rosicrucian philosophy and many practical, helpful hints for living the life of the Christian mystic.

In many of these letters there is a reference to accompanying lessons. Each letter was accompanied by a lesson in pamphlet form. The greater part of these lessons have already been published in book form, and are available for reference by readers of this book. The volumes of lessons published to date are as follows: FREEMASONRY AND CATHOLICISM; THE WEB OF DESTINY; MYSTERIES OF THE GREAT OPERAS; THE MYSTICAL INTERPRETATION OF CHRISTMAS; AND GLEAMINGS OF A MYSTIC. The lessons not already published will appear later in a second volume of GLEAMINGS OF A MYSTIC. The readers of these letters will obtain much more from them if they will consult the corresponding lessons as they proceed.

In giving these letters to the world we feel that we are making a contribution of permanent value and importance, and one from which the student of esotericism will obtain much assistance in his progress on the Path.