A Plea for the Church

LETTER NO. 4 - April, 1911

Last month I promised to take up further elucidation of the Rosicrucian Order and its relation to the Fellowship, but I forgot that Easter was at hand and would require attention first. I hope you will agree that it is more important to study this great cosmic event, particularly as we live in a Christian land and, I hope, are Christians at heart. In fact, dear friend, the keynote of what I would bring out this month is really A PLEA FOR THE CHURCH, and it is with that end in view that I have printed the poem, "Creed or Christ?" at the end of the lesson.

We are all Christ in the making, the love nature is unfolding in us all, and why should we not identify ourselves with one or another of the Christian churches which cherish the Christ ideal? Some of the best workers in the Fellowship are members, yes, and ministers, of churches. Many are hungry for what we feed upon. WE cannot share it with them by standing aloof, and we do ourselves harm by neglecting to take advantage of the great opportunity to aid in elevating the church.

Of course there is no compulsion. You are not REQUIRED to join or attend a church, but if you do go there in the spirit of helpfulness, I can promise you that you will experience a most wonderful soul growth in a very short time. The great Recording Angels, who give to each nation the religion best suited to its needs, placed us in a Christian land, because the Christian religion will help us in soul growth. Even admitting that it has been obscured by creed and dogma, we should not let that prevent us from accepting those teachings which are good, for that would be as foolish as to center our attention upon the spots in the sun and refuse to see its glorious light.

Please think this matter over, dear friend, and let us take for our motto this month, GREATER USEFULNESS, that we may grow abundantly by striving to improve our opportunities.