Baptism of Water and of Spirit

LETTER NO. 7 - July, 1911

Last month we started to consider the sacraments, and it was my intention to write upon COMMUNION this month, but the subject has proved so vast that it takes in almost everything from Genesis to Revelation, besides a number of physiological aspects such as the chemistry of good and the blood; also the atmosphere, etc. Further, it is inseparably connected with the second coming of Christ. It will require more time than I can give to get it out early in the month, also it will cover several lessons. Therefore I thought it best not to use that subject until next month, and in the meantime I have decided to give you a lesson from the new book--THE ROSICRUCIAN MYSTERIES. This lesson is partly taken from the chapter entitled, "The Mystery of Light, Color, and Consciousness." You will find it most interesting and instructive.

Regarding last month's lesson on BAPTISM, you will have noted that so far from being only an outgrowth of the dogmatism commonly attributed to the church, it is the symbol of condition which actually existed in the past when humanity was indeed a brotherhood. It is a fact of the greatest significance that until the time of Christ, the LAW demanded an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, but ere He commenced to preach the gospel of LOVE to our neighbor and forgiveness towards those who trespass against us, He went under the Waters of Baptism, and there received the Universal Spirit, which will supplant the egoism of today.

Thus He became filled with love, and therefore NATURALLY radiated that quality, as naturally as a stove filled with burning coal radiates heat. We may preach to the stove forever that its duty is to heat, but until we fill it with fuel, it will remain cold. Likewise, we may preach to humanity that we ought to be brothers and love one another, but until we put ourselves "IN TUNE WITH THE INFINITE," we can no more love our neighbor than the empty stove can heat. As Paul says, "Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angles, and have not LOVE, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal."

THE BAPTISM OF WATER refers to a past condition when we were irresponsible as the child we take to church today, but THE BAPTISM OF SPIRIT is something yet in the future for most of us, and it is this for which we are striving. Let us pay particular attention to the thirteenth chapter of 1st Corinthians during this coming month. Let us endeavor to practice in our daily lives at least one of the virtues which Paul says lead to illumination, so that we may soon fit ourselves to see face to face the beauties of the sacraments, which perhaps are now but dimly perceived as through a darkened glass.