Descending and Ascending Ares of Evolution

LETTER NO. 23 - October, 1912

Looking over the last month's lesson, the most important points are the great antiquity and cosmic origin of the two great movements known now as Freemasony and Catholicism--movements instituted respectively by the Sons of Fire and the Sons of Water. It is true, as stated in the COSMO-CONCEPTION, that Initiation of human beings did not commence until about the middle of the Earth Period, when the fires of Lemuria were battling with the waters of Atlantis, but is is also true that the education of humanity depends upon the training their instructors have had in previous evolution. The attitude assumed by the two groups of angels has resulted in the above mentioned antagonistic movements. The fallen angels and fallen man are intimately connected with the work of the world under its temporal rulers. From Lucifer, the Spirit of Mars, comes the fiery red blood which is the vehicle of all material energy, ambition, and progress; but also, it is the vehicle of passion, which taints it and has caused it to flow until the earth is red. From Jehovah come the restraining Law and punishment for sin.

Let the diagram below represent the epochs through which the spirit descends and ascends, also the worlds and their corresponding bodies--then the relative connection of the various factors will be plain.

lst Epoch                                               7th Epoch
2nd Epoch                                             6th Epoch
3rd Epoch                                              5th Epoch
Bodies separated into             Spirits separated into
sexes-male and female.          sexes--statecraft and
                             4th Epoch
                         (Turning Point)

In Lemuria, the land of the Third Epoch, mankind was separated into sexes--male and female. At that time they were spiritual beings reaching downwards into materiality, and the pioneers listened eagerly to the "gospel of the body" which they sensed dimly, but learned to know as time went on and the spiritual world faded from sight. Then the Lucifer Spirits were the teachers of the WOMAN (Eve), and Jehovah addressed himself to MAN (Adam). Women was then more advanced than man along material lines for we were then upon the descending are of the evolutionary path.

When the turning point was passed in the middle of the Atlantean Epoch, woman gradually become more spiritually inclined. She commenced to listen to the voice of Jehovah, and to fill the churches in an effort to satisfy spiritual aspirations; while man now expends the Martian energy along material lines originally advocated by the "Light-bringer," Lucifer.

As the white light changes color according to the angle of refraction, so also the viewpoint of the spirit changes with the sex of its vesture; but as the spirit alternates between male and female embodiments, we may readily balance the scales and take the path that most appeals to us, or combine the best path in both. Our later lessons will point the path, but we may say now that He who said, "I am the true Light," is at the end of the path--Lucifer and Jehovah alike are but stepping-stones on THE WAY TO TRUTH AND LIFE.