Generative Purity the Ideal for the West

LETTER NO. 13 - December, 1911

Have you grasped the main point in our last month's lesson on the symbolism of the Rose Cross, the crux of the Western Wisdom Teaching? It is Generative Purity.

The great Leaders of humanity always prescribe conditions most conducive to the growth of each race; different religions for the masses, and varying methods of attainment for the few. The populous condiion of the far East proves a universally unrestricted indulgence of the passions upon the part of our younger Chinese and Hindu brothers. Therefore the Wisdom Teachers of the East prescribe celibacy for their disciples as a means of gaining control over passion.

In the West conditions are more complicated and dangerous. Here the floodgates of passion are, in a large measure, dammed up; not from a sense of the sanctity of the generative act, but because of selfishness and fancied economic necessity. This method often leads to insidious perversion and loose practices. Were not passion so strong, this method might indeed result in race suicide. To require an aspirant born under such conditions to live a celibate life would only given him further incentive to selfishness and self-sufficiency; so it is regarded as a mark of merit when a pupil of the Western Mystery School marries and continues to live a life of chastity.

It has been a detriment to the Western world that various societies have promulgated Eastern doctrines-celibacy among others-here, and it was a severe shock to me when an officer in one such organization deplored the marriage of one of their lecturers, and told how it had embarrassed them that his wife was about to be confined. As the years brought new additions to the family the society has since relegated him to private life.

The exact reverse would have happened to pupils of the Western School. They are most highly honored if able and willing to give a body and a home to one or more waiting spirits, provided, of course, that they live a life of chaste conjugal love during the intervals.

Thus while the younger, weaker Eastern soul is commanded by the Compassionate Teachers, who temper the wind to the short lamb, to be celibate and flee temptation, the older Western spirit is allowed to test its strength by living in conjugal relations and perchance in accomplishing an immaculate conception such as symbolized by the chaste, beautiful rose which scatters its seed without passion, without shame.

A New Race is being born now. Pure-minded Christian men and women are awakening more and more to the claims of the unborn. Let us celebrate the anniversary of our Savior's birth by praying that pure conditions may soon become general, and that all children may be well-born. Last, but not least, let each of us teach, preach, and live this doctrine.