Invisible Guardians of Humanity

LETTER NO. 9 - September, 1911.

You saw in the lesson, on Baptism, how we went back to the earliest days of evolution upon our planet to find the significance of that sacrament. You will have noticed also in last month's lesson how the Sacrament of Communion has its root in the beginning of time. Thus it is apparent that unless we are capable of investigating the past history of the human race, we can obtain no clear conception concerning anything connected with mankind. Goethe spoke of "DAS EWIG WERDENDE" - the ever becoming. Change is the mainspring of progression, and if we look upon man AS HE IS NOW, without regard to what he has been, our deductions as to his future must necessarily be very limited.

The last lesson illustrates the Law of Analogy, showing how man was fostered by Divine Guardians in a manner similar to that in which the little child is care for by its parents to prepare it for the battle of life; and we may be sure that though these guardians have withdrawn from VISIBLE leadership, they are still with us and keep a watchful eye upon their former wards, just as we who are parents continue to take an interest in the welfare of our children after they have left our hearth and home to fight the battle of life for themselves.

When we have had our spiritual eyes opened and have learned to distinguish the various classes of beings in the higher realms, that guardianship is one of the most reassuring facts to the observer; for though no one may interfere with the free will of mankind and though it is contrary to the divine plan in any way to coerce a man into doing that which he does not want to do, there is no bar against suggestions along lines which he would be likely to choose. And it is due to the wisdom and love of these Great Beings that progress along humanitarian lines is the watchword of the day.

During the ages which have passed, we in the Western world have particularly felt the sorrow and pain due to war and strife. The struggle for existence is constantly becoming more and more acute; it is dictated by "man's inhumanity to man." But there is also another factor developed by the Lords of Love and Compassion, namely, the altruistic movements, which are multiplying in number at a wonderful rate, and gaining in efficiency as the years go by. it is a noteworthy fact, however, that alms-giving and charity which degrade the recipient are being more and more superseded by HELP TO SELF-HELP, which elevates who we aid as well as those who give. That kind of help involves thought and self-sacrifice, which are fostered by our Invisible Guardians among the stronger who are now their weaker brothers' keepers.

It is a cause for considerable congratulation that a number of our Fellowship members are workers in institutions conducted along the above lines, and I sincerely hope to see the day when a large majority will be able to take up work of this nature, each in his respective environment. But begin at home, be kind to all with whom you immediately come in contact, and when you have been found faithful in a few things, the larger opportunities will not be wanting.