Keynote of the Rosicrucian Teachings

LETTER NO. 18 - May, 1912

The burden of last month's lesson was that it is our duty to pass on the fruits of our study in an endeavor to benefit the world. But mystics usually stand aloof from their fellows and the world looks askance at us and our beliefs. This ought not to be, and analysis will prove that the teachings objected to are relatively unimportant and that the most vital of the teachings will find ready acceptance and prepare the way for further instructions.

The value of any particular teaching depends upon its power to make men better HERE and NOW; to make them kind and considerate at home, conscientious in business, loyal to friends, forgiving to enemies; and any teaching which is easily applied, and will accomplish such results, need no further recommendation.

Where shall we look for such a teaching? We have a monumental cosmogony, describing world periods, revolutions, epochs, and races. Will that study make men more kind? Or, if we can get them to pore over the mystery of numbers and names in the Kabala, will they become more conscientious? Surely not; therefore such knowledge is of minor import. Will it make men moral if we teach them of involution and evolution, or if we describe the cyclic journey of the soul through purgatory and heaven? It will not necessarily, at least till we have convinced them that under the Law of Consequence we are subject to rebirth, and reap as we sow. Even a hint of such a belief, however, would turn most people from us.

But, you will ask, what them is left of our teachings? The greatest teaching of all, and the most practical. One that will arouse no antagonism in any devotee of any religion, or even in an agnostic, for it need not be labeled religious. It will produce most beneficent results from the day it is applied, and affect future lives also, regardless of whether the man who practices it ever hears the word Rosicrucian or learns more of our teachings.

If you want to really work in God's vineyard--the world--don't isolate yourself. Abstract study may be good part of the time, but go out in the world; win the confidence of people in church, club, or shop. If you set a good example, they will inquire the secret, and you will be privileged to give them the greatest teaching ever known:


You may talk to them something like this:

"Every night when I have gone to bed I review the happenings of the day IN REVERSE ORDER. I try to judge myself impartially. I blame where blame is due, repent, and resolve to reform. I praise myself, it praise is merited, and determine to do better next day.

"I fail often to keep my good resolutions, BUT I KEEP ON TRYING, and little by little I succeed."

It may be well to explain that by reviewing events in reverse order they are more firmly implanted in the memory, but further elucidation should be avoided until you are certain your friend is seeking a solution to the problem of life.

This is discriminative propaganda.