Soul Growth through Doing

LETTER NO. 2 - February, 1911

I hope that you thoroughly studied the Christmas lesson and are thoroughly familiar with the phenomenon of the spiritual ebb and flow in the universe so that you will be able to give a reason for your faith in "holy Night." In this month's lesson the idea is carried to a further conclusion, not previously taught publicly. There are other teachings in this little lesson which shed a clearer light upon the immaculate mystery-birth than has ever been given before, and I hope that you will diligently study it during the coming month so that you may realize to the full the transcendent beauty of the sublime Rosicrucian teaching on this subject.

But whether you have studied the Christmas lesson and are able to discourse upon the spiritual ebb and flow or whether you will be able to expound the Immaculate Conception at the end of this month is after all secondary in importance to what you answer to the following question: Did you take advantage of the flood tide of spirituality at Christmas to seek out some one in distress as suggested in the last paragraph of the lesson? Did you put it to practical use in the world's work? I hope you did, for only as we practice the teachings in our immediate circle of influence will they bear fruit in soul growth. We may read till we get mental indigestion, but actions speak louder than words. Also there is a bad place said to be paved with good intentions. Therefore, dear friend, let me urge upon you the necessity of doing! doing! doing!

Often we see in the home, office, shop, or assembly room that a certain things ought to be done. But the attitude of the man of the world is to shirk. He turns away saying: Why should I do it? Let some one else attend to it. We should reason differently, however. We should not plan how little we can do. If so we are not fitting ourselves to become Invisible Helpers. If we see that a task has to be performed, we should say to ourselves: Some one will have to do that; WHY NOT I?

In this coming month dear friend, let us take as a spiritual exercise the following of this motto, "Why not !?" If we follow it consistently, we shall reap a greater blessing than we confer upon others.

May God abundantly bless you and strengthen you in your efforts.