The Coming Age of Air

LETTER NO. 14 - January, 1912

Reviewing last month's lesson, there is the startling statement that in the next epoch we shall abandon our present terra firma and live in the air clothed in a gaseous body. Another writer along these lines has provoked much amusement by a series of articles so wildly imaginary that the opinions which we have heard expressed unanimously vote him champion among story tellers. Yet he stays on earth; his temples are as solid as a rock; and I have hesitated to publish the above mentioned teaching till I decided that duty required me to speak, even if some students do class me as visionary.

The trouble is, we have all become so much more impregnated with materialism than we realize, and it hinders us in our quest. As students of transcendental philosophy, we have accustomed ourselves to regard individual and intermittent life in a ethereal body possible attainment for the few, but that the whole human race may live permanently for a whole epoch in the air!--truly, it made me hold my breath when I realized that the Bible means exactly what it says when it states that WE SHALL MEET THE LORD IN THE AIR AND BE WITH HIM FOR THE AGES.

Looking towards the future through the perspective of the past, however, the idea should really cause no surprise for it is strictly in line with the path whence we have come to our present development. We lived at one time like the mineral and were imbedded in the gaseous earth. We grew outwards from the fiery core during a plantlike existence. Our peregrinations commenced upon the thin earth crust at a later time; and we are now upon the highlands of the earth, far from the inner core where our evolution commenced. The march of progression has been OUTWARDS all the while, and it follows that the next step ought to raise us above the earth level.

I am giving this teaching out for consideration because the majority of our students believe in rebirth and the Law of Consequence, which are the main arbiters of destiny during the present dispensation of recurring cycles. Knowledge of these laws is of great value as it enables us to order our life intelligently, building in THIS LIFE the conditions of the NEXT EMBODIMENT.

The majority of Christians have not this great advantage, but they live, never the less, through all the tribulations of THIS AGE--the Kingdom of Men-in the grand hope that they may qualify for admission the the Kingdom of God--THE NEXT AGE. Our view of life has a SHORTER, theirs, a LONGER, focus. They live less scientifically than those among us who apply our more exact knowledge of present conditions, but they are fitting themselves for the FUTURE Age if they LIVE by the Bible. Their information may be vague, but they live and die in the firm belief of the great and cardinal truth that they will GO TO HEAVEN and be with THE LORD FOREVER if they are real Christians.

If we believe ONLY in rebirth, we can expect nothing but a continuous RETURN TO EARTH to battle with the LAW of Jehovah; we have no part in the LOVE of Christ. To be perfectly in line with the facts, to be able to live by THE WHOLE TRUTH, we must realize that birth and death are evanescent features of this age of concrete existence, but LIFE ITSELF IS INTERMINABLE. John tells us very definitely that though it does not appear what our constitution shall be, we shall be changed to the likeness of Christ and remain deathless throughout the Age; and it behooves us to keep this great hope firmly before us and pray for the Kingdom to come, as our Lord taught.