The Law of Success in Spiritual Matters


It  seems appropriate to commence our correspondence for 1919 by  wishing you a happy and successful New Year.  But the proverb says:  "If wishes were horses,  beggars would ride."   Something more is required to secure success and happiness than mere wishes,  and perhaps mine may bear better fruit if I explain to you the law of success.

The  students of the Rosicrucian Fellowship are coversant with  the  fact that  there is no "luck,"  and are quite well agreed with Mephisto in  FAUST when he says:

"Hoe closely luck is linked to merit,
Does never to the fool occur.
Had he the wise man's stone, I swear it,
The stone had no philosopher.

But  here a query will at once present itself to the minds of many:   "Is it possible to reduce success to a law?"

Yes, there is a law of success, as sure and immutable as any of the other great cosmic laws.  And while I shall apply it only to spiritual matters,  I cannot hide from you that it will also bring certain success in material affairs.   But before you apply it in that direction,  consider very carefully that to do so means spiritual suicide, for 'ye cannot serve God and Mammon." Rather,  "seek ye first the kingdom of God,  and His righteousness;  and all these things shall be added unto you."   I can testify to the truth of  this promise, having lived by it for many years.

The law of success may then be stated as follows:

First, determine definitely and clearly what you want--development of the healing power, extended vision, invisible helpership, the ability to lecture and carry the Rosicrucian message to others, etc.

Second,  when you have set your goal, never harbor a thought of  fear  or failure for a moment,  but cultivate an attitude of invincible determination to  accomplish  your  object despite all  obstacles.   Constantly  hold  the thought, "I can and I will."

Do not begin to make plans as to how to attain until you have reached the attitude  of absolute confidence in yourself and in your ability to do  what you desire,  for a mind swayed by the slightest fear of failure cannot  make plans that will fully succeed.   Therefore be patient,  and be sure first to cultivate absolute faith in yourself and your ability to succeed despite all

When  you have reached the point where you are fully persuaded  that  you can succeed and positively determined that you will succeed in some pursuit, there is no power on earth or in heaven that can withstand you in that  particular  pursuit;  and  you may then plan how to  go  about  attaining  your heart's desire with certainty of success.

I hope that you will apply this law earnestly in the pursuit of soul growth, not only during the coming year but in all future years.