The Mystic Bread and Wine

LETTER NO. 22 - September, 1912

If I had asked the students to write me what--in their opinion--was the most important point in last month's lesson, what do you think would have been answered in the majority of the cases? I believe many would feel that the connection between the bread, the wine, and health was the principal idea; and perhaps I may be responsible for that view because I printed those words in bold type. But while it is of signal important that we should grasp this connection between the bread, the wine, and health, and apply it in our lives to the very utmost power of our ability, if we do so for any less reason that given by our Lord, it is essentially selfish, and will not further out development nearly as much as if we do it as He requested, "in remembrance of Him."

Just look at the matter in this light, dear friend, and you will grasp the idea. Under the regime of Jehovah, selfishness crystallized the earth to such an extend that spiritual vibrations were almost stilled. Evolution was coming to a standstill, and the blood had become so impregnated with egoism that the race was in danger of degenerating. The Cosmic Christ then manifested through Jesus to save us. Cleansing the blood from egoism is the Mystery of Golgotha; it commenced when the blood of Jesus flowed, it has continued through the wars of Christian nations whenever men fought for an ideal, and will last until the horrors of war by contrast have sufficiently impressed mankind with the beauty of Brotherhood.

The Christ entered the earth on Golgotha. He is leavening the earth anew and making it responsive to spiritual vibrations, but His sacrifice was not consummated in a moment by DYING to save us in the generally accepted way. He is still GROWING AND TRAVAILING, WAITING FOR THE DAY OF LIBERATION, for the "manifestation of the sons of God"; and truly do we hasten that day every time we partake of food for our finer bodies symbolized by the mystic bread and wine. But we would be much more efficient in accelerating our own liberation and in hastening "the day of our Lord" if we always did it IN REMEMBRANCE OF HIM.

Do you remember "Sir Launfal's Vision"? It was not the size of the gift that counted; the gold coin he flung to the beggar was materially more valuable than the crust he gave later; but the coin was given in a spirit of impatience to be rid of a loathsome presence. The crust was given in rememberance of the Christ, and for His sake, and that made all the difference.

"And Sir Launfal said: 'I behold in thee,

An image of Him who died on the tree;

Thou also hast had thy crown of thorns,

Thou also hast had the world's buffets and scorns,

And to thy life were not denied

The wounds in the hands and feet and side;

Mild Mary's Son, acknowledge me;

Behold, through him I give to Thee!"

The more we cultivate the spirit of doing all things whatsoever for the sake of Christ and His Liberation, the better and the more fruitful lives we shall lead.