Unselfish Service to Others

LETTER NO. 3 - March, 1911

You have of course studied in some measure the various teachings of the Rosicrucian Order, and when I address myself to you, it is not as if I were speaking to a stranger who is unfamiliar with the teachings or perhaps even skeptical of the existence of such an Order. These teachings have spread like wildfire in the Western world during the past two years, and that of itself shows a power behind them which is not of the ordinary human kind. This you will probably realize better when you have read the lesson for this month, which deals with this mysterious Order and shows it relation to the Rosicrucian Fellowship.

Has it ever occured to you to inquire, my dear friend, what binds you to this Fellowship? You know there are not outward bonds, that you have taken no oath of allegiance, and that you have not been intrusted with any secrets. What then constitutes the Fellowship of which we speak?

It cannot be the teachings, for they are open to the whole world and are assented to by many who have not requested that they be enrolled as students. Neither is it the enrollment as a student which creates the inner bond, for many study only to benefit THEMSELVES and have not fellowship with the rest of us. Rather, it is the SERVICE which we perform and the earnestness wherewith we practice the teachings and become living examples to the world of that brotherly love which Christ spoke of as fulfillment of all commandments.

Last month we took for our motto the thought that if a certain task were to be performed which seemingly belonged to no one in particular, we would say, "Why not I?" instead of letting some one else do it or letting it lie. I trust you have performed this unselfish service often, and thus cemented the bonds of fellowship.

In this coming month I would ask you to give your thoughts and your efforts to advance the teachings of the Fellowship. Do not attempt to convince any one against his will or to proselyte, but try to find out in an unostentatious manner what bothers your neighbor in a spiritual way. Then try to help him with our teachings. But whether you say anything to him about where you received them or not must depend upon your own judgment. The main thing is to spread the teachings, not to advertise the Rosicrucian Fellowship.