Value of Right Feeling

LETTER NO. 5 - May, 1911

I hope you enjoyed last month's lesson. Perhaps you will think it strange, but I have fairly reveled in it myself, for it aroused by devotion most powerfully to think how the Divine Life pours itself out for us periodically so that we may have more abundant life. Without that annual influx of God's life, all life, or rather form, would cease to exist. It is by FEELING the higher emotions that we raise ourselves the easiest. It is good to study and to develop our minds, but there is a great danger in this age of becoming ensnared in the meshes of intellect. Paul struck the nail on the head when he said: "Knowledge puffeth up, but love edifieth." We all wish to KNOW; it is natural that we should, but unless our knowledge serves to make us better men and women, better SERVANTS to our fellows, it does not make us GREATER in the sight of God. Therefore cultivation of RIGHT FEELING is of enormous importance, and I sincerely hope that you have FELT the Easter lesson for that is the only way to get full benefit from it.

Picture to yourself that great wave of divine energy projected from the Invisible Sun which is the manifestation of the Father. Try to feel the awe you would experience if you could see it, as the trained seer can and does. Watch it in imagination as it strikes the earth on Holy Night at Christmas. Let the feeling work upon you about the way it sinks into the earth and is the active cause of the germination in all kingdoms. Christ used the simile of the brooding hen to describe His feelings towards other beings, and if you try to FEEL the sprouting of all things in nature as indicated in our Easter lesson, you will realize a side of the subject which may have escaped you.

I hope that you will long use this lesson as material for mediation as it is different from one of the intellectual lessons that may be grasped by the mind and put aside. This lesson is of PERMANENT VALUE, and the oftener you take it up and let it work upon your heart. the more closely you will come to THE HEART OF THINGS, which is God, the great and loving Father who pours out His life alike for the tiniest plant and the tallest monarch of the forest; who cares for beast and bird, for the outcast and homeless rover, and for the royal potentate in his palace, without discrimination.

May God abundantly bless you and open up to you the storehouse of His riches, which surpass all earthly enjoyments, and may you FEEL the wave of love which He pours out afresh from year to year as a reality. Then you will never be lonely if you are alone, and you will be, oh! so much richer, no matter how much you are blessed with earthly love, and so much more able to radiate that most sublime of all emotions, Spiritual Love.