Ascension, Soul Ways and Its Meaning

Ascension is the way to integrate all portions of yourself in a conscious way. You are a multi-dimensional being who seeded portions of itself into the physical density you may call "past-lives", but that's a sequential and linear perception, you are more than this, part of yourself may forgot this. The remembrance is the integration of the splitting and seeding you have done, the removal of the veil of time, identities and separateness in yourself.


The view on the arrival of the Angelical Forces and Confederation of Light (as the Ashtar-Command and many others) is part of the remembrance of the connection you ever had, and you are part of. Your remembrance of the 5th dimensional identity and entity you are. This all needs a paradigm shift within the human-consciousness, because you are a spiritual being within a human-form.

ASCENSION GUIDELINES (Celeste and Jananda Korsholm)
Short overview of different aspects of ascension (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual)

Collection of Invocations and Affirmations (var. authors)

Background Information

  • Ascended Masters, ETs and Archangels
    Overview of different groups and movements


I specially recommend Joshua David Stone's serie on Ascension (8 Volumes, where I and IV I specially recommend), which give you a further view on Ascension more in a theosophical meaning.

As you maybe noticed, Ascension is a word with different meanings, the view range from the literal pick-up by spaceships, over a manifold initiation process where the Ascension stands for the 6th initiation based on a theosophical understanding and finally Ascension as "mastering" of the physical plane, where everything is unconditionally perceived and loved.

Many of those view are different point of views, and I would like to encourage you to watch all aspects of Ascension if possible. Find your way and approach what Ascension means for you. May your life fulfill itself by the way you are!