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11:11 - The Eleven Gates

The Eleven Gates

Within the Doorway of the 11:11 there are Eleven Gates. Each Gate is a stepping-up station to a new frequency band of energy. These Gates are similar to locks in a canal. Once a Gate is activated and entered, we begin an intense process of transformation and initiation as our beings are immersed in a new frequency patterning. Traveling upon these frequency bands, we master the lessons of each Gate until we arrive at the next Gate.

Each Gate has a unique vibratory keynote with which we must align ourselves in a state of harmonic resonance. It is this process of alignment which gives us the need recalibrations so that we may travel deeper into the Invisible.

The First Gate: Healing our Hearts

The First Gate is entered as soon as we step inside the 11:11. We are leaving the old map and entering the mysterious, uncharted realms of the Unknown. The air itself becomes an aqueous substance like water. These are the subtle currents of the Invisible. The focus here is on the healing of our emotions. This requires a constant process of letting go, a continuous reevaluation of our old ways of feeling, thinking & being. Many relationships are either restructured or dissolved while we travel through the First Gate. With this much needed healing of our hearts, we experience an activation of our One Heart, birthing our new emotional body.

Often during our passage through First Gate, we will meet someone who personifies our True Love. When this occurs, an immense feeling of a new, deeper Love floods through our beings, activated by our deep alignment of Essence, infusing us with sublime ecstasy and further recalibrating our emotional bodies. This can almost be overwhelming, for we are not used to such powerful Love.

Many of these First Gate True Love relationships bring up so many unresolved issues lodged in our old emotional bodies that they never take root and flower. They merely show us the potential available for deeper Love and reveal the locations of our remaining hooks into duality. This adds yet more fuel to our transformation process, giving us excellent opportunities for facing and clearing whatever holds us back from healthy, whole, empowered relationships.

The Second Gate: And the two shall become One.

The Activation of Second Gate took place on June 5, 1993. Ceremonies were held all over the planet with the Master Cylinder located directly on the equator inside the volcanic crater of Pululahua in Ecuador. While this was the date that Second Gate was activated, it's important to remember that we are all on our own individual timetables of transformation.

Although a Gate cannot be entered until its activation, everyone doesn't necessarily enter it at the same time. Many are still passing through First Gate, while others have yet to enter the 11:11. Our stretching out through the available open Gates is a natural occurrence, allowing us the needed time to transform and recalibrate our core beings. This passage through the 11:11 cannot be rushed, forced or faked.

Second Gate represents the fusion of our deepest heart's desires with our highest spiritual aspirations.

The fulfillment of our heart's desires
becomes the next step on our spiritual path.

The previous separation between the "personal "and the "spiritual" is hereby transcended.

The keynote of the Second Gate is the two becoming One. This entails an intensive process of reunifying all our inherent polarities: inner male & female, Sun and Moon, Earth and Star. Our new emotional bodies are strengthened, further anchoring the One Heart. We now embody the Lovers from Beyond the Stars; a deeper, vaster Love than we ever experienced as True Loves. The reunion of the Lovers from Beyond the Stars back into One Being creates the doorway into a new heightened level of Love called the Greater Love.

Our journey through the Second Gate will take over three years. By then, we will discover that we have greatly transformed, far beyond what we can presently imagine. We will become integrated Earth-Star Beings. We will be embodying totally new levels of Love. The changes inherent in Second Gate are vaster than anything we have yet experienced. But it is important to remember that this is merely the beginning point. The rest of the journey has yet to be experienced and mapped.

The Third Gate: Expanding into One Being

The long awaited Activation of Third Gate in 1997 approaches. Third Gate energies are already being experienced in this important transitional time between the Second and Third Gates.

The Activation of Third Gate will take place on three dates, in three different parts of the world. This was quite a surprise until we realized the vast scope of Third Gate. The three Activations are necessary to widely anchor the Third Gate frequencies.

  • Third Gate Activation--1: May 17, 1997
    Master Cylinder in Slovenia. (This date adds up to a three.)
  • Third Gate Activation--2: August 17, 1997
    Master Cylinder in Montana, USA. This will be the Key Activation of the Third Gate. (This date adds up to a thirty-three, the same as the dates of the 11:11 & Second Gate Activations.)
  • Third Gate Activation--3: October 12, 1997
    Master Cylinder in Queensland, Australia. (This date adds up to a three.)
Once again, we invite you to participate in these important Activations of the 11:11. You can do this by personally attending one or more Master Cylinder groups or by starting a group in your own area to align with the Master Cylinders on the specific dates.

The 11:11 Activations are the major planetary activations taking place upon the Earth. They are not to be missed. Participants in both the 11:11 and Second Gate Activations have found that these were the most powerful spiritual experiences of their lives.

A Third Gate Booklet with full descriptions of the Third Gate Ceremony, related activities, Sacred Dances and preparations will be available from Star-Borne early next year. Specific details of the Master Cylinder locations and registration information will be forthcoming as soon as they are available.

The keynote of Third Gate is
our expansion into One Being.

It is this newly birthed One Being,
embodying the Greater Love
who is ready to step into our new futures
anchored in the Invisible.


This is quite different than our old concepts of Oneness. The One Being is an organic, unified, living organism. In truth, we are all part of the One Being. When we realize this, when we base all our actions upon this interwovenness, then our One Being comes alive. We stand upon the foundation of our One Being. It is this newly birthed One Being embodying the Greater Love, who is ready to step forth into our New Lives anchored in the Greater Reality.

Third Gate will also mark the introduction of the New Relationship Patterning. These will be greatly expanded forms of partnerships, quite different than anything we have yet experienced. It will be the loosening of "exclusive" relationships between two people. Where previously, "two is company, three is a crowd," now we can join together as One Being with unlimited numbers of people. Our wholehearted open expression of Love will no longer be limited to a few people. We will be merging personal love and spiritual love into the Greater Love.

The Activation of Third Gate will also give us the green light for the creation of our long awaited Islands of Light. These are conscious communites anchoring the Invisible into the physical, created by groups of people who have unified into One Being. Islands of Light serve as insertion points for the Greater Reality to enter the present moment. They will birth a new paradigm of Oneness and are the keypoints for our future endeavors.

How to prepare for Third Gate

There is much to do to prepare for the Activation of Third Gate. You can begin by completing any unfinished business in your lives. Pay off your debts, resolve unhealthy relationships, clear out any clutter from your life and your being. Strip away everything until only your Core Essence remains. Be Real, no matter what.

Send copies of this article to anyone who might be interested. Please add our address, so they can contact us for more information.

Do the practices in Solara's book, "how to LIVE LARGE on a small planet. They are extremely effective in aligning you with the Greater Reality.

Be conscious of the One Being at all times.

Form a Live Large study group in your area to prepare for Third Gate.

Participating in Third Gate is a once in a lifetime experience and will be one of the finest moments in your life! It is an unprecedented opportunity to manifest our greatness.