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12:12 Activation

12:12 Gateway to Freedom

On December 12th 1994 144,000 dedicated souls will co-create the miracle of evolution.

The Ascended Host call 12:12 the "Gateway to Freedom" and joyfully speak of it as the independence day on this planet. As anchors of this energy worldwide, we are in essence completing ourselves and preparing the way for others. In the spirit of true freedom, Earth graduates and officially enters the Golden Age.

The land of Egypt signifies the "most high altar", and the Temple of the World. Ceremonies and initiations that take place there reverberate to all corners of the Earth, raising human consciousness. As we visit each temple/chakra site along the Nile, we serve to trigger an evolutionary leap for humanity. Those who are drawn to be in Egypt on this day are in essence re-dedicating her, in the name of the Order of Melchizedek and anchoring her as the spiritual seat of the Golden Age. On our way, we will receive the gifts of wholeness and the biological keys to mastery and ascension. Join us for this sacred Celebration Nov. 30th - Dec. 14th for the Nile temple/chakra activations, a candlelight vigil and private 12:12 ceremonies in the Great Pyramid. Tour leaders to date are Princess Sharula and Shield Dux, Sondra Ray, Dale & Sandra Michael Halaway, Ashtar Athena, and Dr. Frank Stranges. Tour includes RT air from your gateway city, deluxe Nile cruise, 5 star accomodations at the Pyramids, gourmet meals, lectures, channelings, professional theatre and dance productions. $3089 from New York. For information on coordinating a 12:12 ceremony in your hometown, or the Egypt anchoring call:

Private 12:12 Ceremonies in the Great Pyramid
Founders of "Ascension Celebrations", the "Condave of Michael", "Alchemies for Immortality", & 12:12 events internationally.

A Letter of Invitation 12:12

Dear Friends,

Every now and then a special event comes along that changes the course of history. The sinking of Atlantis bequeathed a new experience on this earth, the coming of Jesus Christ marked the Piscean Age, the 1960s announced the dawning of the Aquarian Age, Harmonic Convergence established a new course towards harmony. 12:12 heralds the birth of the Golden Age of Man.

Special astrological events hold archetypes of energy. 12:12 holds the archetype of freedom from all types of limitations concerning the body. The number 12 holds the code for mastery. Therefore as the cells of our bodies anchor these new 12:12 frequencies on December 12th, the chains of limitation will fall away. Physical immortality becomes not only a possibility, but death will soon become the exception to the rule.

Our whole global community is sensing a paradigm shift in the air. All of us are experiencing deep personal changes to prepare for a new way of being; a way of being that has not been experienced on this planet since the last Golden Age over 12,000 years ago.

As light-workers, we are already encoded in the cells of our bodies to act as energetic receiving-stations and to absorb the new blueprint for the 12:!2 energies of freedom. What does that look like for us? Committing to the ultimate a human being can achieve in one incarnation ... ascended mastery! The new energies anchored on 12:12 will make this possible. If 144,000 people (the sacred number needed to cause the "hundredth monkey" effect) commit to personal mastery, then it will cause a trickle-down effect to the rest of humanity. Think about it! A whole planet of ascended masters! Remember, anything one thinks about or conceives of can be made possible with commitment.

The Spiritual Hierarchy who guide us on this planet, have issued a clarion call of participation for this global event. They need every one who is reading this information to joyously spread the word. Share this information with loved ones, friends, meditation groups and networkers. No matter what level of participation you choose, know that every effort will be felt in the ethers and inner realms.

You may be asking yourself, how do I participate with the 12:12? If you wish to be one of the 144,000 don't wait to be chosen, choose yourself! Remember the adage "God helps those who help themselves". On the day of December 12th, be with a group of like-minded individuals and do ceremony. Re-dedicate yourself as a priest or priestess for the Light. Choose to become physically immortal. Choose to achieve personal mastery no matter how long it takes. Here-in lies the gift of 12:12. Since we are no longer on a planetary plan of cataclysm very few of us will be "beamed up". Instead the Spiritual Hierarchy wants us to take responsibility for our home-planet that is in a healing crisis. To truly save the planet and bring it into the Golden Age it will take all of us doing the work as Ascended Masters. To achieve the ascended master state may take many light-workers more time than is available in an average lifespan. What greater gift could we receive than that of physical immortality.

We encourage you to either help create a 12:12 anchoring event in your area, find one happening near you and join in, or do your own thing. Your ceremony or dedication to Spirit can be alone and silent; you can do a sweatlodge, climb a mountain, spend the day at a power spot or vortex, but whatever it may be, tune in soon and get your directives from Spirit for where you are supposed to be on Dec. 12th and how they want you to participate.

Another powerful option is to be in the sacred land of Egypt. Egypt has long been considered the "temple of the world". As Egypt goes, so goes the rest of the world. This is why the Ascended Masters have asked that at least 1,000 light-beings be in Egypt at the Great Pyramid to persoanlly receive the new frequency. The Great Pyramid acts as an antennae for all archetypical energies as they enter the planet. The frequencies then in turn ripple out to the other main vortexes of the world. To be at the Great Pyramid on 12:12 will be like being at the headgates of a river, or a dam when the water is released. Those of us there will never be the same!

Therefore, with love and enthusiasm we invite you to join us on a magical trip along the Nile, to reenact ancient initiations at all the chakra temples, finishing at the Great Pyramid to welcome the energies on 12:12. We invite you to "return to Egypt" and embrace the powerful initiate priest/priestess that has lived many lives in the temples of that mystical land and to take part in this evolutionary leap for humanity.

With warm regards,

Princess Sharula Aurora and Shield Dux

(Princess Sharula is a Melchizidek Priestess born in 1725 in the Lemurian subterranean city of Telos, located beneath Mt.Shasta, California. She is the official ambassador to the surface world for the "Agartha Network" of subterranean cities. At 269 years of age, she appears 35 and is a living example of immortality. .. Both Princess Sharula and her husband Shield have dedicated their lives to personal and planetary ascension. Princess Sharula is a Ph.D. candidate in Egyptology. 12:12 focus: Ancient Egyptian initiations based on Melchizidek teachings, the true history of Egypt and its connection to Atlantis and Lemuria, Isis re-dedication ceremonies and cellular encodements to reestablish the planetary immortality currents)

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