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Solara's Opinion on 12:12

[From the Spring 1994 "Starry Messenger", from Star-Borne Unlimited, in the article "The Greater Ascension", by Solara Antara Amaa-Ra.]

Recently we have received inquiries concerning the "12:12" activation to be held at the end of this year [12-12-1994] in Egypt. I have seen fliers and articles which state, "Yesterday the 11:11, tomorrow the 12:12." This has saddened me since our journey through the Doorway of the 11:11 has just begun. The unfortunate choice of calling this new activation the "12:12" has caused much unecessary confusion. (Interestingly enough, another group in Australia tried a 12:12 activation last year which didn't work.)

The "12:12" activation is not the next step after the 11:11, rather it is an entirely separate event belonging to a different level of ascension. For example, during the 11:11 Master Cylinder Ceremony in Egypt we closed the Omega Point, which marked the completion of the Egyption focus, passing the sceptres from the Omega to the new Alpha point. The "12:12" literature states that this marks the birth of Egypt as the new spiritual center of the planet. No wonder people are getting confused! Sadly this confusion distorts, misinforms, and deprives people of the amazing opportunity we have right before us to truly graduate from duality. We have worked so hard to get the Doorway of the 11:11 open, let's not neglet our journey through it!

I know well that each activation upon this planet, whether large or small, public or private, regardless of level of consciousness, is serving to quicken our total ascension process and loosen the calcification of duality. I have deep gratitude to all beings serving in this manner with full integrity. However, an alignment of focus is needed and an enlarged vision which acknowledges all parts of the greater map of ascension. In order to achieve the Highest, purest ascension possible, we need focused intent, we need unity of Purpose and we need to stand together in the One Heart. Let's rememebr that the ascension is a process, not an event!"