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The Gateway To Freedom, Vol II



(From World Ascension Network newsletter, Issue 11)

(In our previous issue, we shared information about the December 12th "Gateway to Freedom" activation. As 144,000 souls join in ceremony on this day, they will welcome the most powerful infusion of light the Earth has ever known. We are called by spirit to unite in the name of true freedom. After aeons of rumors, the Golden Age makes its debut. With this day almost upon us, there is an air of celebration as never before. All that we have worked for until now, has set the stage for this moment. In giving proper credit, it is only fair to tell you that many Ascended Masters dabbled in the writing of this issue. We can only surmise that this is the most important information they have ever given us to pass along to you. Documenting it was nothing less than magical. As you read this, it is they who speak to you.)


Each and every one of you is in the process of rediscovering freedom. You have been looking high and low for it, wondering where you stashed it when you came here. Luckily God was watching over you and remembers where you put it. It couldn't be closer. In fact, it is looking you right in the face, and winking at you.

We want to tell you about the 12:12 energies and what they bring to the Earth. So many have waited for the unfoldment of God's divine plan. The power of this time is greater than most of you on the Earth are aware. Not long ago a mandate was passed down from On High. Mother-Father God have said "get my children free". We gather on 12:12 in an answer to this call.

With the energies of this event, an entirely new foundation for human consciousness will be set. The 144,000 who will help to anchor the energies of 12:12 are preparing the way for the new evolutionary programs of the Earth. Together we are recreating perfection upon the planet. We are inviting energies of true divinity, of complete openness to spirit, and a journey home. As a whole, we are realizing that so much of our being is based upon illusion. We are taking a look at what we are not, and saying, this isn't me, I need to let it go. I want to remember what is true now.

How will we begin again? Let's take a look at some of the more unfortunate aspects of the human condition. One of our greatest problems is that most of us think that we are not good enough to receive the blessings of spirit. For some reason we have pushed away our perfection. We have become very good at being separate from God. Those who were watching over you longed for you to remember. It amazed us that you were able to achieve all that you had with these feelings inside of you. Your foundation has been shaky and your construction team is ready to help you rebuild it.


You have been given a very beautiful body in which to play. Yet too many do not appreciate these bodies. Instead of feeling blessed to have one, we are constantly thinking of every little thing that is not right with them. One of the most important healings for those of the Earth at this time, is embracing the physical form ... knowing that the body is a perfect expression. You who are anchoring the energies on 12:12 are being asked to overcome your body issues. Your vessel is exquisite, a miracle in itself. The only way to lay a strong foundation is from this place. That is what 12:12 is all about ... laying Earth's new foundation.

Now how was this body created? Your earthly parents were making love and they brought you into the world. They weren't really meaning to do it, but when they created you, they gave you ideas that weren't healthy for you. When the first two atoms of your being were fused, you felt impure. You felt as though something wasn't quite right ... as though something was missing. Something essential had gotten lost in the translation. At your moment of conception, you began the illusion. You felt uneasy. How could something so new feel this way? Your parents, like so many, were not completely comfortable with their lovemaking. They could not realize the sacredness of their act. This feeling was seeded from generation to generation, over and over again. Although not intentional, this misperception has touched us all in one way or another. In building walls around our sexuality, we have emasculated God. Why have we tried to make God into an image that we were more comfortable with, instead of becoming as God? Why have we decided that our divine parents should not be making love? Now we have to laugh, for how else did we get here? We have taken the most beautiful thing, and taken the lifeforce out of it. Your sexuality is your power. It is the place from which you create perfection. Lovemaking is the most sacred thing you can do. What in heavens name could be wrong with creating life? There is no reason to veil the energies of creation. Adam and Eve were meant to be very tantric beings. Had the story been told correctly, they would have been making love all the time. It is pointless guilt that has kept this all going. The essence of 12:12 is our return to original innocence.

You are creator Gods and Goddesses. You are healing the world you are living in. By perfecting the sexuality of the Earth, you help to open the energies of divinity. This is the key to the world that we wish to live in. There is nothing more perfect than two beings making love ... creating in the name of God. From a place of true union, you can make everything happen.


There is a roadmap to perfection. We would like to speak of it a bit, it is known as the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life goes beyond something called Kabbalah, for it is dateless ... far older than anyone can remember. Some cultures chose to work with it, while others simply let it go. Each of you are deeply connected to it, although vou may not remember it. As you master, you will fully remember the nature of this Tree. It is the primarv key to your completion. You will find it no matter where you joumey, for it is God's blueprint for all things.

As lightworkers, it is our duty to requalify the tree, to re-ascend. We begin by taking a look at the roots of our Tree. Where are they rotten? What beliefs make it unhealthy? Each of you is unearthing old roots and replanting new ones. Together you will water the Tree until it flourishes again, until Earth is an ascended planet.


At the base of the Tree sits a very sacred temple. It is known as the "Four Square Temple" . Every initiate begins here. Four beings are the keepers of this temple. They are Osiris, Isis, Horus and Hathor. There is a story about Osiris and Isis. In battle, Osiris was killed by his evil brother Set. Set desired to be more powerful than Osiris. Set took the pieces of Osiris' body, and scattered them all over the Earth. (Symbolizing separateness from spirit). Osiris' twin flame Isis searched far and wide trying to piece him back together. In the end, she found all but one, his penis, his lifeforce. She needed to resurrect him. She searched and searched, but in the end, she had to make do with one that she had created herself. Their union was far from complete, because he was not complete. She could not make love to him in the way that she needed to. Isis and Osiris tell us a story of ourselves. They give us a clue to what is missing.

We each want to create our resurrection. We want to live eternally, to unfold and become who we truly are. Inside of the Four Square Temple we find pieces of ourselves. It is our foundation, our lifeforce, the kundalini of the Tree of Life.

The Four Square Temple is a pyramid. Its four sides represent the bodies of Man - the earth, water, air and fire elements ... our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Isis and Osiris symbolize Mother-Father God. Hathor and Horus, the children. They are archetypal beings who are not complete. They are each missing something. Isis needs the power of creation. Osiris needs to live again. Hathor and Horus who are still half animal, must find their God-selves. On 12:12, their energies will change. Our missing pieces will be revealed. All of the keys to our perfection are locked within this temple. It is the only place to start. On 12:12, we join together in this place. Through the balance of our four bodies, we heal the archetypes.

We are hoping that as many of you as possible can be at the Great Pyramid in Egypt. It is the earthly Four Square Temple, and the most powerful place to stand on 12:12. From this great vortex, the new codes enter the Earth. You will know if you are meant to be in Egypt. Some of you hold vibrations that are keys to the anchoring. Should you choose to be there on this day, you honor at the most high altar and the Temple of the World. As it is written on the inner chamber walls, "as ye glorify the temple of the world, so too shall ye be glorified." Your freedom, Dear Ones, is your glory.


Every Ascended Master operates on 12 strands of DNA. Your DNA strands will unfold as we continue up the Tree of Life. One strand for each of the ten sephiroth or levels of the Tree. From a spiritual point, what is DNA? It is a blueprint that is locked within you which determines all aspects of your being. It affects not only your physical body, but your emotional one, your mental one, and your consciousness. Your DNA determines how well you are able to connect with spirit, period.

If you were building a house and left out part of the blueprints, what kind of house would you have? Your house with its two blueprints is a shanty. As you grow more and more strands of DNA, your shanty becomes a nice track home, then a small mansion, a palace, a compound of palaces, and finally the whole world. Yes, you can live in a shanty, but wouldn't you rather have all of creation...the universes, the houses of God and the many mansions? 12:12 offers us the keys to these houses. The Thrones and Dominions become available to us.

12:12 brings us the new evolutionary programs. It brings significant change. Biochemically (and to the surprise of the scientific community) your physical bodies will change. As you co-create a quantum leap for the Earth, you will access new amino acids which will open gateways for you. They are the keys to your mastery and ascension. As you embody new biological components, you trigger the hundredth monkey effect. New DNA strands will grow within you, and eventually in others. Your body on its new program, will access its divinity. You do this in service to humankind. This is how evolution works.


The immortal truth -- you were never meant to age and die. Your bodies will last as long as you wish them to. Mass consiousness makes us leave before we see 100. We need to rewrite this story. Of the forgotten freedoms, immortality is certainly one of them. Too many are feeling that heaven is something that comes later, instead of living it now. The world is dwelling on the crucifixion instead of on the resurrection. This is not what Jesus/Sananda would have wanted. He spent three days with death and decided that was plenty. Why do we choose to perpetuate the crucifixion? Why do we dwell on death? We will not achieve mastery without changing our ideas about it. During your ceremonies on 12:12, consciously choose immortality. As you receive this energy, you prepare the way for others. You are giving the rest of humanity a chance to choose again. The power is yours.


... wherever it takes place, is one of the greatest gifts you have ever given. Sunrise is the optimum time for it, but anytime of the day will do. As one of the 144,000, you are an ambassador of freedom. You join with those who serve spirit. You ask for the return of truth. You say to all of creation, it is time. I am a perfect vessel of spirit, this is how I have always been. Let freedom reign.