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A Call To The Starry Family

Ashtar-Command channeled by Ishtar Antares, April 95

We are your brothers and sisters of light, we are here with you to issue a call of awakening. It has come a time for you to awaken and radiate in your light bodies as angelic beings and prepare for your Ascension.

Once long ago in the past the whole starry family was living in a beautiful oneness. You have entered duality to gain wisdom and now you can enter even greater oneness. Transition from duality into oneness is ocuring right now. Between 1992 and 2011 your planet is travelling through the dimensional doorway of 11:11, a ring of light that is a band of energy of a very high vibration. It is a zone of overlap between two very different systems of evolution, that of duality and that of oneness. During this time whole star family will Ascend, merge with cosmic brotherhood and then return through the stargate of AN in Orion into galactic evolution of oneness. Together we will build a galactic network of light. And now we are issuing a call to your awakening and uniting of starry family on this planet, so we can all together go home, into galactic oneness.

Your awakening begins, when you realize that you are angel coming from the stars. You begin to feel your angelic beauty, you are becoming aware that you are omnipresent One consciousness. You are existing in a zone of no-time in eternal now. So you are entering a new world, a world of oneness...

As a starry being you are emanating a magnetic vortex of angelic energies that call your soul family, your soulmates and twin soul. You will create new forms of relating with them. Old perception of duality which allows only two beings to be intimately together will be greatly expanded. Many of you will form a group, unite and merge in sacred intimate oneness. An you will be close to each other as you were close when you were dolphins in the star system of Sirius.

We are issuing a call to you to create groups, where you will meet each other as souls, as angelic beings of light. There you will support each other. Healing of relationships will take place. Finally you will allow yourselves to be what you are and express your inner beauty. And when you will see beauty in each other you will open your hearts. Belief patterns will be replaced by spontaneity; jealousy, dependence and possessiveness will fall away into nothingness. You will experience a living presence and your yearnings will be met by fulilling oneness. In those groups many taboos regarding physical touch and expression of sexual energy will be transcended. You will express this energy with an open heart and this will allow healing to take place. You will learn to be together as men and women and star angels simultaniously. Nurture each other, touch each other, kiss each other, merge together, let love flow, dear angels.

Call your soulmates and twin souls, create deep relationships with them. Connect with all of them in a small intimate group. You will feel deep understanding and alignment with those beautiful souls. You will meet your ideal mate, your twin soul. You will merge with her into one being. All this will accelerate your path dramatically, you will begin your group Ascension process and begin to enter etheric spiral of oneness that is invisible to your physical eyes.

World of duality and world of oneness are two worlds, each with its own natural laws. They are not compatible. You can not live in both worlds simultanuously. At some point you need to make a decision for one or the other. No compromise. If you decide for world of oneness, release all relationships that do not bring you happiness, that do not bring you joy, but suffering. You do not need to learn through suffering anymore. You are light beings and you will learn through love, through loving relationships. You are guardians of oneness for this planet, so take care for yor happiness.

Spiritual groups of soul families, soulmates and twin souls are coming together all around the world in rainbow vortices of Ascension to fulfill the last task - Ascension of your planet. In your world there are many spiritual groups that have the same purpose, but sometimes they are not aware of it. Purpose of every true spiritual group is ultimate liberation of man, his Ascension. And now there is a great need for synthesis of all points of light, all spiritual groups no matter what their outer form, to create together a network of light. Through this network you will radiate light and love as one being. And love will flow around your world and heal wounded humanity. And in this sacred task, we are with you....

Meditation for Uniting The Starry Family

1. Visualize a brilliant twelvefold star in the sky. This star is rotating clockwise with central point resting in no-time and emanating presence of oneness.

2. Visualize a gimlet of rainbow light emanating from the centre of the star spiralling downwards through your crown, brow and throat chakra into your heart.

3. Visualize a small brilliant twelvefold star in your chest. It is rotating clockwise in horizontal plane together with a star in the sky. Central point of the star is still, resting in no-time and emanating presence. Feel your yearnings of merging with your soul family, soulmates and your twin soul, let the star in your heart rotate and expand, sending your yearnings outwards. Let it expand over your city, your country, your continent and all over the world. Visualize your beloved soul brothers and sisters come and merge with you.

4. Visualize all of you Ascending in the star in the sky and merging with cosmic brotherhood. Merge into one being, travel together in the direction of Orion and enter the stargate of AN ( middle star in the belt of Orion ).

5. Stay on the other side of AN as long as aproppriate and close with OM.