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Activation of Twelve Pointed Star

After many years being dormant, Beeston Farm was renovated as our new home beginning in 1991. It was during this renovation that we began to realise the special energies that prevailed throughout this site. After dowsing the area, we discovered that the site sat on ley lines connected to the planetary gridwork. We were aware that there was a twelve pointed star clearly defining the energy centre of the vortex and that our role was to clear the blockage in order that these energies would once again be released into the planetary gridwork.

The following channeling was recorded at Beeston Farm on the 1st of February 1996 while activating the vortex. The channeling confirmed the magnitude and significance of the work we had undertaken. We were subsequently led to understand that the vortex integrates the energies of the Dove, the Holy Grail and Angel of Peace - Thus, blending these energies together to create the highest frequency of all, the Mahatma energy, the I AM presence of Mother Father God.

It is with great joy that we, the caretakers, share this information and understanding that Beeston Farm is once again activated as a temple of light for the benefit of all who pass through these doors.

Eye of the Sun Beeston Farm
Cornwall, EX23 OET


Beloved Lenduce, Vywamus, Sanat Kumara, I, Haridas also known as Eliah ask you to come and aid us in this work. This work of this activation of this twelve pointed star. This major energy point in the Christ consciousness gridwork. I also ask that Merlin, Djwhal Khul and the Arcturians aid us in this work.

I am Lenduce, the cosmic aspect of Vywamus, that cosmic aspect of the I Am presence of Sanat Kumara. It is, my friends, my greatest pleasure to assist you to channel energies through you, to activate this vortex. As you already know, the activation of this twelve pointed star is a major step forward in the consciousness of mankind. The energies of this twelve pointed star will now flow into the Christ consciousness planetary gridwork and also the multi-dimensional planetary gridwork. This star will reflect through dimension, after dimension, after dimension, through all the 352 levels back to the source Mahatma. The energies ofhere for all to call upon. Know that the energies of this place will awaken in the hearts of all, the inner-connectedness of the source, the inner-wisdom and the personal truth for each and every being who passes through these portals. May you send your love, your wisdom, your guidance from this point in time and cosmic space, to all corners of this planet Mother Earth, for those who pass through these doors shall carry with them the energy of the message of the Eye of the Sun.

I am Tao, the guardian of this sight. For me this is a day that has been long awaited. I have been the keeper, the guardian since the times of Arthur, since the times of Merlin and Camelot. The guardian since this place was used as a temple of Light, where beneath the vortex of energy was a temple of Light. This temple of Light is now activated. It is opened up, it is activated for the benefit of all, for the inhabitants of this site, for those who pass through this site, and for all ones upon the planet. These lines that run through this site are connected to major energy points all around the planet. They're connected to Karnak, Stonehenge, Glastonbury, the dove in South America, Tel Meggido, Rujm el Hiri, Woodhenge, and the pyramids in South America. Many ones will feel the benefit of your work. It is a valiant effort. It is a brave step forward for the ones that have in the material world being guarding this site. I can congratulate those people who have finally made the decision to step forward into their mastery, into their own power and because of that, many ones will achieve mastery, by visiting this place. Of course you must know that I am Merlin an aspect of Merlin you can say, a cosmic aspect of Merlin that has been on this planet since creation. I ask you now to go forth fearlessly. I ask you to work with this love that has been anchored and activated here. This love will remove fear from your hearts, fear from your minds and fear from your souls. You could say that you are now slayers of the dragon fear. You know that many cosmic beings have been aiding you, helping you multi-dimensionally in the activation work and you can see with your physical eyes the energies that have been flowing into the lines that constitute this twelve pointed star. My friends, again I congratulate your bravery, I congratulate your commitment and from now on I guarantee you because resistance has been removed and fear has been removed that the way forward will be easy. There will be no looking for the light at the end of the tunnel because the light will be shinning bright into all ones' lives that come through this place. And my other aspect of Merlin and remember this is also the energy of Germain, the keeper of the Silver Violet Flame of transformation. This Silver Violet Flame of transformation will now be installed in this vortex and this Silver Violet Flame will transmute the fear and all energies that are not of the light or disconnected themselves from the source, in all ones that pass through here into the light of God, into the love of God, and into the purity of God. Take some time now my friends to see this flame being kindled and lit and growing. This transmutive gentleness that will clean everything that is not of the light.

It is I Arthur, having chosen to take up residence once more, through the body of this one. I rejoice to feel my feet once more walk upon this beloved earth of mine. I pledge my energy and Camelot shall live once more upon this holiest of sites. I draw my sword of Silver and Amethyst and plunge it to the source of the vortex in a pledge that my energy shall remain here for all who choose to call upon it. Camelot shall live again. My work shall proceed one more upon these dimensions. Feel the strength, the power, the fortitude of Arthur in your endeavors, my beloved brothers and sisters. Truth once more shall prevail over this beloved kingdom of Camelot.

I am Merlin, I pledge my presence with Arthur. I pledge to perform my alchemy, my transmutation of base consciousness into pure consciousness with all ones who choose Mahatma will flow into this building, this centre, as a column of gold and silver light which will be able to be seen through many inter-dimensional universes. This will be a beacon of light that will attract all beings from all dimensions and universes that are working in accordance with Divine will.

Furthermore, this light will activate the Monadic blueprint, that perfect blueprint of light which all persons have in their source, their Monad, their I AM presence. It will also anchor the Father's seed blueprint for creation. These blueprints are wholeness. These blueprints are love and compassion. Mother Earth, through your efforts, your time will also be aided in her ascension project. Do take some time now to ground this energy of love. It seems we have visitors from Sirius, the dogstar, with us.

I Djwhal Khul, join with you here today my friends to lend my energy to this most auspicious occasion, now that I too will be here to oversee your valiant efforts. My love, my wisdom, my compassion will be oose to work here. I pledge my energies to merge with the energies of Arthur and light, beauty, harmony and transformation shall dwell in this site. I will perform my magic for all ones who choose to receive it. I will channel my magic for all ones who choose to work with it. I say to you, my friends, that Camelot now lives again in the land in the third and fourth dimension as well as in the higher dimensions. Thank you my friends. Anchor the chalice in your hearts, allow the chalice to flow with the loving energy of God, with the loving energy of abundance and allow that that overflows to flow into others and to energise Mother Earth for our healing and ascension process. My friends again I say on behalf of the Great White Brotherhood, the ascended masters, the Ashtar Command, the Arcturian Command. Thank you bless you and may you always walk in God's Light. My friends, know your work is done and if you wish, please break up the circle and celebrate in any way that you would wish. We have, before you break one more to come.

I am Melchizedek, the I Am presence of this one. It is not often that I come and speak in this way. But again, I would like to congratulate you on this mammoth step forward for humanity, this mammoth step forward in the anchoring of the light. And I will say to you, disseminate the information about this activation, pass it freely to all ones who would receive it in any manner that you can conceive. Notify ones who can benefit from the light of the Father, Mother God. From the energies of the Golden Chamber of Melchizedek many, many, many members of our cosmic family of Melchizedek will come this way. They will be activated, they will be nurtured. They will be blessed and they will proceed with their work. Their work, which is the transformation of Mother Earth and humanity. Again, I tell you that this is a monumental time, a happening which is a great cosmic historical interest to many. Because not only will the energies of Light and love, the energy of Mahatma, the energies of the masters be here, I pledge to you that I, Melchizedek that being that was assigned to your aspect of creation at the moment of creation, I pledge that my energy, my love, and my transformation will also always be present from this time on. Bless you all. If you would like a showering of energy from the Chamber of Melchizedek, just allow yourselves to continue to be open and these energies will fall around you like cosmic rain.

It is I, Radharani who come to bring you the feminine balance of Isis, Mary, Radharani. You have heard today my beautiful ones of the strength and masculine energy of Arthur, of Merlin, of Melchizedek, of Tao but know that these beings too are on their own progression, they too are assimilating the love and sweetness, the compassion of the feminine. Know that these beings who pass through this place they too will receive my transformational energy, they too shall know the sweetness and the strength of the feminine. Those that perceive themselves to be unloved will feel great love and strength from this place. That shall be the balance for their wholeness. Know that I am also with you. My love, my strength is yours to call upon. Feel it now in your hearts as a flame that burns forever.

You may if you wish break up this circle.

Eye of the Sun has scheduled its inaugural workshop at Beeston Farm on April 26,27,28 celebrating Wesak, the major mass ascension window of the year. Details will be sent at a later date.

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Best regards,

Ron Blonder