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Anchoring Light

Oct 26, 1996
Channeled Through Andrew Whalley - Barrington, New Hampshire, USA
- Saturday 26th October 1996


It is I Sananda, greetings my dearest friends it is my greatest pleasure to be with you at this time. I offer you my love, my support for your most wondrous efforts at this time of transformation and planetary changes. It is my intention to address you this evening with the major concerns that face the light workers at this time upon the earth. For indeed I see that each one of you have made a commitment to some degree to work with the light, and you are rapidly awakening to our presence.

As the light becomes anchored onto the planet there are ever increasing opportunities to ascend - to raise your vibrations - and it is to this point that I wish to share with you this evening. It is a vital requirement for your spiritual progress and movement into the light that you raise your vibrations, and when I say this I am talking about energy, I am talking about the vibrational rate of your atomic structure. In the true reality you are but energy your appearance is very deceptive in the third dimensional reality. You have a physical body and you see and know that this is all there is. This is how the majority of humanity are existing - devoid of the acceptance of the knowledge that there is more than this. In the true reality you are energy or light and you resonate and vibrate at a certain frequency. Your physical body is but one of four bodies - you each have a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual component and it is necessary to harmonize, align and balance these four bodies or components. In that alignment and harmonization you create the possibility for resonance, for merging or unifying. Your energies can unify and work as one - they can all pull in one direction. So these are somewhat the mechanics of the process. You are learning to unify your energy fields to integrate and balance them and then raise their vibration. This is the process of ascension in essence dearest ones. The key to this whole process lies within your heart chakras, for it is only through the heart chakra that you may connect and access your higher self, the higher dimensions - the source of all that is. By working to expand and consciously exist within your heart chakras with heart centred awareness you create an opening, an opportunity for the soul or higher self to connect and ground, to integrate and incorporate these four lower bodies into one. You see the soul connection from the higher dimensions is connected into the physical and lower four bodies within the heart centre, so this is the place that you need to go to find that connection.

It is as if you were in a dark cave and there is no way out except through an upper opening, and you know that at the top of this opening above you there is help; a group of your friends who have lowered a rope down to you., but in the darkness you are stumbling around trying to find this rope. Well the place to go dearest ones - to find the rope is in your heart centre or heart chakra. There are many on the planet who do not even realize there is a rope there or that there are friends above them holding the rope. So you see we are addressing you tonight in the knowledge and awareness that you know and are aware that there is help at hand and that there is more than just the physical. That you can become familiar with that help, with that higher aspect and know where to find it and how to work with it - and this is most important. In this way you will begin the process of balancing and harmonizing your lower four bodies; allowing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to become integrated and unified. You will find the soul connection to the higher self and the source of all that is - your I AM PRESENCE. In finding that connection, in finding the rope you will begin to climb out of the limitations, the illusion of the physical embodiment in the third dimensional reality in which you have been consumed and engaged of many, many lifetimes. So you see we are here to assist you.

You may know that by looking around you, you can perceive that there are changes taking place at this time, that the civilization and planet are rapidly raising their vibration, expanding consciousness and awareness greater than has ever been experienced before. So there is an opportunity emerging, a potential that is being unearthed. The connection with spirit - the higher self is being re-established and it is for all of humanity to take their choice, to take the opportunity that is offered. It is offered to each individual as a choice out of free will that exists, that you are working with. It is within this free will environment that you make the choice and find the power to transform the material realm into the spiritual energy. I suggest to you that the friends who have offered you this rope are now shining torches and lights down so that you can see the rope. We are that light that is shining down, we are endeavouring to assist and help you in your own release and ascension from limitation and illusion - we can not do it for you, but we can assist you. We can assist you greatly, we have many technologies, many tools and facilities at our disposal and these will be shared with you this evening.

So at this time I feel I have completed my mission, my reason for coming to you this evening to share in the possibilities and opportunities that are now manifesting, that we may all begin to work as one. To reconnect and operate with higher awareness, with unconditional love, with joy and heart centred awareness - transcending, transforming this planet, the heaviness, illusion and density. For surely as I speak to you this night these things are occurring. I tell you with all honesty and truth that there is nothing that will stop the movement of the light upon the earth plane - of this shift in vibration. It is all powerful and all embracing emanating from the source itself - from your own beingness. You could say it is a wake up call that is going off that you set into motion many, many eons ago. You are alerting your selves to your true identity - we are representatives of the source, representatives of your higher aspect who are coming to wake you up. So it is with great joy that I take my leave of you, I thank you for your openness, for your willingness to be present and receptive this evening. I will continue to remain with you and to work with you - to balance your energies and help in that process of integration of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components. Remember you can call on me whenever you need that assistance, that healing or peace in your life - think of my name and I will be with you surrounding you with my love and radiance - you see you are never alone in this world. So dearest ones I bid you farewell,

I am Sananda, Adonai.


It is I Ashtar, greetings my fellow companions, friends of the light it is my greatest pleasure and privilege to be with you all this evening, to assist you and to simply share in the energies in the lights that you truly are. As we behold you we see your radiance and beauty and we would wish to share that with you and tell you how wonderful and precious each and everyone of you here is - to let you know what you have in store, what you are becoming. For truly what is taking place here upon the earth plane, on this beautiful planet is beyond description. It is a most magnificent, monumental transformation into light. The whole of the planet and civilization is shifting - it is quite wonderful and beautiful to behold. The darker areas are being cleared away, more and more light is surrounding this beautiful planet and you are assisting in that process.

It is my desire to share with you some of my perceptions at this time and to be available to answer your questions of which I'm sure you have many. The Ashtar Command is poised shall we say, ever alert and ready. We are making provisions for the opportunities of merging and contact. Many of you have heard of these plans, well I wish to re-iterate, to clarify that we are indeed surrounding you, and that we are indeed intending to be with you in the times to come. This is inevitable, it is an unstoppable force - we are merging, we are on a collision course you might say. As you approach the fourth dimensional reality, as your vibrations increase and as the planets vibrations increase you will enter into a new time and space; into a new knowingness. This will be heart centred awareness where you will be open to much more than you have been. Some of you are aware of your abilities to perceive of the higher dimensions; some of you are able to communicate within your minds telepathically, as does this one - well what I am telling you is that these things will become available to all. This is the shift into the New Age which has been spoken of, which has been awaited for so long. We are here to bring you that message, to surround you with our energies so that you may know of its truth, its validity, and to reassure you that all is well and that you are coming into your true co-creatorship. You are re-discovering your true identity and empowerment, you are becoming enlightened shall we say. That is the opportunity that is manifesting and presenting itself. And so my beloved ones we would not wish to arrive unannounced, we would wish that all those of the earth be aware of the true reality - of our existence and the existence of their own spiritual higher selves. Instead many of humanity are in ignorance and separation. So you see we have quite a task - we have had quite a task and now we are beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel as you would say, and you my dearest ones of the light are on the front line - you are our representatives upon the earth plane. Many of you have served and had lifetimes working with spirit, many of you have ascended before, so you are familiar with the process, you are open more so than the mass of humanity.

We see you as points of light in your groups
and meetings and gatherings when you meditate and
share opening yourselves within your hearts.

We see these groupings, these pin-points of light around the globe and it is an opportunity for us to connect with you and more powerfully channel through the energies that we bring, the energies of your higher selves, of the ascended realms and anchor it into the physical aspect of your being - into your physical bodies. In this way we change the vibrations of the atomic structure of the physical earth. For you are connected to the earth, your bodies are made up of the earth's substance. So you see you hold a vital role; in your ability to attune, to resonate and channel with your higher selves, with the source light. You are that link, that bridge through which the energy, the light, the vibration may be anchored through. Whether you are consciously or unconsciously aware of this is to some degree irrelevant it will happen anyway. What is important for you to realise is that as you consciously participate the amplifications or opening for energy and light becomes increased rapidly and enormously. Your conscious participation allows for much more energy of light to be anchored into the planet. That is why we have been straining at the leash, taking every opportunity available to connect and share this information with you and invite you to participate in this project consciously. And I am glad to say that you are all responding most beautifully. You are all doing what you can given your situations and the challenges that each one of you face in your lives. We recognise and honour the efforts you are making in the density, in the difficult environment of the earth plane. We offer our hand of assistance and help in any capacity that we can to help you with that shifting from heaviness and density into lightness and joy, into open hearted centred awareness.

I will just briefly outline how we may assist you most powerfully, to bring that to your awareness. We are able to work on your behalf, to work with the higher selves of those around you, to work with your spirit guides, to clear obstacles and difficult situations in your life. Where it is highest good and wisdom we can come in and create a few changes shall we say in a most subtle way. Maybe help you to get that job or get that transfer to another situation - whatever that may be. To help you in a difficult relationship, to help you get connected up to the right people. There are no limits - your imagination is the only limitation in this - in how we can assist you and work together. For we are one team, we are co-creators you simply need to ask. By working with your higher selves and with us more openly - we will then be there, we will manifest these changes for you. It may take a little bit of time - we cannot simply manifest you a new Mercedes Benz for example, but I think you know what I am saying. The other way that we may be of assistance is in the release of unwanted, clinging energies; karmic energies, thought forms, emotions and energies that no longer serve you that you wish to release. We can be of assistance in clearing those energies from your four body system allowing you to integrate and unify your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components. Allowing you to expand and open your heart centres feeling more of that joy, energy and connectedness flowing through. But remember with all of these things you must ask us for that assistance. You must direct us most specifically that we may be of assistance to you, for without your consent and guidance we are unable to act. You live in a free will zone and we cannot simply walk into your lives and re-arrange things for you that would be acting to take your power away. So you see dearest ones it is like any relationship there is a two way interaction. The requests and openness for assistance and guidance must come from your selves and we will respond in turn. Whenever your thoughts turn to us we will be with you - it is that simple and that powerful. Even if you are driving your cars or in the street or office, in work turn your thoughts and attention to us, allow your heart centres to become still and we will be there. You do not have to think that this only occurs in meditation or in your quite times this is something that is available all of the time and is becoming increasing more powerful. As I have said we are on a collision course so be prepared for anything and do not limit yourself in any way.

So having made a brief outline of what I consider to be the important points that are taking place upon the earth plane at this time and how you may fit in, how we may assist you, I would like to open the floor to questions. Please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer.

Question And Answer Session

FAITH: When zero point or the null zone comes I have read that our bodily magnetism will reduce to zero of space and time and we will as a result lose much of our memory. Is this true? And that we will have the memory of a new born baby - and have to be helped to restore our memory, is this also true?
ASHTAR: First of all I would say that each individual will experience the transformations and shifts that are coming differently. There is no one set way of experience. Some may experience this as a whole lifetime flashing before their eyes. Some may perceive it as an expansion to that of unlimitedness. You see every individual is at a different state of growth or re-connectedness to the source, so I would not commit myself to any one experience or process. Each will find their own way forward and each will be different.

SHEILA: Ashtar will we be able to see you with our physical eyes?
ASHTAR: Those of you who are most attuned and open to the higher dimensions will perceive of all that is to transpire. At various critical times when it is appropriate those of us who are working at the highest levels of the hierarchy will manifest a physical body for all to see - where it is deemed appropriate. But those that are able to attune and open to the higher vibrations will be able to perceive and be aware of our presence at any time.

MIRIAM: I have read of the various connections and purposes of the different countries of what they represent and what their special energy is involved in the ascension. Do you have a message for the United States?
ASHTAR: It is as you would say the head quarters, the command post, the place where information and organization is to take place and be established throughout which all other aspects and workings will be coordinated through. So you might say it is the command centre. It is the focus at this time of much activity for it is through the United States that much light and coordination in other countries is being established. The vibrations are quickening - are being realized faster and more powerfully here than elsewhere. The light is being distributed through the lightworkers and the information networks and being spread out around the globe. That is the role that the United States is holding, and it is a very important role at this time. You are a part of that - if you so wish to be. You are assisting in disseminating information and allowing that to be spread around the world within the societies and the civilization. You might say that the work first begins at home - so many of you who are actively involved in this work are distributing information and raising awareness within your local communities. But note that the greater goal and vision is to then allow that information and knowledge to be spread farther a field. It is interesting that this very situation we have created here tonight is coming through a connection from another country; you see the information and the light that is being created here will also filter back through this channel and connection back to the British Isles.

So your mission and focus as members of this country is to bring through that information, that energy and knowledge and allow it to be disseminated and shared, and know that you are in a prime location to do this - this is the best place to be on the planet to do that work. In that way you have each agreed to be here to assist in that way, though you may have other work as well, that is the underlying current - a background commitment that you have each made. As we continue to work and share together these things will become more apparent and clearer to each of you individually. There is much sharing, love and joy to be experienced and realized for those who choose to work in this way. We are rebuilding the world you see, from the inside out. There is a great need for restructuring and re-growth - much information and transformation is needed and you are all in a prime position or facing a great opportunity to participate in this event, in this way. We offer it to you, we put it to you that you can make a difference. We open our hearts to you, we ask for your assistance as you ask for ours. You see we work as one, we are co-dependent, we cannot do this without your participation. Without you the transformations and shifts upon this planet would not be possible. You hold a key role, you are very valued and held with high regard by ourselves.

QUESTION: Ashtar many of us have not been well received - many of the lightworkers. Is that going to change?
ASHTAR: I would say overwhelmingly yes. The past has not been conducive to bringing through change and transformation. For the energy, the density has been heavily entrenched and you have been swamped or pushed out of the way. What I will tell you is that the power and force behind this movement - the energy that is now manifesting and being anchored onto the planet will awaken all. Your messages will be well received. Many of those in society within this country are beginning to work within their heart centres and awaken - the vibrations are lifting. So we envisage that the challenges that face you will not be so difficult. With our assistance and with the protection of the light there is very little that can stop your work or create a backlash against you. It is the case that you must always work with the highest discernment and with heart centred awareness with those around you so that the information and energy is exchanged in the most appropriate way - given with unconditional love and trust. The most important part of raising your vibrations is to become a living example, is to be a beacon of light and simply with the radiance you create within your heart centre you will influence those around you in a most subtle way. It does not always need words or actions to create transformation and change. If you identify with the light and your higher self, with your I AM PRESENCE there is nothing at this time that can stand in your way.

QUESTION: I have a question and although it is a personal experience I think that it is appropriate for the group. I am curious whether other people are experiencing this. I am having dreams at night of standing outside and looking up and seeing hundreds and hundreds of luminescent, opaque ships - it is overwhelming the numbers of them. I don't tend to think of ships or landings in a physical third dimensional sense, I think of them etherically. So I find this surprising - that I'm actually picturing this and I'm curious if it's a significant thing that for those who are open you are actually working with people in their sleep, because it happens when my mind is totally elsewhere on entirely different subjects.
ASHTAR: We are indeed working with those of you - the lightworkers in the dream state and with all of humanity. At this time you are open to receive messages and to exchange information and ideas, and be open to teachings. I would say that your experiences are not uncommon. You are being shown and invited to preview what is to come and it is for each individual to experience these things differently , as I have already said. For you this is your way of receiving those images and understandings of what is to come. For others it will come in a different way and it may not be appropriate for them to be aware of these things. You are ready you see, for it is indeed the case that there are many, many light ships that are surrounding the earth, that are poised ready to descend to usher in the New Age. For you see with the advent of the manifestation of the light ships there will be no going back. So I would ask you to continue to be open to receive these messages, to search within for greater truth and knowingness of what the import and unfoldment of these things mean for you. In that way you may be more attuned, prepared and ready for these transformations - you will be more aligned and connected to your higher self and the energy will flow through you more powerfully.

MARIKA: Ashtar, speaking of dreams and perceiving things in a different way a few evenings ago in the dream state I was aware of flashing electricity - of blue light. It was just as if there was electricity going back and forth and it was all blue? I perceived it to have something to do with the Command and the space ships and extraterrestrial activity, but I was not able to get any extra information. Could you perhaps shed some light on that experience?
ASHTAR: You where indeed experiencing a connection, an exchange of energy and information within that altered state. I would say that there was nothing particularly special or to be noted about your experience other than the fact that it is an indication of your ability to connect, open and attune. I would suggest that with effort you could become more lucid in your dream state and gleam more information form these experiences consciously participating and remembering. This is all part of the awakening process and it will become more and more available to you as time goes on.

QUESTION: Ashtar do the crop circles serve any purpose that we do not know of yet? Or are people beginning to learn what they are all about? Do they tie in with us in any way?
ASHTAR: I would tell you that the crop circles are indeed tying in very significantly with what is occurring at this time. These phenomena are encoded keys of energy that are being communicated with the earth at this time. They are a means to activate and re-awaken the earth's subtle bodies. As you receive impressions within your dream state we are working to harmonize and balance your subtle bodies, this is how we also work with the earth, this is somewhat similar. It is an energetic exchange of energy and information and as a by-product of this process we are able to leave physical imprints upon the earth that all of humanity may see and recognise these keys. They will activate openings and transformations not only within the planetary bodies but within your own bodies working in an unconscious way - opening energies and re-activating, re-awakening the most subtle aspects of your being. They serve a purpose. It is a sign that you are not alone, that there is indeed more than the physical. It is an energetic information that is working on many levels with all of humanity - from those who are most awake to those who are most asleep. Simply know that it is part of the process and that as you awaken and open you will understand and have more of a resonance or connection with many of these symbols. It is primarily for the earth and her body, of which you are apart, that these encodements and these energies are transmitted. It enables the shift in consciousness to be maintained and facilitated.
QUESTIONER: So just because we can not necessarily read them on a human level the earth itself knows what's going on?
ASHTAR: Almost certainly

QUESTION: If we walked in them, if we were sensitive to vibration , we could probably feel the energy?
ASHTAR: Most certainly, for there is an energy imprint that is left. As the energy is implanted into the earth's physical structure then that energetic or vibration remains for a while afterwards.
QUESTIONER: So that's not to stimulate an intellectual activity it is energetically operating?
ASHTAR: It is working in a subtle way on the subtle bodies. It is beyond the intellect - it is a knowingness, it is deeper than the intellectual thinking that humanity is operating in. It is somewhat beyond this level of awareness. It is difficult to describe and explain when you have know way to grasp or understand these things. The intellect and ego operate within quite a narrow band of awareness and understanding. That is why it is so important for us to share and work with you energetically - as we do this evening. That is why it is so important for you to become centred within your hearts and not so dependent and limited by your mental and intellectual thought patterns. It is as if you would place yourselves inside a box of restriction; we ask you to leave that box and allow yourselves to move into heart centred awareness. All knowingness, all understanding that transcends the intellect will be realised in this way. This is the only way to truly understand all and to expand your consciousness.

CHARLOTTE: Ashtar, some years ago I worked with a teacher called Swami Muktananda and he has passed on now. I wanted to know what he is doing and where he is?
ASHTAR: He is in his proper position and place. His service or work is with that of humanity, he is still very much associated with the current shifts and transitions that are taking place upon the planet, but working from the other side, from the inner planes, from the place of the enlightened realms. You see he has ascended already.

SHEILA: Ashtar could you give advice to those of us with life partners who are not yet awake, and do not wish to be.
ASHTAR: This is a most important question which I would like to address for there are many of you - many of the light workers who find partners who do not share the same understandings and knowingness. This is of course not by accident - you have each chosen to be in these challenging situations at this time. It is always your choice as to where you place your energies and with whom you interact, you are responsible for your own growth and destiny. Many of you know that your destiny and path lies with the partner you have chosen to be with and that this is the way forward. So it is not necessarily detrimental or a bad thing that you are with somebody who is not awake. There is a deeper knowingness and underlying wisdom behind this - there is a balancing of energies you might say. So I would say to you where you find yourself in a position of conflict where you are not treated with respect, where your freedom of expression is restricted then this is not appropriate. For it is at this time that you need to be free, you need to move into a space of unlimitedness. Here I am talking more specifically about being in a situation of abuse or manipulation by your partner. It is important that you are free to be yourself. If your partner is respectful and accepting of your ways and view points, and allows you to be free to follow whatever the path you would choose then I would say to you that there is no problem. That you have every opportunity to follow your path and to be in a position to assist your partner and those around you who are deep in the illusion of the physical reality. So these are questions you must ask yourself, these are the criteria by which you may decide where your future and focus lies - with whom you wish to be engaged. The same applies to your friends and associates you must choose carefully and wisely how you spend your time and with whom exchange energies.

For these choices make a difference and where you feel you are not respected and are manipulated and abused then I would suggest to you that you should remove yourself from those situations where ever you can. You are a being of the light, you are a co-creater, you have it within your power to create the reality, the situation that will lift you - that will bring you into joy. To do these things positively, harmoniously with strength and clarity working with your higher self is the appropriate way forward. So know that for those of you who are with partners and surrounded by people who are respectful, but do not agree with you there will come a time when they will be faced with a choice. They will be presented with the true reality and your love and support will assist them in making a clear decision, giving them every opportunity to move forward into the light - for it will be their choice and their choice only at that time that will guide them.

You see, as we assist an support you with unconditional love you are supporting and assisting those around you in the same way. With love and respect for each and everyone of you - no matter whether you are awake to what is happening or not - we love and cherish those of the mass of humanity for we recognise them as aspects of ourselves. They are simply not consciously aware of their higher aspect - of our presence - their true identity - but they are awakening to that in time, and that surely in time that will be realised - it is inevitable. So you see all is in perfect place. Allow yourselves to connect with your higher selves on a regular basis and find intuitive guidance within your heart centres, to know, that you are in the right place, that you are with the right people and that you are making the right decisions. You will know within your hearts when you ask these questions whether you are doing the right things or not - for your own higher self, and for the highest wisdom of those around you.

COLETTE: Ashtar I saw a shocking article in the 'Weekly World News' that I would appreciate any comments on. It had a picture of a being, who was being led to a car. He was described as being 6 foot 3 inches tall with a greyish tinge to his skin. He was found at the sight of a crash, and the authorities had questioned him for hours on end. The paper said that the statement he made was that on November 27th there would be an incredible landing and the purpose of the landing was that our earth was being taken for all of its resources and that every human would be enslaved (I can feel the energies changing now - people are very disturbed by this question) and all of our resources would be taken. I must admit it gave me pause to think that we really could be told anything? We can sit in channeled situations - although I know if you ask for good and pure intent then that's what you bring through. But I think this is a legitimate paper and I would appreciate any comments on that situation if you have any?
ASHTAR: Well firstly I would say to you that you do not need to believe everything you read in the papers! (I make a joke with you!) I would say that to address the issue of knowing the truth, of knowing what information is appropriate and what isn't, there is one sure way to check and find out about these things. The way to do that is learn to connect within your hearts, for there is a very good test that lies there. Your higher self is connected directly into your heart chakra and as you ask these questions within a state of calmness and peace within your quite times you will feel the responses within your hearts. I ask you this evening to allow your hearts to be open. For we are surrounding you with great love, with great energy and light and we wish you to become aware of this support - of this great unconditional love that is showering down upon you - that you may know the truth of our presence. So that is the first thing that I would say - that you can only find the answers to these questions, and this knowingness within your heart centres. The mind can play tricks; the intellect can create a maze of possibilities, fears, unknowns and confusion.

I would also say that there are many on this planet who are, shall we say, like sheep. The mass of humanity are easily led and it is within the interest of certain beings and certain aspects - namely the darker side - to manipulate and try to influence the mass of humanity in an attempt to change the vibration on this planet, and to stop this movement into light. And I would suggest to you that this information has been created or orchestrated to this end. I would ask you to use your discernment and to decide for yourselves the truth of this.

For there is a great drama that is unfolding upon this planet it has been a drama of light verses dark. You each of you know you have a light and a dark side. You see the darker side in operation when you are in a negative space - when you have fear and anger, resentment, hatred, jealousy when you have thought forms that would bring about the demise of others, or when you would wish to destroy something around you - we have all been there - you know of what I am saying - that is the dark side. And you have the light side which is one of joy and compassion, unconditional love, these many positive attributes, and it is a simple choice as to where you wish to take your awareness. Whether you wish to live in and operate in the dark or in the light. And so it is with the universe and all of creation - there is a light and a dark side and as you ascend and bring your awareness into a oneness you begin to integrate the light and the dark into a unity, into a harmony, a oneness until there is in the end but one light - one source energy from which all things originate. The darkness is simply the aspect of creation that has not yet been touched by the light. As each aspect is touched by the light it is transformed, it is re-connected and re-integrated. So you see there are aspects, there are parts of creation that have not yet been integrated into the light, that have not found their way back to the source - and the planet earth is a key point in this process. That is why the source has chosen the earth and humanity at this time to make that shift for it is a most unique and special place, and what happens here can influence all of creation.

So I assure you dearest one that the forces of the light, the source energy that is now penetrating and integrating or connecting through is unstoppable, that the light is irresistible, that the darkness will in time succumb to the light - all will return to the source - all is the source in the true reality. So as you connect with your own source light, with you own higher self within your heart centre you will find the tools, the way to test whether something is of the light or the darkness. I ask you to use that discernment and that ability at this time most powerfully for it will lead and guide you on your spiritual path. It will assist you back into the light, back into your true home, your true identity where you will know and see all and transcend illusion and the darkness forever. The battle is nearly won the areas of darkness on the planet are being transmuted.

There is a desperate effort being made by the aspect of the dark side to stop the process or shift and this example that you give is one such effort. There are others; the fear movies, the hollywood productions and the control of the media and television by your governments who are influenced by the dark ones. I ask you to look beyond these things to open your hearts to the truth, to the light, to the transformation and shifts that are taking place upon the earth. For even given their influence and activities nothing is stopping the movement of light within the hearts and minds of the civilization on this planet - especially those in the developed countries. Groups and points of light are expanding and the vibrations are increasing within those groups. I ask you to focus upon these positive changes and to test within your hearts the validity and truth - to experience these energies for yourself, for then you will know and see which way you would choose to go.

SANDY: I have had an uncomfortable experience a couple of times recently: Before I go to sleep I try to prepare myself, to have good energies and I ask my guides and angels to surround me and take me to spiritual classes during my sleep, also to work on my vibrations. A couple of nights ago I had the experience that I was caught in a vortex of energy and that I was fighting to get out. Would you comment on that? It was an uncomfortable vortex of energy.
ASHTAR: I would say to you dearest one that you were undergoing a process of release. Many of you may experience these things from time to time within the dream state. There comes about, where for a certain point of integration and growth an old energy, an aspect or soul fragment requires re-integrating or bringing in and this could be a disturbing experience. It is like if you break a glass into many pieces - you have to glue each piece back together in order to form the glass. Well we were working with the 'super glue' that night with you ! We were piecing you back together dearest one. So have no fears; when you ask to be taken to such places you give us the permission to assist you more powerfully so that you may become more stronger and whole, more integrated and able, ready to make your ascension and make the most of this opportunity that is presenting itself. So have no fears or doubts when your intent is pure and you have a desire to open, to integrate and go to places of learning with us - to re-integrate with your higher self -then this is indeed what will occur. It is that simple and that powerful and I would encourage you to work in this way, to make your affirmations before you sleep that these opportunities may be brought to you. It is a most powerful way in which we may assist you.

MIRIAM: Ashtar I received a letter yesterday from Sheldon Nidle's people. There was a paper to be distributed to the masses and in the beginning of it they explained earth's history. They said that the earth had been designated as a place for laggard souls to inhabit and I didn't quite understand this as I had never heard of this earth history before. Much like the souls on the planet now who are choosing not to ascend but who will go to another planet to continue physicality are these the same souls?
ASHTAR: I think what is intended here is that the earth became a site or a place of interest for darker energies to want to manifest here. For they saw an environment and a situation that would give them the opportunities that they wanted. For you see the history of the earth in more recent times as being quite dark and it has attracted much attention from the darker aspect as I have already said. Where you have a place that is heavy and dark then it will attract - as like attracts like - more darkness and heaviness. It is somewhat like how you as individuals choose your friends and associates, you tend to gravitate towards those individuals with whom you feel most comfortable - you feel drawn. Well as the earth was hijacked you might say, to some degree, or was influenced heavily by the darker side this became a point of attraction for those individuals or soul entities who wished play in that environment. I believe that is what is meant by this.
MIRIAM: I thought that they meant we were all these laggard souls !
ASHTAR: On the contrary, I think not - I think you are on the other side! shall we say, thank goodness!

HIKER: In the last couple of days there has been a lot of things going on with my heart chakra centre and I've talked to a number of people and they are also experiencing this to. It is not painful but it is noticeable and I wondered if anyone else in the group has experienced this? --- ----- Several group members have noticed this effect and made it known.
HIKER: Are we being prepared for something that is going to be happening in this coming November?
ASHTAR: I will simply tell you that the opportunities that are presenting themselves are creating a quickening, especially amongst those of the light workers. We are pulling out all the stops, you might say to accelerate the process of integration and alignment of your subtle bodies to help you get into the best possible space or position of readiness. For there is the opportunity to connect and come together most powerfully that is approaching.

Andrew Whalley: It is at this point that the tape ended. The question was concluded by Ashtar and then he surrounded us all (the group) in a wonderful, expansive field of energy that lifted us to a most magical space and experience. He then bid us farewell thanking us for our time and attention and reassured us of his ever present availability, support and energetic presence should we wish - for any reason - to connect and work with him or the command.