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Channelled by D. Robinson

There is a body of information concerning the "Ascension" circulating the ear at this time. some of this information varies and may even contradict other sources even though purported to originate from the same Ascended Master. As with all channelling, because of "impurities" that may exist within the channel, there may be an interplay with the channeller's own ego mind. It is essential, therefore, that all should discern the information without being judgmental of the individual. It is a case of looking within your hearts for the truth. This is the first step in the mastery of your ascension process.

Many will recall that channelled information of a few years ago referred to the evacuation of humanity from the earth in three waves of ascension. Those that were awakened by that call were spurred into activity, expecting to make a quick exit from the third dimension. Apart from expressing the urgency of the dilemma facing humanity in the coming years, it was also a deliberate intention by those in the ascended realms to activate the star seeds and light workers into action. Teachings were also given alongside details of the process to assist in the awakening but we ask you, would it have been logical to assume that a few easy lessons would bring about immediate ascension? The teachings are only a means to accelerate the process.

The waves of ascension will also not occur in the way as originally channelled. there will be phases but the effects of the phases will be much more subtle. The first phase was intended to bring light workers to an awareness of their higher consciousness or Christed beings. Having attained that awareness, the next phase is to surrender their ego personalities to the higher self to assume its role of Christ consciousness, and to relearn the higher teachings and deeper mysteries of life. If it were possible to make such a rapid connection to the Christ consciousness the physical body would not be able to cope with the increased energies due to it limitations. the physical vehicle is, however, being assisted by various means which will ultimately bring about the necessary alterations to the DNA structure to cope with the changes.

A number of beings on the earth at this time are already Ascended Masters in that they have ascended in a previous incarnation, either directly from the third or fourth dimension, into the fifth and beyond. They too have the problem once again of shedding the ego personality and working through the same process again. It is the majority of these beings, together with other light workers, that are working through the first phases of their ascension. In their growth process, as they come into closer contact with the Christ consciousness and are at one, then their veils will be lifted gradually and their avataric power will be released.

Be aware also that these being will be, and some are in a part time capacity, channelling from this ascended level and at a level equal to the other Ascended Masters. Sources of origin of the material shares is not important but the content and truth of the information.

It is important, therefore, for everyone to maintain flexibility of mind and allow the Love of the Father-Mother God to fill their hearts. Ascension is happening. It is the raising of consciousness to become a Christed being. Its fruition is proportional to the amount of effort put into the sacrifice or crucifixion of the ego. It is a gradual process, and unfolding, a removal of the layers of desire and detachment from the debris of negative emotions.

Be assured, for some the process of ascension has started, they have answered the call. You will know them from their vibrations, from the love that resonates in your heart and the truth that resonates in your soul.