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Ascension Checklist

Bre-ev Jhan-dar

God equals man minus ego. Satha Sai Baba

1. See everything , person, plant, animal, mineral, as Spirit visiting you in physical form. See everything, and everyone, as an incarnation of the Eternal Self.

2. It is easy to practice unconditional love when you remember that Spirit is embodied in all forms.

3. Negative ego is the mountain range that stands between you and self- realization. remove negative ego, and you will become more aware of spirit within.

4. Meditate daily. Prayer is talking to Spirit; meditation is listening to and experiencing Spirit.

5. Pray daily for help from Spirit, Ascended masters, Angels. They can't help if you don't ask. Why do it all yourself when there is so much help available? The Higher Forces evolve only by being of service so they are eager and most delighted to help; however, because of humanity's free will, they have to be invited.

6. Learn to channel. This spiritual practice will accelerate your spiritual progression a thousand fold. It doesn't have to be a voice channeling, but definitely learn how to consciously channel spiritual energy in as many forms and ways as are suited to your unique and individual path.

7. Learn to keep your mind steady in the Light. This means keeping your mind focused on the soul and spirit. This requires real work.

8. Learn to master your physical body. Basic exercise, diet, etc.

9. Learn to master your emotional body. Don't let your emotions push you around. When you have mastered this, you will experience greater and greater lengths of inner peace.

10. Learn to master your mental body. You are not your mind. Your mind is your tool for creating your reality.

11. Eliminate all desire except the desire for liberation, ascension, and Spirit-realization. Material desire is a major stumbling block for aspirants disciples on the spiritual path.

12. Never give your personnel power to anyone or anything ever again. Don't give it to other people. Don't give it to your subconscious mind, your inner child, negative ego, desires, five senses, or physical, emotional, or mental bodies. This lesson may be the most important lesson of all. Your spiritual path begins when you start to own your personnel power. Without personal power you will be a total victim to life and you will be completely dysfunctional. Without personnel power you can't even be loving or really do any of the other practices. This point cannot be emphasized enough.

13. Use your personnel power only in the service of unconditional love, in the service of humanity, and of the Spirit. This is why you don't have to be afraid to own it 100%

14. Be sure to acknowledge your inner child, and learn to parent it properly. Many spiritual people get so involved with learning Spirit and spiritual realities that they forget that they have an inner child that needs to be taken care of and loved.

15. Read Spiritual "scriptures" and books of all kinds. Spiritual reading sometimes gets a bum rap by many on the spiritual path and this is not valid.

16. Remain balanced at all times. Learn to live in the Tao. The Tao is like surfing a wave. You don't want to get in front of the wave or you will get dumped. You don't want to go too slowly and get behind the wave or you will miss it. Learn to live in Tao and harmony of life at all times.

17. Practice attitudinal healing. When you start feeling bad, examine the attitudes and beliefs that are causing you to feel this way. Never forget it is your thoughts that cause this reality, and this includes your emotions. "As a man thinketh, so is he". "Be it done to you as you believe". Practice affirmations and positive visualizations.

18. Stay grounded and connected to Mother Earth. Many spiritual people get ungrounded and are not properly integrating the Earthly and material face of Spirit.

19. Learn to balance the feminine and masculine aspects of self. This is a prerequisite for ascension.

20. Demonstrate and practice all that you know, and more will be given. What you learn is useless if you don't demonstrate and apply it to your life.

21. Transcend carnal sexuality. Pornography is of the lower self. Learn to practice moderation in your sexual habits and learn to raise the energy to the higher chakras.

22. Help the poor, the sick, the disabled. Only by the grace of God that you are not there yourself.

23. Give up all attack thoughts. Attack is not of Spirit. It stems from fear Which is the essence of negative ego. An attack in truth, is a call for help.

24. Completely surrender your life to Spirit while keeping control over your own power.

25. Keep a journal and write down your dreams every morning upon awakening. They are guidance fro your subconscious and supraconscious minds.

26. Every night before bed, ask to be taught on the inner plane by your higher self, soul, or Ascended masters. Take advantage of your sleep time for accelerating your path of Ascension.

27. Give up all drugs, coffee, liquor, an artificial stimulants and cut down on sugar and sweets. Just as we are striving for even-mindedness on the psychological level, we are all striving for evenness in our physical bodies energy level throughout the day.

28. Fulfill your darma and mission in this lifetime. Don't let the negative ego and other people take you on side roads that your soul would not have you follow. This lifetime is to precious and important.

29. Seek to balance your karma by building only good karma in your daily thoughts, words, and deeds.

30. Have implicit faith, trust, and patience in Sprit and Spiritual practices

31. Never forget that it is your mind that creates bondage and your mind that creates liberation.

32. Transcend all beliefs that you are superior or inferior to anyone else. All are the Eternal Self in truth, regardless of there level of awareness.

33. Seek to co-operate and never to compete. Never compare yourself with others, only compare your self with yourself.

34. Never forget your worth comes from Spirit. Could what Spirit create be worthy? You are the Eternal Self. Of course you are worthy. The negative ego will tell you that you have to do something to have worth. Don't believe it.

34. "Hands that help are holier than lips that pray"

35. Create a spiritual shrine in one corner of your home for prayer,
meditation, and devotional practices.

36. Get rid of your bad habits now so you don't carry them to the inner plane when you pass on to the Spirit world.

37. Constantly discriminate between the real and the unreal, between that which is permanant and impermanant, between truth and illusion, between physical appearances and the true reality behind all form.

38. Practice loving kindness to all sentient beings.

39. Bless the person who curses you.

40. Take a vow of non-violence

41. Learn to soul travel consciously and cultivate the ability of lucid dreaming.

42. Practice being an Ascended master and God-realized being. Fake it till you make it.

43. Call forth your higher chakras to become anchored in your crown chakra

44. Remove all sense of separation from your consciousness on all levels.

45. Recognize that all extra-terrestial life on all the planets in Spirit's infinite universe are as brothers and sisters in a universal family.

46. Honor the Nature spirits as you would the Ascended Masters and The Source of All.

47. Live with extreme integrity, for to cheat another is to literally cheat Spirit and yourself which are all one.

48. Seek and find a spiritual teacher, or spiritual teachers, on this plane or on the Ascended plane, or both. I am not recommending a guru but rather a teacher, one who will show you the way, not drag you through it. There is always someone above us we can learn from and beneath us who we can serve. This is the true spiritual hierarchy of life.

49. Affirm that you are creating within your physical body and vehicle the twelve DNA strands that are appropriate to your ascended self.

50. Develop "equal vision" no matter what it is you see.

51. Give up arguing. You must ask yourself, "Do i want love, or do i want to win?" you can't have both.

52. Eat lightly. Eat to live, don't live to eat.

53. Make spiritual vows and commitments and stick to them once you make them. This is one of the spiritual practices that will accelerate your path of ascension the most quickly. Spiritual vows take all the choice out of the situation and lock you in, so your consciousness is free to work on the next level of refinement nd purification.

54. Develop absolute one-pointedness in your spiritual quest for ascension and
liberation, and you will achieve your goal in due time.

55. Develop the quality of being a courageous "spiritual warrior" in life. You are in truth a great spiritual warrior battling against illusion, glamour, and seeking only the self.

56. Simplify your life. Reduce wants and needs.

57. Be much more discriminating about your mental, emotional, and spiritual diet. Don''t waste your time reading trashy novels, seeing violent movies, watching meaningless or violent television shows. Everything you experience creates an impression upon your subconscious mind. Life is to short and to precious. Most definitely enjoy yourself; however, do it in the context of doing Spirits business. Ascension takes a total commitment, twenty four hours a day, even while you sleep. Once in the habit of this type consciousness is developed it is not even hard to do.

58. Remain the same in consciousness whether people criticize you or flatter you. If you give into either you are back in the negative ego system instead of transcending the negative ego. Never forget " After pride cometh the fall".

59. Never forget there are only two emotions; love and far. There are no neutral thoughts. All reality stems from one or the other.

60. In your meditations ad prayer sessions, all forth and attune to the Galactic Core and the galactic Teachers. This level has just been made available to humanity and is guaranteed to help you fully anchor your body of light into the physical level, not just the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Two of the teachers on this galactic level that you can attune to are Malchizedek and the Master Averran. Tapping into the Galactic Cre level will help your ability to teleport, instantly manifest, and communicate with the language of Light. 

Please remember, just use what you feel attracted to, or to whatever "grabs" you. All of these will help in your efforts to become one with the Light, and to ease your personnel ascension practices.