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Cascading Light Through Portals

Nov 1, 1996
Excerpt from Ashtar-Command Newsflash #8,
compiled, written, and posted by CmdrAleon

Messages From The Ascended Masters: Lord Sananda and Commander Ashtar

Channel: Andrew Whalley - Friday 1st November 1996

Lord Sananda

It is I Sananda. I bid you welcome dearest ones of the light. I bring you messages of great joy for a celebration is beginning to manifest upon the beloved terra. The light is cascading down through the portals. It is encountering the multitude of humanity entering their very heart centres, transforming them from within, bringing them into the divine flow of radiant light - light energy from the source. Know that we are orchestrating this shifting that is taking place (even as I speak). The ground beneath your feet is beginning to move. I ask you to hold firm and steady in your lives and remain in the moment for truly great revelations are at hand.

The moment is upon us - we are all in movement, in a state of great activity at this time. Begin to realise that these changes are manifesting. Begin to draw them into your lives, into your essence and allow your focus to concentrate upon the transformations - the changes as you would wish to see them. Drawing them forward in this way you will allow for a more powerful movement to occur. It is a process of shifting your awareness from the past, from the old ways of linear time and opening to new possibilities and visions, to the perceptions that you envisage - the world that you would like. Draw that forward with your creative empowerments through visualization, through positive thinking and allow that to manifest, allow that to become the reality. You see, you truly are the co-creaters - you have that power, that possibility and I ask you to begin to use it more and more. In this way the transformations, the shifts will be realised that much more quickly.

We are ever present surrounding you with a great force of light. Begin this movement, begin to open and allow your divinity to connect and manifest within you - spreading out that energy around you. In this way we are all one, we are all drawing together - be that creative force of light upon the earth plane. Simply allow dearest ones that divinity, that light to shine. We are with you - surrounding you with our loving presence. I am Sananda, forever by your side, Adonai.

Commander Ashtar

It is I Ashtar. I bring to you this day messages of great joy, for we are all coming together most beautifully. We of the command have a message that we would share: To hold within your hearts the knowingness, the possibility that great and wonderous changes are flowing to the earth at this time, and to simply allow that to be felt as joy, as a lifting within you.

Recognise that this energy that is flowing to you, to the earth is of your higher aspect, of your true beingness emanating from the source, from your I AM PRESENCE cascading down through the dimensions.

Recognise that we are simply a part of that oneness and that we are passing that energy on to you. You are the ones who are effecting the transformation upon your level of creation.

Recognise in that way that it is through your efforts and through your openness that these changes might be realised.

Transcend the illusions around you, the darkness that is at work and allow a clear focussed point of light to be drawn forward through the darkness and illusion. Allow that energy to become grounded and established, more expanded within your own beingness upon the planet. In this way you will draw forward all possibilities and the opening for our merging, for our coming together, and this is most critical at this timing.

For you see we are approaching critical mass; the point at which rapid awakening and expansion of light will manifest, and as we approach this point of convergence our merging of realities becomes possible and more apparent. The planetary vibrations are reaching that point of shifting to a higher frequency - a sudden increment or jump of the planetary energies and movement into light. And whether humanity is ready or not this will occur - it is unstopable. So I ask you all remain in the flow and attuned that you may move with the planetary energies that you may assist this shifting most harmoniously and assist those around you who are not in tune in resonating with this movement.

We of the command are co-ordinating this shifting; we are working with the earth through this process, but it is the earth, it is the planetary body that is making this leap. We are the mid-wives so to speak of this birthing, of this shifting into light, into a higher vibrational frequency. So be at readiness dearest ones as this timing approaches - you will be on call, you will be in need. We are sending out the word informing you at many levels through many communication mediums and channels so that those of you who are open will be at readiness and in a state of wakefulness.

Our presence is surrounding you - around your energies. Lift that we may come into that onesness, that connectedness. Open dearest ones of the light for we are here - we are with you assisting you as you move through these wondrous events and transformations. Planet earth is entering a new era, a new golden age. Realise and anchor it into your hearts dearest ones as a joy, as a great upliftment, as a great influx of energy and light. Begin that golden age now in this moment for all is at readiness and we are but waiting for the vibrations, for the energies to be in that most perfect alignment. As you do this you create that alignment and we connect in joy. Be at readiness, be open for all that is to come - that is now manifesting. I bid you farwell as I surround you in my loving presence. I am Ashtar of the Ashtar Command, Adonai.

There are many many channelings going arround titled being from "Ashtar" and/or "Sananda", and a minority only I consider as accurate. Many channelers are well-minded/hearted, but their channelings are sometimes nevertheless extremly inaccurate and in some cases even judgemental messages. This is the problem of the channeler, which allows him- or herself being under influence of distracting energies. Your discernment is requested, even in this page too.