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Celebration of Abundance

A Group Call to the Great Ones to Awaken the Heart Centre of Humanity

This worldwide meditation has been requested and organised by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, along with their guides Orin and DaBen, developers of the Awakening Your Light Body material and authors of Living With Joy, Spiritual Growth, Opening to Channel and other titles.

We are inviting you to call upon the Great Ones to change beliefs of scarcity into beliefs of abundance. Each one of you will be a point of light through which the Great Ones can transmit the energies of abundance to others.

We can work together to make a difference. Beliefs in scarcity create many problems in our world. If everyone believed in abundance and were able to create in their lives, there would be no need for wars. Poverty, hunger, and many of the problems of humanity could be solved. With a belief in abundance, there would be no need to take more than was needed from the environment.

Join us in calling on the Great Ones as a group, receiving and radiating their love to others. You can make a difference! Every moment you radiate their energy you are helping humanity.

Mark your calendar. Joins us by following the instructions below on April 6th. Invite your friends, loved ones, and students who are ready to create abundance to join us to call upon the Great Ones.

How To call Upon the Great Ones

Who are the Great Ones? These are Beings of Light who are even more evolved than the Masters. Although they never interfere with free will, they can be called upon to assist humanity to evolve, to live souls, and to assist humanity to lift some of the conditions present. They work through those who call upon them and through those who hear and respond to the energies they are transmitting. They can see the past, present and potential future, have the wisdom to know how to best help humanity. They respond only to group need and lend their assistance when called upon by enough sincere people. They are in touch with the highest forces of light, and can work from these high levels to help humanity create changes.

Join together in a Celebration of Abundance and call upon the Great OnesApril 6th 1997, by follwoing the steps below.

1. Relax your body, calm your emotions, and clear your mind. Let yourself feel more and more peaceful.

2. Travel to the soul plane by focussing on the Solar Light.

3. Go to the Temple of the Enlightened Ones and blend with your soul.

4. Call your soul to you and blend with it .

5. Imagine that you can sense or see the souls of everyone who is joining together for this meditation. Greet these souls, and feel the beautiful light that all of you are creating.

6. Picture being joined by many beings of light who are here to work with you to call the Great Ones.

7. A group Om is sounded. You might want to sound an OM aloud. Everyone in the group is focussing together to call upon the Great Ones to assist humanity to awaken their heart centres. Imagine you can hear this beautiful harmonized, and powerful call to the Great Ones.

8. The Great Ones hear and respond. Receive their transmissions of abundance into your Heart Center. Sense you heart center growing radiant. You may have a sense of their transmission of love, you may not. You awareness of their transmission is not required to receive the energy being sent to you to transforms your beliefs in scarcity into beliefs of abundance

9. Finish by radiating the energy you have recieved to:

  • Your friends and family
  • To all those who can respond to your light, past, present or future
  • To all lightworkers on the planet
  • To all of humanity
  • To the plant,animal and mineral kingdom, and to the Earth herself.
Have no attachment to any results, for there may be none that you can measure. You have just made a valuable and important contribution to humanity by your call to the Great Ones for them to change beliefs of scarcity into beliefs of abundance for all.