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Communication: New Energies, Inner Consciousness of the Galaxies

Thursday 2nd January 1997, taken from a recent 'Ascension Group Meeting'

SANANDA, Received Through Andrew Whalley

It is I Sananda, I bring my warmest, most heart felt greetings to each one of you this night. It is my greatest pleasure to surround you and to connect with each one of you. I ask you to relax, to be open and receptive within your heart centres for that is the place where you will find me.

The energies are lifting quite dramatically at this time - as many of you are feeling and sensing. This is on going and will be very transformational in nature. Allow yourselves to lift and rise with these energies to find new heights, to reach new states of conscious awareness and expansion that will lead you further on your journey.

I would also say at this time some of you are finding it challenging and that this is no accident, for this intense time is necessary as a final release and clearing of those unresolved and unwanted energies and issues within you. You see there is not much time left and we are assisting you in the most effective way we can. You who have made a committment to the light - you have opened the doorway and may find the response from spirit is challenging. Allow your selves to move through these difficult times. Know that we are with you - that there are many, many councils of beings of light who are assisting you - that you will come into a clearer space. As you awaken further you will be greeted by much joy and many, many wonders and remembrances.

The focus at this time is one of remaining within the heart centre and within balance, of finding a detachment from all that is of illusion and density. As we approach the timings of greater awakening on a planetary scale know that there will be a release of resistive energies that will arise and shake - unbalancing the population. It is paramount for you to rise above this and see the need to learn heart centred awareness that you may be immune from these waves of disruption and chaos that may emanate from large numbers of the population. So we are working to assist you beyond these limitations - to get you into a space of more heart centred awareness. It is our intention to bring the mass of humanity into the awakened state in as harmonious way as possible and you have a key role in this process.

It is with this in mind that I address your combined groups tonight. It is an opportunity for us to relay to you the important work as we see it. Know that as you continue to come together and make your committments; expansions within your heart will draw you forward to new heights, that we will match your committments and that we will be with you every step of the way. Do not falter dearest ones for this is the time that we have long awaited through which we require a steadfastness and focus. As you remain within your heart centres you will realise great joy and peace - that all the answers and solutions lie there. Remain centred in the light within your hearts, be in the present moment and ALL will be realised most beautifully and perfectly.

So it is with great joy that I address you this evening and with great honour for you truly are to be commended - your efforts and dedication go before you. We are with you guiding and assisting you. Do not doubt that you will fail or that the light will not anchor onto the planet for WE ARE HERE an IT IS OCCURRING - you are in the midst of it.

It is at this time that I will take my leave of you. Know that I will remain with you this evening, that I am ever present and available in the moment for whatever you would require. Be at great peace, I am Sananda, Adonai.

The Inner Consciousness Of The Galaxies

Received Through Hijka

Welcome! Many of you are confused, dis-illusioned and upset to say the least. I come tonight to help and prepare you for the new energies that will come in sometime this month. The grids are being prepared to open up to the new energies - but I tell you this: YOU must open up to this new energy. Be prepared to change; all the old methods, thoughts and processes are to be discarded for this energy to operate at peak. As you know many of you believe in guides, masters, angels, well the time has come to call forth these things to come into you - for in essence this is you. You relate this as calling back you power - this is your right, your earthly right, your universal right, your cosmic right but foremost it is your resoucefulness right. If you agree consciously on this level to do this - YOU WILL BE TURNED ON!

Please repeated after me: I AM HERE NOW, I AM HERE NOW, I AM HERE NOW. Breath, relax and enjoy that vibration - that is your power - I AM HERE NOW. I must say that feels really good! - BE IN NOW - That is power use it wisely!

Seven, nine, nine (799) - Questions?

Question: My fax machine number is 7992 is there any significance to that number?
Answer: For your memory

Question: What does 799 mean?
Answer: Abundance and power - authority - a direct line to the source.

Question: To phone home?
Answer: We have a funny one here!? You can always phone home, you are home here - you are IN. You come from the IN - FINITE Source. BE IN NOW - recognise your power and authority - I AM HERE NOW.

Question:I am very much aware that our structures, governments, communities, etc, have been fear based and controlling for so long. What do you see as our role in assisting in that change?
Answer: Change your thought patterns and ways of thinking, your perceptions. These structures that you list are in for a major overhaul.

Question: And they will change primarily because we change?
Answer: Correct! Nothing happens unless you do it.

Question: Will these new energies that we will feel in the heart transform our energies and open our inner vision and telepathic powers that we may perceive of our potential and draw forward these creative powers?
Answer: Yes! But I caution you do not limit yourself to stay focused on one chakra, open all of them and use them.

Question: But isn't the key focus in the heart chakra in initiating that?
Answer: The key is YOU - I AM HERE NOW. You may wish to say that several times a day upon awakening or when it comes to the mind. Your awareness will wake up - your consciousness, cells - all your bodies and chakras need to hear this affirmation. It has been a long time coming.

Question: You say that all of the chakras are to be opened - are you saying that all of our chakras make up the wholeness of our energy centres?
Answer: Correct! They make up the entirety of yourself - your essence.

Question: So we should concentrate on receiving energy through the heart and spreading them through the other chakras?
Answer: I ask you this; when you rise in the morning do you just put one sock on or do you dress the whole body? Do not limit yourself. The energy that is approaching the planet at this time is very, very potent therefore it can come into more than one area - and will if you allow it. If it feels good to you to open your heart chakra then do so, but I ask you please allow more to be opened for your own benefit.

Question: How are doing with the space command. Are we getting any closer to a making a connection with them?
Answer: As I said earlier you are them - call them in. Be aware of who you are and you are - I AM HERE NOW!

Question: Are we any closer in shifting the mass of humanity into the awakened state?
Answer: The more people who open themselves up - the key is for people to open themselves up. The closer you get to others who are opening up the more you will open them and the more it shine's - it is contagious. Be your own light, be your own darkness do not fear either of them for they work together to bring peace, harmony and balance. If you are in total balance the people around you will balance also because of your example, image and vibration.

Question: Is it possible that those who are most open - the light workers will begin to make more of a direct contact with their guides, Ascended Masters and Angels in advance of the mass of humanity.
Answer: You first have to call them in. You have been programmed that the guides, Ascended Masters and Angels etc, are outside in the universe and this is indeed true because this is where you place them in your minds eye. In conscious reality they are IN you need to call them IN and recognise them and be IN NOW. You are planet earth you must take care of your selves - and take care of planet earth. If you are taking care of youselves and then it spreads, spreads, and spreads then planet earth and its people will be harmonious and balanced and then you all can come home.

Question: So we have the key role - we are the ones who hold the biggest potential for change in this whole shift and movement?
Answer: Yes! But this expectation that you all have created has back-fired on many. (Andrew; reference here to the landings I think) They have gotten caught up in this illusion. Expectations is another road or avenue to the 'blame game', because expectations lie outside of ones self. Every moment of every day you should feel new energy helping you to change - to centre and stay focused within your own beings essence. I tell you this to help you be more aware and conscious. After the experience of this energy the planet will expand and feel more openess, freedom and love. Right now love is very restrictive and temperamental. This energy will help lessen those effects.

Question: I have a question about expectation again. You have just said "these energies coming in this month" and I am again feeling my self being led into expectations and that is what I am trying to get away from.
Answer: On the contrary you are being heightened to be put on notice and alerted about your expectations. If you see it you can do somthing about it. if you don't see it you don't know it.

Question: I do see it very strongly.
Answer: The next step is to do something about it, but do not feel that you have to do it all at once. If you feel you need to do it all at once then you are still caught up in expectation. You need to release the idea of expectation, to realign, re-program re-do you. Take your time this planet is not going anywhere!

It's alright to feel out balance - put some life into it and remember things run alot smoother when you have joy.

I ask you now to open all of your chakras known and unknown, seen and unseen if you so choose for now I retire and let Aquella come in to re-align and balance your energies - if you so wish.

Andrew: At this point Hijka channeled Aquella with some beautiful toning that brought us all into a most wonderous space. The meditation was then concluded.