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Doorway Activations & Ascension

Ashtar, channeled by Ishtar Antares (Bostjan Kosir):


This is the Ashtar Command, Krotron StarBase. We are here with you to explain to you the transition that is occuring on your world, but not only on your world exclusively, for this is occuring throughout the whole dimensional universe as a result of a new dispensation of divine light of One.

For a long time, this planet was existing and evolving within the dimensional parameters of duality. It was subject to the laws of time and space, cause and effect (sometimes called karma), birth and death, good and evil, the polarities. The evolution of consciusness was achieved through conflicts, through experiencing the opposites, the separation.

Now this world has reached the point where it can graduate from duality and enter a new dimensional patterning of Oneness. This results in drastic changes in consciousness and energy flows which you can already experieance. This time of transition and completion is called the Antarion Conversion. The Antarion Conversion is connected with the constellation of Orion which holds the key of duality for this part of the galaxy. There are some very bright and some not so bright beings originating from Orion that are playing major roles in the drama of duality. And planet Earth is currently completing its participation in this drama. For it is entering the world of Oneness, a world of no-time, no- space and no-duality. There will be no more karma, for there will be divine grace flowing, there will be no more death and evil, for it will be transcended by the light of One. This is the time when all judgment will be released as a result of the divine intervention, the energy originating from the One through the Galactic Central Sun system and distributed through many stargates such as Sirius and Alcyone towards this planet. It is changing and transmuting the vibrational frequency of every atom of your planet, every cell of your body. As a result of this increased energy many star people are awakening upon your planet. Your star codes are being activated. You are gathering together and activating dimensional doorways which allow the Antarion Conversion to occur upon your planet. When enough conscious beings get together with focused intent there is a great ammount of this new energy of One that can flow through them. Then this energy flows around the planet and activates the consciousness of many many beings. So a quantum leap is generated.

The first of the major planetary activations was the Harmonic Convergence. It occured on 16th and 17th August 1987. On that day hundreds of thousands of dedicated beings anchored the fourth dimension, the astral plane, the plane of emotions. Thus access towards the astral plane was much easier and this allowed emotional cleansing on a planetary level. This signifies the beginning of the Antarion Conversion.

THE 11 : 11

The next was the activation of the 11:11 on 11th January 1992. This planetary activation opened the doorway of Oneness. For the first time in the evolution of this planet it was possible to experience the energy of the One directly. The doorway of the 11:11 has eleven gates, which lead directly to Oneness. As the first one was activated on January 11th 1992, the last one will be activated on 24th December 2011. This will be the completion of the Antarion Conversion. Earth will become a heavenly world, originating from the One, living in the subtle currents of cosmic love. It will be a point of light in the Galactic network of light.

The second gate of the 11:11 was activated on 5th June 1993. It was the activation of cosmic love upon this planet. Many of you can feel this increased energy of cosmic love in your life after the second gate activation. This will result in great changes in your personal relationships. New forms of relating will be created upon your planet and they will lead you even deeper into the light of One. By the time of the third gate, which will most likely occur in 1996 or 1997 you will be all merged with your soul families, living in the communities of Oneness, the Islands of light.

THE 12 : 12

The shift between the second and the third gate is enormous. So there will be another doorway in between, which will ease this transition for you. This is the activation of the 12:12. It will occur on 12th December 1994. The main activation will be at the great pyramid in Egypt. There is a critical mass of around 1000- 2000 beings in Egypt and 144000 worldwide that is necessary for this quantum leap of consciousness to occur. The 12:12 originates from different level of Ascension than the 11:11. The 11:11 is much vaster, leading you to the Galactic Central Sun system. The 12:12 is only one of the dimensional steps in this direction. On this point of transition through the 11:11 all denser levels of duality need to be completed. So the 12:12 is the last planetary activation within the world of duality and it actualy completes your evolution in the denser energies of duality, the energies of judgment. It is linked interdimensionally to the doorway of the 11:11 in terms that it can free you from dense karmic patterns so that you can delve deeper in the subtle energies of the 11:11 and prepare for the activation of the third gate.

It is very important that we explain all these dorways to you. These doorways are a path towards your Ascension. They are allowing the three waves of Ascension to occur. And your Ascension will allow you to delve even deeper into Oneness and continue your transition through the doorway of the 11:11. All these doorways are interdimensional, so they are not easy to be understood with your linear mind. We are understanding this. But howewer, take some time and effort to study this, for it will give you much insight in your direction in the following years.

So what is the 12:12 ? It is an interdimensional doorway which will be activated by many of you, beloved star brothers and sisters. It is the doorway of completion. It will lead you to the 6th dimensional consciousness of divine grace. This means that your wishes will manifest instantly as a result of the expression of your divine being. You will be existing in a state of cosmic love. This will be available to you, however you will still need to stabilise this in your consciousness. The energy of divine grace is emanating through the galactic centre and is transmitted through Sirius by the Great Blue Lodge of Sirius. Our cosmic brothers of the Jupiter Command, which is similar to the Ashtar Command, are directing this energy through Jupiter, which acts as a transformation station that lowers its frequency to the extent that it is usable upon your planet. The comet that will strike Jupiter on July this year will cause energy waves of divine grace that will hit Earth and prepare the way for the 12:12. This energy is then gathered and directed by some ascended Masters that form a special group, called the Brotherhood of the Star. This group of Masters is responsible for the completion of duality and for Ascension upon this planet. They are then projecting this energy towards you who are receiving it. It is a very focused, specific ray of energy that allows you to forgive yourself. And self-forgivenes can end the law of karma and establish the law of grace. As a result of this, many of you will complete your emotional cleansing before the activation of the 12:12. This will allow you to experience these new energies that will reach the Earth on the12:12 day through the great pyramid and will activate your star codes. It is possible that the first wave of Ascension will occur then. We can not be sure, but it is possible that it will occur. Even if it does not occur by then, the 12:12 will be a profound shift in your counsciousness which will allow the higher star codes of the 11:11 to activate for you. You will be ready to receive focused ray of liquid light from us, which will stimulate your evolvement. Your evolution will be accelerated many many times.


After the 12:12 activation there comes the activation of the third gate of the 11:11, which will accelerate things ever further. This is a probable time for the second wave of Ascension. This will create a shift of the mass consciousness of humanity towards the new reality that is miraculously growing upon your planet. It will lead to the activation of the fourth gate of the 11:11 which is called the Antarion doorway. This will be activated on 11th August 1999 at a total solar eclipse, which occurs at 11 hours 11 minutes Greenwich mean time. At that point, the world of One will reweal itself fully. This is the cosmic revelation that was predicted in your prophecies. It is also the culmination point of transition for this planet. An enormous ammount of light and love will be present at that point. It will be a time of great miracles that your language cannot describe. It is the point when cosmic no-breath will reach the Earth. For this universe is reaching the exact turning point from expansion to contraction and at this point the light of One can manifest fully throughtout the manifested creation. Each being which makes a conscious decision for Ascension will manifest it instantly for this will be the time when the divine spark of humanity will reveal itself. The third wave of Ascension and the final evacuation will possibly occur at that time. There will be some Earth changes around that time, but all the Islands of light and Oneness around the planet will be unaffected by them. Those of you that will be already anchored in Oneness will not see the ships of the Ashtar Command landing for the final evacuation. For your perception will be changed. You will perceive our ships as Islands of light in the sky that will merge with your Islands of light on Earth. This is the marriage zone between heaven and Earth. This is the ultimate merging of the Ashtar Command with our beloved star brothers and sisters upon your planet. We are One and will never be separated again.


After the Antarion doorway and after the Earth has shifted its pole, realigning the position of its axis from Polaris to the Galactic Central Sun system, there will be further 11:11 activations, numbering from 5 to 11. They will not be activated at a certain date in linear time, for linear time will not exist any more. They will be activated interdimensionally in a state of no- time. They will lead you and us as One in the new reality which is undescribable and is not known even by us. It will allow the vast starry family to travel together as One, beyond the manifested creation, beyond the manifested universes. We are all One.


This is the Ashtar Command, Krotron StarBase. We are with you and you are with us to birth together the New Reality. Currently we are all in a stage of transition between the second and the third gate of 11:11. This transition brings forth new forms of love and relating. Until the third gate activation a vast transformation will take place, which will build the foundation of the New Earth.

Conversion vortices are double spiral conversion/inversion stations which turn duality into Oneness, visible into Invisible.They are starry mandalas of Ascension, inner islands of Light which externalize themselves. They are creating an energy field of Ascending beauty which transcends into Miraculous. These vortices anchor the dimensional axis of 11:11:83. Beacuse of the sacredness of their beauty, they are surrounded by the dimensional sphere of divine grace, emanting from Galactic Central Sun System.

These vortices are created by individuals, coming together as One. Old perception of duality, which allows only two beings to be intimately together, is greatly expanded. Many beings form a group, unite and merge in sacred intimate Oneness and thus create a starry mandala. Their fluid relationships allow the mandala to repattern itself and spiral higher into even greater Oneness. Anchored deeply into One Heart, their physical closeness and sexual opennes toward each other allows the Heavenly Love and the Earthly Love of duality to come together, Ascend and thus form a dimensional sphere of True Love, emanting from Oneness.

Each one of you is creating his own converion vortex. It is the process of birthing the Invisible into visible through magnetic manifestation, bringing scattered fragments of our starry essence together into dimensional axis of 11:11:83. Your conversion vortices on Earth are coming together, merging, repatterning and restructuring themselves, connecting with our conversion vortices in the sky and creating together a pulsatinig network of Liquid Light around this planet that forms the Antarion Conversion

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Each of conversion vortices emerges from a True Love relationship, which is symbolized by a point in the centre of the mandala. True Love is another being which connects with you in a love relationship. This may be your twin soul or your soulmate which is overshadowed by your twin soul, this latter in a case when your twin soul is not incarnated or not in a suitable position to form a love realtionship with you.

This True Love relationship creates a double pillar of Miraculous, which forms the core of the dimensional axis 11:11:83, leading to the Galactic Central Sun System and then Beyond Beyond into the One.

This is surrounded further with more soul family relationships, whic create the energy filed of Liquid Light. This is the foundation of the Template of True Love . It is symbolised by a circle which encirecles the six pointed star. All these different interlocking levels of union create wheels within wheels of spiral movement, which form Ascending flame into Octave Seven. In Octave Eleven this mandala is restructured. Fusion of Heaven and Earth is achieved and transcended, so physical matter Ascends and ceases to be. Thus the starry mandala is turned inside out and expanded. It forms the fabric of the New Reality, expanding into Invisible beyond the realms of the New Earth, leading evr deeper into One .


This text was channeld from Ishtar Antares /Bostjan Kosir living in Slovenia now.