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Earth Energies and Earth Healing

By Dr. Saskia Bosman

As has become known by the work of biologists like James Lovelock who developed the Gaia theory, planet Earth is a living, conscious being, like us humans. When we consider the esoteric sciences as well, this means that Mother Earth also has subtle bodies in and around her physical body, as we have. The Earth has meridians and nadi's in and around her body, which are channels through which life energy (also called: Prana, Chi, or Ki) flows. These are not only perceived by psychically gifted people, but they are also measured as electromagnetic fields with scientific devices , by Earth energy reseachers like Daniel Winter in the USA and Blanche Merz in Switzerland. Also the human subtle energy systems can be measured in a scientific way.

It is known from Chinese medicine for example, that diseases in human beings manifest as an end-stage of a longer existing energetic imbalance. This means that the disease could have been prevented and can often be healed by acupuncture, Shiatsu or other forms of healing which work on the subtle energetic level. The Earth's energy system is obviously out of balance as a consequence of our exploitation, physical pollution but also by pollution on a subtle level, caused by human pain, suffering and disharmonious thoughtforms.

Through the centuries, seeers and channels all over the world have predicted that the Earth would go through tremendously cataclysmic changes in our time, as a release process that would serve her healing. The Earth will go through changes, but not in a way as dramatic as has been predicted. This is not necessary. Because we, human beings, have caused our planet pain, we are also very well able to heal her, with our intention, with our thoughts and most of all with our Unconditional Love. As is known from the scientific work of Bob Dratch and Drunvalo Melchizedek in the USA, who used the Molecular Emission Scanner, we have two heart chakras. One is located one inch (2.5 centimeters) above the bottom end of our sternum and is our Crist Conciousness centre, through which we express Unconditional Universal Love, or: the love for all existence. Three inches (ca. 7 cm) above it we have our personal heart centre, through which we express personal love, for example for people, animals and the Earth. Both the universal and the personal heart centre play a vital role in Earth healing.

On a subtle energetic level we can greatly influence the Earth in a positive way by pouring our love into the electromagnetic life energy grids of the Earth. You can visualise these as crystalline, geometric patterns of light. This is how many clairvoyants see the grids in and around Earth. We, humans, also have crystalline, geometric energy field around us which are very similar to those of the Earth and which also have been measured with the Molecular Emission Scanner. The basic geometry of the Earth's and our electromagnetic and life energy fields is the sum of the five Platonic Solids (see Figure 1): the tetrahedron, the cube, the octahedron, the dodecahedron and the icosahedron known from sacred geometry. For the Earth these line patterns, forming the Platonic Solids, are projected on a sphere: the Earth's surface. Surrounding the Earth in the ionosphere at an altitude of 60 miles (ca. 90 kms) is a similar geometric energy field called the Christ Consciousness Grid, which, like our own Universal Heart Centre, represents our next level of evolution. Dan Winter points out that the geometry of our DNA molecules (the information storage banks in our cells) is similar to and resonates with the Earth energy grids. Our DNA as well as the Earth's grids are being activated and are evolving. Some authors like Barbara Marciniak and Sheldon Nidle say that our DNA, which presently is a double helix, will develop into a twelve-strand pattern.

The Earth and we also have three sets of interlocked tetrahedronal fields (three so-called star tetrahedrons) around us, which, when spinning and combined with an ancioent, special form of breathing, form the basis of the Earth's and our vortex-like Light Vehicle which is known as the Mer - Ka - Ba (or Merkabah). Figure 2 shows a star tetrahedron (two interlocked tetrahedra or triangular pyramids). The Merkabah is referred to in the Kabbalah, James Hurtak's Keys of Enoch, the work of Alton (Australia) and Drunvalo Melchizedek's Flower of Life videos. A similar energy field called Vortexija can be found in the work of Ananda (Norway) and is referred to in The Keys of Enoch. From all works mentioned here it becomes obvious that in our time we are developing, in fact re-membering, a Light Vehicle which is meant to step up our presently dense material energy and consciousness to a higher reality level, octave or dimension. This process is called Ascension and is part of our spiritual evolution beyond space and time, through the dimensions back to Source. We can consciously connect directly to Source and ground its energy into the Earth. By Brian Grattan and others, this energy has been called the Mahatma energy, which is seen as a golden-white or golden-silver light beam.

Healing means working on ourselves and assisting others and the Earth to become whole and fully concious and realized beings. In fact, it is spiritual growth. Healing of the Earth and ourselves are deeply interwoven. When we heal the Earth we automatically heal ourselves and vise versa. Below is a guided Earth healing meditation, that you can use and please, feel free to be creative and make your own variations.

Mahatma Earth Healing Meditation Guided By Archangel Michael

This guided meditation has been channeled by Saskia Bosman during the workshop Celebration of the Mahatma, given together with John Armitage in Tilburg, Holland, March 29-31, 1996. With a proper preparation, this medition can be exceptionally powerful.

Preparation: Call an etheric geometrical star gate to come to you, which is based on the Star of David (six-pointed star). Place yourself inside it. If you like, you can play meditation, healing or dolphin music. Close your eyes and relax as deeply as you can. Realize that you are a co-creator of reality and that you can create the healing of the Earth.Than allow an energetic root to grow from the base of your spine into the Earth, to make a firm grounding. From your heart outwards, you then create a protective field of Unconditional Love around you, covered with a thin layer of gold that transmutes all the unwanted energies coming towards you or coming from you, into Unconditional Love. Feel the infinite amount of Unconditional Love in your heart. Invite the energy of Archangel Michael. Feel the energy moving through all cells of your body. Allow the energies of the dolphins and whales to come in as well.

Archangel Michael:

Beloved friends this is Archangel Michael. I invite you to come with me in this Earth healing journey. This star gate is now connected to the Earth grid, the light lines of the Earth as well as with the grid above the Earth, the Christ Consciousness Grid.

Beloved friends, we now connect your hearts with the grids. We connect your personal grids of Light with the grids of the Earth and of the Universe to strengthen your feeling of cocreatorship, because your are part of the grids of Light.

Allow yourself to be sent down your root into the Earth. Allow yourself to travel to the centre of the heart crystal of the Earth. See yourself and feel yourself entering a beautiful, brilliant, giant crystal. Inside this crystal there are many chambers. The central chamber, the inner sanctuary, opens up to you. Enter it. Feel your heart as the centre of the inner sanctuary of the Earth. At the same time you are embracing the Earth and the Earth is embracing you. In one great infinitely big hug.

Again feel the energy of Love radiating out from your heart. You are extending golden lines of light through the entire body of the Earth. And the dolphins and whales are carrying this light outward for you and together with you, extending it through the Earth, through the people and all other living beings on Earth, through the oceans and the atmosphere. Golden lines of energy of Unconditional Universal Love. Feel and/or see how these lines are connected with the variuous grids of energy on the various levels of consciousness of Mother Earth.

Again, since a long time and in the new time, Mother Earth and you are plugged in again into these long-forgotten, other levels of consciousness. The other consciouness levels are at the same time the other dimensions, the other realities, spiritual worlds. The spiritual worlds that you know from your ancient scriptures and which are becoming real and alive again.

And now that this reconnection has taken place, feel the Love and Compassion streaming in with the Mahatma energy, (a silver-golden beam of Love and Compassion) coming directly from the God Source, which is your inner source. Allow the Mahatma energy to stream through all your cells and through the spirals of your DNA. It dissolves everything that seemingly blocks you on your way to perfection. Your are a perfect being. All these so-called blocking energies are illusion. Allow the Mahatma to stream through every atom and molecule of the Earth, dissolving every polluting particle into Unconditional Love, in your own body as well as in and around that of the Earth.

While this purification takes place, the crystalline Light Body of the Earth and yours become visible. Pure clean energy is coming back to you in Love.

Than you are back in the centre of the heart crystal of the Earth. Feel en be the Love of Mother Earth. Allow yourself to be in this energy. Allow yourself to be who you really are. You are the Creator. Then locate the golden line that connects your heart and the heart of the Earth with your body on the surface of the planet. Allow yourself to glide up along this line to your body. You arrive in an atmosphere of pure golden-silver light. In a new reality that is completely permeated by the silver-golden Mahatma energy.

Beloved friends, we who are assisting your Earth honour you. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We greet you in cosmic Love: MAHATMA.

Keep feeling this energy. This energy is your own energy, is you and is now unveiled. And while experiencing this energy, take your time to come back. Move your fingers and toes and open your eyes. If you feel spacy, place your ten fingertips on the ground and you will be back immediately.

Today, there are many local and world-wide Earth healing and Earth Ascension activation projects. Well known is the Harmonic Convergence of August 1987, based on the Mayan Calendar and initiated by Jose Arguelles. Other famous worldwide events are the 1989 Crystal Light Link and Solara's eleven 11:11 Ascension Portal openings, of which final one will be in the year 2011. Two other worldwide Earth healing projects that I wish to mention here are the Crystal Mandala Project of John Armitage (U.K.), in which six-pointed stars of clear quartz crystals are buried in the Earth in order to reactivate the Earth's grid for Ascension and to link it to the Christ Consciousness Grid, and the Earthgate Project which is coordinated by the author. In this project, 6 feet (1.80 m) high brass geometric structures each carrying a large quartz crystal (see Figure 3: photograph of an Earthgate), are placed at certain points of the Earth, to assist the planet in her healing and Ascension.

The inspiration for this project comes from Archangel Michael, who, on August 4, 1992, asked Saskia Bosman through the Californian channel Jason Leen, to perform this project. Thirteen Earthgates are placed at points which are located on the heart meridian of the planet. This heart meridian has the shape of a galaxy with two spiral arms embracing Earth. It runs along the West coasts of South, Central and North America, crosses Canada and the Atlantic Ocean from West to East, runs through Great Britain and France, through the European Mediterranian countries, Israel, along the Nile to Mount Kilamanjaro in Africa and then up through the Himalayas to Beijing in China. The South American and Chinese ends of the heart meridian are connected to the South and North poles of the planet. All thirteen points of the heart meridian are connected to corresponding (groups of) stars in the sky. The meridian's induction points communicate with the heart, the inner core of the Earth, which geophysicists have found to be a huge dodecahedron-shaped iron crystal. The Earthgates remove the energies of human pain and suffering from the Earth, after which these are transmuted into Pure Light by angelic beings in the ionosphere, the atmospheric layer in which the Christ Consciousness Grid is located. The Earthgates bring the high-frequency energies of Unconditional Love coming from the stars into the heart of Mother Earth. From her heart she will raise the frequency of her matter, ascending it into the next dimension. This ascension in fact is a merging of dimensions here and now, it is not some upward movement.

In September 1993 the first definite Earthgate was built. It was placed on Mount Shasta in the North of California in October 1993. We have placed an Earthgate in Glastonbury (England) in April, one near Victoria Lake in the West of Canada in August 1994, one in Egypt in January, one in Beijing, China in September 1995, one near Valpara-so in Chile in January and one in Nasca, Peru in February 1996. Glastonbury is the center of the Earth's heart meridian. The sequence of Earthgate placements is revealed in the author's dreams and is confirmed by coincidences. Still six Earthgates will be placed on the Earth. The next two Earthgates will be placed in the Mojave Desert and the Monument Valley in the Southwest of the USA in September this year. The project will continue into the fall of 1998, but it prepares for the climax in 2012/2013, in which the present Mayan calendar will end. Then the heart of the Earth will connect energetically and will be synchronised with the Great Central Sun which is located in the center of the Milky Way galaxy. To astronomy, this Galactic centre is known as a source of very strong radio waves in the constellation Saggitarius.

Everywhere Earth healers are active and are linking worldwide through modern means of communication like the Internet.You readers, can also do Earth healing work. You are all Earth healers. No certificate is needed for this. Just go for it, in Unconditional Universal Love and have fun!

Dr. Saskia Bosman is a biologist and an international teacher of workshops for personal and planetary awareness, healing, growth and Ascension, including Flower of Life Workshops as taught by Drunvalo Melchizedek. Saskia is the coordinator of the worldwide, non-profit Earthgate Earth healing project.


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Saskia Bosman