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Earth's Ascension Flash

Ashtar through Arinana Sheran of Cloverleaf Connection:

In Love and Light I greet you. I am Ashtar.

Dalphiaana: We have many questions having to do with the Photon Belt. We have heard mentioned "Up to six months before the Photon Belt arrives, there will be a mass landing of counselors, scientists, technical people and others from our galaxy to help us through the many personal changes that are about to occur. This should help make the transition smooth. While I welcome the help, I would like to know if this plan represents physical, subconscious, or etheric assistance and for whom.

ASHTAR: Definitely only for those who are receptive. Those who are receptive will be feeling our energies and clairvoyantly seeing our presence as well as craft. All of that will happen and is presently happening. It is going to be necessary for people to believe in order to see, not the other way around. Most people wish to see in order to believe.

D: In my opinion, there's going to be a lot of chaos then, because many people are either skeptical or total non-believers. When the darkness falls, there's going to be mayhem. Maybe I'm just looking at the worst side of it.

A: Much help will be given in ways of the subconscious, it is being done even as we speak.

D: Through night training?

A: Yes, We are doing all we can to work with mass consciousness, which is the result of all the thoughts from all of the people who live on your planet.

D: A massive undertaking for you!

A: Indeed, but there are many who have volunteered to assist. We will be endeavoring to bring forth what each individual person needs in order to experience the energies and the changes that the Photon Belt brings. You, as Lightworkers, have been feeling this consciously for some time now. They are the energies that are moving within your emotional bodies and stirring up that which needs to be released, along with karma that needs to be finalized.

At some point in your own growth, each of you come to a place where you have what we call your own "null zone". It is a place of total peace and quiet emotionly. In this space, you will not feel the energies stirring within you to bring up more of your past memories to clear. In this space, you are ready to hear Spirit, to listen to guidance, and to clairvoyantly see all of the assistance that is available to you.

As you know, craft from other star systems can materialize within your third dimension and have been doing so for a long time. But, perhaps what you don't know is that you can be standing in front of one of these craft with a friend of yours, who is a non-believer, and you will see the craft and the beings around it, but your friend will not see anything but thin air. This is protection when what you may call the "mass landing" occurs, but this landing is not a one-time thing. It is going on right now and it is spread out in a constant way. Know that we are all with you on subconscious levels, with every being on the Earth. Many are here who are working with animals relative to the changes, and they only work with wildlife. Others are working with divas and the nature spirits, the fairies, all of that kingdom that looks after the minerals, the plants, the animals and the terrain, such as the mountains and the oceans. That, of course, is another whole kingdom that is being worked with.

DALPHIAANA: So that everything is in synchronicity?

ASHTAR: Yes, for all of these Light Beings, who are looking after very small areas, or large areas, they are close to the Earth vibration and need to be changed too, you see. Then we have other beings who have stepped themselves down the dimensions into your Spirit World and are working with those who have crossed over into what you have termed death in order to facilitate their awakening, realization and change, so they will also be able to move dimensions higher within a short time.

D: And the light is beginning to flood the Earth?

A: Yes. The efforts of all of the volunteers from higher dimensions an other spheres, are all working now so beautifully. There is still much negativity to handle, of course, but for many of those beings, their choice will be the Spirit World and there, of course, the vibrations will be mellowed.

D: You say many choices of these in negativity will be the spirit world. They will simply choose death over ascension, although they won't really know they are making this choice because they know nothing about ascension.

A: Exactly. It will all be subconscious. The energies of you, who are Lightworkers, are to be commended and thanked as we go through these latter days of fulfillment of prophecy relative to your planet. We are so thrilled to be working with many of you consciously. It brings so much love into the energies of the Earth to have this contact, "As Above, So Below," solidified. With each direct contact, where the human being is aware of the contact, their auras expand so brilliantly and the love spreads to all surrounding: the devas, the nature spirits, the fairies, the elves, the elements of the air, the water, the Earth and the fire. All of these elements are affected by this transaction of love that comes and flows right from the Heaven Worlds, through your energy systems and out into all of your surrounding areas.

D: This is the way of spreading the Light and Love. It flows outward from their hearts.

A: Yes and with this magnetism happening, people will be drawn to you automatically without your having to do anything except answer your doorbell or the telephone.

D: Ashtar, you have taught us that Photon Energies have been manifesting as waves for the past hundred years or so, and the last three immense waves will catapult us into the fifth dimension. Now we read about the null zone of up to five days of darkness that will rush us into a more etheric way of existing. How does this fit in with the Photon Wave Theory?

A: Yes, dear one, for the past many hundreds of years, this phenomena has been beginning to take shape and the energies are etheric. They are coming to you on the planet with the pulse of the universe. All energy in your universe comes to you and exists with a pulse, a rhythm.

D: Like the heartbeat?

A: Yes, as above so below. Your heart is beating because of the rhythm of the universe and it keeps going because of this rhythm. With all energy, that is what is occurring. This is where spiral energy comes from, you see. Spiral energy is also that which is constant and flowing, as we are demonstrating with the hand of the channel, in a constant forward circular motion. (The channel's hand was moving in a very smooth, circular motion, with a pulse beat at regular intervals. Ashtar was demonstrating the spiral action of the energies, flowing at a certain specific rate of velocity.)

This pulse, which is called the "Outbreath of God", takes civilizations forward, and will continue on to take them through that into the "Inbreath of God."

D: Thank you Ashtar. That was intriguing!