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Channelled Information From The Ascended Masters
Knutsford Ascension Group Monday 13Th January 1997

Sananda received through Andrew Whalley

It is I Sananda. I bring you my warmest greetings at this time. As you are aware we are once more monitoring you - we are with you overseeing your proceedings and making every attempt to connect with you. Your journeys have been varied and colourful in the last few years - your experiences together have been joyful.

What I would like to share with you this evening is that we are still here - we have not gone away' and you have not gone away'. We are drawing together slowly but surely and I would ask you to examine the joy that you feel within your hearts - the expansion, the love that is flowing there for surely that is a clear sign that we are with you. You will experience more and more peace and joy within your lives - feeling it arising, flowing up from within you, within your heart centres, and this is the true sign that we are drawing closer.

Do not be distracted or confused by the myriad of information that is now manifesting for there are many, many different interpretations, scenarios and perceptions. For as you awake from your sleep you will be entering into new areas - exploring and discovering. There will be a melting pot of consciousness as you all begin to attune to one another and your higher selves. I would say to you that this melting pot is bubbling over at this time as more and more people wake up and bring their ideas and interpretations through. What will ultimately occur is that there will be a convergence or coming together of these different informations, ideas and perspectives and that one true reality will ultimately be realised. That is the process that is now occurring.

There are many aspects of humanity on the planet who are still playing out dramas of control, fear and manipulation and that is something that must run its course. So continue to develop your own heart centred awareness - to gain the insights and attunements that will bring you closer to the oneness, to the knowingness that everything is in its place and is moving forward and that you are in the right position. As you can see this is a huge process and project that we are undertaking - that has never been done before and we are from our perspective endeavouring to guide this into the most harmonious, smoothest of transitions - and I would say that it is getting easier and easier all the time. So relax and enjoy your lives - enjoy the process. Work with your heart centres and higher chakras. Allow the energies to ground, allow yourselves to remain in balance. Call upon us and your higher self whenever you feel the need - we will be there.

It is with great joy that I address you this evening and offer you my support. Know that as you come together and meet there is a great focus - a great many beings of light converge to connect and work with you, so do not think that you are alone in your efforts - we are always with you. I will remain with you this evening. Enjoy all that is come in the new year - in this year of 1997. Many new wonderful energies are now anchoring onto the planet and are there for you to work with and experience - we will be assisting you and it will be a joyful experience. Allow yourselves to be in the moment to move through these transitions with greater joy, peace and harmony. The family of light is growing upon the earth plane and you dearest ones of the light are a central part in that family - in that growth of light. Hold the light, know that you are undertaking a great work. It is with great joy that I take my leave of you now. Thank you for your attention this evening. I am Sananda, Adonai.