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Grounded Ascension

Saskia Bosman

Following are some anchoring techniques from my workshops, I hope you can use them. I love to share my experiences with the world, to help everyone in this time of acceleration. Of course, a workshop is only one of the possible situations in which you can use the anchoring techniques. Workshops just happen to be what I give at this moment as part of my service to humanity. Anchoring also implies a strong grounding.

At the beginning of my workshops in which we sometimes work with high energies, like cosmic Love, (Arch)angels, future self, our Merkabah vehicles, the Solar logos, the Great Central Sun in the center of the Galaxy, Mayan synchronizations, cetacean energy, etc., we allow a thick, strong root of energy as wide as our individual bodies, to grow into the heart crystal (inner core) of the Earth. This is in order to create a strong grounding. We also use the root as a waveguide to receive the waves of Love of Mother Earth and allow these waves to touch and help open our own hearts. We concentrate on our inner source full of unconditional universal love and radiate this energy out to all life everywhere. Emitting it from our hearts outward, we create a permanent field of Love around the group, building or area at the beginning of the workshop. This field transmutes all disharmonic energies coming towards and from us into unconditional universal love, before we continue the workshop. Then we open ourselves to the cosmos and to the higher dimensions.

The love field protects and grounds us, but it is important to do it out of love and not out of fear. You can sense the love field or visualize it as light, but it is not light as opposed to darkness, not with that intention, because this would mean to empower dark forces to become stronger. Thus we would create more duality. I find it important to acknowledge our own dark (shadow) as well as light side and integrate them in unconditional universal love, with which we transcend duality.

Then at the end and beginning of each guided meditation I remind people of their root in the Earth and the ever flowing Love of Mother Earth. If their root has gone, I simply suggest to them to grow a new one. It works! It helps to ground and to anchor our higher-dimensional aspects. I have developed this whole technique over the years.

In the center of all my work is unconditional universal love, opening the heart and moving from fear into love.

Another method of anchoring (and thus descension) I use is to have the workshop participants and myself expressing what we experienced in higher states during guided meditations, rituals, etc.: by drawing and writing it on paper, by expressing it verbally to the group, by expressing it in frequencies (toning, chanting) and/or by dancing it. This anchors our higher-dimensional experiences into both sides of the brain and into the body as a whole, facilitating the translation into daily life.

What also helps in between guided meditations is to give each other hands-on healing or a (sound) massage. I often encourage people to bring (shamanic) musical instruments and we sometimes have a big jam and dance session at the end of a very exciting workshop day. It is not unusual for me during workshops of three days or longer, to make a forest walk, swim or even visit a sauna with the group (yes, we do this in Europe - men and women together, no problem at all!) Personally I also sometimes participate in sweatlodge ceremonies in Holland. They really help me to anchor and ground my cosmic experiences, -aspects and consciousness levels and to transform everything within me that needs transformation and to clear everything that needs clearing, so more of my whole being can express itself here and now.

In order to translate the greater you or ascended state into daily life, you can do a (guided) meditation in which you merge with your soul/greater you/higher of inner self and come up with an plan of changes (if necessary) and/or new actions in your daily life on Earth, so that the new (ascended) reality may manifest on Earth. I find it important to keep doing our emotional and mental healing work. This helps us to become clear channels/waveguides/receptacles for the descension work.

And, as you already know, rituals are great for anchoring/descension, I often use the Medicine Wheel in groups. In this way and to my experience, people leave the workshop not flying but grounded, feeling empowered from inside (their own inner source) and having a very down-to-Earth agenda of descension of their greater reality and higher-dimensional levels (of consciousness) into their daily lives, in harmony with Mother Earth. By doing this work, I personally feel it happening in my life as well.

Everyone who reads it and feels like it, have fun applying what I shared here, I would love to hear your experiences and ideas.

Much Love and Blessings,