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Mahatma Energy and Being Centered

Channelled Messages From The Ascended Masters
Knutsford Ascension Group Monday 20Th January 1997

Mahatma Energy

Sanandathrough Andrew Whalley

It is I Sananda. I bring you my warmest greetings as once again we come together. It is my greatest wish to share with you this evening a gift of great joy. I ask you all to stay centred in your hearts and to simply be open. As I pass between each one of you I will be placing a beautiful golden sphere of light within your heart centres. (a long pause now occurred)

Know that this energy is most transformational and you will become more and more familiar with this energy - the MAHATMA - this golden light is the focus for the new age. It is the cutting edge that is making all of this possible, it is making all the in-roads into the density, it is re-structuring everything in creation at this level - it is quite magical and I would recommend that you work with it and open to it. Allow it to flow through you freely - visualize it expanding outwards around you - flowing into the earth as you have done tonight. It is a most beneficial and powerful energy that you can work with in raising your vibrations and in lifting the vibrations on the planet.

Know that my assistance this evening has been to infuse you within your heart centres with this golden light. You might say it has given you a boost, an influx of this energy that will be absorbed by all of your cellular and atomic structure and energy fields. Know that I am with you dearest ones, that I am touching each one of you personally, that I have each and everyone of your interests at heart - that we are building a bond, a connection that is in-destructible. The strength that I can share is now available to you, for you to draw upon. As you connect and work with my energies simply by making that connection you will be elevated, you will be lifted and so it is. I am forever within your hearts - by your sides. You are beloved, you are most cherished and treasured dearest ones.

Continue to hold the light, continue with your efforts for in the fullness of time all will be revealed and you will know the truth - the immensity of your work and efforts - of what has taken place upon the earth plane and you will celebrate with great joy. That time is approaching. Fill your hearts with joy and know that every step you take brings you closer to that objective - to your home coming. Realise that you are the light, that you hold the power, that the new age is there for you - simply draw it towards you within your hearts as you do now. Be the light, be that focus. Hold that joy, that oneness and share it with others. Know that I will remain with you over shadowing you this evening with a great force of light - there are many, many beings who are with you. Be at great peace as I leave you now. I am Sananda forever by your side, adonai.

Centered within Your Hearts

Kuthumi through Andrew Whalley

It is I Kuthumi who comes to speak to you next. As our dearly beloved brother Sananda has spoken we are all one in the light and at this most special of times you feel that most closely. We are but a breath away, you might say - closer than we have ever been before. As the veil continues to thin your ability to connect, to interact with us will become enhanced. I ask you to focus upon raising your vibrations, upon giving yourselves every opportunity to resonate and attune to the light that you truly are - that is simply bursting to get through. The times ahead are to be quite magical. I ask you to be single minded in your approach - focus on the important things; your own growth, your own process of integration, of clearing and releasing of old energies, learning to reside in the present moment and allow all the dramas and scenarios to spin on around you. Remain detached and remote from all that is coming and going upon the earth plane.

The important focus and work is to stay centred within your hearts - as you are now - and allow that oneness, that merging to be felt. This will allow you to transcend - taking you beyond all of these trivial things and distractions. For as more and more people upon the planet awaken things might seem to get more confusing, so it is important to keep clear within your own heart centres - a clear line shall we say to your own higher self, to the source and to us then you will not be mislead, confused or distracted. By you holding this focus in this way you will be a clearer, guiding light or force for the collective, for the planetary conscious on which to converge. In this way you are working in the background, holding an important focus of attunement and energy or vibration that others may attune to and follow in a most subtle way.

Know that we are truly overwhelmed with love and energy for you. That we take every opportunity to present our selves to you to connect and work with you, that in this way you are not alone - you are supported. This will become more and more clear to you as you expand and open. You are greatly valued and greatly loved, treasure and cherished you have much to look forward to, much joy and celebration is before you. So continue your efforts dearest ones - you are building the bridge into the new age, into the light and you are building it for the masses, for humanity. Yours is a very important work and we are with you - together we will not fail. Call upon me when ever you need guidance or support of any kind - I am here for you. I will remain with you in the times to come in this way we are working together. Know that this is the case that you can call upon me or rely upon me in the times to come. I will take my leave of you now, be at great peace, stay centred in the light, I am Kuthumi, adonai.