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Planetary Light Body Activation 11:11:83

NOVEMBER 11, 1996

This is the Galactic Confederation. We are here to announce the opening of a new dimensional portal which will take place on November eleventh this year.

Planet Earth is approaching initial phase of its mutation into a body of light. In winter 1995/96 it began to change its position from the old into the new leyline grid system. By November this year new grid system will be totally established and so this planet will be ready for the beginning of its mutation into the fifth dimension.

A minimal critical mass of 144.000 Lightworkers are needed worldwide to anchor this sacred event. You can help sealing the new planetary grid system and activating the planetary light body on that day by gathering on sacred spots throuhgout the planet. The following meditation is suggested:

Visualize a white point of light in the middle of your chest. This point of light is a dimensional doorway to the fifth dimension. Enter this point of light and visualize yourself Ascending through the tunnel of light. On the other side of the tunnel visualize yourself merging with your soul families, angels and Ascended masters, becoming One with them.

As a result of this planetary activation following things will be achieved:

  • Galactic light code 11:11:83 will be anchored. This light code will align etheric planetary axis and grid system with the Galactic central sun. Thus planet Earth will begin its Ascension into fifthdimensional Oneness.
  • New planetary grid system will be sealed. Thus its vibration will be high enough to accept the heightened energies of the photon belt, which will arrive immediately after this planetary activation. the photon belt will begin to mutate planet Earth into its light body.
  • With this planetary activation, missions of between 1000 and 2000 Lightworkers will be completed. They will be free to Ascend in the first wave of Ascension, which will occur at the arrival of the photon belt.
You can feel free to copy and distribute this information in any way possible. We thank you for your service and send you light.