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Ritual of the Portal for Planetary Ascension

A Lightwork Project by Claire Watson

Ascension is a mass event spiritual growth within a specific light-network domain. We are in a delicate beginning of a transitional phase of development and need guidance, but we also need shielding. We have to shield against opportunistic forces outside our specific planetary collective, and at the same time, we need to establish paths of interconnectivity for grounded ascension, because in order for ascension to occur, the planet itself must be involved -for we are OF the planet, we are OF the Earth. We will call upon the ancient high priestesses and priests to come forth and bring the fire energy. During the fire ritual we will call upon the Shield Guides to raise the planetary shield, and we will awaken the old fire portal Stonehenge to the collective movement, for which purpose it was constructed. We will call upon the powerful Shield Guide Gillian to raise the three-pronged shield and seal the planet against intrusion.

The Shield Guides are a vast organization of diverse beings from all parts of the phenomenal and numenal universe. They are an interdimensional organization of life systems and represent a winged body of planetary systems who are organized to assist those in developing light-network domains. The shield guides lead and shield civilizations on ascension paths. They will form a bridge for us leading from this evolutionary domain to others in the universe who are on similar ascension paths. The Shield Guides will appear when we request their presence ...

-- excerpt from Stonehenge Portal Introduction

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