Ritual of the Pyramid Portals

Cheops Pyramid and Pyramid of the Sun
Dec. 7, 1996, 8:30pm Eastern Time

In preparation for Ritual of the Pyramid Portals, I will be emailing several articles to you that hopefully will enlighten you and involve you in the upcoming ascension activity. I am asking for more interest and involvement from you at this time because there a quickening occurring now that you probably can feel. The energy is changing and I am hoping we can have some input into crafting that energy more the way we would like it. It seems to me that love and understanding are key to moving the energy in a positive direction, and I believe a closer look at the energies at work in these ancient civilizations will provide us with valuable clues as to how we can shape our energy gift in all love and light.

The first of these articles is Jungle Dreaming of Egypt, followed by Pyramid of the Sun - Teotihuacan, Great Pyramid of Cheops, Portals of Eternity, The Game of Life, Isis and Osiris, Deciphering Ancient Artifacts of the Mediterranean Area, Part 1 and Part 2, in which you will read a decipherment, Deciphering Abydos Temple Art, in which you will attempt a decipherment, What is a Portal - Locating your Portal, and Ritual of the Pyramid Portals. These articles will be posted in various places on the internet, and I will keep you updated on where you can find them.

Dreamtime Journal Activity: Jungle Dreaming of Egypt

Several people have written telling me of the dreams they have been having of ancient Egypt. This has been within the last two weeks before anyone knew of the next Ritual of the Portal, which is centered on the Great Pyramid of Cheops and the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico. If you are dreaming of Egypt and would like to recount these dreams, please email them to me. I would love to see them. Also, I have received email recounting jungle dreams and I believe this may be related to Pyramid of the Sun and the Aztecs. I am compiling these dreams so that we can all get an overview of the Egypt and Aztec dreams and see what our collective activity at this level looks like. Work that we do as a group at the astral or dreamtime level is important because we are forming paths of light as we construct a group consciousness, and at the same time we are creating realities at the physical level. The following is the Dreamtime Journal activity that many of you have seen before. It is an important activity, really essential, which is why I keep sending it to you.

The Dreamtime Journal is the next step in preparation for Ritual of the Pyramid Portals. It is an activity to help you locate your portal. Keeping the journal helps create a heightened level of perception, so that you can sense the location of the portal in your home. The journal can be written, typed or recorded first thing upon waking. If pressed for time, talk into a tape recorder and then label and save the tapes.

Keeping the journal also leads to a raised state of consciousness. The natural, safe way to astral travel is during sleep, but staying cognizant and alert while sleeping is a learned behavior. Keeping the Dreamtime Journal teaches you to remember your dreams, which requires you to pay attention while you're dreaming. Make a habit of this for even a short period of time, and you will awaken to the world of the Dreamtime dimension, where you can meet interdimensional travelers and become active in higher levels of group activity. When you record in your Dreamtime Journal that in your "dream" you were part of a group of people you didn't know, it means you participated in a higher level of group activity.

I will be emailing you soon about the next phase of activity for Ritual of the Pyramid Portals. In the meantime, Sweet Dreams!

Claire Watson
Shield Guide


Just a few lines to thank you for continuing to share with me those incredible dreams. When two or more people are having nearly identical dreams, then if desired I am sharing email addresses so you can connect with each other. I had a dream of my own last night. In my dream my guides said to me, "A healing energy is encircling the Earth right now." I can feel it, can you? What a wonderful energy gift for us! We have made errors on this beautiful planet and not always perceived the Mystery, and the same is true of those who came before us. But with a healing energy we can forgive ourselves when falling short of our potential and we can look into our past and come to understand our motives, our dreams, our desires, and our fears. We can build a bridge through time to those selves who lived so long ago and achieved so much, and share with them the quality of our great love and our continuing efforts to go toward the light. And as we hold out our hands to them, we just need to remember to go in the direction of up, for the Light will always come from above. Striving toward the light, just like us, the spiritual ancestors of the Toltecs built Pyramid of the Sun in the direction of up.

Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacan

25 miles northeast of Mexico City are the remains of the largest pre-Columbian city in the western hemisphere. Teotihuacan, House of the Gods, was begun as early as 400 BCE by people related to the Toltecs, who dominated central Mexico from the 10th until the mid-12th century CE. It is from the Toltecs that the Aztecs claimed descent, as they explained to their Spanish conquerors.

Teotihuacan developed into an important city in the 1st c. CE until about 700 CE. The people who built Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan had close and probably friendly contact with the Maya, who also constructed divinely inspired temple-pyramid architecture. These civilizations were highly influential in the development of the Aztec civilization that flourished from the 14th to the 16th c. CE. Pyramid of the Sun is one of the largest structures ever built by Native Americans. It covers more than 10 acres and is over 200 feet high.

The Aztecs worshipped several gods, important among them a sun god named Huitzilopochtli, god of war. He was depicted as a hummingbird or as a warrior wearing hummingbird feathers for armor. He required human blood and human hearts for nourishment. His sun disk is a reincarnation symbol known as the Aztec Calendar. Huitzilopochtli can be seen at the center of the disk:

Huitzilopochtli had a sun god counterpart in ancient Egypt in the deity Ra or Re, also a Bird Tribe being. This sun god was depicted with a human body and the head of a hawk. Ra was considered the creator and controller of the universe, his chief symbols being the sun disk and the obelisk. Ra is most memorable as Amon-Ra, father of the gods. The most massive temple ever built was constructed for Amon-Ra at Al Karnak. Amon-Ra's high priests were as powerful as the pharaoh and one of them in particular, Pontiff Zeel, was especially powerful. I have learned in a mysterious way that the face on the Aztec Calendar known to the Aztec as Huitzilopochtli is also the face of Pontiff Zeel. Pontiff means High Priest and Zeel means return. (Ze = Ra or Re, El = turn) At the center of the sun disk of the Aztec is the face of Pontiff Zeel, High Priest of the Sun God Re-turns.

The name Pontiff Zeel was revealed to Yashah in 1988 when a UFO teleported to him a silver chain-link necklace and a silver shield, symbols of the Shield Guides. He was told at that time it was the Shield of Onfedei, having to do with the Queen's Chamber in the pyramid of Cheops, and the face on the shield was that of Pontiff Zeel. Recently, in meditation he was guided by Cheops to send me the silver chain and shield because I could identify the face of Pontiff Zeel. On the shield was the Aztec Calendar and the face of Huitzilopochtli. I translated the name Pontiff Zeel to arrive at its meaning, High Priest of the Sun God Re-turns.

Huitzilopochtli/Pontiff Zeel is a being known as a Draco or Draku, Lord of Karma, from which comes the myth of Dracula. Cheops also guided Yashah to send me a cube from his undiscovered sarcophagus. The cube was teleported to Yashah in 1994. It is clear plastic and contains a single crying tear. My guides told me it represents the tears of the Elders, the tears of doom they cry for Pontiff Zeel. Because I am a Shield Guide I was asked to channel and transmute that grief and to bring Pontiff Zeel into the Light of unconditional Love. And so, I cried a month of tears and I have extended my hand to Pontiff Zeel and together we are moving toward the Light in the direction of up. Is there someone to whom you can extend your hand? Is there someone you can bring into the Light?

Claire Watson
Shield Guide

Great Pyramid of Cheops - Giza, Egypt

The three major Egyptian pyramids at Giza are aligned to match the three stars in Orion's belt. This alignment is in accordance with Dwat, the art of placement as it was practiced in ancient Egypt, wherein the structures of the earth are positioned to mirror the architecture of heaven.

Of the three pyramids, Cheops is the most significant because it contains a portal. In a fictionalized account of this, the movie Stargate, the portal links the pyramid to some far planet. The portal, according to the information recorded on the Phaistos Disk/Portal Disk, is a direct link to a star portal/space station in the constellation Argo. On the disk can be seen all three: the Great Pyramid, the star portal symbol and the constellation Argo. The Great Pyramid image is formed by dotting and connecting the pyramid signs. The star portal is formed by dotting and connecting the shield guide shields. The constellation Argo is formed by dotting and connecting the triangles.

Like the constellation Argo, known as Jason's Ship, is the 125 ft. "solar funeral" ship of the pharaoh Cheops, discovered in 1954 near the Great Pyramid. Egyptologists have identified the ship as a funeral vessel constructed to transport souls through the heavens in the path of the sun god Ra or Re. It's not very likely they would identify Cheop's ship as a symbol of the constellation Argo, where Cheops may have come from and where he may have returned to. His body was never found in the Great Pyramid or anywhere else.

Cheops' pyramid is supposed to have been built about 2700 BCE but no one knows this for sure. It could be very much older, but it is not as old as the Sphinx, which shows water erosion. Cheops is eroded by wind and sand. See the Sphinx and Cheops together:

Egyptologists want the Great Pyramid to be concurrent with the Epic of Gilgamesh in Sumer, the Indus Valley Civilization, the earliest construction of Stonehenge and early North American Mound Builders. Widely accepted is the theory that the Egyptian pyramids were built as royal tombs, yet no pharaoh has ever been found entombed in the pyramids.

Cheops, 450 ft. high, is believed by many to be built atop the convergence point of telluric energy at the symbolic geodetic center, the omphalos (stone navel), of the planet. Cheops could be a strong channel for earth energy that the human body converts to Kundalini energy moving through the chakra system. Sunk into the omphalos 600 ft. below the vertex of the pyramid is a 31x27 ft. subterranean chamber, like an electrical plug in an electrical outlet.

Also situated on the vertical axis is the Queen's Chamber, 18 ft. 10 in. x 17 ft. 2 in. Inside the chamber is a large, recessed niche, about 16 ft. high and 3 ft. 5 in. deep. In the niche is the portal, about the size of your fist. The Phaistos Disk/Portal Disk decipherment indicates the Isis-Osiris sect convened inside Cheops, and they may have held their own version of Ritual of the Portal in the Queen's chamber. On the Phaistos Disk is a configuration that pinpoints the location of the Queen's Chamber in the pyramid. The Isis-Osiris sect studied sacred geometry and astronomy, held initiations and worked together as a group to create a living light-body or Merkaba. The word is ancient Egyptian and means M(e)r = place of ascending; Ka = Spirit; Ba = Soul.

The Great Pyramid was known to the Isis-Osiris sect as Secret House, where they practiced their journeys in the afterlife by traveling in light-body to the 8th dimension, called the Ogdoad. This Heaven-Sphere, symbolized by the sphere atop the cross of the Egyptian Ankh, was called Thoth's celestial City of 8 and is symbolized by the infinity sign, or the figure 8. This appears on the Rod of Hermes as the intertwined serpents, Ida and Pingala, the subtle nervous system of the chakra system that is part of the mechanism for astral travel and mental projection. Thoth's City of 8 was believed to be the destination of souls after death when the material body is abandoned and the soul re-ascends the planetary spheres to merge with the dead god-man Osiris and with God. By building Merkabas, the members of the sect could preclude death by passing through the portal, thus negating the wheel of time and fatality.

Claire Watson
Shield Guide
(excerpted from my book Interstellar Flight Portals)

Portals of Eternity, Afterlife Passwords and Gatekeepers

This article is meant to shatter walls. Can we continue to accept old ideas because they're established, respected, revered, even beautiful? Maybe they worked once, but does it mean they keep on working? Old structures must come down in order for new structures to be built. In this ascension movement, are we layering brilliant new ideas on top of unimaginative, old thought patterns? Some of the old ideas we have are keepers, but how are we to know which ones if we don't take them out of the closets of our minds and examine them? We don't want to go the way of established religion, where nothing is ever challenged. I believe we can collectively decide what we like and what we don't like, and that makes it reality. Anything is possible in the kingdom we create.

This begins a look at the age-old idea of there being opposing forces in the universe, the interplay of these forces being responsible for creation and for keeping the world in motion. The light, or love-motivation force, and the dark, or fear-motivation force, are considered to be oppositional powers at work in the world. This is an ancient idea involving polarity, but is it now a dynamic, workable idea? By this I mean, even if it is true, are we required to subscribe to it, and if we don’t collectively subscribe to it, or to any other idea we don't ourselves select, can we write it out of our reality? Before ascension can come to a planet, nonserviceable ideas have to depart. The following demonstrates this idea of positive and negative forces at work as it was widely expounded in the Mediterranean world between the 1st and the 4th centuries CE (Common Era). It represents the bringing forth and development of knowledge and ideas from ancient Egypt and the Isis-Osiris sect, ideas regarding the afterlife journey to the 8th dimension, called the Ogdoad, or Heaven-Sphere.

The central focus of all religions is the afterlife and its mysteries. The Christian version we are familiar with offers an image of St. Peter at the Pearly Gates of Heaven. The idea is, that when we reach this point in our afterlife journey we will apply for admission, and this angelic gatekeeper will review our qualifications and admit us or reject us depending upon the quality of our thoughts and deeds while we were in the flesh. The gatekeeper will ask: "'Who are you or where are you from?' You are to say to him, 'I am a son, and I am from the Father.' He will say to you, 'What sort of son are you, and to what father do you belong?' You are to say to him, 'I am from the Pre-existent Father, and a son in the Pre-existent One'...When he also says to you, 'Where will you go?' you are to say to him, 'To the place from which I have come, there shall I return.' And if you say these things, you will escape their attacks." (The First Apocalypse of James, the Gnostic papyri)

Brave souls might try the response, "I am a daughter, and I am from the Mother," but this will presumably be moot because sexual orientation will be optional as we will have transcended duality and gained the perfection of androgyny.

The Gnostics and Christians of early Common Era Gnosticism and Christianity who expounded on these afterlife ideas based many of their extensive accounts of afterlife passwords and gatekeepers on their own subjective experiences involving inner world journeys. The experience of the inner world journey begins by moving ever inward along a lighted, spiraling tunnel. In the inner planes, the individual meets with archetypal energy expressed as geometrical formations and then has the opportunity to project ideas and various notions of the self into the geometry- intelligences, creating a rainbow mirror of the aspects of the self. As one travels higher or further inward, these expressions gain in perfection so that the desired goal would be to meet the archetypes in the Heaven-Sphere, where there is perfection of expression and where the I/Thou archetype, the mirror of the self, becomes transcendent reality. With this in mind while reading the following material, you can begin to see how the gatekeepers are mirrors of the self along the soul's journey to the Heaven-Sphere and to the Treasury of Light. The ancient and beautiful gatekeeper-password concept is worth keeping, as long as we are taught by it and as long as the ideas it conveys are flexible and spiritually developmental.

Passwords and gatekeepers are part of classical astrology, the laws of physics of the ancient world. The Gnostics and Christians of the early Common Era circulated lists of passwords that the many afterlife gatekeepers would accept. These passwords were said to have been part of the teachings of Jesus. The ancient Gnostics, many of their ideas descended from the archaic world of Persia and Mithraism, gazed up into the dome of night and derived from the starry heavens a system of correspondences and beliefs in which the physical and spiritual nature of a person mirrors that of the celestial inhabitants of the heavenly realms. In this As Above, So Below philosophy, the stargazers recognized in the movement of the stars the Aeons of the Powers - the supernal beings in their eternal realms. They noted the Pole Star, the ruler of the heavens, with the brilliant beings of light revolving around it - a living vehicle of light revealed to their eyes. Below the sphere of the stars revolved the seven planets, including the sun and the moon and excluding earth, each with a portal and a gatekeeper.

If these gatekeepers were not supplied the proper passwords by the human soul on its return journey to heaven, they would turn away a person and prevent that soul's progression to the upper realms. Without knowledge of the passwords, the soul, having a specific gravity, would be pulled into the rotation of the sphere to revolve there forever or until an amnesty was given. An unfit soul might be forced to pass through the body of the constellation Draco, reptilian Lord of Karma whose tail dips down even into the deepest, darkest chasms of hell - the densest plane of existence. But high above the chasm and twinkling ethereally at the Pole Star sits Chasmodai, the Charioteer on his chariot-throne, redeemer and ruler over all. And this is the first password - Chasmodai.

Within this great allegorical scheme of things, the individual plays a crucial part. In the incarnational process to birth, each individual descends from heaven by successively passing from one planet, one portal and gatekeeper, to another. The gatekeepers gift each soul with a "positive" and "negative" influence, a psychic energy upon which the soul draws during a lifetime by virtue of the chakra system. Finally, at the moment of incarnation, the soul takes on the properties of matter - fire, water, air and earth - and is born.

During one's lifetime, the gatekeepers play upon the negative attributes of the soul to turn a person away from truth and knowledge, while the good angels work with the positive planetary attributions to bring the person to enlightenment and gnosis. Within one's body the sons of Light and the sons of Darkness wage a war for the human soul, and all the world's a stage whereon these light-beings and gatekeepers actualize themselves through humanity and all of nature, playing out the eternal, celestial drama - good vs. evil, error vs. truth, light vs. dark - in our world of apparent extreme duality.

At the end of life and after the death transition, the soul begins its re-ascent to its heavenly origins, with ease of passage to the uppermost realms determined by the acquisition of gnosis and by knowledge of the passwords. The soul first encounters the Moon, its portal ruled by the charioteer gatekeeper we met earlier when we saw him sitting the Pole Star. He accepts his name as the password - Chasmodai.

The password Chasmodai signifies the soul's understanding of a certain concept - that the journey into the physical world is the journey into the chasm. The password Chasmodai means, "I have ascended the chasm." Upon hearing this, the gatekeeper will open the gate and the soul will pass through the portal. Another password will unlock this gate, and that password is "Gabriel," the name of the planetary angel. This password indicates the soul has gained an understanding of the purpose of the journey into the chasm to learn the lessons of faith, hope, charity and love.

These last four qualities are essential when approaching the next portal and gatekeeper because the portal is Mars, ruled by the terrifying Bartzabel who frightens the souls and turns them back. "Suddenly he revealed himself to them, approaching them in the form of lightning... Because of this, they were afraid and fell down, since they were not able to bear the appearance of the light which struck them...Therefore they fell down to the pit of ignorance which is called 'the Outer Darkness,' and 'Chaos' and 'Hades' and 'the abyss.'" (The Tripartite Tractate, Gnostic papyri) When the password "Bartzabel" does not work, and to prevent the return to the physical body via reincarnation, the brave souls must utter the password "Samael," God's blind planetary angel who cannot see the terrifying sight. This password indicates the soul's acquisition of endurance and enthusiasm while in the physical body, and these two qualities are an important shield against the powers of Bartzabel.

Many souls can never pass through the Mars portal to continue their ascent but are always turned away because they lack the fortitude to stand up to Bartzabel. For this reason the Cosmic Christ force, who is empowered to upend and reverse everything, sacrifices itself through incarnation and the involution of physical death (a "descent into hell") so that the evolution of human souls can continue. The Cosmic Christ force is said to have merged with Jesus, and it was in this spirit of sacrifice that Jesus by his death lighted for us the way onto the sacrifice path.

As the soul passes through the Mars portal and re-ascends to its heavenly origins, it sheds the planetary influences like layers of astral clothing, becoming lighter and lighter and gaining enlightenment.

The next portal is Venus, guarded by the gatekeeper Kedemel, who accepts this name as the password. The Venus portal is the Portal of Life, the cosmic womb through which the soul originally passed in order to gain the density of physical body and the accompanying ability to manipulate matter. This two-way portal, when approached during re-ascent, opens to the password Arnad, the planetary angel who recognizes the soul's acquisition of a certain gnosis the understanding of the intertwined relationship of physical love and spiritual love. Love is the key that opens this portal, and the soul passes through.

Next, the soul must approach the portal of Mercury, ruled by the gatekeeper Taphthartharath, a name hard to remember and to pronounce. The password to use here is "Raphael," the planetary angel who recognizes the soul's acquisition of memory, reason and intelligence. These three qualities are useful when saying this gatekeeper's long name. The portal opens and the soul passes through.

The next portal is Jupiter, ruled by the gatekeeper Hismael. Now the soul discards the residue of the four elements of matter and the astrological influences of the lower, visible world. The soul may use the password "Zadkiel," which indicates readiness to be transformed into an abstract, creative being. The portal opens and the soul passes through and the transformation begins.

The next portal is Saturn, ruled by the gatekeeper Zazel. This is the penultimate gatekeeper, and a very dangerous one, at that. One must not look back in yearning for the physical life, like Lot's wife looking back on Sodom and Gomorra. This gatekeeper has the power to chain a soul and cast it into the desert of Dudael on Saturn, which lies East of Eden. The rebellious angel Azezel, another name for the gatekeeper himself, was placed here on God's orders and chained by the angel Raphael, and he will do the same to the soul who looks back. "And it has fettered them with its chains and bound all their limbs with the bitterness of the bondage of lust for those visible things that will decay and change and swerve by impulse. They have always been attracted downwards..." (The Book of Thomas the Contender, Gnostic papyri) Another password that will work here is "Cassiel," the planetary angel who recognizes the soul's higher creative faculties. The portal opens and the soul passes through.

The soul approaches the final portal of the Sun and utters the passwords "Sorath," the gatekeeper, and "Michael," the planetary angel. But this portal requires more than mere passwords; it requires Mysteries. To pass through this portal, the earth self must re-unite with the immortal self - the twin self - before entering this cosmic alchemical furnace. Then like the salamanders of alchemy the soul and the immortal self will enter the fiery furnace together and safely exit the fire that does not consume. The soul, now a single being transcendent of the "I/Thou" duality of existence, feels no heat and experiences a blast of enlightenment in which all that remains of the physical self is burned away, and a new immortal soul shakes off the ashes and emerges.

At this moment of rebirth, the Virgin of Light appears and officiates the baptismal ceremony in which she baptizes the new soul with five seals and with the Mysteries, and this gives safe conduct through the void. The soul, now perfected, is forever released from the dance of death of the birth-rebirth process, and ascends through the void to the Gates of Heaven, where the celestial portal opens wide. In Heaven the soul unites with the angels and attains to the Treasury of Light, the soul's reward for journeying through the chasm and acquiring the essential attributes of faith, hope, charity, memory, reason, endurance, joy, goodness, creativity and, above all, Love.

Claire Watson
Shield Guide
(excerpted from my book Tarot and the Universe)

The Game of Life, The Sacred Cosmic Ball Game

This is the second article in the series addressing the ancient idea of there being opposing forces in the universe that are responsible for creation and for the continued vitality, creativity and integrity of our world. The light, or love-motivation force, and the dark, or fear-motivation force, are thought to be oppositional powers at work in the world. If we sort ideas into one of these two categories, Love-motivation or fear-motivation, which ideas will fall into which category? For example, sort reincarnation and sort resurrection to see where these ideas will fit. Perhaps they come under the same category, being variations on the theme of eternal life. Sort salvation-from-without and also enlightenment-from-within into these two categories. Now, go back and look at these ideas. Which ones do you select? Do you believe you can alter your spirit-soul's destiny by altering your personal beliefs?

The following shows the idea of oppositional forces at play in the lives of humans, as it was perceived by the Aztecs and the ancient Indians of Central America. The Aztecs were once love-motivated and they were open to earth energy and the Kundalini power of the serpent energy, which they called Quetzalcoatl, Feathered Serpent. This good god of theirs was finally displaced by Huitzilopochtli, god or war and of the sun. The values of the Aztecs became warped as they were guided by this Karmic sun god to produce the horrors of their civilization that we are familiar with. It wasn't always that way. There was a time when they subscribed to the teachings of the Feathered Serpent, who spoke to them of love, of the purpose of existence and of the meaning of life.

About existence and the meaning of life, an enlarged perspective can sometimes be gained if we think of life as a game. In ancient Mexico, the early Aztecs, Mayas and Toltecs played a game called Ollin, the Sacred Cosmic Ball Game. The game symbolized the game of life and taught each individual spiritual knowledge and the importance of being able to successfully mediate and manage the strong "positive" and "negative" universal forces. In this game, which was played at a temple-pyramid, all the world’s a stage whereupon these great cosmic forces play out the dramas within them. Center stage and in the starring role is each individual, who channels and mediates the forces and within whom the forces are reconciled. Each person is thus the center of the universe.

The Forces of Light are represented by the World of Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent.

We are seeing again in again, in diverse ancient civilizations, this Kundalini serpent-bird symbolism. In the legend of the Aztecs, the priests had a vision in which they saw their people establish a great civilization in a marshy area where they would see a cactus growing out of a rock and perched on the cactus, an eagle eating a snake. Today, the eagle, cactus and snake appear on all Mexican paper money. A plant growing from a stone, an alchemical symbol seen in alchemy of the 16th century and later periods, represents the Philosopher's Stone, resurrection symbol of eternal life.

Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent, is an ascension symbol. The serpent and the energy it represents have been transmuted to a bird and a different energy, and now can fly or ascend. A modern depiction of Quetzalcoatl is seen as earth energy (Dragon current) becoming Kundalini energy. This powerful energy is depicted as capable of blazing through the physical body, setting it afire and transforming the vehicle into bird energy or ascension energy. Is it surprising that we channel the earth energy into ourselves and out the top of our heads? If the energy is not carefully directed, it can produce warrior societies, as in the case of the Aztecs.

Quetzalcoatl is associated with Venus, the morning and evening star. He is also a symbol of death and resurrection. Quetzalcoatl's Forces of Light are:

Malinalli (Life), Coatl (Creator), Calli (Preserve),
Xochitl (Joy), Itzcuintli (Love), Mazatl (Peace),
Ollin (Power), Cuetzpallin (Fertility), Cuauhtli (Air),
Atl (Water).

His opponent is Tezcatlipoca, god of the night sky and symbol of death and reincarnation. The Forces of Darkness are represented by the World of Tezcatlipoca. The dark forces are:

Miquiztli (Death), Cipactli (Idleness), Cozcaquauhtli (Spoiler),
Acatl (Emptiness), Ocelotl (Hatred), Ozomatli (Inferior Man),
Tochtli (Weakness), Tecpatl (Sterility), Ehecatl (Violence),
Quiahuitl (Emotion).

The Sacred Cosmic Ball Game was a religious ritual game played on the steps of the temple-pyramids. The players were required to be knowledgeable in the sciences of time, astronomy, philosophy and similar disciplines that lead to wisdom. Without sound knowledge, the game of life cannot properly be played, and without wisdom it cannot fully be enjoyed. Priests wore symbolic masks to indicate the Power they represented in either the World of Quetzalcoatl or the World of Tezcatlipoca. Tla Man at the center of the game is humanity represented by a priest wearing a human mask.

The object of the game was for a player to move toward the top of the pyramid while assisted by the Forces of Light. The Forces of Darkness tried to drive the player down to the lower levels and off the pyramid. At the top of the pyramid is the portal to Otherworld, where one dimension converges with another. The players could move only up or down and could not stay in one place for long. No horizontal movement was allowed. At the higher levels of the pyramid stood the priests masked as the Powers of Darkness, who tried to push the player down to the lower levels where the representatives of the Powers of Light symbolized the lifting of the player upward. Players reaching the top of the pyramid defeated gravity and their spirits become one with the Light. The portal to Otherworld opened to them and they escaped the reincarnation forces of time and fatality.

A player advanced to a higher level according to whether his deeds and thoughts matched those of the Forces of Light. The player must move down the pyramid if they matched those of the Forces of Darkness. Prior to the game each player tried to accumulate small round rubber balls, awarded for every good deed. During the games these balls were given to the masked priests representing the Powers at work in the universe with whom the players cooperated. When a player was reduced to only one ball remaining, he was out of the game. This motivated each person to practice good deeds and thoughts everyday, to cooperate with the Forces of Light so that he might collect enough balls to stay in the ball game. The punishment for bad deeds and thoughts is early retirement from the game.

By this game of Ollin the priests were successful in instilling a moral code into the society, as well as teaching the foremost principles of this cosmology. The priests could effectively teach each member of the society about the higher calling of an individual, about that person’s place and purpose in the universe, and about what one could expect at the next level of existence. The ultimate lesson to be learned in the Game of Life is that a human spirit can exist and be productive at various levels of mastership according to spiritual perfection and growth, and individual desire to align with the powers of Love and Light.

Claire Watson
Shield Guide
(Ollin material adapted from Szekely
From Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids, by Peter Tompkins)

Isis and Osiris, For Love of Typhon

This is the third article on the idea of reciprocal as being the harmony of the cosmos. "There could not be apart good things and bad, but there's a blend of both so as to make things fair." (Plutarch) The following Isis-Osiris mystery-myth demonstrates the ancient concept of duality as it was expressed in the persons of good-doing Osiris and wicked Typhon,with Isis as the Intermediate Principle, representing transcendence of duality. But how does she bring about the transcendence? Where Osiris is Mercy, represented by his crook, and Typhon is severity, represented by the scourge, Isis Unveiled unites them within herself by her unconditional love, her compassion and her responsive sexuality.

The three of them, Osiris, Typhon and Isis, represent the Three Primordial Principles of positive, negative and neutral, creating a dimension or plane of existence upon which the cosmic powers can actualize themselves through us, their human counterparts. If we accept this tri-fold energy concept as cosmic law, what does it means in terms of structuring our own reality and consciousness for the new millennium? How can the earth goddess society energies of love, compassion, mercy and forgiveness be released from the entrapment of religious institutions and widely promoted? The following is the story of the earth goddess Isis' love for Osiris and her compassion for Typhon.

In the beginning Thoth and Rhea, the Father-Mother, were in love. Rhea worshipped Thoth, and Thoth served Rhea. Within Rhea's Womb life began to form. The life therein was the vast vortexes and spiraling galaxies of the universe, and all was motion within her. Thoth introduced order into Rhea - creating space-time - and she gave birth to Osiris. A voice fell out with him announcing the good-doing Osiris is born. Next came his brother Elder Horus, a prophetic birth, followed by the wicked Typhon who leapt forth most unnaturally from Rhea’s rib, preempting his sister Isis who should have come before him. Next was born Nephthys, her name meaning End. Isis and Osiris were in love and were born married. Also were Typhon and Nephthys but they hated each other. Thus was duality established.

Osiris was a God-man and carried a scepter symbolizing his power. He traveled all over the cosmos and brought order to the visible universe. His name is derived from sairein meaning sweep clean, and he swept clean the world. He provided fruit for everyone and taught them geometry so they could have health and wisdom. Osiris was a heaven-walker and he also sailed the heaven-ocean in his ship the constellation Argo.

While Osiris was away bringing order to the visible universe, his brother Typhon tried to take his throne. The goddess Isis held the throne for Osiris and kept Typhon at bay until Osiris could return. She had some sway over Typhon because he had been born a serpent, and out of compassion for him she split his tail in half lengthwise so he could have legs and walk upright. Typhon was a reptile with legs.

When good-doing Osiris returned from arranging the universe, he had been gone so long that he mistook Nephthys for Isis and slept with her, causing the birth of Anubis. No one would have known of his indiscretion except that he dropped a wreath of honey-clover from his pocket onto the bed, where Typhon later found it and swore to kill him. Isis found out about it, also. When Nephthys gave birth to Anubis, she left him exposed to die, out of fear of Typhon, but compassionate Isis went looking for the baby and saved it.

Typhon, plotting to kill Osiris, built a coffin-chest to would fit him exactly. He tricked Osiris into getting inside it, whereupon he closed the lid and threw the coffin into the Nile. Mythical creatures in the form of pans and satyrs spread the news everywhere of Osiris' dire fate and a panic broke out. Isis, all distraught, took her 3-pronged scepter, her symbol of power, and set out in her papyrus skiff to find Osiris. No one could help her except for Anubis, who knew what had happened and who told Isis. Anubis was loyal to her because she had saved him at birth.

With a broken heart, Isis began her search to find Osiris. She set out in her papyrus skiff onto the Nile where Osiris' coffin had been wave-tossed into the papyrus swamps of the Delta. It came to rest in Byblos against a heather-bush, which grew into a beautiful heather-tree because it grew around the coffin and body of Osiris. The king of Byblos cut the tree and used it as a pillar in the roof of his palace. He left behind a tree with 5 branches.

Isis found her way to Byblos, where the queen hired her as a nurse for her baby son Diktys. Isis nursed the baby with a finger of her right hand because she was a goddess, and with her left hand she beat her breast in mourning for her husband Osiris. Isis revealed her identity, becoming Isis Unveiled, and opened the tree trunk pillar, retrieving the damaged coffin-chest and body of Osiris. She placed it in her skiff and took it back to Egypt, where she hid it in the marsh swamps of Buto.

Typhon was out hunting pigs in the light of the moon with his hunting dogs when he found the coffin-chest of Osiris. He opened it and chopped the body into 14 pieces with his hatchet, scattering the pieces everywhere. Once again, Isis set out in her skiff to find Osiris, finding all of his pieces except for his phallus, which was eaten by the sharp-snout fish and the Nile crab. She took the pieces and buried them in the cities of Egypt, guaranteeing so many burial places of Osiris that Typhon could never find him. The Egyptians celebrated the Burials of Osiris by cutting a tree-trunk and making it into a crescent-shaped coffin.

Horus, the son of Osiris, came forth to avenge his father's death. He wore on his head the plumes of Isis and Nephthys, his plumes of power. The falcon on the perch was his symbol and also the golden hawk flying with the lodestone, the Bone of Horus. The Horus bird and the Typhon snake -- the sacred serpent-bird is Kundalini symbolism found in ancient Egypt.

The battle between Horus and Typhon and their enemy camps lasted for many days and Horus won. He tied and bound Typhon, intending to kill him, but compassionate Isis set Typhon free. Osiris:

"Himself if far, far from the earth, unspotted and unstained, and pure of every essence that is susceptible of death and of decay. Nor can the souls of men here [on the earth], swathed as they are with bodies and enwrapped in passions, commune with God, except so far as they can reach some dim sort of a dream [of Him], with the perception of a mind trained in philosophy. But when [their souls] freed [from these bonds] pass to the Formless and Invisible and Passionless and Pure, this God becomes their guide and king, as though they hung on Him, and gazed insatiate upon His Beauty, and longed after it--[Beauty] that no man can declare or speak about. It is with this the ancient tale makes Isis e'er in love, and, by pursuit [of it], and consort [with it], makes [her] full-fill all things down here with all things fair and good, whatever things have part in genesis [gene of Isis]." (Plutarch)
Claire Watson
Shield Guide
(excerpted from my books Interstellar Flight Portals; and Find Osiris, a children's book)

Deciphering Ancient Pictographs of the Mediterranean Area: Phaistos Portal Disk, Isis and Osiris

This is the first article in deciphering ancient pictographs. We will look at Side 1 and Side 2 of an ancient artifact I deciphered and then take that knowledge forward into the 3rd article of this series, in which you apply the information acquired here to your own decipherment of an ancient pictograph on the internet.

The Phaistos Portal Disk was found in 1908 at Phaistos, Crete, and was created in 1600 BCE by initiates into the Isis-Osiris mystery-myth sect. The images on the disk are a symbol language representing the various parts of the Isis-Osiris mystery-myth, in which good-doing Osiris is opposed by wicked Typhon. The disk records the activities of the Isis-Osiris sect as they convened inside the Great Pyramid of Cheops and worked to establish their group consciousness using the tools of sacred geometry. They practiced interdimensional travel and participated in higher levels of group activity at the astral level and beyond. This information is recorded on the disk.

The portal disk is a terra-cotta disk ceramically fired and hardened for preservation unlike the thousands of artifacts that were baked. The disk is approximately 6-1/4" in diameter and 1" thick. It was found beside a tablet of Linear A writing of ancient Crete, and this tablet establishes the date of the disk. The portal disk is inscribed with unique signs or pictographs, which were impressed with 48 different stamps, 37 of which were repeated. This is the earliest printing press technology known and not found in use again until 2,600 years later in China.

On Side 1 of the disk (with the flax flower in the center), 121 impressions were made with 35 different stamps, and on Side 2, 119 impressions were made, again with 35 different stamps. The sacred geometry found on the disk is the key that unlocks the meaning of the pictographs. The initiates into the Isis-Osiris mystery-myth believed ultimate reality to be numerical, number to be the key to the universe, triangles to be the fundamental building blocks of the cosmos and geometry to be the sacred science. They studied the properties of the circle and the geometry of the sphere for use in astronomy. The disk demonstrates "Euclidean" geometry 1300 years before Euclid taught it in Alexandria, Egypt. Also seen on the disk are constellations as they appeared 4000 years ago. The spiraling pattern of the disk represents the womb of Rhea in which life in the form of spiral galaxies began to form, with the elements of creation swirling round and round the vast vortex. When Thoth introduced order into Rhea, individuation occurred, and space-time and energy-matter were born.

Side 1, beginning with the flower at the center, and spiraling out

(1) Flax flower - priests of Isis wore linen made from the flax plant, its flower color resembling the aetherial radiance of the universe; (2) Priest of Isis - shaved their heads in morning for Osiris and because Isis cut a curl from her head also in mourning. Priests wear a figure 8 on their cheeks, symbol of infinity; (3) Sweep - sweep of Osiris, his name derived from sairein, meaning sweep clean (4) Heaven-walker - Osiris walking around the world sweeping it, also interdimensional traveler; (5) Papyrus - the plant, also represents phallus of Osiris; (6) "E" - Sumerian symbol meaning House, refers to Great Pyramid of Cheops, called Secret House, house of secret initiations; (7) Thyrsuses - tall symbolic wand, cane-like with a pine cone on top, carried in the festivals of Osiris in Greece; (8) Heather-bush - Chen-Osiris, ivy consecrated to Osiris, 5 branched tree after king of Byblos chopped it down; (9) Body of Osiris - after Typhon hacked it up with his hatchet; (10) Body of Osiris; (11) Shield - round shield with 7 interior dots symbolizes the visible universe, dots are the 7 planets, including the sun and the moon and excluding earth; silver shield of the Shield Guides; (12) Horus - wearing the plumes of Isis and Nephthys on his head (13) Flax flower; (14) Priest of Isis; (15) Sweep; (16) Heather-bush (17) "Y" - ancient Greek and Egyptian symbol for Pi, long line diameter, short line radius; see this Pi pattern built inside Cheops; (18) Scepter of Osiris - his symbol of power; (19) Heaven-walker; (20) Papyrus; (21) Shield; (22) Horus; (23) Shield; (24) Serpent - snake that chased Thueris when she switched sides from Typhon to Horus. Friends of Horus chopped it up. Chopping rope during festivals became a ritual symbolizing this in Egypt. Also, Typhon before Isis split his tail and gave him legs; (25) Golden Hawk - flying with the Bone of Horus (lodestone) in its claw; (26) "Y"; (27) Starship - starship; (28) Pyramid - symbolizes Cheops. These 6 pyramid signs dotted and connected with lines produce the pyramid Cheops (see the web page); (29) Isis Unveiled - nursing Diktys, her finger in his mouth, her left hand beating her breast; (30) Body of Osiris; (31) Pyramid; (32) Falcon on the perch - symbol of Horus; (33) Yoke - symbol of the constellation Bootes the Ploughman; (34) Body of Osiris; (35) Shield; (36) Horus; (37) Serpent; (38) Golden Hawk; (39) Shield; (40) Horus; (41) Heaven-walker; (42) Bull’s Foot - symbolizes Apis bull, sacred bull of Osiris, the god with the bull’s foot; (43) Pyramid; (44) Scepter; (45) Sweep; (46) Skiff of Isis - papyrus skiff; (47) Body of Osiris; (48) Horus; (49) Serpent (50) Golden Hawk; (51) Shield; (52) Horus; (53) Scepter; (54) Sharp-snout fish - ate the phallus of Osiris; (55) "E"; (56) Thyrsuses; (57) Heather-bush; (58) Body of Osiris; (59) Body of Osiris; (60) Shield; (61) Horus; (62) Serpent; (63) Golden Hawk; (64) Shield; (65) Horus; (66) Heaven-walker; (67) Bull’s foot; (68) Pyramid; (69) Scepter; (70) Sweep; (71) Skiff of Isis; (72) Body of Osiris; (73) Horus; (74) Nile crab - crab that ate the phallus of Osiris; (75) Marsh grass - marshes of the Nile Delta; (76) Flax flower; (77) Scepter; (78) Falcon on the Perch; (79) Shield (80) Horus; (81) Triangle fruit - fruit distributed by Osiris to the people of Egypt, also represents geometry; (82) Coffin-chest - designed by Typhon to capture Osiris; (83) Damaged coffin-chest - damaged by the heather tree that grew around it; (84) Heaven-walker; (85) Heather-bush (86) "Y"; (87) Damaged coffin-chest; (88) Shield; (89) Horus; (90) Heather-bush; (91) Serpent; (92) Golden Hawk; (93) Pyramid; (94) Isis Unveiled; (95) Shield; (96) Horus; (97) Right hand - symbolizes North of the cosmos and of Egypt. In legacy, laments those born in the left hand and died in the right hand, or born in south Egypt and died in north Egypt; (98) Pig - Typhon out hunting pigs when he found the coffin-chest and body of Osiris; (99) Body of Osiris; (100) Shield; (101) Triangle fruit; (102) Nile River - symbolizes the Nile River and body of water; (103) Body of Osiris; (104) Sharp-snout fish; (105) Coffin-chest; (106) Osiris and shield - Osiris brings order to the visible universe; Osiris is Shield Guide; (107) Horus; (108) Great dog - dog symbolizing Canis Major; (109) Dog - Typhon’s hunting dog; (110) Dog; (111) Triangle fruit; (112) Nile River; (113) Dog; (114) Shield; (115) Coffin-chest; (116) Cosmic House of Horus - in the constellation Bootes, perhaps a space station there; (117) Pyramid; (118) Heaven-walker; (119) Papyrus; (120) Shield; (121) Horus

Phaistos Portal Disk 2, Isis and Osiris

This is the second article in deciphering ancient pictographs. After seeing Side 1 and Side 2 of this ancient artifact I deciphered, we will take that knowledge forward into the 3rd article of this series, in which the information will apply in the decipherment of an ancient pictograph on the internet.

Side 2, from the Triangle fruit in the center, spiraling out

(1) Triangle fruit (2) Nile River (3) Skiff of Isis (4) Scepter of Osiris; (5) Persea fruit - Persea tree sacred to Isis because its fruit resembles a heart and its leaf a tongue. Isis was known as the Lady of the Heart and Tongue (6) Dog; (7) Triangle fruit; (8) Scepter of Isis - her symbol of power; (9) Heather-bush; (10) Isis Unveiled; (11) Horus; (12) Triangle fruit; (13) Pyramid (14) Marsh grass; (15) Sacred sheep - priests of Isis refused to wear sheep’s wool and eat its flesh. They shaved their heads, denuding themselves of hair, thus refused to wear the hair of an animal; (16) Hoodwink of the robe - robe of the initiate into the mystery-myth. One of two robes, Robe of Isis and Robe of Osiris; (17) Right hand (18) Triangle fruit; (19) Honey-clover - fell from the pocket of Osiris when he slept with Nephthys; (20) Dog; (21) Typhon - his serpent’s tail split lengthwise by Isis so he could walk even-footed and upright; (22) Cosmic House of Horus; (23) Pyramid; (24) Scepter of Osiris; (25) Triangle fruit; (26) Triangle fruit; (27) Nile River; (28) Triangle fruit; (29) Heather-bush; (30) Pyramid; (31) Triangle fruit; (32) Skiff of Isis; (33) Scepter of Isis; (34) Persea fruit; (35) Body of Osiris; (36) Right hand; (37) Triangle fruit; (38) Honey-clover; (39) Dog; (40) Typhon; (41) Triangle fruit (42) Nile River; (43) Dog; (44) Papyrus; (45) Right hand; (46) Dog; (47) Right hand; (48) Triangle fruit; (49) Honey-clover; (50) Dog; (51) Heaven-walker; (52) Body of Osiris; (53) Hoodwink of a robe; (54) Horus; (55) Sharp-snout fish; (56) Marsh grass; (57) Falcon on the perch; (58) Heather-bush; (59) Isis Unveiled; (60) Heaven-walker; (61) Sharp-snout fish; (62) Dog; (63) Pyramid; (64) Yoke; (65) Trumpet - deep-toned pipe of ancient Crete, used by women in Greece to call Dionysis (Osiris) out of the water; (66) Heather-bush; (67) Water-vase - carried by the priests at the head of the processions celebrating the immortality of Osiris; (68) Cosmic House of Horus; (69) Cosmic House of Horus; (70) Dog; (71) Heaven-walker; (72) Flax flower; (73) Skiff of Isis; (74) Body of Osiris; (75) Coffin-chest; (76) Honey-clover; (77) Serpent; (78) Horus; (79) Heather-bush; (80) Coffin-chest; (81) Cosmic House of Horus; (82) Triangle fruit; (83) Skiff of Isis; (84) Crescent shaped coffin - made from a tree-trunk by the people of Egypt to celebrate the Burials of Osiris; (85) Thyrsuses; (86) Typhon; (87) Pyramid; (88) Heaven-walker; (89) Papyrus; (90) Triangle fruit; (91) Hatchet of Typhon - used by Typhon to chop up the body of Osiris; (92) Sharp-snout fish; (93) Marsh grass; (94) Heaven-walker; (95) Papyrus; (96) Equilateral triangle - symbolizes the study of geometry and contains 20 points, symbolizing the icosahedron, "Platonic" solid made of 20 equilateral triangles; (97) Pyramid; (98) Scepter of Osiris; (99) Trumpet; (100) Shield; (101) Water-vase; (102) Cosmic House of Horus; (103) Sharp-snout fish; (104) Body of Osiris; (105) Skiff of Osiris; (106) Typhon; (107) Mythical creature - spread the news of the dire fate of Osiris, causing a panic in Panopolis; (108) Scepter of Osiris; (109) Thyrsuses; (110) Horus; (111) Heather-bush; (112) Triangle fruit; (113) Nile River; (114) Body of Osiris; (115) Triangle fruit; (116) Coffin-chest; (117) Typhon; (118) Shield; (119) Horus

Claire Watson
Shield Guide
(excepted from my book Interstellar Flight Portals and Find Osiris, a children's book)

Abydos Temple Carving

Some of the information gained from the decipherment of the Phaistos Portal Disk can be applied here in deciphering this curious carving in Abydos, Egypt.

Abydos is an ancient city of Egypt located on the western bank of the Nile River, about 100 miles downstream from Thebes. Osiris was originally the local god of Abydos and Busiris. The following is information I received in a mysterious way that will help with your decipherment. In ancient Egypt was a legend saying those who sail in papyrus skiffs are safe from crocodiles. The people of Abydos were being attacked and eaten by crocodiles. In desperation they carved a prayer to Osiris at their temple. See if you can get the meaning of their prayer. Send me your decipherments, I'd love to see them! I'll post the results soon with my own decipherment.

Claire Watson

What is a Portal?

A portal is a two-way interdimensional door opening into several realities, including the astral world; the far reaches of physical, interstellar space; and alternate, parallel universes. When the ritual is performed to activate the doorway, there is no way of knowing which essential reality will be accessed, and this surprise element is part of the fun of it! Ritual of the Portal is coordinated by a vast network of benevolent and powerful interdimensional beings who monitor and control what happens in the portals. Ritual of the Portal is the mechanics of planetary ascension.

Ritual of the Portal is an exciting transformational experience and an ancient alchemical activity. It facilitates the alchemical Great Work by opening interdimensional doorways so that we may communicate and interact with spiritual, interdimensional and extraterrestrial beings of the universe who can pass through the portals. We hope we may be able to see them and we know their presence will enhance our lives, just as our lives will enrich their own. We open the portals so that, with these interdimensional beings as our guides, we may pass through the portals astrally and visit other parts of the universe and other dimensions, thus enlightening our perspective and our understanding of the Great Plan. Elevation to the astral plane is part of passing through the portal, and it is from this platform of awareness that many experiences are possible. We hope to accomplish an alchemy - a fusion - with beings of light. Their level of spiritual evolution is beyond our present understanding, but we have the power to join with them, they have a desire to unite with us, and this is in keeping with Divine Law. When ascension is a mass event it becomes planetary ascension and it brings Earth on-line with an network of planets.

By uniting with interdimensional beings of light, we experience an increase in astral projection to the far reaches of the universe, we become telepathically gifted, and our personal power and overall happiness grows.

How to locate your portal

Everyone has a portal because portals are predictable openings in the curtain of space-time and energy-matter. We came through a portal to get here. Portals typically are sited near water, although they don't have to be. In the home the portal usually is close to the bathroom. In my home the portal occupies the same space as the doorway to my bedroom, and a portal path runs from the doorway to the bathroom where there is a gathering of all the beings with whom I associate. I know of another portal in a bathroom between the tub and the lavatory; another by a window with a portal path running down the hall, turning right and passing through a solid wall and then ending in the bathroom; another just inside the bathroom door; and I know of portals in the outdoors.

When looking for your portal, pay close attention to the temperature and electrostatic sensations. The portal will have a different temperature, usually cooler, than the rest of the room, and when you find it you should have a tingling sensation when you stand in it. Often, the sensation feels like "goose bumps," but without the bumps, and with body hair standing up as with static electricity. When a portal is active in the home, a large electrostatic field is evidenced, generating enough voltage to increase battery power. Stand in the portal and allow yourself to relax completely. You may feel the sensation of anti-gravity, which I describe as a "floaty" feeling and which causes my arms to float up over my head, where they feel the most comfortable.

Before you begin portal activation, stand or sit outside it and look inside for any unusual activity, such as speeding specks of dust, black lightning, heavy air, shadows, etc. I usually see very wispy clouds of air and speeding specks of dust. I know people who have seen "black lightning" and heavy air. Gossamer clouds are easy to see inside the portal. When performing Ritual of the Portal, "magical" items, patterns of movement, and invocations create an important atmosphere and gestalt. The portal is a naturally occurring structure or "house" which you will enlarge and enter. To enlarge and empower my portal, I encircle it with quartz rocks and crystals. Use jewelry with quartz if you don't have quartz crystals. (Varieties of quartz are listed below.) Quartz is transparent to ultraviolet rays and possesses an unusual property known as the piezoelectric effect, which means that an electric charge can be induced in the crystal when pressure is applied to it in certain directions. When the voltage generated by the portal is conducted by the quartz, and when the quartz is manipulated by the portal beings, the powers of the portal, the quartz, the beings and the participants are enhanced. Electrically vibrating quartz is used by the portal-beings as a means of measuring and controlling their frequency of vibration, in terms of Hertz or cycles per second. By using the quartz this way, the portal-beings become visible to us, and we have seen them.

Varieties of Quartz: Rock Crystal - Clear; Amethyst; Citrine; Brown Quartz; Rose Quartz; Milky Quartz; Quartz Cat's-Eye - Tiger-Eye; Aventurine Quartz; Chalcedony; Jasper; Agates; Sard, Sardonyx, Onyx; Chrysophrase; Carnelian; Opal

Shield Guide
LVX - Light of the Cross

Earth Ritual to Empower the Spirit-Soul

I hope we can all start on time and do the ritual together. If not, perform this ritual when you can. On the same day or the 6th or the 8th would be great. About 300 of us will be participating all over the planet, some actively and others in mind and idea. In this ritual we hope to establish the foundation of a group consciousness.

You may set up your portal anyway you like, as a circle, as an altar, as a specific design. I plan to construct mine in the following way. First, I will turn off my computer nearby because I will be working with two portal disks: Side 1 or Side 2 of the Phaistos Portal Disk and the Enochian Disk. If you have any problems printing out these disks, let me know. I can possibly email them to you and you can print them out from there.

This will be a very powerful ritual because we will be working with light and dark forces to activate the spiral energy needed to empower our living light-body, or Merkaba, through the planetary etheric matrix via inner plane portals to reach the Treasury of Light. The Phaistos Portal Disk is a portal opening disk, an open-ended geometric design, and the Enochian Disk is a portal closing disk, a close-ended geometric design.

The Enochian Disk was received in a mysterious way in the 16th century by John Dee, court astrologer for Elizabeth I (whose name is spelled out on the disk) and his associate, the alchemist Edward Kelley. According to them, they were crystal gazing and saw the disk materialize in the obsidian "shewstone." Appearing with it was a young angel about 8 or 9 years old named Madimi, who instructed them on the design and lettering of the disk. John Dee named one of his daughters Madimi. On comparison of the Phaistos Portal Disk and the Enochian Disk you can see how similar they are, the only two such disks and designs known to exist at this time.

At the center of the Enochian Disk is the word "Zeel," meaning re-turn, impossible to see on the web page and the printout. Also on the disk is the word "El," meaning "turn." In this context, I am interpreting "El" to mean turn and gauge, because the Enochian Disk fits over the Aztec Calendar. If you would like to see this match, email me and I will send you both drawings so you can see how the Enochian Disk is used to "turn and gauge" the Aztec Calendar. In this opening-closing ritual we will not be using the Aztec Calendar. We will use the Phaistos Portal Disk to open further the portal at Cheops Pyramid and then, using the Enochian Disk, close the Pyramid of the Sun portal when we are finished.

I plan to use my quartz to make the design of the constellation Orion, because the three pyramids at Giza are aligned to match the three stars in Orion's Belt. This is an "As Above, So Below" configuration. In the top section of Orion, I will place the Phaistos Portal Disk and in the bottom section I will place the Enochian Disk. Near each disk I will make an Egyptian Ankh cross with quartz. The Ankh is a "T" shaped cross with a circle resting atop the horizontal bar. Use anything magical you like, runes, quartz, whatever you have that is special for you to design this cross. I also will scatter various types of quartz and rose petals all over Orion. I plan to light candles before I begin the ritual, but I won't be lighting them during the ritual as we have done in the fire rituals. Instead, I will place 4 small bowls of earth in the 4 directions of the portal layout.

The ancient Egyptians thought of God as Light, Great Creator. Their name for the Creator God was Ptah. In this pyramid ritual we will call for Ptah Great Creator to shine the Boundless Light of creation upon us, to allow the Egyptian Shield Guides to pass through the pyramid portals, and to help empower our Spirit-Souls through the etheric planetary portals. Let us begin:

Earth Ritual To Empower The Spirit-Soul

A Soul Saith:

Light, Great Creator, we see your eternal power. From a beginning boundless to an endless end You create the galaxies and spin them with your whirl. Ptah Creator God, hear us now we beseech thee.

A Soul Saith:

Light, Great Creator, you are the Fount of Light. You pierce the darkness, you make clear the path for all. You are the lord of joy! Ptah Great Creator God, hear us. Open the Cheops Pyramid portal and let these go through.

A Soul Saith:

Osiris, Shield us Guide us. Ptah, let him go through! (Sprinkle earth from the North bowl onto the Phaistos Disk.) Isis, Shield us Guide us. Ptah, let her go through! (Sprinkle earth from the South bowl onto the Phaistos Disk.) Thoth, Shield us Guide us. Ptah, let him go through! (Sprinkle earth from the East bowl onto the Enochian Disk.) Mighty Horus, Shield us Guide us. Ptah, let him go through! (Spinkle earth from the West bowl onto the Enochian Disk.)

A Soul Saith:

Creator God, I have brought my heart. I wish to be a perfect soul. I am here when you call me. Ask for my heart-soul and I will give it. Light, Creator God, whose word is truth, whose word is truth. Ptah Creator God, lend me your power. Help me ascend my spirit-soul.

A Soul Saith:

Great Creator God, fill the Nile of my heart with the Water of Life. Light me the path to your wisdom, for I seek you as you desire it. Over the power of darkness assert your mastery of command. Light, Great Creator, bestow upon me a special gift.

A Soul Saith:

Ptah Creator God, I live in the dawn of your love! In this place of ascending, this Mer, I await your light. To my Spirit, my Ka, unite my Soul, my Ba. Ascend my Spirit-Soul, my Mer-Ka-Ba.

A Soul Saith:

Propel my Spirit-Soul through the portals to the heaven-sphere. No passwords are needed now, no gatekeepers block my path. I ascend on spiral energy past the Moon, past Mars and Venus. I ascend on spiral energy past Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun.

A Soul Saith:

Light, Great Creator, the road of souls is open to your heaven-plane. Send the Virgin of Light to seal my soul against heaviness of heart. Light is on my face and on the face of my twin soul and we are oneness. We ascend and see the Great God in the shrine of the Treasury of Light.

A Soul Saith:

Ptah, I lift up my hands in prayer for your divine love and light. Invisible forces hinder Heart-souls and Spirit-souls on the path. Shine your light on the dark and let the dark seize upon it. Shield Guides come forward. Close the portal at the Pyramid of the Sun.

A Soul Saith: Sayad Djed - It is done.

The ritual is over. Relax, meditate and experience the Light of the Great Creator God. Pay close attention to your dreams and remember to email me your ritual experiences. I would like to post them on the internet.

Shield Guide
LVX - Light of the Cross

The Planet Divine

The jungle dreams of Egypt are on the new Ritual of the Portal web site, and I thought you would enjoy reading them before the pyramid ritual.

Ritual of the Portal for Planetary Ascension is supported solely by the sale of my books, which were put into print early this year, and you will see these books on the web site. Many of the people who have read them tell me they're really good, and then they buy more of them and that is a good sign. In fact, many people who have read one of the books, Heavenly Partners, have bought 5 or 6 copies of that book and given them as gifts. The most popular children's book is Find Osiris.

The books appear on the web site in the order in which I wrote them and they represent my steady progression from knowledge to knowledge taking me into the lightwork project Ritual of the Portal. The books are co-authored by my spirit guides, whom I call Heavenly Partners, and much of the material you will see in these books is completely original, the result of spirit-guided pathwork. All the books are self-published and generously illustrated. I think you will really like these books because of your interest in the portal material, and I appreciate deeply your involvement. The work we do together is so important to the well-being of this planet and to ourselves as we begin to work in oneness and to realize, we are the Planet Divine.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Ritual Results

About these ritual results, I think you will find them to be almost unbelievable, but in explanation of the Great Mystery they describe, consider this, that the relation to God (the Transcendent)is a function of you.

This is my ritual result. After I performed the ritual, I discovered an apport. From the French apporter, apport means to bring. It is the penetration of matter by objects which seem to enter the room through solid matter. In this case the apport came through my portal. When we performed the Rock Eagle ritual, I used a glass jar of water from the Chalice Well at Glastonbury Tor. It was given to me by Cynthia at a gathering in her home in North Carolina. At the end of the pyramid ritual, I had not one but two identical glass jars of Chalice Well water.

The second glass jar appeared after I spoke the ritual words. My voice was different, and the words came out of me with an impressive tone of power and authority. I loved the feel of the words and the flow of the ritual. I said the ritual twice, to experience the voice and the words again. I meditated for about 1-1/2 hours, as long as the sublime, deeply cellular feeling lasted. Then I felt energetic and decided to move 4 milky quartz Rock Eagle rocks in my bedroom to outside on the patio. When I picked up the rocks I saw the second jar of Chalice Well water between the rocks and my printer.

The jars are twins in every way. The original jar is transparent glass with a black plastic lid with dust. The water is clear with white particles floating. The water has a distinct odor. On the bottom of the lid are the letters MRP in an oval. Beneath that are the numbers and letters, 70MM. On the bottom of the jar are the numbers 2244, the letter B in a circle, bottom center, and to the left of the B, the number 5. Below the B the number 6, the number associated with Merkaba.

The new jar is the same size exactly as the original jar. It is transparent glass with a black plastic lid with dust, identical to the original jar. The water is clear with white particles floating. The water has the same distinct odor. The new jar contains the same amount of water the original jar contained before I used it in the Rock Eagle ritual. On the bottom of the lid of the new jar are the letters MRP in an oval. Beneath that are the numbers and letters, 70MM. On the bottom of the new jar are the numbers 2244, the letter B in a circle, bottom center, and to the left of the B, the number 5. Below the B the number 5, the number associated with the Grail. The jars are numbered sequentially and in descending order, like the vessels of the Kabala Tree of Life. I call the twin jars Ka and Ba, as in the pyramid ritual:

To my Spirit, my Ka, unite my Soul, my Ba.

Ka is Spirit, the jar from above, and Ba is Soul, the jar from below. Collectively, they are Kabala.

The Chalice Well at Glastonbury Tor, in the county of Somerset, England, is supposed to have hidden within it the Holy Grail, making the water holy and healing. The Grail is believed to be the chalice used by Jesus at the Last Supper. It is supposed to have miraculous powers and was sought for by the Knights of the Round Table, the perfect spiritual knighthood, for whom the Grail materialized at the Round Table. Glastonbury means Glass Castle, an esoteric reference to the glass wall between chakras 6 and 7, two of the life-giving energy centers of the chakra system in the body. The Grail is the symbol of the highest spiritual fulfillment, or chakra 7, the crown chakra.

To reach the energy wheel of chakra 7 and attain the Grail, the spiritual knight embarks on an inner world journey through the strange and mysterious chakra system comprising the psychical self. In this interior land of myth and metaphor, dreams and portals, stairways and houses, there exists an obstacle to be overcome and a trial to be passed by the spiritual knight. The obstacle is an impassible, transparent glass wall, part of a glass castle in an enchanted land of Kundalini/Camelot where Merlin the magician lives. In the land of Kundalini/Camelot are only two pricipalities, named Eros and Thanatos - Sex and Death. When the obstacle is passed the rewards are great, but the glass wall cannot be climbed, it is too high. It cannot be gone under, it is too deep. It cannot be gone around, it is too wide. It cannot be broken, it is too thick.

To enter the glass castle and attain the magical realm of chakra 7, the knight transcends the I/Thou archetype of our world of apparent extreme duality, and realizes subject and object are one. At the moment of realization the knight sees the glass wall and says, "I am that," then BECOMES the glass wall, passes beyond the self and enters the land of Camelot and the realms of the crown chakra, where our mortality and our immortality are one.

From Lisa:

This was powerful!!!!!!!!

I did this ritual and I coincidentally (not) met a reiki master and ever since, my crown chakra has been opening more and more, easily too.

From Glenys Lowery:
From the onset, I would like to say that I’m not unfamiliar with rituals and their power. I have been involved in rituals, initiations and spiritual phenomena for most of my 42 years. So I was interested to observe my heightened sense of excitement and anticipation during the three days preceding the Ritual.

I have always been an Egyptologist and my house is full of replicas of artifacts (all of which I lovingly used in my Ritual). I also have a special love for Egy. symbols, particularly the Ankh and the Eye of Maat (later commandeered by Horus) which I also used. So I wasn't too surprised when two days before the Ritual, I had a vision of a past life initiation in an inner chamber of a pyramid. The interior of the sarcophagus, the chanting of the priests and priestesses and the darkness and fear when they enclosed me in the tomb were all very vivid. I wasn't even surprised when the night before the Ritual, an Egy. guide, resplendent in dazzling gold and white, visited me. He spoke about the importance of the Ritual and said he would be with me during it's entirety. I felt his presence constantly up to, during and after the Ritual. He is here with me now as I type these words.

I had such a lot of fun preparing for it. I had pictures of Orion and, as you suggested, I used crystals to map it out ( in my case, large quartz spheres). I used lots of other crystals (all quartz except for a big piece of black tourmaline to help keep the energies grounded - an inspired addition for which I was grateful later), Egy. paraphernalia and jewelry. As I live in an apartment, I used dirt from my pot-plants!

After setting up and about 20 minutes before the ceremony, I lit a candle and sat before it to prepare myself. I took your point about there being no need for candles this time but try as I might, I couldn’t extinguish it. So I left it burning throughout the Ritual.

At the appointed time, I began the Ritual in the company of all my unseen friends, my Egy. companion and a host of observers and participants. Although I was alone in the physical, my apartment was crowded. My sense of participation and excitement was at a peak as I commenced. As I read the words, it was if it was another voice speaking, full of power, authority and controlled emotion as a huge vortex of power and light came down (or rose up) from the sacred space I had created. It was so powerful I actually thought I would be lifted up into it and I’m reminded now of the movie "Twister". Majesty filled the room.

When I finished speaking the words of the Ritual, my Egy. companion arrived and spoke to me about the experience and future action in which I would be engaged. After that (or before, I can't remember), an enormous gold disk appeared above me and poured out a stream of brilliant, golden light. This seemed to last for ages. Then I became aware of my surroundings and the Ritual ended. The candle extinguished effortlessly.

I am not the sort of person who is given to having "experiences" for the sake of them. In fact, I tend to "test the spirits" quite severely before I'm convinced of the authenticity of an experience. I know this was real. My heightened sense of anticipation, my pre-ritual experiences and the Ritual itself convinced me that this was a momentous occasion full of light and power.

Thank you, Claire, for giving me the opportunity to participate. While I am somewhat aware of the importance of the Ritual for the Planet, I also have a glimmer of understanding of it's importance for me on a personal level. I feel the opening of the Portal and the resulting release of energy and light has begun a process that will create shifts in many areas of my life.

This wasn't just another ritual and I look forward to being involved in those planned for the future. In the meantime, all blessings to you, the Shield Guides and all who participated.

From Pam Brown:
I made a layout of pyramids. One large solid brass pyramid, one crystal pyramid and one lapis pyramid. I placed these where I felt the portal was. I burned frankincense incense and 2 yellow candles. Then I took my special crystal and intuitively made a ring around it with some small amethysts. I also had a piece of azurite and gem silica.

I started out as I always do with a warm up of Kundalini breathing exercises. I was listening to some "hemi-sync" music called "transformation." I felt it was appropriate. While I was meditating each time I would hum I could feel a resonance like I have never felt before. When I was done with all the exercises, I got up and kneeled so that I could look in the mirror. This usually brings me into an altered state of mind to where I can see parts of my aura. I saw a purple tube of light (which I have seen before) above my head and up to the ceiling. Then the usual purple and green colored lights on the wall came within my vision. First from above and seemed to disappear into the top of my head. I felt nothing. Then the colored light, predominantly a luminous green began to fill my vision from all around me. It still was disappearing as it came close to me. Either into the top of my head or into my energy field, I guess. At one point I saw some diagonal lines jutting out to my right and my eyes felt all glassy-eyed as the green light filled my vision. In my peripheral vision I could see movement all around me. As I am writing this I see luminous flashes of tiny star-shaped sparkles of light as if they were going bing, bing, bing, and then gone.

In the early morning following the ritual, around 6:00, my son Kevin came into the bedroom nonchalantly and says, "MOM, I JUST RAN THROUGH A WHITE GLOW IN THE HALL. IT HAD A FACE TO IT!" No kidding word for word. He thinks he saw a ghost and he WAS NOT AFRAID. I must be doing something right!

From Hildur Hakonardottir
For quite a while not much was happening and I gently pushed away thoughts that liked to arise - I had not prepared the portal well enough - had to scold the dog - that I definitely was not in Egypt - I was in Mesoamerica and sometimes I was one of those steep pyramids and I wondered what was inside them comparable to my own body centers and systems - then I relaxed into these somewhat negative thoughts and accepted them as such and mentioned the password Chasmodai and Gabriel just in case......shortly after that I found myself seriously contemplating how it felt to meet a being so pure and Godlike that I would give all I had to serve and love one such and it was very clear that no God-king nor hero would do - only a pure avatar. It was a new and unknown feeling.

Light started slowly to come through the portal - it was yellow but had a sluggish and not pure radiance / vibration. I shifted from being cold and hot and tingling for the rest of the sitting.....Suddenly there was a flash of brilliant crystal clarity near my field of inner vision and I followed it and for a while I was trying to erect the clearest crystal I have ever witnessed in some square and planning to attract the people from all around....Then the five-sided crystal (do not know the name for it) was inside me or I was it and the light - now bright and clear and really flowing - kept streaming in through my right eye and I watched with wonder how the light turned into crystal form in the third dimension and then with still more wonder how the light kept on streaming in and charging the crystal and how endlessly a crystal could receive and hold such high and intense frequency / energy..... until I could no more and closed the sitting sprinkling a little earth with the fingers and the touch of the earth brought me instantly back....

My husband joined me during the sitting ...his story was that he immediately went up somewhere and there he came across an (air) tunnel and flew along it for a while or he himself became the CONCEPT of the tunnel and he oscillated between these the whole time except for a short while sensing himself as a tall man with narrow waist and broad shoulders.

From Mustafa Sinan Gonul:
I tried to do the portal activation ritual at home on 7th December 2.00am (according to your clock I think), although I was lack of some materials I completed the soul saith. After then I began to meditate and when I closed my eyes I saw spiral energies bursting from the portal disk on my table. I don't know maybe I just imagined them, or I saw what I want to.
From Karen Langdon:
Have just completed my ritual and set up much like yours, I did mine in the lounge, on a large wooden coffee table, with all my crystals and pottery bowls and flowers and petals, and disks of course.

After the ritual I meditated and was floating above the ground watching myself dressed in gold carrying a bowl of fruit to the opening in the pyramid I went in and placed the bowl at the feet of the statue of god...and then left and passed another women carrying something in, there were four of us, then we went and sat at the four corners of the pyramid outside and meditated after a while we levitated up to the point of the pyramid and energized some more and then scattered to the four winds where we were then beamed up to the mother ship.........

From Holly Grapes:
Thank you for providing me with the info regarding the meditation for the portal ritual (Cheops). I would like to tell you my results. This is the first one I have done, though I have added my mental/psychic energy to the others that you have done (at the specific times).

My husband and I did this one, in my new meditation room. It had been a very chaotic storage room calling out for more purpose. I worked hard to change it over, and in doing so had several surprises. One "surprise" was the (West) corner of the room that is now the "Altar". The first night my friend and I (who channel once a week) began to channel, we realized that this was also a "portal" for a group of beings directly connected to the ley-lines of the earth (magnetic grid). They were very disturbed by what had transpired (the mad rush to haul all the storables out of the room) and were trying to make order again. (Basically my chaos WAS their order...and when I ordered things (cleaned up) it created chaos (in the energy fields). There was much to exchange about each of us as they did not interact with humans, and could not understand the discrepancies with us (that we see as normal, such as why do we have Light (candles) when we are in the dark (room) For a short while I need to inform them of my goings-on in that space, (as they aren't going to vacate- as the land changes right there and they need to stay to fulfill their purpose and lessons).

I set up my portal space as a circle of crystals (pointing inward) with some stone pyramids and circular fossils (such as trilobites and nautilus) East, West, North and South had brass plates of Soil. We were seated inside circle. When we finished ritual and closed eyes for the meditation, I was immediately impressed with a very strong circular energy pattern that kept moving faster and faster as it finally was a disk hurled quickly into space past Venus. At that point I knew I could be both in space and Earth at the same time. In the west corner (altar), a portal door appeared, and 4 Lightbeings stepped thru. There were 2 adults and 2 children (same as my family) and they explained that they, too, were doing lessons like we were, only not in a physical way. They imbued us with light from their heart centers and told me it would now be easier for us to be here (earth) as humans have so many distractions to keep us from what our Real Purpose is. I asked to hold their children (and did) and they held ours (and told me it wasn't the first time they have held ours, either!)

At that point I decided to go into space with the voice that was speaking to me (not the lightbeing) a kindly, elderly gentlemen's voice (tho sometimes it changed to female) I could not see him/her but trusted (from my channeling experiences) his/her energy pattern as "safe". He took me to a planet/star that was where several "junior" creators were working. They had what appeared to be humanoid torsos on tables trying to create the energy needed to make appendages (arms, legs) There were already adept in creating other forms....This was like a school or university. (I was even shown one creating magnificent flowers, something I love on Earth)

Then I was taken to a planet/star of Learning, and was told that this is where ALL go to learn. (Even as earth children in schools when we learn, a part of us goes here to do it) I asked if this was the akashic records..He answered "No", but that they existed here too.. but one didn't need to go to the akashic records to get here, one needed only to LEARN.

Next he asked me what would I like to see. I asked if there were a place like this for Healing. He said "yes" and took me to a planet/star that was involved in that. It was a very serene and quiet place with (what appeared) all female spirit energies. They were all in flowing robes with hoods (Very Mother Mary-ish). We had to be very quiet and gentle here as he told me that Healing is a very Balanced thing,, and even us being here could upset that balance. I asked if I could have a healing.

I was sitting then and one came over and proceeded to imbue a very misty green white "light" over me (sorta blob-style) I could not feel it but it started to spiral and send off a pink hue as it rounded my body. I asked if my husband could have it, and He replied "He must ask for it" (of course, how silly) but he told me that while I was here I could send my husband the same energy (which I did).

I began to understand how there are parallel universes with beings that are involved in many of the things we are, some directed at helping earth, some busying themselves with their own tasks, and that these beings are both here (Earth) and where they reside,,, just as we are also, (Because of our Spiritual and Soul bodies being Everywhere, not just on Earth). The voice asked if I wanted to see anything else.. I asked him if there was an equivalent to our money system. He said yes and took me to a planet of nothing but small plutonium balls mimicking our landscape. He told me that we have to stop seeing it as a form of "exchange" and instead see it as "A Flow". (The planet had many "waterfalls" which represented the flow of money on Earth, but many stagnant non-moving areas of balls...that represented our convoluted ideas of saving, hoarding and restricting flow of money. These areas started to meld together and become solid masses, not circular balls as before. I instantly understood many concepts of BEING..tho I thought I understood much before this. I asked for messages for myself and husband and it was Osiris that delivered them to me. They were very relevant to us both. (I will not print them)... We were told that ANYTIME one can access this Energy/Portal/Communion, and that we must stop seeing ourselves as separate. Soon, more will know of our star-seeded space heritage and Humanity shall prosper as never before. The next day I was directed to study up on the Photon Belt, and its effects and changes to Earth in the coming times. My husband had many similar space orientations in his meditation, too. I hope to hear more from the others who have participated in this meditation and ritual.

From Pam Brown:
I went to my journey class tonight (Tuesday night after the ritual) and the following is what happened. I kid you not! I could not wait to get home and write to you. See I told you I feel connected in some way to you and your work.


Journey to the upperworld and explore

My way up there was through a tube of white light. I stood in my bathroom and was partially there when a hawk appeared. I rode the hawk up to a cloud and he disappeared. I saw pinpoints of flashing white light in each eye and the usual purple color I see during meditation. Eve, says that she thinks I stayed in the middle world. Also my ears were ringing. I had window crystal on forehead, and a double terminated crystal in each hand.


Journey to the upperworld to meet a teacher. Ask for information that might be helpful and what I can do to help them.

My way up was to try and use a star and then as in my dream, I am standing in the yard and see the hawk come spiraling towards me. I climb on the hawk and we start swirling or zig-zagging up higher and higher. I can feel my body getting lighter and lighter. My ears start ringing. The hawk pierces through a cloud and keeps swirling higher and higher. My body feels like it is floating. It is tingly and spinning. Suddenly, I hear, "I am here." I ask, "Do you have any information for me and is there anything I can do for you or for humanity?" I hear, "Yes. Read the book Sirius Mystery. It is time for your Spiritual Ascension. You must leave your physical body so I can show you." I felt myself leaving my body. It was as if my physical body was still and my spirit was spinning out of my body. We had a conversation about my personal ascension. (I don't recall) I ask, "What is your name?" I hear, "Alavar." I feel a smile peel across my face. I recognize Alavar's name. He has spoken to me before. I have no visual of any of this. He said, "Someone wants to meet you." Then he was gone. Then I hear, "I am Christ the Lord." I say to myself, "No, I must be making this up." Then I hear it again in a deep voice, "I am Christ the Lord!" I feel a surge of energy run through my body. Not unlike anything I have felt before, but different. Then Eve, our teacher, started bring us back and I said, "No No No No!" I wanted so badly to stay. As I was coming back I heard a swirling noise in my right ear. When it was over I was back!

Ho Claire,

I just wanted to share my beautiful journey with you.

From Chantyl Wilson:

I know you are not a dream interpereter but because of the association with dreams in your past article I thought it might not hurt to just ask..Is there anything relative about a dream with a HUGE tower building or HUGE slender building that stands next to a school on a hill? I was absolutely at a standstill at it. The building had been built very quickly and was overwhelming. I know it means SOMETHING! Seems I was looking at it from another view too this time from midway like I was in a city like building looking out of a window straight at it..I was also afraid of its highth..At a ground level it became made of bricks like on a well, and the foundation looked dangerous, leaning. On the other side there was a holding tank filled with water, it was rectangular with a bend and contained two whales or part dolphin mammals, one was dead the other was not...It was one of those dreams that seemed more real with high intense emotions..
About Chantyl's dream: Obelisks of Ra at Heliopolis

Ra or Re is the sun god depicted with a human body and the head of a hawk. Ra's chief symbols were the sun disk and the obelisk, a tall, four-sided tapering shaft or tower terminating in a pyramid. In ancient Egypt, pairs of these huge towers, each cut from a single piece of red granite and set on a cubical base, often flanked temple entrances. The chief temple of Ra was at the city of Heliopolis, an important learning center.

Heliopolis ("city of the sun") is about 10 km (about 6 mi) northeast of Cairo. Known as Per-Ra ("City of Ra"), it is referred to in the Bible as On, Aven, and Beth-Shemesh. 13,00 priests and slaves were there. Most of the religious literature of ancient Egypt was written by those priests, who were renowned for their learning. When Rome occupied Egypt, the obelisks of Heliopolis were removed.

Not sure about the whales/dolphins, but they are depicted in Bronze Age art throughout the Mediterranean civilizations. Maybe those dolphins were caught in the Mediterranean and put in the pool next to the obelisk. One of them died.

From Linda:

We had a group of 5 people and after some preparatory raising of the vibration thru chant, song, and prayer/invocations, we proceeded to do the 21 breath merkaba meditation immediately followed by the portal ritual you supplied. We did set up the ankh, used the 4 bowls of earth, and also the Orion configuration as you suggested. The energy was incredible and several times we had flashes of light from above. Everyone felt literally transported away; however, we all seemed to have some memory lapse as to what happened during that part.

For myself, I saw and experienced the Divine Mother energy along with several other Divine Hierarchical beings. Then suddenly a door opened and an Egyptian priest (he had that strange kilt looking thing on and a headpiece of some kind) appeared and held out his hand to me. It is hard to remember ever having felt such love flowing forth from a being before. I received a telepathic message as he beamed great love (agape type)at me that we had not been together for several centuries and that it was almost time to "come home." Although I am not a twin soul devotee, this is almost the feeling I had from him but more so like a missing part. We sat in silence for quite some time after the ritual not wanting to dilute the feeling.

From Dan Furst:
First, to tell you about my experience of the Portal Opening Ritual, which I did synchronously with you at 3:30pm Hawaii time. I arranged my portal with the Phaistos disk and Enoch disk, and crystals arranged to form the shape of Orion and Canis Major. For Sirius I used a clear quartz carved in the shape of a dolphin, and a blue tachyon stone.

My experience was mainly one of SOUND. Though I live on a narrow, tree-lined lane that's ideal for meditation, I experienced an amazing surge of noise when I started my ritual with a unified chakra meditation. As soon as I expanded my heart chakra to encompass the throat and solar plexus, there was a sudden burst of car sounds, party sounds and voices from the frat house nearby, dogs barking and different kinds of music coming simultaneously from several directions. All of this noise at once just never happens here. I concentrated on surrounding my personal portal, and the all-embracing portal, with a mesh of golden light, and the noise receded.

I felt a special connection with Ptah during the ritual prayer, perhaps in part because I'm working on the opening creation sequence (including the birth of Osiris, Isis, Nepthys, Seth and Horus) from the theatre piece I told you about, and Ptah is much on my mind and in my heart. I felt that I was not petitioning Ptah as using my voice to assist our communications with him. I read the prayer aloud, and voice during this invocation to Ptah took on a particular tone, melody and cadence that did not happen during any of the other stanzas.

In the next stanza, I felt that a very rapid chakra realignment was happening. I felt a sensation of heat in my solar slexus on the words "Osiris, shield us, guide us" and then felt the heat move into my heart on the invocation to Isis, and into my throat as I invoked Thoth.

Another very unusual sound came on the line "Thoth, shield us, guide us." I heard, as I've never heard before here, the voices of hundreds of birds singing loudly in the trees that surround my house. Unlike the first sounds that I described above, however, these bird sounds were not a distraction or an obstacle to meditation. Rather, the birds seemed to be greeting and acknowledging Thoth. I felt his energy in my throat as I toned along with the birds.

As I invoked Horus, the heat sensation moved into my third eye and became much stronger. I felt that I'd BECOME the Horus hawk, looking on the earth from the sky. And when I invoked the Great Creator God, the heat in my chakra column moved up through the crown, and out.

As I visualized the Merkaba and spoke the words about it, I felt a spiral energy vortex enclosing my body, and rotating counterclockwise around it. I had no sense that I was being lifted physically or otherwise, but I did feel that the merkaba energy field was creating an energy flow that somehow completed the chakra activation sequence I've told you about.

In retrospect, I wish I'd remained focused on this sensation of movement within the merkaba field. Instead, I broke my own concentration by recalling that there were more stanzas to the prayer, and feeling that I had to complete them. After I finished the prayer, I tried to invoke and visualize the Merkaba again, but I could not create it as immediately and powerfully as I had before. Next time I'll remember that when I'm doing a ritual alone, I can afford to take my time, and go where the flow of energy and meditation want to move. Live and learn.

The Portal Opening Ritual has been a marvelous revelation. I now begin my days with an invocation to Thoth and a prayer for inspiration, to help me with what I want to write and otherwise create each day.

From Heather McGregor:
(the word pyramid means "fire in the middle")

I've been involved in organizing "Earth Power Festival" here in Hong Kong ... the first of it's kind here in Asia and it was a long 5 days. The festival took place on Sunday, 8th December which is why I was not in contact regarding the Ritual of the Pyramid Portal and there were about 1,000 people that attended. It was a great success and we generated a lot of good vibrations and awareness here in Hong Kong.

Our collective group set up camp on the beach on Friday night and have been living in our tipi ever since. It has been the most incredible week for me and well, even though I wasn't participating in the pyramid portal I have never had such a pyramid experience. People were building sand pyramids all over the beach, we all sat one evening having dinner in the tipi and everyone notice pyramids in the fire, in the structure of the tipi in the doorway ... they were absolutely everywhere and people just seemed to pick up on it! It was truly amazing. I didn't mention about the pyramid portal until afterwards and it took everyone by complete surprise (jaws dropped to the ground!).

From Roger Kerr/Huitzilopochtli:
I finally "talked" to that aspect (Huitzilopochtli/Pontiff Zeel)of myself, and asked him what he wanted. Basically, he wants a chance at redemption. He claims he wasn't entirely responsible for the Aztec religious practices that followed. The cult he belonged to (probably the Jaguar Cult)established those practices after his death, which was by their hands. He was a great warrior and had won many battles for them, and realized too late what their real intentions were. When he turned against them, they had him put to death. The sacrifice practices were begun lately and were attributed to him by the cult. His prowess and deeds may have been exagerated slightly. Anyway, he wants to help me to "set things straight," and I've agreed to give him the access he needs. In doing this, the feelings of fear and anger have abated somewhat.

It's interesting that last Saturday my healer had told me that all the negative energy I was picking up from others was coming into my space because I hadn't filled it with my own Essence. I guess I didn't know that meant allowing all of the other aspects of myself, including Huitzilopochtli, in. I guess it was partly denial that it was necessary, and partly fear that I would lose my identity. In the case of Huitzi, there was a lot of fear that allowing him in would somehow reconnect me with the Dark Side. I guess that's where people like yourself come in, to protect us from the Dark Elements, and to allow us to work our way through the fear and to make ourselves whole again, and to come fully into the Light. Thank you, and keep up the good work.

The Source of consciousness is transcendent of all our concepts,
including our concept of source.

Claire Watson
Shield Guide