Ritual of the Sarcophagus Portal

Lord Pacal and the Maya
Jan. 18, 1997, 8:30p Eastern Time


Where did the Mayas go? That great and mysterious civilization vanished nearly completely from the face of the planet, leaving us to ponder their disappearance. I believe the Mayan civilization experienced a planetary ascension. If this is true, then what does it mean to those of us who are working to bring about personal and planetary ascension? What happens exactly when planetary ascension occurs? I am hoping we can interact with the Mayas and learn from them some answers to these mysteries and learn some of their ascension secrets. Over the next three weeks we will focus our thoughts on the Mayas of the old world, and by so doing we invite the Mayas to focus their thoughts on us. The articles for this ritual, designed to help us get closer to the Mayas, will be Introduction, A Civilization Ascending, Ca-bala - Two Universes, The Portals of Palenque, What is a Portal, Locating Your Portal, and finally the ritual.

In my inner plane experiences of the Mayas, they are Time Lords, existing still in their own dimension. We can go there and visit them, even participate in their initiations and rituals. This is one of the results we hope to achieve in Ritual of the Sarcophagus Portal, to visit their world and interact with them. We can begin by gaining an understanding of their abstract way of thinking about virtually everything. If we can think like them just a little bit, the barriers between us will begin to dissolve as our minds meet.

The leader of the Mayas is Lord Pacal, known to many as Pacal Votan. He is a Shield Guide and the most accomplished of the Time Lords. Lord Pacal was born in Palenque, Mexico in 603 CE. His father was the king. When Pacal was only 9 his father died, but Pacal could not claim the throne until he was 12. He was crowned by his mother, Lady Zac-Kuk, who narrowly held the throne for him for three years while fending off relatives asserting their claims.

Pacal became a great king, a Divine Ahau, and established Palenque as one of the most renown civilizations. He died at age 80 and was placed at the bottom of the Temple of Inscriptions, which he built as his tomb. He designed his sarcophagus as his portal to the afterlife, connected by a spirit tunnel to Otherworld. Carved onto the 7-ton lid of the sarcophagus are designs stating Pacal's personal beliefs and those of his civilization regarding each individual’s place and purpose within the universe. The deeper meaning of these designs is a mystery to the archaeological world, but when viewed in the light of the Mayan religious beliefs, the symbolic designs take on clearer meaning and speak directly to us today in our own striving for conscious co-creativity.

A Civilization Ascending

The Sarcophagus of Lord Pacal is the most remarkable burial artifact ever unearthed in the Americas. Identified as an astronaut in a space ship and as a man falling into the underworld and being swallowed by the jaws of death, the sarcophagus portrays a man and a civilization in the moment of ascension. The sarcophagus was unearthed in 1952 after three seasons of work removing the rubble and boulders that had been pushed down the tunnel by the Mayas. The archaeologists discovered at the bottom of the tunnel a 30 ft long x 13 ft. wide carved slab that appeared to be the floor. Inside the corbel vaulted tomb was a "fantastic, etherial sight, a huge magic grotto carved out of ice, the walls sparkling and glistening like snow crystals. Stalactites hung like tassels of a curtain, and the stalagmites on the floor looked like the dripping from a great candle."

These startling visual effects were created by the lime issueing from the walls and ceiling. When the archaeologists lifted the slab from the coffin, they were greeted once again by a fantastic sight as they gazed upon the Great Green of the Cosmic Ocean, the thousand pieces of jade covering the king's body. "The great man--he was probably a priest--had no gold ornaments, but here were quantities of jade objects--beads, rings on every finger, bracelets, ear ornaments, and exquisitely carved figurines. These were in the form of flowers, little gourds, bats, snakes and heads, and human figures with the characteristics of certain Mayan gods. The buried man had a jade ornament in each hand and another in his mouth; his neck and shoulders were covered with a huge collar-and-breast ornament of jade beads. On his face were the remnants of a mask of jade mosaic."

The explanation currently being offered regarding the ocean of jade covering the king's body is that he was a great king, highly esteemed by his subjects. And this is true, he was a great king, highly esteemed, but the reason for the quantity of jade is more complex and far more fascinating.

Ca-Bala - Two Universes

"Three, seven, eight thousand was the creation of the world, when he who was hidden within the stone, hidden within the night was born." (The Book of the Jaguar Priest, Maya)

According to the symbolism displayed on the sarcophagus, Lord Pacal believed the cosmos was preceded by a time when Nothing Existed. This Nothing, which Existed before the material universe was emanated, before anything existed in the sense that we think of as existence, was Creator and Created, Thinker and Thought existing in the Primal Realm of Silence in the primordial state of undifferentiation. The Primal Realm of Silence is portrayed on the top portion of the sarcophagus, as recorded in the Mayan creation myth of the 16th c. CE, 800 years after the sarcophagus and the Temple of Inscriptions were completed.

"Before the world was created, Calm and Silence were the great kings that ruled. Nothing existed, there was nothing. Things had not yet been drawn together, the face of the earth was unseen. There was only motionless sea, and a great emptiness of sky. There were no men anywhere, or animals, no birds or fish, no crabs. Trees, stones, caves, grass, forests, none of these existed yet. There was nothing that could roar or run, nothing that could tremble or cry in the air. Flatness and emptiness, only the sea, alone and breathless. It was night; silence stood in the dark.

In this darkness the Creators waited, the Maker, Tepeu, Gucamatz, the Forefathers. They were there in this emptiness, hidden under green and blue feathers, alone and surrounded with light. They are the same as wisdom. They are the ones who can conceive and bring forth a child from nothingness. And the time had come." (Popol Vuh, Mayan)

Atop Pacal's World Tree is the green and blue Quetzal bird, the sacred serpent-bird. Hidden beneath the green and blue feathers of the sacred bird are the round faces of the Forefathers, who are "the same as wisdom." They are "there in this emptiness, hidden under green and blue feathers, alone and surrounded with light." Below them is the serpent, and again in this civilization as well as others, the serpent-bird kundalini symbolism. Out of the gaping jaws of the serpent, and nestled within kernels of corn, emerge the maize gods, the Energy-Intelligences and occult forces of the Mayan world.

The Maya deified the spirit of the maize, their main source of food, regarding it reverentially with love. Maize is the gift of the gods, and the jade stone is the Mayan symbol for the ear of corn before it ripens. They say the green corn, green like jade, is hidden within the stone. When the stone is smashed, the maize is born and becomes divine. The jade and the corn are different but complimentary aspects of the same Form or archetype, represented as maize gods.

When the Maya placed Lord Pacal's body inside his sarcophagus beneath the temple and covered him with jade, he became "hidden within the stone, hidden within the night." After his death, Pacal and the jade and the maize gods, all different but complimentary aspects of the same archetype, all returned to oneness, to Source, and Pacal acceded to his divinity. Lord Pacal, wearing kernels of corn and long hair like the maize gods, long and flowing like corn silk, is shown ascending his coffin, transcending death to rebirth within the pantheon of Mayan gods, and taking with him his civilization.

The Mayas say there are two universes, described by them as Ca-bala, meaning "two hidden." There is the universe of heaven (The Boundless Light) and the universe of earth (space-time and energy-matter). The Chinese call these Earlier Heaven and Later Heaven. On the sarcophagus Pacal is positioned between these two worlds. Beneath him, in the universe of earth, is his coffin, decorated with a stylized water lily monster. Lord Pacal is the Divine Child brought forth from nothingness by the Maker. He is a boy who became the great Mayan king, the man who became the brilliant Mayan mystic, the Shield Guide who came to guide his civilization onto the ascension path. Lord Pacal died at age 80, but his influence upon this planet has only increased since his death. Many are the people who are guided by Pacal Votan.

"I was born like a lily in the garden, And so also was I brought up. As my age came, I have grown up. And, as I had to die, so I dried up. And I died." (Incan King Pachacuti, 1475 CE)

Portals Of Palenque

In various civilizations can be seen the attempt to create more powerful geophysical portals in support of the metaphysical portals. The geophysical portals at Palenque are in the temple-pyramids. At the top of each pyramid is a temple containing an interior with an antechamber and three rear sanctums. The center chamber, called the "pib na," is a miniature house, the portal to wacah chan xaman waxac na -- World Tree House of the North. This subtle structure, the central focus of initiations into the Mayan mysteries, is in the dimension inhabited by the Maya. Beside the astral house is the astral World Tree, seen on the Sarcophagus of Lord Pacal. This World Tree, as we see it on the sarcophagus, is the Mayan conceptual equivalent of the Kabala Tree of Life. Kabalists write of the ascension experience of rising on the spheres of the Tree of Life, and we see Pacal ascending the stylized spheres of the Mayan World Tree.

The pib na is the physical portal and the equivalent of the metaphysical portal. Inside the pib na is the geophysical portal into the supernatural realm, called Otherworld by the Maya. The portal to Otherworld could be opened when an individual achieved an altered state of shamanic consciousness. To achieve this state of consciousness, many of the Central and South American Indians drink an hallucinogen. The Mayas used drastic measures, inflicting physical pain upon themselves and drawing blood in order to enter the trance-like state of consciousness. The men used an obsidian knife to cut the penis, and both men and women ran a rope of thorns through the tip of the tongue. When the portal opened, the Energy-Intelligences from Otherworld entered and exited the body through the fontanelle, the soft spot at the top of the head at the crown chakra.

The Mayan portal rituals were done to invoke the "Vision Serpent," referring to the kundalini serpent/spirit tunnel of the metaphysical portal and referring to the 3rd eye chakra and remote viewing. They would travel through the portal/tunnel and "become the sky," or become Och Chan, the perspective gained by the Vision Serpent experience. Inside the House, of both the temple-pyramid and one's consciousness, exists the portal to Otherworld. Macrocosmically, the House of the temple-pyramid was accorded a special place in the center of the Mayan universe, exactly between the universe of heaven and the universe of earth, and connecting them. Microcosmically, Lord Pacal's position on his sarcophagus expresses this divine architecture, and the sarcophagus itself is designed to be a portal.

Locating Your Portal

Everyone has a portal because portals are predictable openings in the curtain of space-time and energy-matter. Portals typically are sited near water, although they don't have to be. In the home the portal usually is part of the bathroom near your bedroom. The portal is near the bedroom because that is where you sleep and near the bathroom because that is where the water is. In my bedroom are two portals; one occupies the same space as the doorway to the bedroom and the other is the doorway to the bathroom. A portal "path" runs between them.

There may be something in your room that is marking the location of the portal for you. I have a ceramic of the Shield Guide Gillian, who stands atop my sound system of my dresser and turns always toward the bedroom door portal all on its own power. There are two quartz points at the base of this Guide, and these pieces of quartz turn the Guide toward the portal. Gillian looks directly at this portal and if I turn the Guide to face forward, in a few days the Guide has turned back to look again at the portal. Investigate your sacred space carefully for such signs.

Quartz rocks and crystals are helpful in finding the portal and necessary in opening it. There are many varieties of quartz and probably all of them will work. Milky quartz has been, for me, the best. It is the most common quartz, but also the most mysterious. We still do not fully understand how milky quartz is formed. Place the quartz on the floor in different areas of the room and find the place that seems to respond somehow to the quartz. Don't worry if you can't find it right away, or even this time! We're just looking. Many people have quartz crystals but if not, the quartz in your jewelry will work. Just place the jewelry on the floor and try to find the portal. If you think you've found it or if you are not finding it at all and you have questions, please ask. I will email you again about what to do next. In this Mayan ritual it is appropriate to use jade, the sacred stone of the Maya. Also appropriate are all kinds of blue stones, to symbolize Maya Blue, the special color of the Maya.

Quartz varieties:

Rock Crystal - clear; Amethyst; Citrine; Brown Quartz; Rose Quartz; Milky Quartz; Quartz Cat's Eye/Tiger-Eye; Aventurine Quartz; Chalcedony; Jasper; Agate; Sard, Sardonyx, Onyx; Chrysophase; Carnelian; Opal

The Mayas are here!

The Mayas are here already, a week before the ritual! They will be here for at least two weeks. Tune into them and you may begin to experience them. I have hundreds of Mayas here in my home. Lord Pacal is here and he has brought with him an astral dormitory of initiate priests, young Mayan men who are following their spiritual paths. They have come for the ritual and they have come early to prepare themselves and us for this momentous universal activity. They are setting out their ritual objects, putting up posters, preparing their ritual drinks, and there is generally a flurry of organizational activity. The energy is very high here, as you can imagine!

This powerful event we are involved in is Light of the Cross, the Light produced when Spirit and Matter come together. Light of the Cross is beginning to occur right now at a planetary level, as the planets prepare to come into conjunction on January 23rd. The Mayas perform their rituals during planetary conjunctions. The planets will align to form the hexagram/hexagon, or 6-pointed star and Star of David. From the Emerald Table of Hermes Trismegistus, the hexagram/hexagon, sign of the Merkaba, of the light-body, is the most powerful of configurations, made even more powerful when the energy is alchemically transmuted.

"The power is vigorous if it be changed into earth."
(Precept 6, The Emerald Table)

By performing this ritual we will be grounding this celestial energy, transmuting it, or changing it, "into earth." All over the planet people will be focusing on love, compassion and understanding, the highest of virtues. During Ritual of the Portal we will be adding to this focus the intent of interdimensional communication and interaction - of bridging the worlds of existence. This ritual is therefore interdimensional in purpose, and just as we hope to interact with the Maya in their dimension of existence, they will be performing the ritual with us in hopes of interacting with beings in other dimensions of existence, creating a great chain of being.

If you would like to begin interaction with the Mayas now, no need to wait until the ritual. Verbally invite them to your home by asking them to come through your portal. It is a rare opportunity to spend time with the brilliant people who built one of the most astonishing civilizations we will ever see and who are still actively working to elevate this planet to its highest potential.

Pacal's Bride

Friends of mine have been urging me to tell to my friends on the internet the story of how I became a Shield Guide specializing in grounded ascension. I am taking this opportunity to do so because this is the Mayan ritual and I have a special relationship with Lord Pacal.

An unusual series of events led me to become the lightwork project leader of the Ritual of the Portal for Planetary Ascension. This is how it happened, and I hope when you read my story you will gain a clearer vision of how and why Ritual of the Portal found you. I also am hoping, through Ritual of the Portal, to introduce you to this spiritual path by showing you levels of spiritual mastership available to you.

After living many lifetimes, most of which I am aware, even the details, I was born a Taurus in the United States in Georgia in 1948. I grew up here and have never traveled outside this country. The part of Georgia in which I live is a swampy, primeval area. In fact, I live between two swamps, the Okefenokee and the Altamaha. These are Indian names, I live on Creek Indian ground. In the pond in my backyard are alligators, Great Blue Herons, all kinds of wildlife. The pond is a protected wetland. So I am an Earth sign living in a wet, earthy place. After many years of meditating on water lilies and pond bugs, little wonder I insist on groundedness.

I have a Master's degree in English Education and I once owned and operated a karate school in Atlanta. I was always a physically active person, keen on fishing and hiking, and also a voracious reader. Many of the books I read are modern metaphysical books, but I also have read many of our great modern philosphers, the great Hellenic philosophers, most of the Perennial Philosophy, and the great and not-so-great literature of the Western World. I speak English only, except in light-body I am fluent in Italian.

Several years ago my life changed when Spirit began to manifest in my life. I lived in Atlanta, Georgia, I was single (I am still), I worked as a commercial real estate leasing agent and legal assistant and I played tournament bridge professionally. This was my life and had been for many years until one day my close friend and bridge partner unexpectedly lost her 51 year old husband to a heart attack. He was straightening his tie one morning, getting ready to go to work, and dropped dead. The paramedics revived him six times, and he was dead on arrival at the hospital. But he didn't go away, immediately. He remained behind in spirit because he had something important to tell her.

Three weeks after his death, my friend called to tell me of a strange, vibrating place in her bedroom. She believed her dead husband came in and out of her room through that spot. With my tarot cards I went to her home to see if I could contact her husband. I had never done anything like this before but I felt very hopeful. My friend showed me the vibrating spot in her bedroom and we called it a portal. It was intensely electrostatic and we could not stand in it for more than a few seconds.

I laid out the tarot cards, and she and I called for the forces of the universe, elements of the universe and beings of light to come and help her communicate with her husband to see what he had to tell her. Through the portal came 30 or 40 beings, it was hard to say how many, and they brought with them great joy and love. The room filled with a gossamer haze, and we had a party, we laughed, we joked, we were so very happy. That night after the spirits left, my friend had a dream in which she spoke at length with her husband. In this dream he told her of a mortgage life insurance policy he owned that had been mistakenly paid to his ex-wife. They held each other close and kissed and said goodbye one last time. Then, he was gone and has not returned. She has since remarried.

The next day my friend's attorney contacted the life insurance company, who wanted to wait until they had recovered the money from the ex-wife before paying benefits to my friend. Of course, the attorney threatened legal action, and the insurance company sent her a check for close to $100,000.00. The same night my friend spent with her husband, I experienced a psychic event in which a brilliant white light went bang in my biofield. From that moment on I had spirit guides who have never left me for even one second. My friend and I had such a wonderful portal experience, we wanted to repeat it. The second Ritual of the Portal involved my friend and I, two married couples: my cousin and his wife and two good friends who lived near me. We held a conference call portal ritual to see if we could interconnect at the spirit/astral level.

We realized by the amazing things which occurred during this ritual, that portal ritual could be held world-wide to the benefit of many people interested in spiritual self-development and self-empowerment. To accomplish this, I went online the middle of August, 1996, and in September I emailed Ritual of the Stonehenge Portal. I sent one of the emails to Rene Mueller at Spirit-web, and he responded by posting the ritual on his web site. Rene is instrumental in bringing awareness of Ritual of the Portal to the international spiritual community on the internet. After Rene's action, several web sites began posting the rituals and other related texts.

In September, prior to the email of Ritual of the Stonehenge Portal, the Shield Guides appeared in the inner planes, initiated me as a Shield Guide and began Ritual of the Portal for Planetary Ascension with Fire Ritual to Invoke the Shield Guides. The Shield Guides assist in selecting the planetary vortex-portals we link to, the series in which we activate those portals, the dates and times when would be most beneficial to establish heightened planetary consciousness, and the rituals to perform. We have so far performed fire, fire water, and earth rituals. We will perform air ritual during the Sarcophagus Portal and then Concourse of the Forces - Fire Water Air Earth - during Ritual of the Cathedral Portal. The Shield Guides are teaching us how to channel earth energy with the chakra system, and how the chakra system is fundamental to personal and planetary ascension.

With the exception of the Shield Guide material that follows at the end of this biographical, I do not channel these guides in the popular way of channeling today, but we work together in a most interesting way that is very fulfilling for all of us. They make many sounds around me, and whoever is present can hear them. They ring bells, they ring chimes, they tap on my computer as I write to keep me on the right path. If I am making an error in my writing, they make a tap that I have learned means "no, not quite." If my writing is good and correct, they make a tap that means to me, "well done." When they are very pleased with my efforts, they ring the astral bell. It is a deep, resonant sound. Most of the time they ring it for the heck of it and because I like it and because the sound keeps our portal here in my bedroom open all the time. When my computer is off and email comes in, they tap to tell me. They can tap syllables loudly or softly so that I have some idea of who the email is from and I can decide whether I need to respond right away. They release a beautiful aroma of spring flowers in the room. This is quite an experience for people who come to visit me.

Using lit candles I can see my guides as shadows against the wall. I can see their hands make the candle flames sway and jump. They can produce electrical phenomena and are able to move physical objects with force. They move objects in my room from place to place. At night I see my guides face to face, and we talk and travel the universe together. They tell me directly many things for me to write word for word. They physically touch and move in and out of my body at will through the top of my head at the fontenelle at the crown chakra. They perform complex inner alchemical operations on me to keep my crown chakra and my back of the head chakra activated. My guides are very diverse and come from all parts of the physical and spiritual universe. Some of them are human, some are alien, some are pure light, some are pure consciousness, some are bird tribe, and some seem like a mixture of all of the above.

I have been through many inner plane initiations and received many initiatory awards in group activities at the astral/light body level. These awards represent levels of spiritual mastership corresponding to the chakra system, or the seven seals of Solomon. Solomon's Knot, symbol of fusion, describes the nature of this spiritual path.

Silver Star of the High Priestess of Isis

Alchemical Star of David symbolizing the "par excellence of the Great Work and of the production of the Philosopher's Stone"

Lemniscate, created by Spirit out of the materials at hand and placed on my bathroom floor

Wacah chan xaman waxac na/the world tree house of the north of the Maya, their high award

Mayan sky symbol of Hurukan, Sky Walking Initiation

Rod of Hermes/Caduceus of the High Priestess of Tarot, symbol of the healing arts

The Emerald Table of Hermes Trismegistus

The Wing, Initiation of Thoth

Up-pointed triangle, meaning "the Gift of Divine Reason," sign of the Philosophus Grade in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

Secret vortex-portal sign of the Shield Guides

Philosopher's Stone with my secret name written on it

Book of the Egyptian High Priestesses containing the Rules of Congaylia for Fire Ritual

Ophanim initiation and light keys encoding

Hermetic Star of the Alchemists

Gold Excalibur sword of the hereditary leader of the Clan MacDougall Manifestation of the Holy Grail during Ritual of the Pyramid Portal, symbol of the Descended Master

Also in astral body I made a Divine Marriage with Lord Pacal of the Maya and was married in a ceremony at Chartres Cathedral. In this "marriage" I accessed a part of myself capable of time travel. I am known to the Maya as "Pacal's Bride." In Palenque, Mexico where Pacal lived and ruled as king, are two hieroglyphs depicting me. One is in the Temple of the Inscriptions, where the Sarcophagus of Lord Pacal is buried. The other is in the Temple of the Sun placed there by his son Chan-Bahlum.

A series of hieroglyphs tell the story from the Mayan perspective of my life with them during the 7th century CE when I held the throne as one of only two queens to have ever done so. I claimed the throne on October 22, 612 CE, (March of 1993 in our time) 202 days before the end of the ninth katun, when Pacal was nine years old. Known to them as First Mother, I held the throne for three years for my spirit husband until he attained the age of twelve. He could not keep the throne without my intervention because too many powerful family factions were vying for it. The Mayas interpreted my appearance as divine intervention. Now Lord Pacal is here with me through "divine intervention." I was there for three years their time, but in my own time in Atlanta only one week passed, and I remember all of it very clearly as "dreams." The hieroglyphs in Palenque tell the story of what I did there, saying "she materialized and crowned herself."

When initiated as a Shield Guide, I received from three Shield Guides a silver chain-link necklace and a silver shield attached. The following is the material I channeled:

The silver shield is the symbol of the Shield Guides. They are a vast organization of diverse beings from all parts of the universe who are organized to assist those in lower evolutionary domains. They disperse themselves throughout the universe, sometimes in physical bodies through physical births. When they take on physical bodies, they also take on a forgetting of themselves so that they can learn the people and place and where they are. Then, as their lives continue, their fellow Shield Guides come to awaken them to their higher purpose. They come to remind them of the reason they are here.

The Shield Guides lead civilizations onto ascension paths. When a Shield Guide has reached a certain level of awareness and re-awakening, that guide is given the symbol that they once wore. The symbol of the Shield Guide is a silver shield, sometimes attached to a silver chain-link necklace. The chains in the necklace symbolize the vital links between the guides and the people they guide, and how both are dependent on the other for their fulfillment in existence. The shield symbolizes the planetary organizations that the Shield Guides represent. This is an interdimensional organization of life systems throughout the phenomenal and neumenal universe. This is a winged body of planetary systems, symbolized on the shield by a winged being.

To receive the silver shield of the Shield Guide is the way one knows of their identity as a Shield Guide. This is the awakening part of a process over a long period of time in which the individual is given the opportunity to grow spiritually and to learn of their Shield Guide identity. Only Shield Guides present the silver shield to a Shield Guide. The Shield Guide is a bridge from this evolutionary domain to others that require the guide's presence. The Shield Guides will come when they are called. To summon them, perform Fire Ritual to Invoke the Shield Guides at http://www.jesupnet.com/portal/. For more information on interdimensional travel, see René Müller's Interdimensional Connections and Traveling.

Your Personal Planetary Stargate

We live in a bipolar physical world in which opposites attract. Our magnets are proof of it. But in the transcendent world of Spirit known as Otherworld to the Maya, a different law of physics exists in which like attracts like. When accessing this world, we want to remember and honor this law of physics. We have a certain responsibility as guardians and custodians of our interdimensional portals and personal planetary stargates. We are responsible to center ourselves in love. Love is more than emotion, it is a high vibrational field of energy, attractive to other "like" fields of energy.

We are trying to accomplish several objectives when we are activating and using interdimensional portals and personal stargates. One of these objectives involves channeling earth energy to our chakra systems and then using this psychic electromagnetic energy/light to build our light-body/Merkaba. When we center in love, the highest vibrational energy available, as we build our vehicle of light, we build at the same time the path of our journey because like attracts like in Otherworld. Our light-body/vehicle when built of love will take us to love.

Our metaphysical portal is part of our subjective-nonordinary reality. It is part of our biofield and we are potential portals awaiting activation with love's vibration. In our outer world is our personal planetary stargate, part of our objective-ordinary reality. Our outer stargate corresponds to, and is included within, our inner portal. This is because the formula for reality as we know it involves an inner-outer relationship and a space-time shaped like a doughnut in which the inner is enveloped by the outer is enveloped by the inner, and in which the outer is a projection of the inner. Alchemy calls this simply As Above/So Below. In order to make this formula of inner/outer reality work for us successfully, we learn to both ground and transcend.

What about unconditional love? Do you love yourself unconditionally? By filling ourselves with our unconditional love, by forgiving ourselves and then giving ourselves our own love, we will become a vehicle of love. If we love ourselves unconditionally we will not need the unconditional love of others. We will like to have it but we will not need to have it. When we are filled with our own love we are fulfilled. Then, we impart this unconditional love to our friends and relatives by doing nothing at all, because unconditional love of self flows out of us and spreads around us, touching those close to us.

What about giving unconditional love to the world at large? This is a lovely idea when our unconditional love flows that far abroad. If it does not flow that far, then we have to borrow from ourselves the love we give ourselves in order to give it to the big world. Instead of doing this, we can give the world at large another gift. We can give it our compassion, the natural by-product of unconditional self-love that requires no taking from ourselves to give. When we love ourselves unconditionally, we gain more and more the transpersonal experience and transcendent sense of being part of the World Soul, the spiritual family of All That Is. When we love ourselves, we can freely feel and give compassion - the energy of love filled with emotion - a self-generating emotional energy that rides the waves of our consciousness as content, and touches every part of the Great Family, everything we see, everything we know, everything we feel. In this doughnut shaped, inner/outer reality in which we live, all the love we give ourselves flows outward to others as love and compassion and then returns to us, and we experience it as love that comes from outside of ourselves. In alchemy this within/without experience is stated in the palindrome V.W.I.W.V. In the Grail legend the palindrome used is Sarras. By this is meant that while the physical journey takes place "without," the Grail itself lies "within," all in the realm of Sarras.

When building our light-body/Merkaba of love energy, we focus on self and on love. The path of our journey, the path of love and compassion, becomes established and we travel in our Merkaba vehicle in Otherworld, a world wherein like attracts like, and our love goes to love. The light-body/Merkaba we build at the individual level is a love energy pattern and field of functional reality. It is our Holy Grail, holy because it is built of love. In the Grail legend the question is asked, "Who does the Grail serve?" The answer is, "The Grail serves me and I serve the Grail." This is the love formula we are applying in building our light-body by using our portal and personal stargate energy. We use quartz to attract powerful, crystalline earth energy through ley lines to a convergence point - our portal and personal stargate - and then we alchemically transmute it to love by focusing this energy on ourselves with love in mind. Thus, we serve the light-body by building it of love and empowering it with love. We use the light-body as vehicle to take us to love, thus the light-body serves us.

In dreamtime, when we are occupied only by sleeping and resting, we learn to control our vibrational rates as we re-experience ourselves as pre-emergent consciousness and as beings of light. We practice functioning in our light-bodies. We learn how to use the light-body like we learn to use our physical body. It is during dreamtime that we can join our individual light-body to larger light-bodies or group Merkabas which we experience as interdimensional UFO's. When we can alter our vibrational rates to travel interdimensionally, we can travel on these ships because when the interdimensional travel begins, our light-bodies will not fly apart. By building our light-body/vehicle out of love we have an assurance we can vibrate at a proper high level. In my own subjective experiences, I have many times been on these interdimensional traveling ships.

These interdimensional UFO's I have experienced are group Merkaba's, vast self-contained light-bodies replete with all kinds of fantastic spiritual-based technology. Planet Earth contains something these interdimensional beings are interested in; people who bring with them light-bodies built of love. This is the power source for these huge Merkaba ships. And the people on these ships recognize that wherever beings exist who have this potential to build love-Merkabas, then all that is required is learning how.

The people/beings within these ships practice solve et coagula. In alchemy is the study and practice of solve et coagula - dissolve and combine. We can learn to move into light-body, travel to our destination and then bring our physical body to our present location. Some light-body travel involves physical body relocation. Through the alchemical process of solve et coagula and by virtue of doughnut-shaped space-time, our co-creative reality possibilities include time travel and making the history of the past. These advanced light-body travel techniques can be learned, keeping in mind the saying from alchemy, "Natura non facit saltus." Nature does not proceed by a leap, but by many intermediate stages. We're just learning.

In summary, upon opening your interdimensional portal and your personal planetary stargate, your responsibility as custodian and guardian is to center yourself in love. One way to help do this is to perform Fire Water Ritual to Call Forth the Wings of Love, a love ritual designed to help you center in love and designed to fill you with love.

Air Ritual for Spirit-Soul to Walk the Sky

I hope we can all start on time and do the ritual together. If not, perform this ritual when you can. On the same day or the 17th or the 19th would be great. I plan to perform this ritual twice; on the 18th and then on the 23rd during the planetary conjunction. About 300 of us will be participating all over the planet, some actively and others in mind and idea. In the Pyramid Ritual we empowered our spirit-souls through the etheric planetary portals. In this ritual we will call upon the Universal Mother energy to guide our spirit-souls to the interdimensional realms of the Maya.

Set up your portal anyway you like, as a circle, as an altar, as a specific design. I plan to construct mine in the following way. Lord Pacal and I co-creatively made a blue violet ritual cloth into the shape and design of the sarcophagus and decorated it with fabric paint. He picked out the cloth at the fabric store by tapping on the wall when he found one he liked, and he taps to say what colors of fabric paint he likes. And then I put the colors I like. Along the edges of the cloth/sarcophagus, I will place my milky quartz. Using Mayan Oracle and Xultan Mayan tarot cards, I will make the shape of the World Tree seen on the sarcophagus. This will be a Latin cross (high horizontal bar). Use anything magical you like, runes, quartz, whatever you have that is special for you to design this cross.

At the center of the sarcophagus near Lord Pacal's position, I will place pieces of pounamu (nephrite jade) sent from New Zealand by Glenys Lowery. Thank you, Glenys. Jade is the sacred stone of the Maya. I also will be using lapis lazuli, a blue stone to symbolize Maya Blue, their special color. I will be using obsidian, a stone used by the Maya in portal rituals. I also will use a wand healing crystal, Brazilian amethyst, Tiger-Eye quartz, red phantom quartz, rose quartz, rock sapphire, hematite, amethyst pieces, quartz points and the Dwendi healing stone from the Philippines. In the ritual we will be asking the Shield Guide Lord Pacal, whose name means Hand-Shield, to raise his Crystal Shield for Crystal Family.

I have a number of other symbolic objects I will use as well. Before I begin the ritual I plan to take a bath and then light candles and leave them burning so the invisible air can be demonstrated by the flame of the candles. I am hoping Spirit will work with the candle flames during this ritual. We will be using several Mayan words, defined within the ritual. Let us begin:

Air Ritual for Spirit-Soul to Walk the Sky

First Mother, Divine Matawil! Ahau zac uinic!
Pure and resplendent person, Matawil! Ahau!
Your husband, Father God, created time and space
Before the 4th universe was born on 4 Ahau 8 Cumku.

After the end of the 13th katun it came to pass,
All your children, the precious ones, the planets,
They came into conjunction, the cherished ones.
Child of Lord Pacal held a ritual at his Waterlily Place.

Now is the time come again, First Mother, Ahau, Lord.
When your children, the planets, come into conjunction.
The father-mother and the divine children are gathering.
We hold a ritual for you and for your precious children.

First Mother, Divine Matawil, Sacred Blood! Ahau, Lord! 
This is the day your bright white Light will touch the earth.
I await you at my portal, my sanctuary. It is a holy thing.
It is my place of entering. You see, it is my Waterlily Place.

Matawil! There was love when the 8th Lord of the Night ruled,
You touched the earth with your blood. It was 6,000 years ago.
It was 5 days after the Moon was born, and there was love. 
It was 20 days after setting the south sky place.

Ahau zac uinic! Now again is the time of the 8th. 
My spirit tunnel is ready and I am looking to Otherworld.
I have built this pib na for you. This is our house together.
I dedicate my house to you. It is here at my Waterlily Place.

Divine Matawil! Write my name in the Book of the Highest Heaven.
Here is your Na-Te-Kan, divine-cross. I am in conjunction with you.
Touch the earth. Teach me to walk the sky. I am sky walking! 
Och Chan! I become the sky! Vision Serpent will take me there.

Pacala, Mah Kina Pacal. 8 Ahau, raise your Hand-Shield.
Shield us, Guide us. Crystal Shield for Crystal Family.
As I walk Hurukan to wacah chan xaman waxac na, shield me. 
As I walk the sky to the world tree house of the north, guide me.

Wacah chan! 6 sky! It is the Highest Heaven.
It is the name of the House created by the great god. 
And beside the house is the World Tree. I can see it!
My spirit-soul goes to 6 sky and becomes invisible there.

First Mother, see this divine cross I have made for you. 
This is the day I am in conjuction with you, Matawil!
This is the day you write my name in Heaven's Book.
Father-Mother God and all the Children. We are Divine Family!

The ritual is over. If you would like to add your own personal ritual and requests, now is when to do it. Now just relax and enjoy the experience. Please send me your ritual results as soon as you can.

Planetary Ascension And The Free World

In Ritual of the Sarcophagus Portal we are performing Air Ritual for Spirit-Soul to Walk the Sky. A week prior to the first ritual I began to sky walk with some of the people who do the rituals. When I told a friend of mine in Arkansas of these nightly sky walking experiences, he asked me to walk the sky to see the Hale-Bopp companion and to find out what it is. I asked my guides to take me there, and along with us were Roger Kerr and his guide Pi, Lord Pacal, Black Elk of the Lakota and several others. We went to the companion and toured it. Here is what we discovered.

The Hale-Bopp companion is a space station of such immense size it qualifies as a Free World, a bountiful and colorful manufactured, self-contained planetary system bound to no star and free to move about in the universe. The Free World is a beautiful, shining city, blessed by the universe and teeming with people of all kinds living in harmony, peace and scientific interest. It is a world whose doors are open to anyone with the will and the heart to get there. The Free World long ago established an As Above/So Below relationship with us.

The bright red, blue and silver Free World is built upon the principles of Sacred Geometry. The spherical Free World consists of 13 planetary ecosystems held together by 4 horizontal planes of electromagnetic attraction-repulsion, with the structural integrity provided by 42 vertical and diagonal planes. Some of these planes have enclosed, brightly lighted highways with conveyances that move passengers along at rates of speed sufficient to produce G force effects.

Inside the Free World is advanced spiritual-based portal technology. Many of the beings there are human and humanoid - friendly, smiling people accustomed to extraterrestrial travelers such as Roger and me. Usually hidden and floating far above and away, the Free World tours the universe, establishing life on planets capable of supporting life and monitoring the progress of that life. At some point in a planet's evolution, the Free World appears and makes itself known to the people on the planet. Photographs showing the comet without its companion do not prove the companion does not exist. The Free World moves in and out of that photographic range and travels where it will.

I have been a visitor on the Free World many times and have recounted in books my experiences there. But this was before it appeared to us recently. Most of my experiences right now relating to the Free World involve the various types of ships that are connected with it, both interdimensional Merkaba-ships and city-ships at the bottoms of the oceans. The Free World exemplifies a planetary ascension with which we are not familiar. I think it is safe to speculate the entirety of our techno-civilization might not ascend, but clearly there are many of us who will ascend despite the times and situations in which we live. The Free World offers an ascension opportunity, and to this end there is portal work to be done.

Roger and I traveled to the Free World on two consecutive nights, January 16th and 17th. At the space port on the 16th, the cylindrical starships, defined by Roger as space shuttles, frightened him and he asked to leave. I was not frightened because I experienced them as something I was not afraid of; several long, thin U-haul trailers lining up to leave on a journey. Because I was not afraid I walked all around them and got a close-up look. They were silver and white, each with a row of windows horizontally the length of the starship. Roger and I, working together this way, thus were able to identify them as silver and white cylindrical space shuttles with windows.

Roger gives his account of our journey to various places in the universe during our second night out on the 17th. In his account, he gains the courage of his journey and asks to be taken back to the space station to see the space port again. Once inside the Free World-space station- planet, we visit the Mayan and Egyptian planetary ecosystems, two of the 13 ecosystems that comprise the Free World, and Roger gives a good description of them. These ecosystems have portal time travel links to the time periods of their origins, and those time periods are linked by pyramid portals to other places at other times in the universe. Roger gets a close up look at how these portals work, and we follow the portal links on this journey. As I write this I am wondering what Roger will think when he reads it. He has never read this material before, nor have we ever discussed it. Before we begin this journey, I would like to include an email I wrote to Glenys Lowery in New Zealand regarding planetary ascension, followed by her email response. This material contains information regarding the ethereal planetary spheres, or dimensions of existence, to which the Free World is connecting via interdimensional portal time travel.

My email to Glenys:

At the beginning of the material for Ritual of the Sarcophagus Portal I asked the question, how can a civilization experience a planetary ascension but the planet is still here in 3rd dimension? When I speak of the Maya, I say they exist still in their own dimension. They had a planetary ascension and yet are still working toward planetary ascension. The planet did ascend with them. How can this be? This is a good question to research. From about the 15th century on is a considerable amount of hermetic and alchemical literature regarding "Divine Offspring." By this is meant several ethereal planetary spheres enwrapping the planet in layers, and these Divine Offspring of the planet are interconnected.

These planetary astral bodies vary in density, with some layers much finer than others. Each sphere functions as a real dimension for the people who inhabit it and who also created it at the same time they were creating their planetary ascension. This is why I say create the light-body in love because the path of the journey and also the destination are created at the same time. This is an operation of the transcendent law of physics called the Eternal Now.

Ascension is a spiritual path, an ongoing process. The horizontal number 8, the lemniscate, symbolizes this path and means the eternity of process. This is why long "dead" people are trying to help us with our ascension. On this path, we don't/can't go off and leave the others on this path behind. It doesn't work that way. And it could be some formula is in operation regarding the number of spheres required for aether to completely take over and the 3rd dimension to be truly left behind, no longer existing. More likely it will seem to exist as an underworld dimension, like the Maya believed, and like we think of 1st and 2nd dimensions. From the perspective of the Maya in ascension, 3rd is an underworld dimension.

When we use linear thought, part of our laws of physics, to think about ascension we naturally think of it as a linear process. In this respect, ascension is like a ladder. We get to a high rung on the ladder and then we reach down and help the next person up the ladder. The Kabala Tree of Life is useful as a symbol of this. We start at the bottom of the tree, the Shekinah sphere, and we ascend the spheres of the tree. Kabalists will clarify, the spheres descend and we ground the light. This is what we are doing in Ritual of the Portal, with the Celts, the Egyptians, the Mound Builders, the Mayas, etc. They descend, we ground, they re-ascend, we ascend. We are links in a great chain of being strengthening our connections.

The "higher" we go, the more form becomes force, matter becomes spirit, all happening by alchemical stages, not by any giant leaps. The whole thing seems linear but is spherical in concept. It seems linear when we are talking ascension because our language casts it that way, but it is spherical when we are doing ascension because we "come around" and meet the archetypes at the next level, or dimension. This is both beautiful and complex, and as usual with the universe, beauty and complexity are partners.

"Each of the Planetary Spheres [planets] is a complete World containing a number of divine offspring, which are invisible to us, and over all of these Spheres the Star [Sirius] we see is the ruler." (Proclus, commentary on the Timaeus of Plato)

Glenys' remarks in response:

I've just been rereading your email on planetary ascension and once again, our thinking is similar. Like you, I been wondering about how it works over the past few years especially since learning about the Mayan experience. I got interested in planetary etheric bodies when I saw that if Gaia was a living being, then she must have etheric bodies like us. At the time I was also studying the life of Sanat Kumara who was supposedly the planetary logos and Vywamus, his logos or Higher Self and Lenduce, the next up the chain, etc. Seeing how these entities ascended made me realise so clearly that what happens to us on a personal level is just a microcosm of what happens on every other level of creation, planetary, universal, cosmic....

As we ascend, everybody moves up a notch in the cosmic peaking order. That's why I think the Mayans, Egyptians, ET's etc are so interested in helping us. It's not just the love principle working but also an element of self-interest in operation as well. They can't move without us. No wonder we're so important to them. If the planet of lesson, the planet of duality and polarity, the cosmic melting pot, can get it together, one can only imagine the energy that will be created for movement up the ladder.

I agree that the planet will still exist (Nidle reckons some celestial tow truck is going to cart us off somewhere safer) but I'm still not convinced that everyone is going to ascend at once unless the critical mass scenario is correct (and that would be contrary to most prophecies). I think the planet will continue to exist with people living in it's 3rd dimension reality, others living in it's 4th (heart) and others in the 5th and so on. This is already what's happening anyway. The Mayans are certainly an ascension model for us but they also had a collective soul blueprint, a specific task and so I don't think the next ascension will be like theirs. My current thinking is that the next tribe or culture to ascend will be the "heart" tribe because we're in the love dispensation at present. It's the like attracts like Law again.

With those above thoughts in mind, here is Roger's description of our journey together to the Free World, to the space port and to other parts of the universe:

First of all, last night before I went into my meditation, I sensed (well actually my cat did) a new spirit presence. Eventually I got that they were a Collective Consciousness from the Andromeda Galaxy. They were with us, led us, on this journey. I sensed that you were there, along with Black Elk, Lord Pacal, and my guide, Pi. Again, we first went to the Mayans world, to the Pyramid. We ascended the stairs, and I stopped to take a look around. It was a very beautiful place. Again we went to the Light Grid dimension. This time we went back in time to Egypt at the time of the building of the Great Pyramid, about 75,000 years ago. The Andromedans had been the ones that actually built it. I was just observing, and saw one of my Alternate Selves there. I could see him studying blueprints.

Then we all went into the Queen's Chamber. From there we projected ourselves into another small chamber. There I saw 6 people, my other Self, your other Self, someone I knew from Connecticut, and 3 people I didn't know. Later I got that they were Lyrans. They performed a ritual to activate the Portal. From there we went through this portal to a similar portal in the Lyra star system. There was another pyramid there, identical to the one in Egypt. Again, I met another Self. We went inside this pyramid exactly like we had done in Egypt. Again I saw 6 people in the upper chamber. You, me, my Connecticut friend, and the other three were some of my former and current spirit guides. There was a beautiful crystal at the center of the chamber. I guess it powered the portal. Then we went through that portal and traveled to the Andromeda Galaxy. During the journey I could see Andromeda ahead, and the Milky Way behind us.

We were taken to a planet there, the Andromedans home world. Again there was another pyramid, only much larger than the others, and with much higher and steeper sides. We went inside and up a spiral staircase to a chamber near the top. It was almost like we were inside a giant crystal. It had a very powerful energy source, with a bluish light. It reminded me of the anti-matter cores in Star Trek. I'm not sure how much astronomy you know, but the Milky Way Galaxy is one of several galaxies in a local cluster. This cluster includes Andromeda, the Magellenic Clouds, and a few others. I gather from the information I was getting, that Andromeda is basically at the center of the cluster. Anyway, I got the impression that they received energy from the center of the Universe, the Source, and beamed it out through their portal to all the other galaxies in the cluster. They were not directly connected to any other galaxy clusters, at least not yet. I got that the Andromedans came to the Milky Way, to Vega in the Lyra constellation, through their portal long ago. They built the pyramid we visited there. Then they came to Earth to build the one here.

We then returned to Lyra, but before we came back to Earth, they showed us a portal disk. I'm not sure what it looked like, but they explained that it is somehow inserted into the portal mechanism, and controls where the portal is directed, depending on how the disk is rotated. (Did you get some more info on this?) Then we came back to Egypt, and then back to the Light Grid.

I asked Pi if we could go back to the planet that we had visited the other night. She took us there again. This time I felt much more at ease. Again I saw what looked like an air/space port. I tried to look for the U-haul trailers, but couldn't see them. At that point I lost all vision, and things went black. I got a little afraid, but Pi told me to re-focus, and look through my 3rd Eye, and not my physical eyes. That brought the vision back, and I felt OK. I then saw a lot of shuttle crafts coming and going, and I realized that there must be a space station in orbit. I asked if we could go there, and we did. I saw a huge station, and we went inside to a very large corridor.

Then we went back in time to the Mayans world. That planet had been a thousand or so years in the future. Then I realized that this was the same planet that I had visited in an earlier regression with Pi. The one in the belt of Orion, where I had been involved in building another pyramid.

Once we were back at the Mayan world, I was taken around to see some of the wildlife. There were Bison, Pronghorn, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goats, Elk, Jaguars, Siberian Tigers, Condors and even the Dodo Birds. Then I returned home. It was a marvelous journey, the best I've ever been on. It made me more aware of a lot of important things, and put a lot of what I've been experiencing into perspective.

Claire Watson
Shield Guide
With Roger Kerr and Glenys Lowery