Ritual of the Stonehenge Portal


Ascension is a mass event spiritual growth within a specific light-network domain. We are in a delicate beginning of a transitional phase of development and need guidance, but we also need shielding. We have to shield against opportunistic forces outside our specific planetary collective, and at the same time, we need to establish paths of interconnectivity for grounded ascension, because in order for ascension to occur, the planet itself must be involved—-for we are OF the planet, we are OF the Earth. We will call upon the ancient high priestesses and priests to come forth and bring the fire energy. During the fire ritual we will call upon the Shield Guides to raise the planetary shield, and we will awaken the old fire portal Stonehenge to the collective movement, for which purpose it was constructed. We will call upon the powerful Shield Guide Gillian to raise the three-pronged shield and seal the planet against intrusion. (see below, Seal of the Planet) The Shield Guides are a vast organization of diverse beings from all parts of the phenomenal and numenal universe. They are an interdimensional organization of life systems and represent a winged body of planetary systems who are organized to assist those in developing light-network domains. The shield guides lead and shield civilizations on ascension paths. They will form a bridge for us leading from this evolutionary domain to others in the universe who are on similar ascension paths. The Shield Guides will appear when we request their presence.

The shared fire ritual in your homes will require plenty of candles, as well as quartz. If you have other power objects you would like to use during the ritual, feel free to do so. The verbal Fire Ritual to Invoke the Shield Guides will be ready to email on Saturday, along with instructions on how to proceed. Please let me know your email address for that day and I will send it. I can also fax it to you.

Claire Watson

Shield Guide

Stonehenge Ritual Results

When the spiritual and the physical unite, all beauty, all power, converge and a new cosmic identity is forged in this fiery furnace of creation we call the universe. When we speak the Fire Ritual to Invoke the Shield Guides, we evoke the mighty equation of spirit's juncture with matter - this is the Cross of Light. When the Cross of Light is illumined, all power is given and we may create as we please in all love and light. We begin the ritual with the beautiful Cosmic Invocation received from Debby Silver in Israel, and this expresses what we hope for, these are our highest desires.
May the great Light of the Cosmic Whole
Bring balance to the energies of this tiny planet.
May all life respond in a positive manner to these great forces.
May the Cosmic Will transcend the little will of humanity.
May unconditional love lift the suffering and cause thereof.
May all minds open to the recognition of the One Life,
And understanding bring the truth that life is forever.
May I become one whole in this truth.
May we all become our true whole spiritual starry beings,
Awakened into unconditional love and harmony.
This invocation is followed by the powerful Fire Ritual to Invoke the Shield Guides, composed by Claire Watson and miKron (Dan Raffanello). In this ritual we call for the mightiest of supernal beings to descend to us and bring with them their power of light and love to bestow upon us. We call forth the functional beings of light to bring us, the structural beings, the keys of ascension. This is the Cross of Light and a mighty power is created! These keys are written in the language of light, for all life is light! In the ritual we ask for shielding, because we are delicate physical beings who are striving to ascend to the highest spiritual realms of love. When the tremendous love energy is bestowed upon us we are awakened into the knowledge of our larger destinies, and this information can be so intense as it comes to us in the form of light, that we need shielding. We ask also to be shielded and sealed against opportunistic forces in the universe not so blessed as ourselves and who would steal our kingdom even as we create it, who would rob us of our Light, for it is the most valuable of blessings.

Fire Ritual to Invoke the Shield Guides

We call upon the Archangel Michael, come forward now with all your powers raise the Watch-Towers at the 4 corners of the universal Cross of Light. Come forward Lord Michael and place your first sword of light high atop the Western Watch-Tower.
(Light the candle to your left)
Come forward Lord Michael and place your second sword of light high atop the Southern Watch-Tower.
(Light the candle at the bottom)
Come forward Lord Michael and place your third sword of light high atop the Eastern Watch-Tower.
(Light the candle to the right)
Come forward Lord Michael and place your fourth sword of light high atop the Northern watch-tower.
(Light the candle at the top)
We call upon you, mighty Archangel, raise high your cobalt blue excalibur sword and make it spin! Shield us now with your presence and your sword as we begin to weave the tapestry of love and light that is our group consciousness.

Now we are shielded and with all power we say:

Come forward Pacal, Shield Guide of the Maya,
raise high your hand-shield and shield us.
Come forward Isis, Shield Guide of the World Soul,
raise high your 3-pronged sceptre and shield us.
Come forward Osiris, Shield Guide of the Egyptians,
raise high your silver shield and shield us.
Come forward Gillian, Shield Guide of the planet,
raise high the 3-pronged shield and seal the planet.

Now we are shielded and with all power we say:

Come forward priests and priestesses of the old universe
Bring us the Light keys.
Come forward Prometheus, our Fire-Brother,
Bring us the fire energy.
Come forward you powerful and loving beings of light!
Surround the fire portal Stonehenge in all spirit,
in all love and light and ignite the portal.
Place the light keys inside the portal and raise the fiery hand.
Come forward the Archangel Metatron
Grace the portal with your angelic being.

Now we are shielded and in all power we say:

Only the light keys for ascension
can pass through the fiery portal.
Come forward the Shield Guides of the universe.
Bring the Light keys through the portal of the old Stonehenge.
Pass the light through the portal,into the energy grid matrix of our planet.
Flow this energy of light and love directly to us,unite with us in the Light!
Come into our portals and empower us in all light and love.
Come into our biofields and increase our light.
Extend to us the love and light of the Source.
Love and Light In Extension!

Ritual Results

We began the ritual at 8:30. The 4 participants in my home were Dan Winter, Marnie Muller, Leroy Atkins and me. Linked to us in Connecticut was miKron. We had several candles lit and noted that they burned down very fast, but at the same time there was a pleasant coolness in the room. Debby noted this as well. Just before the ritual began, the energy level rose noticeably and Dan and I felt a pressure at our Crown chakras (top of the head) that continued throughout the ritual. Marnie Muller began to mediate as the pleasant energy continued to rise, and I could see beautiful white triangles of bright light, all moving together, merging then separating and then merging again. It was at this time that miKron in Connecticut felt an aspect exerting a great pull on him physically. He began the ritual, visualizing himself linking to Stonehenge. He lit the candles and invoked the powers and saw diamond shapes evolving within the portal and they were white and yellow. He was suddenly pulled out of body straight to Stonehenge, where he saw the place lit up in a fantastic electric blue. He was there for only a second and then flew away and began to see strange geometric light all moving and zapping his entire neighborhood at home. He worried the neighbors would be disturbed! He saw diamonds reacting like DNA in motion, forming fractals with 6, 8, 10 and 12 sides. Back in body, he felt a pressure and removed the crystals and other things from the portal and laid down in the center of the portal, placing on his chest the portal disk we were experimenting with. The whole astral connection seemed linked up with diamonds and his body became numb. He began to float and to feel some fear, but relaxed into it. He saw beings who were difficult to see, all integrated in the white all around them, and he could see them move! Then, he was jerked really hard either back into his body or out of it, he wasn't sure, and the soft music playing on his computer turned into a hum. The computer screen was frozen and when he looked to see, all the programs and icons were gone. When he tried to close the programs, they did not respond. So he re-booted and the programs reappeared. At this point, the energy became very astral and pleasant for all of us, and we were content to sit and experience it for hours, just talking and enjoying the moment.

All things are possible in the kingdom we create!

Shield Guide
LVX - Light of the Cross