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Stargate Opening Dec 20, 1996

Requesting information on the Stargate for
December 20, 1996 in Maui Hawaii
channeled by Chandara 10/17/96

We are honored at this time to transmit this information to you. It is a time of great importance, knowing that many missions are coming into their final stages of completion. It is a joyous time for all workers dedicated to their missions.

The intention of this Stargate is Unity. For the opening of this Gate and receiving of these energies are in unify the missions of the many who have, until this time, worked alone or in cloistered groupings, for the good of the many. It is a time of great rejoicing. In this Unity, will come much understanding of the importance and the individualized missions, and in the joining will come commitment to the whole of the Greater Plan. Many will find lightworkers and others, who have worked in conjunctive assignments, they will now join and exchange knowledge and information. It is to be a time of great harmony and balance. The effects will greatly improve the relationships between different factions and organizations...bringing together in understanding and unity for the greater good, those who may not have seen nor felt the need to do so prior to this time.

It is the unifying of the individualized missions of the greater plan, into the final cohesive templates and alignments which will carry your planet through the final phases of this ascension and through the photon energetic integration. You may experience great physical changes, both planetary, physical, emitional and in consciousness. These are in perfection, as those items which are no longer required to stand alone are gathered in unified harmony and balance within their assigned places of the Plan. Lightworkers may find themselves drawn to more coordinated and cohesive alliances, in unification of the greater good. Relationships will also follow these lines, when one surrenders to the greater knowing which is being sent through the Stargate. It is a time of great discernment as well...discerning that which is for you highest good, and that which is not, will greatly enhance your physical participation on a daily basis, to realign to the new formed harmonisouly balanced patterns of light alignments.

It is a time for Unity consciousness as well. In this, you will begin to understand the true meaning of group consciousness, as more telepathic occurrences and connections become day to day occurrences. Group dynamics of energetic linkages will also begin to remodulate and follow this patterning. It is a time of realigning and unifying many of the energetic patterns which have caused disharmonious occurrences in the physical realms of your world.

The Light frequencies will take on a new quality and feel, which is the unification of the fields of matter. This is in preparation for the alignment of the photon integration which is occurring now. This will begin to be felt on all levels of the physical, emotional, mental and ehteric realms. New scientific discoveries will begin to unfold. Dynamic releases of information from the sacred texts will occur. It is a time of great rejoicing. For this is a milestone in the overall focus and intention of the evolutionary course of the Earth and her inhabitants. We ask that as many co-joined groups as is possible physically join in the opening of this stargate, so that representative from all nations and missions might be present. If physical joining is not possible, we ask that the consciousness linkage be aligned at 3:52 PM for the Gate opening. More participants will hear the call for this Stargate than ever before. We are honored to participate iwth you in this great celebration of the culmination of many missions over many lifetimes. It is with Great Love that we send this message to Chandara, and ask that it be freely distributed to all globally, in many languages, around the planet. For it is a time of great rejoycing. All who read this message will receive a special encoded energetic to assist in thier integration and alignment to these new energies. It is a Gift of Love from Source, for all who participate. At this time we will close. Additional information will be transmitted thru the Earth Link Mission networks as we are closer to the Time of the Stargate.

In love and light, we remain
The Twelfth High Council, Ancient of Days,
and Councilors of The Galactic Confederation.

The Stargate will be opened on Mt. Haleakala on Maui, Hawaii on December 20, 1996, at 3:52 PM Hawaii time.