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Stargate Sep 21 1996 in Glastonbury England

The Stargate will open in Glastonbury England at the Chalice Well at 6:32 PM GMT The intention of this stargate is to realign the energetic of the Eastern European continent and raise the vibrational frequency, thus allowing acceleration of the spiritual awakening of the inhabitants of these areas. In a global sense, this reawakening will rebalance the ancient Atlantean energies which pervade this area. In other areas of the globe, this rebalancing will allow for a more harmonious balance globally of the grids and templates of the planet. It will facilitate the energetic corrections of the Lemurian areas as well, and assist in the harmonization of the Ring of Fire. During the trip to England, Chandara and friends will do extensive Earthwork at the sacred sites in the area. Stonehenge will be realigned and a reactivation of ancient mysteries will be lined up to occur at the Stargate. If you are drawn to do so, tune -in to Stonehenge on Sept. 17 from 8 - 9 AM GMT, when this work take place. Sept. 15 we go to Avebury to set in place similar alignments for activation in the Stargate. Those in the area are welcome to join us physically in these activities.


Sept. 15 Avebury Alignment 12- 2 PM Sept. 17 Stonehenge Alignment 8 - 9 AM Sept. 20 Glastonbury TOR 10- 12 noon Sept. 20 Stargate Lecture evening Sept. 21 Stargate meditation & lecture 9 - noon Sept. 21 6:43 PM STARGATE OPENING & ALIGNMENT meet at 5:30 PM at the Chalice Well World Time For the STARGATE Sept.21,1996 0 Glastonbury, England 6:43 PM 3 Rio DeJaneiro, Brazil 3:43 PM 4 Caracas ,Venezuela 2:43 PM 5 Boston, New York, Montral 1:43 PM 6 Chicago, Mexico City 12:43 PM 7 Denver 11:43 AM 8 Vancouver, Los Angeles 10:43 AM 9 Anchorage 9:43 AM 10 Honolulu Hawaii 8:43 AM 11 Pago Pago 7:43 AM 12 Auckland, Suva 6:43 AM 13 Noumea 5:43 AM 14 Sydney, Agana 4:43 AM 15 Tokyo 2:43 AM (summer) 16 Hong Kong, Manila, Peking 2:43 AM 17 Bangkok, Jakarta 1:43 AM 18 Dacca 12:43 AM 19 Karachi 11:43 PM 20 Dubai 10:43 PM 21 Moscow, Kuwait 9:43 PM 22 Athens, Cairo 8:43 PM 23 Paris, Geneva, Rome 7:43 PM


Glastonbury England

This gate is of great importance at this time. It will realign the temporal grids of reality relating to the Crystalline grid structures. It willprovide the first opportunity for direct linkage of the crystalline light body to the etheric bodies and within the physical form. It will enable those who have been working at high frequency levels to understand and dictate the differences between the energies which they work with currently and those energies which are new and arriving within the third dimensional reality at this time. For those of the light, it will be an awesome experience. The Core itself will be realigned reactivated to the newer crystalline grid structures. The genetic coding structures which have been returned to the earth will be impregnated and placed within the Globe and within the crystalline grid structure. It is time for those who remember to come forth and work with these energies in much higher and definitive ways.

The work in Glastonbury, on a physical level will continue on the etheric and will allow the realignment of the 11th dimensional pyramid which had been active over that quadrant and area. In realigning this pyramid, it will reestablish the correct physical properties within the Eastern European continent and the Atlantean segment. At this time, that will allow and enable peace and harmony to reign supreme in the area. Major shifts of consciousness will begin to occur within the general population. This will effect all the way into Italy and changes should be seen within the Roman Catholic Church in regard to the Truths of the religions, functions and alignment to the Truth of humankind.

We believe that it is important for those on the surface to understand that the landings of the ships will be coming. It is critical to note that they are not necessarily in the physical form at this time, for the energies and alignments of the earth are not in concert and harmony to support them yet. The connections with the consciousnesses of the ships and the beings on the ships will be accelerated and information will be realigned appropriately. The first major connection with the ships will be established through your Internet connection. It is critical that lightworkers globally link into a coordinated cohesive balanced network. This is still not occurring.

We encourage and ask for you to speed up this process in some mechanism so that you will know that you may understand and be with the energies in harmony of ONE. A coordinated network will allow passing of information freely and easily throughout your global connections. It will be best if one Internet service provider could be arranged for this, however we realize that this may be asking much at this time.

It is important to those being whose strata it is to be here to realign those energies, to know and understand that this time it is crucial for them to begin their paths. For all who have been unclear as to their mission, it is time to dramatically ask for guidance. The day before and after the stargate should be spent in silent meditation for a length of time so that the instruction sets which will come to you will be clearly received into the physical form, and are given in purest love and light of intention. It is important that you understand that all of these things are done in perfect harmony.

We ask at this time that the groups and factions which have been bickering amongst themselves within the new age community to lay down your complaints and step aside. Those of the light who have been hiding in the shadows, it is time for you to take your place within the global community. It is time to realign the energies and step forward into the light of full Truth. Know that when you do this, you are fully protected. For it is with our great love that we transmit this information to you.

Relative to the Earth alignments, we will give the specific coordinated instructions to each continental area so that the coordinators which we have asked to come forward will be aligned in that information. The light YODS are active and functioning in perfection. There are still disturbances which create much difficulty. The electromagnetic interference complex in Alaska is requiring additional help and information from those who know it is their job to do so. We ask that the nuclear testing on your planetary surface be ceased at this time, and that those whose job it has been to bring that campaign to the forefront, step up their activities. The nuclear fallout causes trepidation's with the grid system that you are at this time aligning. It is not impossible but it is in the best interest of humankind that this activity cease.

There are those of the light who are unclear of their mission and paths The best that we can say is for you to follow, to stay on target, in your heart that which you know is the Truth - which you know is your mission and your statement. For in that way, you will totally and truly be blessed. It is important that you understand that these messages come to you as a channel for we are the Galactic United Federation. We are the Counselors whose mission it is to oversee all mission of earth and to align the beings in appropriate mechanisms and response. The FEAR levels generated within you are deep at this time. In opening and reawakening your conscious memories of who you are you also awaken your past life memories of what has happened to you, with that knowledge in the past. Know that this is not the case at this time. In Truth, you can no longer be hurt as you were before. Step forward into the Light. Learn the shielding mechanism and protection. Walk forward in total Christ consciousness, unabashed and unfettered by the Truth that you Know that you are who you are. At this time, we will close and continue our transmission at a later date. We are very grateful for the opportunity to speak. We are the Galactic Council of the Light. Adonai.


PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THE STARGATE ENERGIES BEGIN TO RAMP UP ON SEPT 9 AND CONTINUE THROUGH OCTOBER 3...these are the 12 days before and after the Stargate Opening of September 21. Be open and aligned to facilitate these energetic integrations within your physical body, your fields, and within the Earth's grids and core. It smoothes the way for the Stargate opening with ease and grace.

We ask for the continental instructions at this time for the Stargate Sept. 21, 1996...

The continents of the earth will be in coordinated synchronous alignment for this opening. By performing the meditation, worldwide, in the minutes prior to the opening of the Stargate, you will create a vibratory compatibility which will extend through out all the earth's surface areas. This is a wonderful exercise in alignment, in preparation for the photon belt final phases. We are in the countdown phase s of these alignments at this time. The importance of the Earth link Mission Coordinators to step forward, cannot be stressed enough at this time. It is their mission to hold the points of light for each area, and be linked, consciously, to the main instructions which will be given minutes before the opening of these Stargates. These coordinators know who they are, and are asked to take the steps forward at this time so that the synchronization's may begin. There are many purposes for these coordination's. The purpose which humankind asks most is that of the earth changes. The consciousness connections may be utilized to alleviate etheric stresses which are placed on the earth, to rebalance any pockets of disharmony in the days to come. It is in this manner that the balances which you seek will be achieved.

The continents themselves are undergoing great stretches and shifts. May wish at this time to rift and form new physical composites. These paradigms were of the old reality. If the group consciousness wishes at this time to realign to a new paradigm which does not include this current reality template, it is granted to proceed in this manner. The Group consciousness intention would be to allow the Earth's core and substructures and durface structures to expand and accelerate the template overlay of the 4th and 5th dimensional reality. Within that reality template, the rifting may be dissolved and replaced with a balanced integration process, which would extend from the outer ehteric grid systems down through the Earth's atmosphere, and into the crystalline core itself. In order for his to be accomplished, the new magnetic changes must be aligned and be ready for activation within the 24 day Stargate alignment period. We are at this time able to grant the attainments and alignments necessary for this to be accomplished. It is with great love and gratitude that this time has come, for it is throughout all of the work by the lightworkers of the surface, that these plans and alignments are able to come into reality within the third dimensional [physical world in which you reside.

Those who are in magnetic service will reawaken the remembrances of the codes which they carry in their cellular memories. Within the Stargate energies, those codes will be realigned to support the new reality template for the integrated dimensional composites. It is time for those I n all areas of earth work to unite into a cohesive unit, to come together to understand and release their individual codes within the current plan. In this combining, all the detailed pieces will be aligned in perfection, and the new reality template can be formed. For those participating, it is important to be perfectly clear in you intention. The group consciousness intention should be one of HARMONY, and UNITY, in Perfect Balance, within the Light of Christ Consciousness and the Holly Spirit. For those who are unclear as to their roles at this time, we request that you ask for guidance and assistance in understanding you individual part on whatever level you are able and willing to receive the information at this time. In that way, whether physically conditions us or subconsciously conscious, you will be linked and connected to the information which you are to receive.

Regarding the individual continental areas, The North American Continent (USA) is within the beginning alignments of the final activation sequences for the Dove Star alignment , spoken of in the Keys of Enoch. This alignment will enable the central area of the US to balance with the Grid Masters who hold the East and West Coasts within the alignments of the photon integration. The central US will begin to receive the star configurations at this time for activation's of the cities of light. We will assist those whose mission it is to align these, by providing the information which they desire. The group consciousness intension should be one of BALANCED HARMONY. and Unity. This will manifest then in physical ways... to assist in resolving some of the social strife's which plague your civilization.

The Canadian areas concentrations at this time regard the Polar Shifts. The North polar quadrants continue to wobble. This wobble has placed unseen instability and permeates the society and governmental areas. This may now be balanced by holding the intention of alignment of all polar yods and alignments in perfect harmony... By balancing them within the Core and the Outer Grids, to which each one is connected, and realigning the template for their connections.

Australian areas are similarly requiring balanced alignments, for the Crystalline structures which align that continental area resonate some disharmony still. This effects the weather patterning and crusty area of the continent. The crystals which ring the lemurian sections have maintained the old paradigm, and now wish realignment to the new paradigm of integrated dimensional reality. The intention to hold would be of the Integrated Balanced Harmony, Uniting the Integrated Reality of Peace and Love.

European areas will find the shifting as the Glastonbury areas are reactivated. This realign the shifted energies which were remaining from the Atlantean fall. The intention would be also to align to the new paradigm of Integrated Balanced Harmony, Uniting the Integrated Reality of Peace and Love.

Asian areas continue to hold energies from the lemurian templates. It is time for these energies to be transmuted into the light and regain their new vibrational codes. Using the integrated intention of the continental alignments will assist in this process. The intention to hold would be of the Integrated Balanced Harmony, Uniting the Integrated Reality of Peace and Love.

The African areas have continued to hold the ancient templates, those prior to Atlantis and Lemuria. We ask to realign these ancient reality templates into the Light of the New Dawn, while containing the remaining key codes of the ancient sites which remain there. The intention to hold would be of the Integrated Balanced Harmony, Uniting the Integrated Reality of Peace and Love.

The South American continental areas hold templates of many ancient civilizations. The time has come for them to rejoin in blended harmony., to release the disharmonious remains of the vibrational linkages to those civilizations, and to realign all within the new interdimensional paradigm. The intention to hold would be of the Integrated Balanced Harmony, Uniting the Integrated Reality of Peace and Love.

The Antarctican areas also hold the frequencies which remain from very ancient times. It is time for the keys buried deep within to begin their long journey of enlightenment. . The intention to hold would be of the Integrated Balanced Harmony, Uniting the Integrated Reality of Peace and Love.

These alignments will provide the stability basis which the human paradigm has requested for so long. Know that when these alignments are completed the process of the intention will begin. For all those who physically participate, they will be aligned to a deep linkage and connection both to the earth and to each other. This will reawaken in all participants, the star codes which they have for so long sought after. It will allow the stepped up acceleration of the realignment of the sacred sites, and the reactivation of the knowledge contained within the etheric composites of these physical remembrances.

It may be required to perform minor readjustments to these templates each day for the 12 days after and before the Stargate Opening. We ask those who know it is their mission, to do so in coordinated alignment each day of these events. For in this linkage of coordination, you too are aligning your soul search to the highest energies available on the planetary surface. The Stargate alignments provide the purest, highest vibrational alignments to the planetary surface for a given time period. WE ask that the thoughts of the participants remain pure of intention. It is a time for revisiting your personal reality templates, and asking for any realignments which you feel would d assist you in your physical mission. We ask that you be perfectly clear in these intentions, for within this high energy state, your guidance and highest selves will be aligned to the truths of your requests. This will be a time of very high physical healing, and realignment of the physical bodies to meet the new interdimensional realities. The codes which are contained in the human form will be activated and reawakened to the next paradigm of service for each individual being participant. For those requiring additional assistance, the healers who are available, whose job it has been to come to the planet, just for this task, will begin to come to the forefront. New techniques and templates will now be available to assist in this process to speed up the alignments and realign any disharmonious effects which the physical bodies may still contain. Know that intention is the greatest healer, and that the human form, like the Earth, will be aligned to this global awakening. All kingdoms of God's creation will be accessing these new energies. It is all in perfection..

It is now time for our closure on this transmission. We ask that all who participate maintain an open connection to Source for this alignment, and to know that you are divinely protected in all aspects of your alignments with this mission. We are most grateful for the participation of all in this wondrous event... for WE ARE the High Council of the Galactic Confederation of Light...for the Blended Being of the New Reality.

Adonai. Channeled by Chandara 8/7/96 8 AM EDT USA

FINAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR STARGATE 9/21/96 in Glastonbury England:

This stargate alignment will produce a major energetic shift in the continental structures and overlay patterns and grids of the earth's planes. It will enable those with vision to begin to perceive the shifts in dimensional realities from the third thru the fifth dimension. In this time, over the next six months, this wil produce many harmonious balances within those who seek to shift their lightbodies from the third dimensinal patterns into multidimensional realities. The medical community will begin to realize the multidimensional and light body aspects of the human physical form in greater ways. Much research and alignment will be done in order to shift the mind-sets of these thoughts.

Religious factions will begin to join together in new harmonies. The disruptions of governmental authorities will begin to balance and move toward the light. Those workers whose missions it is to assist in these matters will be remembering their missions in these areas. The photon energies are beginning to infuse within the third dimensional earth plane. The water has begun the resonance change over in order to produce vegetation and plant life in the higher dimensional realities. By drinking the waters which are pure, one will begin to accelerate and feel the changes in their light bodies as your frequencies are elevated. This Stargate opening will fascilitate a speeding up of the ascension, the time frames and activities of those whose mission it is to align the earth's etheric fields into universal harmony. The discernment in these matters is to be viewed with greater clarity. It is time to honor your intuitiveness and follow your guidance, to begin to honor and understand oneself in harmony with the ONE. Group consciousness and telepathinc communications will begin to accelerate as the vibrational resonances are brought more closely together.

There may occur some earth changes in these matters. It is possible to balance the charges of these causes and effects using the group consciousness. Those called upon to do so must be certain in their hearts that this is their path, at each event, to balance and harmonize the energies, in unison of the one mind. Discernment is crucial in these matters. TRUST that you KNOW what is right, and "what to do" and always follow your heart.

For the lightworkers who are on their path, the message may be to "go with the flow" for as your vibrational connections to the ever increasing frequencies of the earth become more stable, you may find yourselves with greater and greater opportunites for advancement...within your ascension plan. These gifts are given in recognition of the wonderful work which has been accomplished in line with the Greater Plan. It is time to remember who you are. And the channels for that recognition are now opening and available to you. It is your FREE WILL CHOICE to see and understand the path and degree of acceleration you may take in these mattrers.

The continental work which has been done on each continent by the groups is in perfection. All is in readiness. We are all in coordination for this gloriuous event. IT is the dawning in of the new vibrations....we are blessed in the participation of those on the surface and those in the heavens, who join in one mind for these alignments. We ask those who participate to be open to receive your gifts, for surely they will be delivered. Be open and clear within your fields and your minds, to receive the accelerations which will now begin. We are most greatful for the work which is occurring daily, all over the planet, as the lightworkers unite, in one mind, to bring the perfection in to Reality. We will join with you in this most glorious event. ..We are with one mind and heart,

For we are the Twelfth High Council, Ancient of Days. Galactic Councils of Light.

Personal message from Chandara.... (Sep 20, 16:00 GMT)

Now is the dawning of the new energies of the interdimensional vibrational frequency ranges which are to be accessible on the earth plane. I thank all who are participating in this event. I will be with you all, in one mind, as we open the Stargate. Bask in energies which are delivered, and remember to be open to receive your gift. It is appropriate to ask to release all energies which are no longer working in your lives, as well....I will connect via e-mail with those who have sent messages AFTER the stargate has occurred. Any who have asked for special instructions, these will be transmitted telepathically and etherically to you, in meditation from Glastonbury tonight . Know that all is in perfection, and that all the advance work which had been performed is in the completion stages.