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The Ascension Plan


Greetings my friends. I bring you a message which is important to all of mankind. My heart is full of love for each and every one of you. This is why I am here. I am the Good Shepherd. Some of you will know me in this modern time as Sananda and others will know me as the one called Jesus the Christ.

The time for this planet and the people who inhabit her is running out. Do not be afraid because I bring a message of hope, not doom and gloom. This planet, when it was created by the Father God, my Father and your Father, was created in beauty and loveliness beyond compare and all the people and animals that dwelt therein lived in peace and harmony. Now, this wonderful Earth, so beloved by the Father God, has fallen into great decline and mankind will not listen. Very soon, my children, this planet will not be as you know her. The Earth will change as the all-loving God brings her back to the plan made in the first place. The world as you know it now - the climate, the famine, the disease, the pain, the torture, the hunger, the greed, the avarice - is coming to an end, and I have come through this instrument to tell you of a plan we have created for those of you who will listen and will heed. We have called it the ASCENSION PLAN.

The Ascension Plan is for you and for all the peoples of this Earth if they will but heed my word. The Godhead, the Father God, so loves this world that he sent me before to show you what could be accomplished if all men would live in peace and harmony. Yet those at that time sought to listen to only parts of my message and other parts were missed and have now been long forgotten, but this planet has still remained in the heart of the Father God, his most favoured, and her people upon the face of it, his most loved ones.

The Ascension Plan holds your salvation. It holds for you a place of safety. You need only to look at the newspapers and the reports of fires, floods and earthquakes to realise there is a great change coming upon your planet. Whilst loss of life cannot be avoided at this time, the Ascension Plan explains to you how you can overcome this. Throughout the world there are thousands like yourselves who have come to hear the news of the Ascension. To many the news is greeted with something akin to remembrance that they have heard of this long before but cannot place when. To others it is greeted with abhorrence and stupidity, mockery and cynicism. Sobeit, my children, I do not come to make people change their ways of life - their lifelong beliefs, their faith, their religion - I only come to tell them what is happening and how they may help themselves and others like them.

The Ascension Plan is divided into three main parts called the THREE WAVES OF ASCENSION. The first wave of Ascension is already underway. Those already triggered into awakening by the Ascension message will be on this first wave of Ascension. They will be, for the most part, STARSEEDS, that is people who have been programmed for Ascension even before they incarnated in this lifetime. The first wave we had anticipated would take somewhere in the region of 144,000 people.

The first wave will be a spiritual Ascension and will last from 2 - 48 hours. Those who have desired to go will be taken in spirit only. Some in their sleep, others in a state of wakefulness. Some in a state of meditation and others in a state where perhaps they remember nothing at all. On Ascension, you will be taken to a place which is prepared for you. You will know its love, you will feel its vibration, you will know the familiarity of the scenery, the place and the people therein. You need not be afraid, all that will surround you will be love and light and the wonderful Godhead Himself encompassing you with His love. Whilst you are there, there will be time for resting, there will be time for reunderstanding, dusting down and generally making you feel a whole lot better. You will have come home.

The first wave is split into two parts, those who desire to return to the Earthplane and those who don't. Each of you, whichever pathway you desire to take, will have the same knowledge of the Ascension. You will understand more, you will be given knowledge of what will take place upon the Earthplane, and if you decide to return you will be returning as a different person. You will be connected with your Higher-self so that you can bring back into this bodily form and your environment in which you live, the spiritual essence and some of the things you are capable of but perhaps, as yet, have remained dormant. Those of you who are healers will find that your healing abilities will have been enhanced many times. You will find that the healing that you give will be almost instantaneous. Those of you who are willing to channel information on the Ascension will find many facets of myself available to you - only ask in love and you shall receive. There will be other things as well that will be enhanced within you. You may notice a difference in your bodily form. Your bodies will cease to age and decay and in physiological terms, they will begin to regress to their prime. Young people will continue to grow to their prime. The starseeds who return back to their environment and families, and mundane world, will be ready to assist those who are asking questions. They will be ready to assist groups and explain to them what is happening - to show them, prepare them, ease the way for them and calm their fears so when the second wave begins, they will be ready.

So to the second wave. I cannot give you dates as it is not permitted and I would not like to evoke mass panic on the planet Earth - it will be in a time of years rather than centuries - but the second wave is the beginning of the evacuation. The changes that will occur on this planet will be so great and so cataclysmic that it would not be right for any of you to be on her surface when this occurs. This is what the Ascension Plan is designed for. It is a plan of awareness, heightened sensitivity and temporary evacuation.

After the first wave, many will have returned to spread the news of the Ascension Plan. We are hoping that this will make things easier for people to leave this Earth for a while because the second and third waves must be the Ascension of the body and the spirit. Those of you who choose to do that you will afford great assistance to the many who remain here before the final evacuation.

The final wave will be the last chance for Ascension. Those who choose to remain behind will miss their chance and will go through the death process. Some will be taken to another place where their souls will be restructured. Some may even return to the dimensions or the other worlds from which they have come because there are other worlds - you are not the only ones in this vast Universe. The Universes that even you do not know of are innumerable. I could not begin to count them, and within these Universes are planets with beings of light - beings of physical shape much like your own, and beings who just exist in thought and light alone - but beings they are. So some of those will return to the dimensions from whence they came and others will be helped along their way and their pain made bearable, but any at that final wave who express the desire to be with the Father God then, sobeit, we will take them - no one is barred.

The final days will come as soon as the evacuation of the third wave has been completed. The Earth will shift on her axis. She will change - north may become south and south become north and what was once wet may become dry and what was dry may become wet. You may yet see the sun rise in the west and set in the East. There will be a change in the climate and there will be a shuddering and a breaking of the Earth's surface. The Earth will be reshaped to my Father's original design. This is truth my children. This is no story - it is happening now. There will be more flooding, there will be more shaking of Earth, there will be more fire and the destruction of wealth. The trappings which many people think they must have here will be destroyed and in their place they will learn that these things are not important.

As I have said, it is not doom and gloom and it is not going to happen next week. Watch and look around you to see what is happening. Understand and with that understanding in your hearts tell those who are still ignorant of what is happening. When the final wave has been completed you may do as you please, you may stay in the created environment or you may return to the new Earth - you may walk between the two. Your bodily form will be changed, your spiritual form will undoubtedly be changed. You will have no need of the vehicles which run on your roads, and again, turn to your Western Bible, the lion will lay down with the lamb. You are on the brink of a new dawn for all mankind. Some call it the 'New Age'. Some call it the 'Age of Aquarius'. We call it the birth of the world. It is an exciting and wonderful age in which you live and each and everyone of you, your families, your fathers, your husbands, your wives, your daughters, your sons - each and everyone of you has the opportunity to return and see this world as it should have been and as it will be! You will walk upon the face of the Earth again. Do not think for one moment that in the third and final phase, that is it. Nay, you will return. You will return to see your grandchildren grow but in such a world that only your wildest dreams and imaginings you have seen. This is no fantasy, this is no story, this is happening now - YOUR WORLD IS CHANGING. With the love that is in my heart and with the love that I bring from the Father God, will you not heed my words? Will you not look, will you not listen? Tell your friends, and help them to understand!

Man has progressed; perhaps too much progression. Man has been given the technology and yet he uses it to destroy his world rather than assist. Man has abused the greatest gift of all which is the world in which he lives. Technology is always being updated and heightened and yet he fails to eradicate the disease which is responsible for killing more human beings than anything else on this Earthplane and that disease is greed. That is why half this planet starves and the other half is at war - you have no idea how much this grieves. This is why I am here, this is why I have chosen to speak to all who will hear me again. This is not a new message, neither is it a new Sermon on the Mount - it is a plan for your continued race, without it you will surely perish. My Father, the Godhead, will see that no hair on your heads is harmed, this is why He offers to you so freely the Ascension Plan.

I would like to leave you with a meditation which is especially designed to help you reach higher. You may use it at anytime. First of all I would like you to understand there are various points on the spiritual body which act as openings to spiritual attainment. You have a name for them here which is CHAKRAS.

When you are relaxed I want you to take in two or three gentle breaths and focus on the rhythm of your breathing, gently in and gently out. Now I want you to imagine above you a beautiful beam of white light and as you open your chakra centres I want you to take the beam of light through the top of your head and bring it right through the whole of your body, spreading to your toes, your fingers, the tip of your nose, your ears, everything about you. Let this wonderful white light penetrate everything. As you are sitting in its warmth I want you to allow it to penetrate further. I want you to let it filter through your bones, through to the inner organs - illuminate them, getting rid of any nasty things there, any pain - cover it in white light - every corner, and still further filter this through to your blood, the little corpuscles running madly around your body at this time, every one of them little pinpoints of light. Feel the energy coursing through you.

Now I want you to imagine yourselves in a cool quiet place of your choice. You may choose a temple, a pyramid or a favourite room - somewhere confined where you may sit and illuminate yourself with this light. Now I want you to imagine a doorway out. I want you to gently rise, turn towards the doorway and walk through. It is light, it is warm, your feet touch the green grass. There is beauty and peace all around you. The air is heavy with birdsong and in the distance you can hear the gentle tinkle of a stream. The sunshine is bright and covers you in warmth and love like the arm of the Father God. Walk towards this stream, see the clarity of the water and yet it is not cold, it is warm to the touch. Bathe yourself in its healing waters, let it carry away in its path the dross and dullness of this world, Let it take away your pain, your heartbreak, all things that will tie you to this Earth - let them float gently away. As you step out on the other side you are invigorated, strangely at peace and shining bright. Look towards the front and can you see a mountaintop that reaches high into the clear air. Isn't that the place you would like to be - atop the mountain where you can clearly see everything? Then go for that mountaintop, not with your feet but with your thoughts. If you want to go beyond the mountaintop it is well within your reach. Go through the skies to touch the stars, look back on your world, bright and shining in the sky - it is your world, you have created it thus, you have healed it. Gently return to the mountaintop, feel its coolness - take it deep within you - the serenity and the peace. Come once more to the riverbank, find yourself within the doorway, come in. Freely partake of the ambience of warmth around you and return here with us. Move your fingers and your toes, wriggle your nose and know that you are firmly planted here. Sad though it may be I am afraid that you have to stay here for a while. Now it is important that you listen to what I say. Once you have finished this meditation or any others it is important you close your chakra centres. You can imagine them as you like, little portholes, windows, doors, but you must seal them, seal the energy and light, serenity and peace in. Close each of them individually and seal it with love. Do this each time you wish to partake of this meditation or on any other occasion when you open your chakras in this way.

Now my loved ones, my time here for the moment is finished. My parting words to you are only to think on what I have said. Think them over, think them through and question within yourselves. Try and find others who are of like mind to yourselves. Speak of this change. Watch your world, Watch the changing face of the Earth and know that Sananda has told you the truth. The Ascension Plan is for all of you. Be happy in this and know that if you have the simplicity of love in your hearts, the desire to help your fellow men, and above all the desire to be part of the change of this world - each and everyone of you shall partake in the Ascension - none shall be barred. Hear this my children, NONE SHALL BE BARRED. No race, no colour, no creed, no religion, no jew, no gentile - this shall pass away and in its place will be a union of all mankind, and with that union of mankind will come the union of life itself, and with the union of life itself the union of the Father God and His children is inevitable - this is what the Ascension can do for you. The Ascension is given freely and I ask only that you accept it in love and you take it freely. Therefore, my loved ones, as the Father freely gives to you, freely receive, freely partake and freely share. Unify your causes, work together in peace and harmony. Let none think he is better that the other for in the sight of the Father God, all are equal. There are others who will help you, there are others who know and understand. For now I leave you my love and the love from your Father God. Know that it is He who watches and it is He who waits. May love and light remain always in your lives and hope, until we meet again, that love be your goal. Farewell my friends.

Channelled through the Amethyst Group
Dawlish, Devon, EX7 OQX, U.K.
January - March 1994.