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The USA Earthgate Expedition

August 23 to October 1, 1996

By Saskia Bosman and Wilka Zelders

This Earthgate expedition was a very extensive, intensive and exiting. Wilka Zelders, Michael Hamilton and Saskia Bosman joined their energies with Archangel Michael. Luck and guidance were with them during the whole trip. And so, many things were miracalously achieved within a short time. The Earthgate at Mount Shasta (the first one ever placed) was repaired and moved. Two new Earthgates ware placed: one in Monument Valley on the land of the Navajo Indians in Utah and one in the Mojave Desert in Southern California on the grounds of an institute for spiritual studies. Finally, after flying diagonally across the USA, Saskia met with some other friends with whom she did some more Earth healing work. There, she had an important meeting with the Abenaki Indians.

Late August, all parts of the two Earthgates were sent to Salt Lake City, where they were to be picked up by Saskia and Wilka at the first of September. But first Saskia had to go to Mount Shasta, California where Earthgate no.1 had to be repaired. Somewhere around April this year, this Earthgate had collapsed, due to either heavy snows or maybe vandalism. For this part of the expedition Saskia got help from Michael Hamilton, a friend who has many connections in the area. They were lucky, because on their way from San Francisco (where Saskia had arrived) to Mount Shasta, they were led right to the two crystals that were needed for Earthgates no. 8 and 9. This was a good omen for the rest of the journey.

When they arrived at the Earthgate's old home in Mount Shasta, they found that the Earthgate was completely down to the ground and one of the pipes was missing. Although the people in the surroundings were loving for this Earthgate, the place didn't feel right and safe anymore. Saskia and Michael decided to move the Earthgate to another spot. Thanks to Michael's connections a new home was soon found: a private garden a little lower on the slopes of Mount Shasta. So, all parts of the Earthgate were picked up and cleaned; some had to be replaced and the Earthgate was reassembled. It was wonderful to meet again with old friends like Don and Yola, who were both involved with the first placing of this Earthgate, which was the first one of the project.

On Tuesday, August 27, the Earthgate was reactivated with a simple ceremony and a channeling together with friends and it was like a reunion. Archangel Michael, who channeled through Saskia, congratulated us with the 'resurrection' of this Earthgate and told us that the bigger, etheric Earthgate, had not been damaged. He comforted us by saying that we were well on our way to Christ Consciousness, which is unconditional universal Love. He said that the illusion of duality and separation and the resulting fear and control will disappear, including national boarders, police and the military of all countries. Archangel Michael guided us to activate the Earthgate by connecting our hearts with the crystal, sending a beam of golden light into the inner core of the Earth and into the Christ Consciouness Grid around the Earth and to the centre of the Galaxy, as usual. Then the Earthgate's new caretaker channeled Universal Consciousness with many blessings and thanks. The ceremony was short and very powerful.

After this succesfull re-placing Saskia flew to Salt Lake City where she met Wilka recently arrived from Holland. On Saturday, August 31, they met as planned and were ready to go South to Monument Valley, where the 8th Earthgate was going to be placed. But the two Earthgates that were supposedly waiting at customs had to be picked up first and now they were forced to wait, since it was Labour Day Weekend and customs was closed. On Tuesday they could finally pick up the Earthgates which had only arrived the day before! It took them a lot of driving to find out where the Earthgates were, to get all the paperwork done and to finally load them in the car. This car was already proving its worth! Later during the trip they baptised it Little Green Lizzy, since it seemed to enjoy its trip through all this desertland, carrying two strange women and two Earthgates...

The whole procedure took several hours, but it was interesting to see how the customs officer changed from a somewhat suspecting person into a smiling lady after she saw pictures of other Earthgates. She even told them how beautiful she thought the structure was. This was the first occasion of many to follow, where the story or pictures of the Earthgates were opening up people's hearts.

Now that the Earthgates were in the car, they could finally take off. They drove through breathtaking desert landscapes, with bizarre red rock mountains, canyons, hills in the shapes of antediluvian animals and endless skies in which thunderstorms could be seen in the far distance. Saskia was told her that Monument Valley was part of Navajo Country and that they would have to talk with the tribal government to get permission to place the Earthgate. The Navajos are so connected to the land and each other that it is unthinkable to just walk in and place an object for Earth healing anywhere on their land. Even yards around houses are not really considered private poperty when it comes to this. Besides, these people do not really welcome anything that is not naturally present on the land, especially not in a sacred place like Monument Valley. Saskia and Wilka both felt that this was somehow going to be a great test for the whole project. Would the Indians accept the Earthgates as Earth healing objects?

Now they were on our way to Window Rock, capital of Navajo Country and about 100 miles south of Monument Valley, in Arizona. Of course they had no idea where or with whom to start, but miraculously, following their intuition they arrived at the desk of a high official who was willing to listen to the story. It was referesheing to experience how these people deal with taking decisions. First of all it is most important to meet with each other face to face, to be honest and to take the time needed. Another interesting aspect is that the government is there more in order to protect the people and the land, but decisions like this are to be taken by the people. So the women were sent from higher ranks to lower, instead of the other way around. And everytime they were courteously welcomed, had very straight conversations and finally got approval, after which they were sent to the next official. All very bureaucratic but a good experience of how democracy can also work. Important for our mission was that the Navajo's accepted the Earthgate!

Finally they arrived in Monument Valley and we were amazed by the beauty of the very red rocks and the land. The whole area surrounding the Tribal Park of Monument Valley had the energy of a heart induction point and it felt like an excellent area for the Earthgate.

The next official in line with whom they had to meet was the manager of the Monument Valley Tribal Park. Since it had started to rain upon their arrival (turning the desert into orange mud) he wondered delightedly wether they had brought this rain from Holland. This connection between the project and water/rain was made several times and it seemed that both Earthgate spots were in desperate need of water.

However, the park manager could not give permission, but he sent them to the Oljato Chapterhouse, a few miles further in the desert and the place where the People would meet. Here they would have to present the project and get the final permission. From the secretary at the Chapterhouse they learned that the meeting would be on Sunday. It was Friday and we had already lost much time!

Trusting that the permission would be granted, Saskia and Wilka decided to start looking for a place. After driving around for half a day and talking to several people all energy seemed to point in one direction: The Monument Valley High School. And it was no coincidence that there they met with Don Mose, teacher of a program called a(??)ndahoo'aah (Navajo for Relearning/New Learning). He is a beautiful, inspired man who has developed study material which connects old and new knowledge. In one of his projects he teaches his students geometry by having them make their own designs on computer. And then the elders come in and teach the students how to use these designs in basket or rug weaving and beadwork. While teaching these elders also tell the stories connected to the work and the desings, this way giving meaning to an abstract knowledge like mathematics. Don showed both women around in his little museum and on the campus ground where his students had build some traditional buildings with the help of the elders. Most important was the (female) hogan, a round house of sacred geometrical design, build from logs and covered with the local red clay, this way creating a protected and sacred space. The Hogan, which represents the female womb and Mother Earth is still being used by many Navajo's.

Don was very enthousiastic about the Earthgate Project and would have liked to have the Earthgate on the schoolground next to the Hogan. The three of them talked about how he could use the geometries of the Earthgate as a study object for his students. The head of the Highschool was also interested, but she pointed out that permission from the schoolboard was needed.

On Sunday Saskia and Wilka went to the Oljato Chapter meeting, and there they had to wait for the necessary quorum of 25 people to show up. Hours later there were still less then 10 people, but then Don showed up and he introduced us to the chairman. They had an interesting and convincing conversation with this man, whose eyes started to shine when he held the crystal that was going to hang in the Earthgate. And so, permission was granted.

Finally they could assemble the Earthgate and while Wilka made the crystal hanging system in the school shop, the crystal launched a baby crystal. It would find its new place later. It was decided to have the activation ceremony on Monday morning. After this Wilka and Saskia would have to leave immediately with still much work ahead of them. On their arrival at the Highschool on Monday morning the head informed them that the schoolboard would only meet after two weeks so they had to change plans. And how neatly it was all arranged, because at Don's place they met his assistant Larry, who just happened to have a big yard and who was very willing to welcome the Earthgate. So they loaded the Earthgate on a truck and Don drove it to Larry's garden in Monument Valley. With the four of them: Larry, Don, Wilka and Saskia, they had the Earthgate ceremony in Larry's garden on Monday morning, September 9. After the Earthgate had been directed North-South, each one of this small group stood in one of the four directions around the Earthgate like a living medicine wheel. Archangel Michael then came through with a channeling:

Channeling Monument Valley
Archangel Michael through Saskia Bosman

Beloved friends,

This is Archangel Michael. I greet you. I honor you for having this Earthgate on your magnificant land. We, in the other dimensions that you are going to enter soon, we are very grateful. We honor you and respect you for being on the surface of Mother Earth. We thank you for just being here, for living here. For being able to maintain your culture and rich traditions on this land, which is really a great protective factor for Mother Earth. Your wisdom, all your great ancient native wisdom, is about to be known to the whole planet. In your wisdom, dear friends, is the key to the next dimension. You know the doorway, you are guiding the doorway for this whole planet to enter the fifth world. As you know, the next dimension. You have the key in your hearts, dear friends. Everybody on Earth has the key in his or her heart, but you are the ones that know how to open the lock with this key. You are the ones that can open the doorway. You are opening the doorway by being here and radiating out your love to Mother Earth. By being connected with Mother Earth, Father Sky and all the other elements of nature. And not only nature here on Earth, but also the nature of the Cosmos, the Universe. With its planets, comets, meteors, stars and galaxies.

Now we'll activate the Earthgate, together with the help of Great Spirit, with the help of Mother Earth, with the help of all the spirits of the four directions. Call them in, call them in. I'm just a helper, Archangel Michael. I'm just a transmitter for this great important energetic work that is now about to take place.

Now imagine a golden beam of light coming from your heart and going straight into the quartz christal. Connect with the quartz christal, this healing crystal in the center of the Earthgate and feel or see how this crystal amplifies your golden energy of unconditional universal Love and sends this energy beam down into Earth and up into the sky, connecting the Earthgate with the heart of Mother Earth and with the center of the Universe, the Cosmos. To the center of the Galaxy, to the Great Central Sun. This Earthgate is now activated.

We thank you, dear friends, we thank you. Your path is safe, your way is beautiful. Thank you. We greet you in cosmic Love.

After this channeling Don said a beautiful prayer in the Navajo language (which he summarized in English afterwards), thanking Great Spirit and Mother Earth for this Earthgate placing. Larry gave thanks in English, thanking us on behalf of all his relatives while pointing at the various mountains surrounding them. Now the eighth Earthgate had its place in the eighth world wonder, the Monument Valley. After the ceremony Saskia gave the baby crystal to Don. He was deeply moved by it, as the clear quartz crystal is sacred to the Navajos and they use it to diagnose diseases and other problems. It was time then to say goodbye and with a little sadness in their hearts Saskia and Wilka took off for a meeting with some friends in Colorado.

A very scenic drive of twelve hours took them there and after doing some interesting work together Saskia and Wilka took off again to New Mexico, where Wilka had some administrative work to do around land property. New Mexico was pouring with rain and they sent prayers to the clouds so they would move to the Monument Valley. After finishing their business in New Mexico they rounded the Four Corners by driving into Arizona again, singing and rattling through the South of the Navajo/Hopi Reservation. Following a thunderstorm they arrived in Sedona late at night where they would pick up Michael Hamilton to join them in the next Earthgate placing, in the Mojave Desert.

In the morning they met Michael and the three of them enjoyed the creek and the energy vortex of Cathedral Rock in the Sedona area. Then they drove further South, to the Mojave Desert, a huge, very hot and dry landscape with an amazing volcanic geology in the South of California. The Mojave Desert is full of military bases. On the map they had dowsed the Earthgate spot in the Twenty-Nine Palms/Joshua Tree area. Not one of them knew anybody to contact locally, even after calling several people in the South of Arizona and California. They drove through the Twenty-Nine Palms Navy area to the town Twenty-Nine Palms, where many US Navy people are living. Michael, Saskia and Wilka joined them for lunch in their noisy Pizza Hut and there Michael suddenly got inspired to contact some people he knew at the Institute of Mental Physics, an institute for spiritual studies which also conducts Sunday church services in the next town, Joshua Tree. Michael dug up their pink newsletter from his car and they drove straight to the institute.

The institute was situated on a huge tract of land, with many Joshua trees, a few small ponds, a church and little apartment houses scattered in this oasislike landscape. The complex even had its own (very sweet) energy vortex as they found out later. All three felt a special caring energy at the grounds of the intitute and this was further confirmed when they saw the small statue of Quan Yin at the entrance to the office. It was Saturday afternoon and the whole place seemed deserted but we were lucky again. A car drove up to one of the houses and the lady that got out just happened to be the person in charge of the organisation: Fran Gray.

As they had experienced before, this lady was also a little reserved at first. But after she had read the Earthgate flyer she opened up completely. She told them something about the institute that was founded in 1927. The institute has more then 200.000 members all over the world. Its main aims and purposes are to proclaim and teach about the universality and oneness of life and how we can live the Light of this Divine wisdom through awareness of our body, mind and soul. The institute conducts seminars and workshops in many fields that are connected with its purpose. The last 30 or so years the Institute has been led by Reverend Barbara and Reverend Don. The latter being inspired - to our utter delight - by Archangel Michael!

Fran quickly made a couple of phone calls. Then she allowed Saskia, Wilka and Michael to stay in one of the apartments (wow, suddenly they were in a real house!) and invited them to meet the two Reverends the next morning, after the church service.

Next morning they attended the service, guided by the couple Rev. Don and Rev. Barbara. No one of this Earthgate team are church people, but this service was beautiful, it contained guided meditations and a great speech. The Reverends were very loving, joyful, open-minded and down-to-Earth people. They invited the three to come to the discussion group immediately after the church service. In the discussion group Saskia was invited to give a talk about the Earthgate Project. She showed photographs of the other Earthgates in the world and the small Earthgate model. These people were very fond of scientific work and connecting this with spirituality. Everyone was very excited about the project and it took almost no time to get permission from Reverend Don and Reverend Barbara to place the Earthgate in one of the gardens of the institute. That same Sunday they started to assemble the Earthgate. On Monday they heard that the schoolboard of Monument Valley High School had decided against placing the Earthgate in the school campus, mainly because it wouldn't be safe enough. So Larry's garden became the permanent place for the Earthgate.

On Tuesday morning, September 17, the Earthgate was activated. There were eighteen people altogether, including Rev. Don, Rev. Barbara and Fran, the largest number of people ever present at an Earthgate activation and as it turned out, a wonderful dedicated group of people. Saskia channeled Archangel Michael and after that Rev. Don said the following beautiful prayer:

May I speak in the first person, that everyone receive to themselves in the first person.

I am in harmony with the Earth and all the activities of the Earth. I envision all the wondrous things that are growing inside the Earth, and sustain our lives. And I am in harmony with that. I am at harmony with all the activities of the Earth as Earth moves to adjust its own being. And I shall be protected by the Earth and all of its activities at all times and all places. And I give thanks for that. Heavenly, heavenly father/mother/guardian, we give thanks that we were deamed worthy to have this Earthgate placed here and we and all our endeavors and our prayers, and all our activities see this Earthgate doing what it was designed to do, to heal the mother Earth. And for all that we are and for all that we have, we do give Thee thanks, oh Lord our God. Thanks, we give thanks, we give thanks.

Both Wilka and Saskia felt the presence of Sananda (Jesus Christ) and then Rev. Barbara started to speak:

And Jesus said, ask and you shall receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened. We ask Jesus' blessing on this instrument and may it do all that it is intended to do, drawing the energies, transforming and transmuting the energies and sending them out to heal the Earth. And may this flow of energy touch the people that come here or should be here, so that they will be inspired to seek to know themselves and their God to their own chosen way and belief. May the substance needed to keep the flame burning be drawn to this same energy, so that it will be a blessing to humanity and the Unconditional Love shall bring about peace on Earth.

Following is Archangel Michael's message, channeled through Saskia:

Channeling Mojave Desert Archangel Michael through Saskia Bosman

Dearest friends,

I great you, this is Archangel Michael. We honor and congratulate you for welcoming, receiving and building this Earthgate, this ninth Earthgate of the project. We honor you for being open to the guidance that sent this Earthgate straight to the right place. To the right place of this, your Mojave Desert. Know that this Earthgate is in an interesting area. An interesting area, though on a small scale the property of those who are in deep spiritual endeavors, uniting science and spirituality, which is so necessary in this time. Know that your role on this Earth is important. Your role to heal this illusionary, unnessacery gap between science and spirituality. Know that these two are also coming together in the area of the Earthgate Project. So for us it is deeply moving to see that the two are coming together in the physical area of an Earthgate as well.

On a wider scale this Earthgate is doing its work in an area that has had many earthquakes, where the plates of the earth crust are coming together and not always in a smooth way. But now the chances are great that the Earth will be going through her transitions in a much smoother way. The predictions of times past are not always true anymore for your present. We, from the other dimensions, we can see your history and future history, because we perceive the Earth from outside of space and time. But it doesn't mean that we see a fixed future for your Earth and a set number of earthquakes. We see many possible futures and some of them are most probable to materialise, others are not. And your most probable futures at this moment, I stress: at this moment, are showing a smooth Earth transition. Because not only in these very projects, your Institute of Mental Physics and the Earthgate Project, people are sending so much love to mother Earth. But also in many other projects. Also many individuals who get triggered by the messages that are around send love to Mother Earth. Move out of fear and be in Oneness and Love.

Fear is not necessary anymore. We want to suggest strongly to you, beloved friends, move out of all fear. Even if the fear thing is printed on a piece of paper in a book or a magazine. Please don't lock into it. Don't hook on to the fear. With this project, and many other projects and many other inspirations and messages and healings we want to move humanity out of fear. Because that is an energy that belonged to and had its function for survival and things on a level where you have been. At this moment the energy frequencies of your matter and of everything else are rising so steeply that you are already moving out of the old level and into the new level. Which is the level of Oneness and Unconditional Love. What you are leaving behind is the level of duality, separation and fear. And of course there was also a multitude of sparks of Unconditional Love and all other kinds of love and sparks of Oneness, sparks of the Divine. But now you are really going home. Going back through the dimensions faster and faster, back to the heart of Mother-Father God, the original creator, who dreams this Universe, who dreamed this Universe into existence. Who danced this Universe into existence. And who is dancing back in spirals and spirals.

So we invite you to dance the spiral of the heart.

Dance the spiral of the heart of Love. Unconditional Universal Love. Dance the spiral home.

We thank you, we honor every one of you, beloved friends. Beloved brothers and sisters. This is Archangel Michael. We greet you in Cosmic Love.

Now this Earthgate is being activated. You may be able to feel a spiraling energy around this one. Just allow your heart to send out a golden beam of love energy to the crystal inside the Earthgate. And from the crystal a next golden beam of love energy connects with the inner core, the heart of your Earth. And another beam of golden energy connects with the center of the galaxy, the Great Central Sun. And this connection activates the Earthgate to its full strength.

We thank you all for assisting with this activation. And again we greet you in Cosmic Love.

That morning Wilka had vision of a spiral of rocks around the Earthgate and after Archangel Michael's channeling it was all the more appropriate to make one. They all built a double spiral like the Galaxy around the Earthgate with local stones to allow the energy of Unconditonal Universal Love to spiral out into the area.

In the afternoon the three of them left to Los Angeles. The following morning, very early, Wilka flew back to Holland and Saskia flew to Vermont to join some friends in more Earth healing work. Here she had a very clear dream of the next two Earthgates being placed in the Himalaya Mountains in the begining of 1997. In Vermont, she also met two Grandmothers and a Storyteller of the Abenaki Indians, accompanied by their half-Scottish friend who was a great storyteller as well. Smoking pipe, they shared some very important insights with Saskia and the friend she stayed with.

They told about the many people who are activating vortexes and powerplaces today and made clear with Vermont and Mexican examples, that one must make sure it is right to activate a power place. Some of those places hold so much painful and murky energy or are ancestors' graveyards, that it is better to leave these places alone and allow time to heal them more gradually. The Abenaki felt no problem for the Earthgate Project but wondered whether we really needed Earthgates. The other important thing they shared was about Europeans who study American Indian teachings and some of them wanting to be what they cannot be: Indians. They felt it was good for us to learn about Native American culture and beliefs but that it was more important for any people to connect with their own roots and traditions. For Europeans this will mean that they will have to face a lot of pain, since our Germanic roots and cultures have been misused by the Nazis. In fact, the Second World War has cut us from our roots and we need to heal this in order to be able to evolve further. We cannot launch ourselves into whatever future without roots or with damaged ones.

Later, back home, talking about this experience, we realised the truth of this. But in thinking and feeling about our Dutch culture we also saw that one of our main virtues is the integration of other cultures. From ancient times we have been overrun by peoples coming from other parts of the world. And we have become masters in integrating and enjoying what others have to give, although our culture as well has to acknowledge quite some discrimination of minorities. Nevertheless we think that part of our tradition is to learn from other traditions and then use these in our own individual way. But we are interested to know what our readers think or feel about this. Are there suggestions about healing this European pain? In future issues of Heart of the Earth we would like to pay attention to this healing work with focus.

After Saskia's meeting with the Abenaki Indians it was time to return home and get prepared for the next journey: the placing of two Earthgates in the Himalayas, Spring 1997.

Saskia Bosman