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Boogie Busting

Discussion-fragment from Lightwork-L:

Someone asked:

... Lately I have the feeling that negative energy has been around me, ... has anyone any advice on the best way to remove this negative energy that has surrounded me lately?

KenDon 15 Feb 1995 replied:


Negative energy can have many sources, but I would like to share a technique that was introduced by E.T. Earth Mission a few years ago. It's called "Boogie Busting." A "Boogie" is an affectionate name for a disembodied spirit that is hanging out in the astral plane, because, for whatever reason, didn't make it into the Light. Legions of The Dark Forces are also included under this title, which includes all of the terrorific demons anyone can imagine.

It is the job of these "boogs" to keep us in fear. If you are afraid and identify with it, you are in darkness. If you base your actions on fear, you are supporting the Forces of Darkness, as well.

Depending on the way you perceive astral entities and events, either visually, aurally, or just feel their presense, if you begin to feel "bad," you can always check the astral plane; if there are any boogs around, you can "bust" them: send them to the Light. Here is the technique.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a tunnel. The tunnel goes upward and forward, and, at the end, opens into a dimension of Light. You may see angels or other Divine beings at the entrance. The tunnel traverses the darkness of the astral plane (fourth dimension); the Light at the end of the tunnel is the doorway into the fifth dimension or "Heaven."

Once you visualize yourself in the tunnel, look around and call forth any of these dark beings. If you would like, ask them what agreement you have made with them to allow them to interact you. They will usually say something like, "I'm here to protect (guide, etc.) you." You tell them "Well, thanks for your service, but my guide is now my spirit," and you send the being up the tunnel and into the Light. Do this with love, as "behind every form there is love."

Scan for his pals; bust them, too. You are performing a service for the being, the planetary consciousness, and yourself. You might want to scan your astral body for etheric implants. You can recognize them by their distinctly inorganic nature. Some may even look "rusty." You can blast them with a beam of light from your hands or send them to the Light.

If you are concerned that you might send a "good guy" to the Light, don't be. If they are "of the Light" they wouldn't mind a trip there; besides, they can always come back. (They won't hold it against you.)

While I am on the subject, I have heard claims that as of last year, karma is no longer allowed to happen on Earth, and that there are no more Dark Forces around. This reminds me of the famous saying about The rumor of my death is somewhat exaggerated (something like that). In December, the previous inhabitant of this body was involved in liberating some "cells" in the astral plane. These cells are also known as Purgatory. So there is still a lot of cleaning going on, at least in our experience. Consequently, we still have to deal with boogs when they interact with us.

By the way, they can read your mind, enchant you, give or withhold things that you want, and a variety of other things. If you relate to them as a third-dimensional struggling human, they will always "beat" you: they have a dimensional edge. But if you relate to them as the fifth-dimensional (or above) master that you are - your higher identity- then the tables are turned. Light always prevails.

This technology has worked well for me over the years; maybe it can serve you as well.

In Love, Support, and Oneness