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Continuing Life Research: Using Science and Technology to Bridge Other Worlds and Other Dimensions

Trends and Predictions Analyst (TAPA), Vol. 12, No. 1 Jan. 1996

Patrick O'Connell

I would like to introduce Mark Macy, president of Continuing Life Research. He is a writer, lecturer and researcher of human consciousness, with degrees in journalism and electrical engineering. His current focus at CLR is instrumental transcommunication (ITC), a new field in which research teams on Earth receive, from our colleagues in the spirit worlds, video images, computerized messages and other physical evidence attesting to the existence of these subtler dimensions. The first ITC bridge was established in 1986 between researchers in Luxembourg and the Timestream sending sthation which is operated in the spirit worlds by deceased human experimenters in cooperation with other nonphysical beings. The second bridge was built in 1994 between Timestream and Macy's team at CLR (address: CLR, PO Box 11036, Boulder, CO 80301).

Macy sthates that ITC "remains distinct from other forms of interdimensional communication (prayer, channeling, medithation and electronic voice phenomenon) by the fact that ITC involves large teams of technically astute spirit beings who are learning to manipulate both the electromagnetic energies and the factors of time unique to the physical world. In doing so, they are quickly gaining the ability to manipulate computers, telephones, radios and other electronic equipment of experimenters on Earth in order to convey information - long messages and clear images - to us through these media.

His brochure announcing the founding of CLR announces that "high-tech communication is underway today between researchers in this physical world and other entities, often called "spirits" or "spiritual beings," residing in delicate, more finely spun dimensions of reality. Modern research laboratories in Europe are reporting extended, two-way communication with spirit colleagues almost daily, receiving wide-ranging information through telephone answering machines, radios and computer printouts. They are receiving video images on their television sets showing people and places in the spirit worlds. This is all part of a new, carefully growing field called instrumental transcommunication (ITC), with large groups of beings in spirit (including many deceased colleagues and loved ones) who are quickly mastering the art of manipulating the electromagnetic energies of our physical world with the subtle energies in their etheric dimensions. As a result, for the first time in history, we are being shown direct physical evidence of what life is really like after we shed the physical body."

I shall share some excerpts from back issues of INFOnews (available from CLR). The early issues (1987-88, $17US) contain the following information. On Feb. 28, 1988 an entity called the Technician (who purportedly watches over the spirit group Timestream on the "Other Side") dicthated the following via the BURTON-BRIDGE instrument (a communications device used by life-forms / spirit entities on "the other side" to communicate with humans on Earth).

"Modesty and gratitude have to be cultivated. Man only has to rise above the density and pressures of the world, and he can no longer be dissatisfied. As soon as he strives for the Kingdom of God he is uplifted and will always be in a happier condition. However, he who puts himself above others, talks much about himself and his spiritual abilities, he who is looking for spiritual wages, must first overcome himself. It is not good to talk much about yourself. One has to overcome the personal ego. What a pleasure it is to meet a modest person.

"Modest people often are enlightened and at a elevated spiritual level. We should pay more attention to them. This does not mean we should make much fuss about them. We should tell ourselves: 'This is how I would like to be. I will try to be like this modest person'. We should ask ourselves" 'Do I set myself up above others? Don't I like to speak too much about myself, about what I do and accomplish, about what I won?' Others are really not that interested. In fact, THEIR REACTION OFTEN IS ONLY A SMILE."

"There are rewards for all those who participate in the unfolding of harmony in their environment. As one can overcome the bad habits and live a just life, one can expect a spiritual award. All those will be rewarded who have an open mind and a kind heart. The reward itself may be different: each receives whatever is necessary for him/her."

"It is possible the merits of a person are so great that it will bless his entire next life and he may harvest the fruits of his present life. Higher beings direct everything into the proper track. Life is a school and every year, man can graduate into a higher class. To achieve a higher spiritual life, however, may take Man an entire life or perhaps several lives."

"We have the right to ask of Man to align himself with higher aims in life in order to gain spiritual riches. But how many weigh down their soul heavily, putting burden upon burden upon it. They count among the biggest debtors of this world. After their earthly death, when they face their divine "judges" they will regret their failures and injustices. But then it will be too late. Among those failures are the lack of faith and the spreading of false teachings. But people do not want to believe that. Unfortunately, most men do not know spiritual laws. They do not believe in them because it does not fit into their lives."

Non Human Beings, the Gods and Guardians of Religions:
Are They Real?

by Maggy Harsch-Fischbach

Excerpted from Recent Issues (1991-01/92:$19 US from CLR). K. Raudive: "The triumph of Christianity did not destroy the old gods but merely displaced them from Heaven onto Earth and in the figure of the Evil One, banished him into lower regions. The natural forces our ancestors once prayed to, the spirits of the rivers, woods and swamps still exist today. They live in the old customs and primitive believes of people"

" non human entities belong not only higher spirit beings and spirit guardians but also nature spirits, forest, river and swamp spirits etc. (the Elementals). It is not a new subject to the ITC experimenter but one that is hotly debated. There are many different opinions on existence, abilities and appearance of no-human beings. At times our communication partners are not understood correctly. Not all our questions can be totally answered."

"What we learn about non-human entities through ITC brings us closer to a subject formerly limited by the "believe system" of man. There are numerous accounts that testify to a life after death but few convincing descriptions of manifesthations of "higher beings or non-human entities or forces." The TECHNICIAN explains that manifesthations by higher beings are so rare only because man can not perceive them"

"TECHNICIAN: It is not always the life style of man that prevents him from making contact with these beings. Many humans make efforts to raise their sthate of consciousness but can not perceive them simply because you lack the senses to hear their voices and see their signs."

"Once the doubt in the existence of these beings and forces are overcome a new problem confronts many of us."

People and Their Beliefs: Tolerance Toward Other Beliefs

To tolerate the beliefs of others is extremely difficult for the faithful of all religions. For some it is impossible. It is simpler to believe in one's own spirit guide or in the God as I imagine Him, than in the Higher Entities or the God of other person, especially when their conception does not agree wit my own. Is it possible to reconcile these beliefs and coexist peacefully? Our partners had this to say:

"Yes it is possible, it is even advisable that Man considers this next

step in the course of his spiritual development." Can I.T.C. Experiments be Successful without the Guidance of Protecting Spirits?

"You may ask yourself what connection is there between the Konstantin Raudive message and our visit to the Sauter-Institute Congress? After Prof. Sauter had listened to the message he said he understood what was meant by it since it was a completion of thoughts that were on his mind. In addition, the theme "Guardian" (protecting) spirits, Guiding spirits, the "Gods of the spirit world and their function" was the center of the Sauter Congress."

"We recognized connections to our own experiences in the subjects selected by Prof. Sauter. Every attempt to contact other dimensions sooner or later leads to an encounter with higher forces and new truths."

"No T.C.. researcher can conduct spirit contacts very long and not include his guardian (protecting spirit. Higher spirit protectors, on the other hand expect from their charges willingness to some cooperation and mutual understanding."

"First think what you personally imagine these higher beings, protecting spirits and nature spirit forces look like. As soon as you do, there will be as many different conceptions of these beings as there people."

"Every person who believes in a spirit guardian will have his / her own idea about their appearance. Therefore, in each person's thoughts this being will look slightly different."

"Let's assume we observe two groups of people with two different belief systems. Both groups will express their ideas of a protecting spirit in 2 different pictures. Within each group there is agreement about what the protecting spirit looks like. But as soon as both groups meet, each with a different conception and a different ideology, it will come to a confronthation. But which group is right, the first or the second one?

"The TECHNICIAN had the following to say about this:
"Each group has the right to follow their belief but no group has the right to fight another. Higher spirit beings are intelligences independent of Man. But people of all faiths give them appearances and forms that conform to their human imagination. Independent of Man, higher beings are not separated but form one united whole. The difference between a higher spirit being and a human can best be visualized like this: a human is one personality; a higher being incorporates the attributes and knowledge of many human personalities in one being. Some of them are very close to the Principle, the Source and Center and are far from the 'Existence of Man.'

"During the early dialogues with the TECHNICIAN in Fall 1986 he told us we should try not to regard the guidelines of a single faith as [the]only truth. We should recognize the other religions and ideologies also have their "rightness" in their own way."

"TECHNICIAN: All men who follow one particular religious direction or ideology have found for themselves a part of "their personal truth" but only for themselves."

The Best Preparation for Tolerance

"Get to know other beliefs and learn to understand them. Again and again the TECHNICIAN advised us to read about other peoples' beliefs, take note of it, and eventually study them. he wanted us to become familiar with reincarnation and the parallel worlds of possibilities and finally asked me to pass on his words to you."

"What the TECHNICIAN requested was a tremendous task. After all, some years ago I had my own belief system, not without tolerance of what other people thought, but snug in the safety of what I believed in. My husband too, preferred silence and thought it was enough to inform oneself. One should not immediately share every experience with others. Jules thought religious tolerance toward fellow humans is not a new subject anymore; many would strive for it. Those who did not believe in it would not become tolerant even when asked by entities from another dimension."

"But the TECHNICIAN did not give up that quickly. TECHNICIAN: You have searched for and found contact to higher protective beings. Your next step will be acceptance of the fact that Man forms his own believe. That means, some people attract higher forces through faith, prayers, songs or rituals but give them a form or body that they themselves imagine of a "Higher Being."

"First I did not know what the TECHNICIAN meant. If people shape their own beliefs as he said, and our imagination gave form to him as protective spirit, why was he different in his talks with me than he was in my imagination? He then explained in many talks that no protective being would adjust himself to the imagination and thought forms of a single person."

"Does that mean an entity will adjust itself to a collective thoughtform? In some ways, yes, he declared, for he would adjust himself to the thoughtforms of many I.T.C. experimenters in the choice of messages and dialogues with us."

"The TECHNICIAN said he liked people's interest and their thoughts and discussions about spirit life. Many people would have similar conversations as Jules and I, but did not have the same contacts as we did. We should therefore pass on his words to others. If he would make himself visible to certain individuals, he would select an appearance that would correspond to the conception that people have of him."