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Countermeasures & Wards

by Robert Bruce
(A Lost Chapter From The Original Astral Dynamics Manuscript)

My new book, Practical Psychic Self-Defense, is due for release in early 2002, by Hampton Roads, VA, USA. I found this article today, while searching through my files. I totally forgot I wrote this. It is one of the lost chapters from the original Astral Dynamics manuscript. The countermeasures it contains are excellent and it seems a shame to waste all this work, so I have decided to share it on my website.

The practice of OBE does not in itself attract the attention of negative type entities. The only thing to fear in the out-of-body environment is fear itself. Too much fear creates countless problems for a projector. If fear is a serious problem and cannot be controlled, and if it too easily grows into terror, a projector should not really be projecting. But as I've said before, a small amount of fear is healthy as it breeds caution.

It is highly unusual for projectors to encounter or to be seriously troubled by astral wildlife, especially by really strong negative spirit types. It is even more unusual for these to trouble a projector's physical/etheric body before, during or after a projection. However, there are ways to keep the negatives away and to protect the physical/etheric body during a projection, or even while just sleeping, if it becomes necessary. This may seem a little out of theme with the rest of the content of this book, but I feel I would be letting my readers down and leaving this book incomplete, if I did not offer at least some advice on what to do if things ever started going wrong.

Some of the countermeasures given here are directly related to astral projection, while others are more related to psychic attack. I decided to include the latter anyway, just in case they are ever needed. Many projectors have asked my advice over the years on what they should do if something negative ever followed them back from a projection, and stayed around to trouble them afterwards. While this situation would be extremely rare it is conceivable, and so giving this extra information is justified. I have given enough advice here to not only deal with mild atmosphere problems, but to weather any kind or level of energy interference or psychic attack; just in case this should ever be required.

All the advice and techniques given on countermeasures, wards and their usage here have stood the test of time, and have thoroughly proven their effectiveness in countless real life situations. Many people may smile at this, thinking 'Hey, this guy's getting a little weird and wacky on us here,' but this matters not. What does matter is that this information is made available to those who have need of it. And even though you may have no need of this now, and hopefully never will, if you ever need it you'll now know just where to find it.

Symptoms Of Attachment:

Astral wildlife, especially the smaller energy feeding types, normally prey on people while they are asleep. This type of interference will not cause any noticeable harm. They will also occasionally attempt to attach to people while they are awake, especially when they are deeply relaxed, tranced or in the process of falling asleep. The symptoms of attachment are small needle-like jabbing and pricking sensations, or small areas of localized buzzing as if a fly were stuck to the skin and were buzzing and struggling to get free. If left unattended a mild bonedeep tingling ache, warm and cold patches, and even localized numbness can develop near the area of interference. More rarely, painful muscular cramps can develop which have no apparent cause.

Stronger levels of energy body interference can cause larger areas of tingling and fluttering. The most common area would be the back for these larger sensations, say an area six-inches by six-inches anywhere in the back, upper or lower.

The strength of these sensations is related to two things: the strength of the entity in question and the energy sensitivity of the person concerned. These sensations usually occur in the hands, feet and lower legs, but can be felt anywhere on the body. The NEW Energy Ways system (see tutorials section on Astral Pulse website: tends to progressively increase sensitivity to energy. Unfortunately, this also causes an increased sensitivity to energy feeders, making their touch far more noticeable. The presence of very small energy feeding types during a projection or otherwise, is not uncommon. These are natural pests and their presence generally goes unnoticed.

There is nothing new about energy feeding astral wildlife. I believe these have been known about for centuries. The behavior of these types and the symptoms of their interference, is much like how the traditional little horned demon is historically depicted. Traditionally, demons are depicted as small, red, horned beasts with sharp tails, and as carrying sharp forks, which they use to jab and torment their victims. The reason people originally got the idea these beings lived beneath the surface of the earth, I think, is related to the sharp jabbing and pricking sensations these types will often cause in the feet. This can happen at any time of the day or night. Stronger types will even attempt to interfere with people who are wide-awake, even while they are standing and walking. The description of the typical horned little demon, when compared with the behavior of common energy feeders, seems too much of a coincidence.

There are striking similarities between the nature and feeding habits of mosquitoes and energy feeders. Both types generally feed in the dark on sleeping people and animals, both cause a slight pricking sensation when they penetrate the skin (or etheric body) and both suck a type of blood (blood = energy) and both are quite ugly when magnified and seen up close. Both types are also relatively harmless to humans and are definitely not something to be overly scared of or concerned about.

Please note that Cobwebs sensations, as associated with energy movement through energy pathways and accupoints on the skin, will often cause slight stinging and tickling sensations. Cobwebs can be quite intense and although generally localized to the face and neck area, can be felt anywhere on the body. It is important to differentiate between cobwebs and other normal energy movement sensations and astral wildlife. Do not mistake these for symptoms of energy interference, as the sensations associated with each are different. It is also highly unusual to have cobweb sensations localized to only the feet and hands, with these being the areas most often interfered with by energy feeders.

Garlic & Scent Wards:

I have found that some truth can often be found in myths, legends, superstitions and old wives tales. Garlic is historically reputed to have magical properties and to be an effective ward against vampires, non-physical manifestations and astral lights. Astral Lights is the traditional occult term used to describe the tiny silver sparks and motes of light that appear in and around an area where a manifestation is occurring. The size and duration of astral lights is directly related to the strength of the manifestation causing them.

I have found garlic to be extremely useful and have experimented with it for many years. It is an effective and versatile countermeasure. If used correctly, it will deter any non-physical manifestation, big or small, from operating in an area affected by its pungent odor.

The underlying principles I work with are: that light, sound and smell from the physical dimension reflect directly into the real time zone. The real time zone is a direct reflection of reality. The senses of a real time projector are greatly enhanced, and I believe this sensory enhancement also extends to all types of astral wildlife as well. The scent of pungent herbs and perfumes are thus sensed far more keenly in the real time zone than they are in the physical dimension. They therefore have a much stronger affect on astral wildlife. Garlic, in particular, gives off a clinging odor which permeates the local atmosphere in the real time zone. Garlic also contains a high level of sulfur, which is well-known to be detrimental and offensive to negative atmospheres and astral wildlife. Garlic makes the atmosphere offensive and repellent to astral wildlife, and to many humans as well come to think of it.

While the idea of using garlic as a countermeasure is nothing new, the way in which garlic should be used is extremely important. This is definitely not common knowledge. For example, just placing a few strings or cloves of garlic around a room will be found to have little or no effect as a repellent or atmosphere cleanser.

This countermeasure may appear overly drastic and antisocial to some people, but please keep in mind that this is part of the reason why it is so effective. The stench of garlic is much easier to deal with than are negative atmospheres, manifestations and psychic attacks.

Reasonably fresh garlic cloves are the most effective. As a general deterrent, peel and slice a few cloves of garlic into thin rounds. Spread these out over two small plates. Position one plate near the foot and one near the head of a bed, or on bedside tables, or even underneath the bed is fine. Alternatively, several smaller plates or even pieces of kitchen paper can be used, and these placed around the room on tables and counters. This creates an extremely strong and long-lasting garlic smell inside any room treated in this way.

Used garlic should, traditionally, be removed from the house in the morning and burned or buried. Realistically, flushing them down the toilet is quite adequate. Traditionally, garlic should not be consumed after being used as a ward, as it is reputed to absorb negative energies. These may be ingested or released back into a house if not disposed of properly. While difficult to prove, this caution seems reasonable.

If you have an ongoing problem, it is also wise to take a little garlic daily, either fresh or in cooking, or in odorless capsule form if you do not like the smell and taste. When ingested regularly, garlic permeates the physical body and causes a faint odor in the skin. This acts as a good personal deterrent. The strength of this odor is directly related to the quantity and potency of the garlic consumed, as does its effect. Garlic also has many health benefits and more information on this will be available from any good health food shop.

If the smell of garlic is overly offensive but its use is still required, I suggest a freshly crushed clove of garlic be placed in a tissue and then held very close to the nose, with several deep inhalations being taken. This will overload the sense of smell and make the more subtle smell from a garlic treated room or skin area less noticeable. In any case, the smell of garlic in a treated room soon becomes virtually unnoticeable, as the sense of smell tunes it out after a short time.

Another way to use garlic to treat a room or house quickly is to mix garlic juice with a little water or unscented oil. This mixture can be slowly evaporated in an oil burner of the type used with fragrant essential oils. If you have never used this type of oil burner, ask at a health food shop or wherever you see essential oils and incense offered for sale.

Garlic forms a stronger and more specific deterrent when applied directly to the skin. This is particularly effective in repelling larger and more persistent energy feeders. Garlic juice can be applied to the feet and hands simply by roughly rubbing a peeled and broken clove on them. Alternatively, the garlic can be crushed and the raw juice use as a lotion. Care must be taken not to get any garlic juice in the eyes or onto sensitive or broken skin to avoid burns and blisters. Thin slices of garlic can also be applied directly to the skin, which tends to have a more specific effect on problem areas. This will stop the vast majority of energy feeders dead in their tracks, no matter how strong or determined they are.

The feet are the most vulnerable areas and, after rubbing a little garlic juice over them, slices of garlic can also be wrapped in thin tissue paper and placed inside a pair of loose socks. These socks can then be worn during sleep or projection. The odor of the garlic is intensified inside the socks and its effectiveness is thereby increased. Any area of the body can be treated in this way, with slices of garlic being attached directly to it with surgical tape.

If garlic is to be taped to an area of sensitive skin, i.e., underarm's, genitals, face, ears or broken skin (it will blister sensitive skin) it is best either wrapped in tissue paper first, or used with a layer of plastic food wrap between it and the skin, thus avoiding direct skin contact. Do not wrap the piece of garlic completely in plastic wrap though, as this will block the smell and defeat its purpose. If the mouth is felt as being affected, chew or suck a small clove of garlic and do not brush your teeth afterwards. This will treat the whole mouth area. If you have never eaten raw garlic, please be careful as it is hotter than most people realize and can easily cause blisters. Whole cloves of peeled garlic can also be placed under pillows and sheets and in bed clothing pockets.

Garlic can also be used in a spray form. Crush several cloves of garlic and add the strained juice to water. Pour this mixture into a small pump spray bottle of the kind used for household cleaning sprays. Plain tap water is fine, but you can also use fresh spring water (recommended) and can even add a dash of Holy water, which is also recommended. This mixture can be shaken and used to spray over the feet and hands, or sprayed into the air to treat large open areas very quickly. If you have a serious or ongoing problem, its a good idea to keep a bottle of this mixture handy.

Other Useful Countermeasures:

Following are some other countermeasures and wards which I have also found to be effective. Some are passive and some are active, while others are more like emergency procedures for use in case of direct psychic attack. These can be used singly or in combinations to counter any kind of energy interference or attack, subtle or direct. With all the active procedures given below, to obtain the best results it is important to use them as soon as any interference is detected.
Fumigation is an ancient method of clearing a house of negative energies, or to rid a house of all negative spirit entities. This is very effective, but some preparations are required and great care must be taken as all fumigants are dangerous. A censer (charcoal incense burner) is the best tool for fumigation. These can be purchased from New Age stores, or stores that sell items for magick.
A house or room can be fumigated to remove negative energies. Sulfur is the traditional substance (re why garlic works so well) but burning sulfur gives off poisonous smoke so it must be used with great care. To fumigate a room, first acquire some sulfur powder and place a small quantity (a heaped teaspoon) on a metal or ceramic ashtray. Close the windows and place the ashtray on a fireproof base away from curtains and paper, etc. Holding your breath, ignite the sulfur. It will burn quite easily. Quickly leave the room and close the door. Return a half-hour later and, holding your breath, open the door, extinguish any remaining burning sulfur with water, open the window, then leave the room and close the door. Return after the room has aired. To do a whole house, repeat the above procedure with a larger amount of sulfur (say a heaped tablespoon). Close all external windows and doors and open all internal doors. Place the burner in the center of the house. Hold your breath and ignite the sulfur, then quickly leave the house. Reenter an hour or so later, holding your breath, extinguish any still burning sulfur with water, open up windows and doors and leave the hose to air. Return only when the air is clear.
  • Please keep in mind that burning sulfur will kill pet animals and even goldfish, so please remove these first.
This method is much safer than using sulfur. To fumigate a house, burn hot chili peppers, with a little garlic and a tiny quantity of ginger added, for the same purpose as the above. This remedy was taught to me by a dear friend from India. It comes from the Indian magick system, Punja. This can be done in a censer or even a cast iron frypan. You need a handful of hot chili peppers, a few cloves of garlic, and a tiny piece of ginger root (a quarter teaspoon of ginger is plenty). Dry fry these in a hot pan and it will quickly give of lots of smoke. Be careful as this smoke is viscous stuff. It will burn your eyes and lungs. It will give any non-asthmatic an asthma attack. Use a wet towel to cover your mouth and nose. The frypan can be placed on a fireproof surface in a closed room, and it left until the smoke clears, same as with sulfur. To do a whole house, carry the frypan around the house, entering and circling every room. Then leave the house until the smoke clears.
As an alternative to garlic, slices of raw onion can be used to treat a room. This is nowhere near as effective as garlic as a repellent, but it will have some effect. Onion is more useful as a general atmosphere cleanser as it absorbs negative energies slowly.

For other scents and herbs, I suggest book on natural magic and aromatherapy be consulted before experimenting. One caution here: if you use a scent which is supposed to repel or cleanse negative atmospheres, according to a book, but find it does not work or even makes things worse, please discontinue its use immediately and go back to garlic. Try others until you find one that does work.

Scent can be applied in many ways, e.g., infusions, air sprays, potpourris, oil burners, joss sticks, perfume or ointment. Fresh cut herbs and flowers and pot plants are another excellent way of applying scent to a room and treating an atmosphere. A potted Rosemary bush has strong repellant properties. These can also be planted around the house to help prevent negative entities from entering. Good quality air-freshener sprays can also help, and are excellent for treating a room or house quickly.

The NEW Energy Ways energy stimulation techniques can be used with great effect to disrupt non-physical energy interference and attachments. Energy disruption should ideally be used in conjunction with other countermeasures, but can be used as a stand-alone countermeasure if required. The wrapping, brushing and sponging awareness actions, in particular, can be used to stimulate energy movement through areas where interference is felt.

Awareness actions cause an energy ripple wave through the substance of the etheric body. This effectively disrupts any kind of energy interference. I have found this method is not only effective with small energy feeder types, but is also very effective for discouraging stronger and more persistent types. These will often be found to just go away after only a few attempts at interference or attachment, searching for quieter, greener and less troublesome pastures.

The first step when using energy disruption is to identify the affected area and target it with bodily awareness. Next, wrap, brush or sponge that area for thirty seconds or so, with whatever awareness action is best suited. If this area is a foot or hand, first brush the affected part and then use a whole of foot or hand sponging action, drawing awareness through all of it. Repeat this action whenever more touches are detected. It is a good idea to finish this off by spending a few minutes using a full body circuit. If a particular area of attachment cannot be identified, or if the affected area keeps changing, start with some sponging work through the whole of both feet and hands and then use a full body circuit. This will cause widespread interference throughout the whole surface of the etheric body.

Energetic stimulation causes energy feeders to detach by disrupting the surface and substance of the etheric body, through which they are trying to work. Any type of energy interference is a delicate act, which can easily be disturbed. Because of this, energy feeders generally need the physical/etheric body to be in a relaxed and passive state. This is why they usually feed at night while people are sleeping. Sleep causes a refinement of the etheric body, which exposes some of the substance of the etheric body, allowing these types to attach.

Small energy feeding types do not cause any real harm. They do not interfere with sleep or projection, any more than a feeding mosquito might. Larger energy feeders however, can cause quite noticeable sensations. Long term exposure to these can result in a depletion of vitality and cause unexplainable fatigue and weakness, as well as many mysterious ailments.

Energetic disruption can also be used to remove long-term attachments, even those firmly attached to the base centre. In this case, once the site of attachment is identified, the energy disruption method should be used on it several times or more per day. It should also be worked on for longer periods during relaxation times, i.e., while watching TV.

Continual energy disruption progressively weakens an attachment point. It will eventually break away. Once a long-term attachment is broken, it will sometimes make frequent repeat attempts to reattach over the coming days and weeks. It must then be treated as any other new attachment, and kept away with the methods given above and below. If energy development is undertaken regularly, as per the NEW system, any holes and weak spots in the etheric body's defenses will eventually heal, making reattachment generally more difficult.

Historically, crossing running water is reputed to be a good way of breaking your energy trail. This is said to throw off the pursuit and influence of witches, vampires and other predatory historical archetypes. I have run extensive tests with this over many years and found it to be an extremely useful countermeasure. It will stop all direct energy attacks on the physical/etheric body instantly. This method will not dislodge an already attached entity, so it can also be used as a test to determine this factor. Crossing running water will more-often-than-not provide instant and long lasting relief from even the strongest psychic or entity attack; which are really one and the same thing. In my opinion, all psychic attacks involve negative non-physical entities somewhere in the equation.

My theory on how the water crossing method works is: the most troublesome types of entities, when manifesting strongly enough in the real time zone to affect the physical dimension and its inhabitants, seem bound to the energy surface of the earth. While in this state they can aptly be described as two dimensional energy beings. While in this state, they are strongly affected by the energy conditions on the surface. Apart from clean running water being a strong symbol of purity, it also generates subtle energies, both of which are offensive and energy draining to all types of negative spirit beings.

Humans are also connected to the energy fields overlying the surface of the earth and have a kind of energy root that leaves a furrow behind them as they move along the earth's surface. This energy root is the most vulnerable point of the human energy being. It is therefore the point most commonly interfered with. The energies created by running water seem to disrupt the energy surface of the earth and, in a way, cleanse the root and close over the furrow surrounding it. This has the effect of throwing off anything that may be following, clinging to, or trying to interfere with a person's energy roots. This method works in much the same way as the energy disruption method as given earlier, but on the exposed energy root, which is quite difficult to work on with awareness actions alone.

The running water used for this purpose does not have to be a river or stream or water main, although these work well. A garden hose gushing water along the ground is quite adequate for this purpose. Water gushing along the bottom of a bathtub will also help at a pinch, as long as some kind of stream of running water is created. I have found the garden hose method to be very effective. It is my first line of defense against direct attack. For the best effect, the running water needs to be gushing along the ground and actually crossed or stepped over.

Taking a shower or bath is also reasonably effective, especially if the water is blessed (prayed over and given protective properties). Prayer and visualization should be used with these, i.e., pray for protection and visualize a strong white light flowing from above into your head, and spreading out and filling your body. Black fluid should be visualized coming out of your feet at the same time.

I have treated children as young as six months old with the water crossing method, with great success. Sadly, there are no age limits with this kind of thing. Babies and children are particularly vulnerable to negative atmospheres and energy interference.

Energy interference of one type or another causes many of the phantom maladies children suffer in the middle of the night, I have found. These are the headaches, earaches, stomach-aches and fevers that children sometimes get, of the kind which force parents to rush them to hospital in the middle of the night. If this is a phantom malady, the parents then find a happy and completely healthy child sitting beside them before they are even halfway there. What happens here is that running water, maybe a water main or underground stream has been crossed on the way to hospital and the energy interference has been disrupted and broken. Once the interference is broken, the phantom malady that came with it disappears immediately.

Lay a garden hose on the ground so its gushing water forms a small running stream along the surface of the ground. Step over or paddle through this stream. I then advise, if possible, a brief walk up the garden and then to return to the house by another route. Repeat this procedure several times if needed, walking in a circle and crossing and re-crossing the stream of water. Bare feet are not required for this, although it is advisable to repeat this method with bare feet if the problem continues.
Coil the hose clockwise on the ground making several loops, turn on the hose and stand among the coils. Pray for protection, then visualize strong white light flowing into your head and spreading through your body. At the same time, visualize black fluid leaking out of your feet and soaking away into the ground. Continue this for at least five minutes, or until the mental and energy body pressures caused by the attack ease. This method is extremely effective, even against attached and possessing entities. I have used this to break very strong possession attacks, and the mental attacks that usually accompany them, with great success.
Indoor our outdoor fountains have strong anti negative entity properties. This is especially so if the water is kept potable and a dash of holy water is added regularly. Placed near an entry, negative entities will be discouraged from entering a home. Fountains will also drain any resident entities of energy, encouraging them to leave.
Fire can be used as an alternative to the above, or in case the water crossing method fails, or if the use of water is impossible for other reasons. For the fire method, if you do not happen to have a small campfire handy, all that is required is to light a sheet of newspaper along one side, one that has been placed on the bare ground for this purpose. Quickly step over and through the sheet of flame while it is burning. Bare feet and legs are neither required nor recommended for this. Care must be taken not to set clothes or the surrounding area alight. I recommend a bucket of water, garden hose or fire extinguisher always be standing nearby in case of mishap.
Placing a child between its parents in bed will help energetically protect it, and will often break any interference that may be happening. Strong energy interference in children will usually cause them to have nightmares and night terrors. Utilizing this same principle, the bodies of other people can be used to weaken or break an attack. Ideally, two people or more are needed for this. All standing, they must surround the person with the problem and hug them close from all sides. The interference will often be broken instantly. This should, ideally, be done outside after the water crossing method has been tried. If possible, all persons involved should cross the running water before and after using the hugging method. Alternatively, if the water crossing method is not possible, this can be used as a stand-alone countermeasure. This method can be enhanced if everyone prays for protection aloud together, and then visualizes white light flowing into their heads (as given earlier) and black fluid leaking out of their feet.
Darkness makes it easier for astral wildlife to manifest in real time. To counter this during an OBE, try using a bedside lamp placed on the floor to keep its light from shining into your eyes. If this is not enough, leave the main overhead light on and cover your eyes with a mask, like those sleep masks air travelers use. It is good policy not to turn out the overhead light and sleep in the dark if any kind of negative atmosphere is felt.

Projecting in daylight hours, using a black cloth or sleep mask if necessary, is one of the very best ways to avoid any kind of astral wildlife completely. All negative non-physical types, like mosquitoes, seem to operate mainly at night. While I occasionally come across astral wildlife during night projections, mainly due to the nature of my work and research, I rarely come across anything during daylight hours. This holds true with the thousands of projectors who have consulted with me over the years. A number people have written to me with astral wildlife or entity related problems, but upon questioning have admitted to having many non-scary and even fun projections during daylight hours.

There is nothing at all creepy about real time projection during daylight hours. There are no shadows to hide or create imaginary monsters, and no astral wildlife will be seen. Everything is very normal and familiar looking, just like the real world. And, there is always much more activity going on in the real world during the day, making real time projection much more interesting.

If projectors are still worried and want to be absolutely sure they cannot possibly come across anything even remotely scary, I suggest they not only stick to daylight projection but also keep out of buildings and houses. They should stay in the open at all times, moving out of the house immediately after the exit. I have never seen or heard of anything even remotely negative operating independently in full sunlight.

All negative non-physical beings, regardless of their type, strength and intelligence, have one thing in common: in order to manifest strongly enough in the real time zone to affect the physical dimension in any way, they need darkness and quiet. Deny them these two things and you make life very difficult for them indeed. Add a deterrent scent to a well lit room with a radio or TV playing softly, and this can be made into a very uncomfortable place for anything to build up in. The louder the sound the stronger the sound deterrent will be.

If a house has a recurring negative atmosphere or manifestation problem, the source of this can usually be tracked down to a particular part of the house. This is usually the darkest and quietest part of the house, often a disused room, hallway, landing or cellar. Drawing curtains in the daytime to let in more light, or fitting a brighter bulb or skylight to this area is a good way of fixing a problem like this permanently. At least one wind-chime is also recommended for this area, placed inside where it can catch a draught, or outside a window where it can catch the wind. A radio can also be used for areas like cellars where there is no flow of air for wind chimes. This can be tuned to a classical station and left playing softly day and night.

Music is a great deterrent when used correctly. It generates and promotes a harmonious atmosphere. The type of music used is important but personal taste must also be appeased if it has to be listened to, or it can have a disharmonious effect. Hard rock or heavy metal type music is not suited for this purpose. Although this type of music works fine as a general sound deterrent, it will not be found to have a positive affect on the atmosphere. Classical, country or any popular feel-good type of music is suitable.

The very best music of all to use as a deterrent where there is a serious manifestation problem, believe it or not, are Christmas carols, children's nursery rhymes and hymns. Carols and hymns generate an uplifting, spiritual kind of energy atmosphere. Children's nursery rhymes, on the other hand, seem to drive all types of astral wildlife completely nuts. This repels them through the promotion of a wholesome, positive, family atmosphere. Added to this is the simplistic annoyance value, long-term exposure to this type of music can have on those with more adult tastes.

Many parapsychologists make use of nursery rhymes for this very purpose, for environmental exorcism. A prominent parapsychologist friend (who cannot be named for professional reasons) researching the field of environmental exorcism (studying and stopping manifestations) once said to me: 'A long-play tape of children's nursery rhymes (several hours or more) drives most adults nuts in a few minutes, and the spooks...why they're outa there!'

Working on the above premise, which I have found to be most sound, a continual play tape-deck or CD can be used with good effect. Set it playing either nursery rhymes, Christmas carols or classical music, in that order of preference, in the empty room. This disturbs no one and has a tremendously stabilizing affect upon the general atmosphere. This greatly reduces the likelihood of any negative manifestation building up in the room while it is vacant.

If a house or room has a serious problem, this music can be left playing during the day while no one is there. It can also be left playing all night, albeit more softly, in the most negatively affected room of the house. A light should also be left on at all times in the worst room and it should also be treated daily with fresh garlic. No matter how badly negative the atmosphere of a room or house is, prolonged treatment like this will eventually restore a positive atmosphere.

This same type of music can also be used for internal entity problems, helping those who hear voices. Headphones can be used and the music kept playing continuously, even while the subject is asleep. If you can hear them then they can hear you, and they can also hear the music. After a short time, the human surface mind will easily tune out this kind of music, which is something negative entities cannot do. Their inability to do so makes this an excellent countermeasure for this type of problem. This is excellent for children who have nocturnal entity and sleep disturbance problems.

Percussion is an ancient and very effective way of driving away and deterring demons, dragons and evil spirits. On that note, many non-physical manifestations will take the form of a dragon, with a long sinuous, smoky and snakelike form. Gongs, drums, cymbals, bells, wind chimes, and fire-crackers have long been used for this purpose by Eastern cultures; and very wisely so, I believe. Percussion of any kind can be used as an effective countermeasure against any type of non-physical manifestation. Even clapping hands or banging pots and pans together will have a positive effect upon a negative atmosphere. This breaks up astral lights and negative atmospheres, and disturbs manifestations while they are trying to build up.

Wind chimes make for an ideal passive countermeasure for disrupting astral lights. I thoroughly recommend at least one be placed in or near each room in a house, so they catch an occasional flow of air and regularly tinkle softly. These can even be placed under the eaves of a house near windows so they catch the wind better.

Whether a projector is religious or not, prayer is a useful countermeasure. Pray to whatever is believed in most, with whatever words are preferred, silently or aloud. If you are not religious and have trouble deciding on who or what to pray to, angels are a decidedly good choice. Please take my word for it, angels are very real high-level spiritual beings and I have come across them many times in my life, both in and out of my body. Ask sincerely and reverently for their protection, help and direct intervention with any negative interference problems. All religious or spiritual benefits aside, sincere prayer also cultivates a positive mental attitude which can be of enormous help in any stressful or unnerving situation. Memorizing formal prayers, like The Lord's Prayer and 21st Psalm, Psalm 31 and 35, is also an excellent countermeasure. Memorization (highly recommended for serious entity problems) places material 'inside' the mind. This has an internal repellant affect on negative entities.

Religious icons and pictures can also be very beneficial and make for excellent passive wards. These tend to lift the energy tone of any room or house, and this encourages a positive and harmonious atmosphere. Many types of astral wildlife also appear to find religious paraphernalia offensive and will not enter an area containing these, especially if these items have been properly blessed. If you care about these items and believe in what they represent, then their effectiveness will also be increased accordingly.

The old saying, 'Cleanliness is next to Godliness' holds some truth in it. Negative types are less attracted to and have much more difficult manifesting in clean, well-aired buildings. If a projector continually encounters problems, a good spring-cleaning of the house is in order and will be found to make all the difference.

Personal hygiene and clean clothing are also important, for this same reason. Regular bathing or showering clears away accumulated negative energy from the skin, along with normal dirt. The absence of both these increases the natural bodily energy flow, which in itself is a good natural deterrent. Clean clothing and bedding, for this same reason, will also have a positive effect. A negative atmosphere will contaminate clothing as well as rooms and furniture. This negative contamination tends to attract more of the same unkind attention. A thorough cleansing helps restore the positive atmosphere, and this will often do the trick and restore positive energy and harmony.

Fresh spring water that has bubbled straight out of the ground is the most powerfully energy water of all, to wash away negative atmospheres and contamination. This also has an invigorating, healing and strengthening effect upon the surface of the etheric body. This is highly disruptive to any kind of negative attachment or influence. Fast flowing water that has passed through bubbling rapids and poured over frothing waterfalls is also highly energized, although not as strongly as fresh spring water flowing straight out of the ground.

The attitude with which cleaning and bathing are carried out is also important. If cleaning dirt away is all that is held in mind, this is all that will happen. If however, the cleaner holds in mind they are washing away negative energies as well as dirt, using their imagination to see dark energy being washed away, then the effect of cleansing actions can be greatly increased.

Attitude is extremely important and can, on its own, make all the difference on whether or not a projector will even encounter any kind of negative attention, in or out of their body. Just as fear can energetically attract the attention of undesirable astral wildlife, so can a brave and fearless attitude energetically repel this same attention. Like attracts like in a big way in the sensitive out-of-body environment. Just as in walking the streets of any modern city in real life with a fearful, timid attitude, which will tend to attract predators and scavengers (muggers and rapists) so will a fearless attitude tend to repel them. This same principle applies to all out-of-body operations, as well as when dealing with any type of negative manifestation.
If you sense a manifestation it taking place, and feel uncomfortable cold energy shivers making the hair on the back of your neck stand on end, or giving you goose-bumps, and you sense a foreboding or dread in the atmosphere: it is wise to move quickly away whether you are in or out-of-body at the time. These are all natural warning signs your body is giving you, telling you to move away from that area. This is much like the feeling you'll get if a wasp or hornet flies close by you, causing a cold shiver and an urge to flee the potential danger area.

If you encounter a negative atmosphere, immediately turn on the main lights, TV or radio, and treat the room with garlic or scent, then leave the room for a while. Check it five minutes later and the atmosphere will usually feel much better. If the atmosphere still feels negative, sleep somewhere else that night if you can, or at least leave the main light and radio on, using a sleep mask if needed.

If you find yourself in any real time or astral area that you do not like, or if you encounter anything that scares you, my best advice is to quickly move to another area. Use the instant projection method if possible. Do not panic or you may end up making the situation worse. Move calmly and quickly away. Simply imagine a place you wish to be and strongly feel yourself as being there, and you will usually find yourself there. Alternatively, fly straight up as fast as you can and head towards the brightest area or star above you. Keep moving in that direction until you cause a reality shift and find yourself in a nicer area. If you cannot make out a better direction, just pick the opposite direction away from that of any perceived threat. Alternatively, try and feel for your physical body and project back there for reentry.

Negative entities do not travel well, especially in the real time zone. They need to settle into an area before they can do anything serious. They also have great difficulty with rapid movement, speed, flying and sudden changes in direction. They move far more slowly than a projector can, and they often cannot easily leave the building in which they are manifesting. Simply moving or flying away will usually leave anything negative floundering in a projectors wake.

It is unwise for novices to consciously project while there are negative atmospheres or disturbing presences around them, without first applying countermeasures to clear the space around them. Discretion is always the better part of valor in these matters.

Projecting directly into the astral or making the shift into the astral shortly after the exit, or any high-level projection method, bypasses the real time zone. This takes a projector directly into higher levels, thereby avoiding any and all types of astral wildlife which cannot exist in the higher and more positive levels of the astral planes. The real time zone and low astral sub-planes are the only dimensional areas where projectors will ever encounter any type of astral wildlife or negative entity.
If nothing seems to help or if negative entity or atmosphere problems continue, I recommend consulting a good practitioner of magick, a shaman, psychic healer, or similar. They can be an enormous help in this matter. I suggest looking in local New Age papers and magazines, which may advertise the services of someone in your area.

Energy Conversion Technique:

If you have a negative atmosphere problem it is possible to use constructive imagination, or visualization, to convert this into positive energy. This can be done at anytime, in or out-of-body.

Imagine a shiny jet-black ball about the size of a tennis ball floating before you in the center of the room. This ball will quickly become visible if done during an OBE. Make this ball spin anti-clockwise and keep it spinning at all times in your mind's eye. As it spins see it attracting black negative energy from the surrounding area. See black flecks and sparks and strings and clots of negative energy being ripped from the walls, ceiling, floor and furniture. See the spinning black ball moving slowly around the room gathering up all the negative energy and growing steadily in size.

Once you consider the ball to be large enough, say the size of a beach ball, reverse its direction and make it spin clockwise. The moment you do this, strongly imagine it changing colour from jet-black to brilliant-white. Concentrate and keep the ball spinning clockwise as you change it. You should now have a large glowing ball of brilliant-white positive energy spinning clockwise in front of you. The last step in this process is to explode the white ball. Once converted, it is a shame to waste all that positively charged white energy. Imagine the white energy ball exploding into the room, flinging bits and pieces of white substance everywhere, charging and filling the whole area with positive energy.

A Few Last Words

All countermeasures aside, one of the most important pieces of advice I have to counter common Neg attacks is, Attention Shifting. This involves the occult principles of fascination, in how a victim's attention feeds psychic interference and allows it to escalate beyond the level of temporary mild-annoyance. Focusing on a negative manifestation of any kind, i.e., the knocks and taps of minor poltergeist phenomena, forms a psychic connection that feeds and empowers it.

The old saying: "If you take an interest in the supernatural, the supernatural takes an interest in you" has much truth in it. Negative spirits instinctively solicit psychic connections with victims by getting their attention. By large, they accomplish this by subtly stimulating primal responses such as fear and/or sex, to generate the attention and fascination connections necessary to interfere with humans more directly. This is also the underlying reason behind most seemingly pointless and unexplainable phenomena. These are scare tactics, designed to elicit primal fear responses and form psychic connections to drain people of energy.

When people see phenomena, feel peculiar sensations or hear strange noises in the dead of night, they automatically reach out with all their senses to identify and locate the source of disturbance. This is a natural survival reaction that involves the sixth sense, as people try to intuitively identify potential danger. If persons are unnerved and/or attribute such things to dark supernatural problems, this in itself can cause strong psychic connections. This can create supernatural conditions that would otherwise not have been possible.

Even if psychic attack and/or neg. manifestations are obvious, the trick is to keep one's mind and senses (especially the sixth sense) firmly away from what is happening. Focus on something mundane and positive. Think about gardening, football, cooking, anything. If prayers or mantras are thought or said, they should not express anxiety, fear or an actual need for immediate protection. This helps avoid forming unwanted connections. Focus calmly on the words and not on the reason for their utterance. While holding a positive focus away from supernatural possibilities, sensible countermeasures should be applied, i.e., turning on light and music, slicing some garlic, crossing running water, etc. This should be done in a matter-of-fact way to avoid forming connections that might escalate problems.

During a direct psychic attack, where strong physical and energy body sensations are felt, body-awareness countermeasures should be applied immediately, plus other countermeasures as necessary. But again, it is essential to keep the focus of one's mind firmly away from the source of what is happening. Focus on countering the symptoms, not on their source. A matter-of-fact attitude (the intelligent use of denial) is both protective and defusing of all such problems. It also makes the best possible use of one's natural mental shielding. One may feel anxiety and trepidation on the inside, but one should never realize and express these feelings, mentally or vocally, during a direct psychic attack.