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Joshua David Stone

A Counselor For Preparation Towards Ascension

Joshua David Stone started to publish a serie of books on Ascension and related topics (soul psychology, ETs, mystery schools etc) and supported the entire Ascension Movement with a wealth summarization of manifold concepts from theosophical teaching of Alice Bailey to the I AM movement (Ascended Masters) as well div. ET contactee groups and others.

He has a Ph.D. in transpersonal psychology and is also a licensed marriage, family and child counselor in Los Angeles, CA. On a spiritual level, he currently anchors the Los Angeles ashram of Djwhal Khul, Lord Maitreya, and Melchizedek, and is founder of the Center for Ascension in the Light.

Here some postings I collected from the net (sev. mailing-lists) of excerpts of his writings:

  • Trapped Essences (Joshua David Stone)
    An atlantian technology to bind soul-essences
  • Encyclopedia of Ascension (Joshua David Stone)
  • Venusians (Joshua David Stone)
    Extraterrestrial encounters from Venus (excerpt)
  • Arcturians (Joshua David Stone)
    Some thoughts on Arcturians (excerpt)
  • The Ataien & The Ummites (Joshua David Stone)
    Few thoughts on Ataien and Dorothy Roeder, and Ummites
  • The Elementals (Joshua David Stone)
    On Elementals: Salamanders and Undines (excerpt)
  • ET Implants (Joshua David Stone)
    The importance of removal of ET implants for spiritual growth

His serie of books on Ascension are The Complete Ascension Manual (I), Soul Psychology (II), Beyond Ascension (III), Hidden Mysteries (IV), The Ascended Masters Light the Way (V), Revelations of a Melchizedek Initiate (VI), How to Clear the Negative Ego (VII), Cosmic Ascension (VIII).

Volume I-V are now available in bookstores, the others will be published soon (status Dec 1995). You may reach Joshua David Stone at 5252 Coldwater Canyon, # 112, Van Nuys, CA 91410, USA - Phone (818) 769-1181

I recommend especially Vol I & IV of his serie, as it gives indeed a very good overview of the entire Ascension Movement and associated groups and their teachings.