Their mission is to help the Adamic race
(humans) develop on mental, moral
and material levels.

Extraterrestrials from Venus

People on Planet Earth have been being contacted by beings from Venus for at least the past 18.5 million years because Sanat Kumara, Earth's Planetary Logos, came from Venus with one hundred five brother kumaras to initiate the Spiritual Hieracrchy for this planet. Venus is a sister planet that embodies the love focus. She is a sacred planet and serves as an elder sister in a planetary sense. You might not know that Jesus came from Venus, as did Buddha, for they are also kumaras.

The extraterrestrial contact story is from a book called The White Sands Incident, by Dr. Daniel Fry. The book tells the story of Mr. Rolf Telano and his extraterrestrial contact with a Venusian named Borealis. Borealis is a member of an extraterrestrial race called the Nors, who are one of the elder races, or guardian races, of Planet Earth.

The story begins on a deserted country road in 1950 when Rolf Telano saw a spacecraft land about seventy feet in front of him. The craft was spheroid in shape and flattened on the top and bottom. The dimensions of the craft was sixteen feet high by about thirty feet wide. Rolf went up to get a closer look and had reached out to touch the craft when a voice shapely said, "Better not touch the hull, pal, it's still hot! Take it easy, you're among friends."

It turned out that the craft was a remote-controlled cargo vehicle, and there were no extraterrestrials aboard. The Venusians who were controlling the craft were in a mothership nine hundred miles above, watching Rolf and talking to him through the communication system on the craft. The cargo craft was on an exploratory mission to collect samples of the Earth's atmosphere so that Borealis could get accustomed to the atmosphere before embarking on his mission to actually live on Earth.

Rolf was invited to go for a ride and was told that if he wanted to, they would travel to New York and back in thirty minutes. Given the fact that New York was two thousand miles away, that meant they would have to travel at a speed of eight thousand miles an hour. He was told he would not feel the acceleration in the slightest. He accepted their offer and they were true to their word, giving him one of the great experiences of his life.

The Venusians said that tens of thousands of years ago, their ancestors had actually lived on the Earth in the civilization known as Lemuria. They built a great empire and developed science and technology on the planet but eventually they had to leave.

During as second contact, the Venusians requested Rolf's help in their mission to be of service to Planet Earth and its people. They told him that it would not be easy, that he would probably not be believed and would be ridiculed, but that he would receive great satisfaction for assisting the survival of his race and would also gain considerable knowledge and understanding. They also told him that if he refused, there was no penalty, but they would have to erase his memories of meeting them. Rolf agreed to help. Since this contact occurred in 1950 when the masses of humanity were not quite as open to the idea that extraterrestrials exist as they are now, they wanted Rolf to write a book and share his experiences and the Venusians' message with the inhabitants of Earth - that Planet Earth is not alone in the universe.


Borealis was actually a High Priest of the Mother Temple on Venus. They are monotheists and refer to God as "the Unnameable," which, interestingly enough, echos Judaism (???). Borealis' present home is not on Venus but on a higher frequency world that is somewhat larger than Venus, much as Sanat Kumara and his brother kumaras first came to Earth from Venus as etheric beings.

The Nors are mortal beings even though they are not physical in the sense that humans are physical. They are etheric beings who are able to make themselves physical either with their own mind power or by using special instruments they wear on their belts. They can materialize into any race of being or any animal form. They regard themselves as brothers and sisters of humans. According to Borealis, in 1950, the Nors were the largest group of extraterrestriaals operating in this solar system. Their actual appearance is similar to that of Earth Nordic races who, they say, took this name from them.

This particular race of Nors lives in several different solar systems. They have bases and colonies on Mars and Venus. They also have a base on the Moon, as do several other groups of extraterrestrials. Other extraterrestrial groups often use Mars and Venus as check-in points since they are the planets closest in proximity to Earth.

Their spacecraft is controlled manually, automatically, or by mind power. The Venusians who operate the craft are much more skilled in the mental sciences than are the rest of their people. Many craft are operating in the vicinity of the Earth even though most people don't see them unless they are clairvoyant or unless the Venusians choose to materialize their ships.

They use seven different types of ships besides the motherships that transport the smaller craft. Five of these carry the crews while two are robotic in nature. Two kinds of craft are crescent in shape like a disk from which a bite has been taken. Another one is cigar-shaped and is about one hundred feet long and twenty-five feet wide. Yet another type of craft is doughnut-shaped. The other three types are spherical, or ball-shaped.

Their space patrols work under a Galactic Council composed of representatives from all the advanced planets. The space patrol executes the orders of the Galactic Council and can serve as an armed force in extreme cases. The craft are heavily armed with disintegrator rays that make an H-bomb look like a bow and arrow. These weapons are hardly ever used but are aviilable in an emergency. They guard backward planets such as Earth from outside threats. They also teach ethical and scientific information where appropriate under universal law. The crews are made up of men and women, and often families travel together.

Source Of Information: Hidden Mysteries.